ESTIM Experiences Ch. 05

31 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin


The other night I was watching some really hot porn as usual, and I had my balls wired up the way I like to do, but I hadn’t really connected anything yet.

The feel of my balls being tied kind of tight with the electrode around my sack felt really good.

So I selected a really hot video, the kind that gives you stages of masturbation with instructions for arousal and then teasing, denial, and finally release.

This particular video was about 45 minutes of pure heaven.

Images of incredibly sexy women stroking and fondling hard stiff cocks while looking you right in the eye, and urging you masturbate yourself are arousing beyond belief.

As I looked down at my cock I started to throb with excitement and quickly got some lube, which I lovingly stroked up and down my stiff shaft, getting it all wet.

Then once again, now swollen with anticipation, I put the other electrode around my head and got all the wires hooked up as I always do.

This night was going to be special, as I hadn’t gotten off in 3 days and I was really horny. I did something I don’t always do. I took a third electrode, looped it through the one around my balls and then it around the base of my cock. I turned the power back on, found the right combination of power, and laid back to really enjoy myself.

The combination of the tingling around my ball sack and a constant up and down sensation like being stroked and fondled, and sucked over and over again, was getting me even harder.

My cock was drooling precum, dripping down and pooling around my balls!!

Every once in awhile I just had to grab my cock just to feel how fucking hard it was.

Believe me, I was so fucking stiff, like a fucking board!!

I looked up at the screen and there were two women on either side of a really big, hard, stiff cock in the foreground, illegal bahis licking and nibbling at the head.

A third woman in the background sat there watching them with lust-filled eyes. The two girls were licking at his dick and his balls over and over, teasing the hell out of it.

There was a woman’s voice coaching to “feel it now!” and saying that I was allowed to feel the lips of the hot women in the video on my oozing penis.

My anticipation was building, the feelings in my cock and balls were exquisite.

The relentless strokes caressed me rhythmically. The urge to spill was getting closer, the intensity building, as millions of ball tightening tingles, traced all along my throbbing meat. Overwhelming pleasure took over. The verbal and visual tease was really getting to me!!

Estim is such an amazing, kinky thing to do, such a wonderful way to masturbate, that you can lose yourself in it! When combined with this kind of mental stimulation it is outstanding. I think for me it’s also the part that this is hands-free which makes me even more excited.

Anyway, all this time there were constant visions of pussies, titties, juicy asses, sexy legs spread wide open, cocks spurting all over! Constant non-stop verbal messages splashed across the screen urging and teasing, with encouraging, flashing words. Words like ‘tease, stroke, feel, stare, swell, throb, lust, obey, aroused’, were hypnotically mind fucking me.

The image returned to the three women and as the cock in the video started to ejaculate, the hot brunette in the background leaned forward and engulfed the head of his erupting prick into her mouth, moving her head up and down. As he came loudly, in her mouth, she was swallowing down his load but kept just a bit so when she opened her mouth you could see some of his cum on her tongue.

This illegal bahis siteleri made me so fucking hot!!

I could feel my prick swelling even more and all the sensations that you know are coming just before you spurt!

Quickly adjusting the power down as I just didn’t want to cum yet I began edging. I wanted to cum at the end of the video so I was waiting. “Oh god!” I moaned over and over.

These videos are so incredibly hot it is so hard to slow down and make it last, but it feels so good to be aroused for a long time.

Another kaleidoscope of sexual images flashed past. More hot teasing talk and powerful suggestions added to the mind fuck!!

The feel of the waves of pleasure, with tugging, fluttering sensations up and down my swollen hardness teasing me for a long time, was so good.

I edged over and over. Constantly groaning with sexual pleasure, I was watching and staring at naked flesh, people fucking, girls eating each other out, bouncing tits, bouncy asses, twerking, women in lingerie, all there for the express purpose to make me cum!

All of it having been edited to make me a horny first, then to make me want to masturbate, to let me revel and bask in the total delight and pleasing my hard cock like this.

I willingly submitted myself to this teasing because of the pervy,like minded people who made these videos so exciting. I came very close several times to losing it! The video was that hot.

At last the moment arrived that I’d been waiting for! I’d been urged to get through so much pleasure and anticipation and I had earned my reward.

Fleeting thoughts entered at back of my mind somehow, that other people had watched and masturbated to the same video, and those mental images also flashed before me unexpectedly. This surprisingly made me even more horny.

The canlı bahis siteleri pleasure was aching so much, the need to cum was strong. The tightening in my balls and the feeling and stiffness in my hard cock was growing even more intense. I set the power back up to full stroke, as the images came up instructing me to cum!!

The grand finale was beginning.

It was a whole group of dirty, lustful, sensual images, ejaculating penises, frantic cock sucking, handjobs, milking and spurting, (God!!) spilling all over their faces, all over their tits, spread thighs, gorgeous tight asses! “Ejaculate now, ejaculate now, feel total pleasure and arousal, ejaculate now”, the voice on the screen said over and over! “CUM! CUM! CUM!” flashed over and over in the corner of the screen as well, blowing my mind!!

I couldn’t take anymore! Easing the power up just a little more I felt the first wave of mind numbing pleasure, instinctively thrusting my hips back and forth, as another wave hit me more intensely.

I looked down at my cock and surprisingly and amazingly, although I felt like I was cumming, I was not spilling yet, no ejaculation. Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere I CAME, squirting a huge load of sticky hot cum juice. I had visions of light, in the back of my eyes as I spilled my sticky load!!

It felt so good…so, so fucking good!!

Spasms and throbbing sensations all the way up and through my entire groin area engulfed me! I could actually feel my prostate contracting without any direct stimulation, the force of my ejaculation so strong, spurting everywhere, up in the air, and back down on my cock and balls on my stomach. I moaned with a last deep sigh of joy. Wow! It was another incredible experience.

That’s why I do it so often.

I hope if you read this it made you curious about electro stimulation. I hope it made you horny and I hope you masturbate to it.

I’d really love to know if you got off reading my stories or if you watch some stim videos, in order to see just what it is all about. Stay hard stay wet, stay horny, above all have fun!!