Ellen and Aisha Shop Together

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Ellen and Aisha were lucky to get along so well, many of the other pairs on their floor had far more trouble. As incoming freshman, they had never met before being randomly assigned to room 317 of Sanderson Hall. Ellen was the shy one, Aisha the more outgoing. But they complemented each other well, because Ellen, while shy, was quite agreeable and relaxed, and Aisha, while more boisterous, was kind-hearted and considerate. Ellen would accompany Aisha to parties with all her dance friends, and Aisha would sit and read her poetry or English lit books at Ellen’s bio or chem study groups.

When they had started the year, Aisha, half black, half white, with coiled hair and soft curves, had a boyfriend back home, about an hour and a half drive away, but that hadn’t lasted past winter break; Ellen, Asian, with straight black hair, an easy smile and toned legs, had a lot of admirers, but none with the courage to speak up, and none that inspired her to want to help them out. Without the distraction of boys in their lives, the girls had settled into pleasant and familiar routines, spending most of their time outside of class together, either alone or in small, familiar groups.

Every Tuesday, Ellen had organic chemistry from two to five pm, and after she would walk to the coffee shop at the edge of campus to meet Aisha and study – or just as often, talk and distract themselves for a while before grabbing dinner. This particular Tuesday, after half studying and half chatting for an hour, Ellen and Aisha headed towards Aisha’s car with plans to grab dinner. Aisha started the car, but before she pulled out, she turned to Ellen and said, “Um, would you mind if we make a stop somewhere before dinner?”

“Of course not. Where?”

“The toy store.”

“For what?”

“A toy, of course,” Aisha said laughing.

“But, what kind of toy? For whom?,” Ellen asked, confused.

Aisha laughed, “Oh, honey, a vibrator. Mine broke.”

“You have a vibrator?” Ellen half shouted.

“Of course. Don’t you?”

“No. Where… When… When do you even use it? Oh, never mind, sorry.”

“It’s ok, dork. I use it when you’re not home. Mostly on Tuesdays. That’s why I know it’s broken!”

“Oh. So… Oh.”

“Don’t you need to get off sometimes? I mean, especially after Blaine and I broke up, I need my healing time,” Aisha laughed. Ellen stared forward, half uncomfortable, half jealous of Aisha’s comfort with herself.

“I don’t know,” Ellen replied. “No, I guess not. I haven’t much.”

“Well I sure need to. If I don’t release often enough, I just get frustrated and cranky. Are you going to be ok going with me? We don’t have to. I can go on my own some other time.”

“No. No. It’s fine.”

When the girls reached The Pleasure Pit, Ellen followed a few steps behind a purposefully moving Aisha. Once inside, she felt even more self conscious when she realized that of the dozen or so people milling around, about half were men. She realized that her white tank top and black shorts were the norm on campus, but a bit more revealing than she would have liked in here, with middle aged men who could turn their heads from dvd’s of Asian school girls to see an Asian school girl with a lot of skin showing. She couldn’t carry herself as confidently as Aisha, who wore fitted Yoga pants and a pink tank top that showed ample cleavage and protruding nipples. Ellen had become used to seeing Aisha’s nipples through her shirts, but felt uncomfortable with it here in the store.

Aisha went straight to a wall with seemingly endless sizes and colors of vibrators and dildos. Ellen, assuming Aisha would want privacy, wandered in the middle of the store without actually getting too close to anything. She glanced around quickly, never letting her eyes rest anywhere for too long. She saw containers of condoms; sex games; books; and several walls of porn. Her eyes repeatedly returned to the box covers. She saw girls in all types of dress and undress, some with another girl, some with a guy. But her eyes always seemed to fall on any cover with a hard penis. As a girl growing up, she had always found the male genitalia to be ugly. Over time, though, especially after having had sex finally, she realized that she found some to be less repulsive than others. Which, she began to realize, meant she liked to see some. Big was better than small. Specifically thick was better than thin. Hard was better than soft; unless the soft fell far enough from the body, almost sticking out in front. Sometimes it had more to do with the contrast to the rest of the body. A flat stomach made a hard dick more attractive. And a hand on a dick, other than the hand of the owner, helped tremendously. Looking around, she realized that a male hand on another man’s dick was even better than a woman’s.

Ellen became concerned that she had been standing too closely and staring too intently at the wall of porn, and turned around to find Aisha standing right behind her smiling. “We can take a closer look at all that later, honey. Come over here and pick a toy with me. I’ve got a woman ready to help casino siteleri us.”

They walked over to a woman dressed sharply in suit pants and a silk top waiting for them by the wall of toys. She looked to be in her mid forties and completely in control. “So what are you ladies looking for today?” she asked warmly.

“My vibrator died today, so I need a replacement,” Aisha said.

“Okay. What did you have, and do you want the same thing or something different?”

“I had that one,” she said, pointing to something called ‘the water dance vibrator.”

Ellen couldn’t help but be startled to actually see the toy Aisha had been using. Up until now it had all seemed so abstract, but now she couldn’t help but imagine the little toy between Aisha’s legs.

“That’s a very popular toy,” the woman said. “How did you like it?”

“I loved it!”

“Great! It’s always a good place to start if it makes you feel good. But before I just give you the same thing, let me just pry a little deeper. Do you climax solely from clitoral stimulation? Or from penetration, too?”

“Both. But more from the clit.”

“Ok. And was the water vibe too hard for you?”

“Oh no. It was great.”

“Good, good. Now, do you want something for penetration too? Or are you satisfied with the clit only?”

“I guess I’d like to be able to do both.”

“I would look for something like this, then,” she said, pointing to a purple rabbit. Ellen watched as Aisha grabbed it, squeezed it, held it. Ellen imagined Aisha’s hand around a man’s purple penis, gripping it firmly and stroking. She felt herself getting excited and wandered a few steps away to try to stop her thoughts, but heard Aisha asking about cleaning and usage. She looked to see if any of the other people were watching the three women, but realized they were all in their own little worlds.

She turned around to see Aisha and the woman staring at her, and her first thought was that they both knew she had imagined Aisha stroking a hard dick.

“And what can I do for you, sweetie?” the woman asked.

“Oh,” she stammered. “Nothing, I’m ok, thanks.”

“Ellie, you have to get something,” Aisha said. “What do you recommend for her first toy?” she asked the woman.

“That depends. How do you climax?” she asked Ellen.

“Um. I guess… I don’t know actually.”

“What?” Aisha nearly shouted. “You’ve never cum?”

“I don’t think so.” Ellen felt herself turning crimson in embarrassment and wished she were anywhere but there. How did she end up here in the first place?

“That’s completely normal, sweetie. You have to explore yourself to find out what works for you. You definitely can’t leave it up to a man to figure you out. Just based on statistics alone, I would recommend something that stimulates your clit. That’s the most likely way to enjoy yourself. Why don’t we get you something small, soft and discreet. This little rubber bullet would be a good place to start. But, ladies, I have to be honest: our most popular toy, and my personal favorite, is the magic wand here.” She pointed to a large white massager with a big oval head. It was monstrous. Where would you hide something like that, Ellen thought.

“Oh, I’ve heard of that one,” Aisha said. “Stacey has that one, Ellie.”

“She does?”

“Yeah, she says it’s the greatest thing in the world, and the only reason you’d need a man after it is to have him use it on you.”

“Ladies,” the woman jumped in. “I’ll be honest, you won’t regret getting this one.” She turned to Aisha. “If she doesn’t feel comfortable with it, I’m sure you’d love it. I’ll tell you what. I’m the owner of The Pleasure Pit, and this isn’t really our policy, but I feel so sure one of you will like it that if neither of you does, I’ll give you your money back.”

“Ellie, you have to get it,” Aisha said.

“No, Aisha! I didn’t even want anything, now you want me to get that monster? I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. You have to. Forget it, I’ll get it. And you’re getting the little bullet. Let’s go.”

Ellen protested all the way through the purchase, but in the end the girls walked out with a big bag of three vibrators, some lube and batteries. Aisha began the ride home talking about how excited she was, but she eventually recognized Ellen’s reticence and changed to safer subjects. They ate at the local café, both getting chicken salads, and went back to the room to study.

By eleven, Ellen had showered and was in bed looking at some flash cards. Her hair was still wet and left little water spots on her large white t-shirt she always wore to bed over some small cotton shorts. Aisha came back in from her shower wearing just her towel, as usual. Ellen was surprised the first time she saw Aisha walk back in wearing the towel and holding her clothes. She couldn’t believe anybody would walk down the hall where boys could see you without clothes on. But from day one, Aisha had acted like the dorm was her home, and she’d be damned if anyone made her change her routine.

Aisha put her clothes in her hamper canlı casino and turned off the overhead light, leaving just Ellen’s lamp attached to her bed frame to light the room. She sat on the edge of the bed facing Ellen, saying nothing, until Ellen turned to look at her roommate.

“Would you mind if I tried my toy tonight?” she asked.

“Are you serious?”

“Ellie, I can’t wait! I was so looking forward to getting off this afternoon, and then the damn toy wouldn’t work. I’m so frustrated, I can feel it. I just need to let go a little, and then I’ll be able to sleep like a baby.”

“Aisha, I’m already in my pj’s. Can’t you wait until tomorrow, I’ll study at Starbucks in the afternoon or something. Don’t make me leave the room now.”

“Honey, I’m not asking you to leave. I just want to play a little.” She opened the top drawer of her dresser where they had put the bag when they came in. She took out her purple rabbit and began opening the package and inserting the batteries. Ellen didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t believe Aisha was even thinking about masturbating with her in the room. But she didn’t know how to say no either.

Aisha slid out of her towel, placing it on the end of her bed frame and slid under her sheet. Ellen, not for the first time, recognized the inviting softness of Aisha’s body. She had perfect breasts for her size, Ellen thought. And while Aisha was a bit soft in the middle, it worked to add to her curviness. Ellen didn’t know what to do with herself, so she kept staring at her flash cards, but she knew Aisha had pulled the toy underneath the sheet. There was a rustling down there, and she imagined Aisha rubbing the vibrator up and down. Then it turned on.

The hum was startlingly loud at first, but Aisha didn’t stop it. Ellen turned the light off, but there was still enough light streaming in from the window to see Aisha’s hand grab her breast while movement continued between her legs.

“This thing feels so soft,” Aisha said. “Ellie, you should use yours, too.” Aisha’s eyes were closed, allowing Ellen to watch without feeling any more uncomfortable. The sheet was down below Aisha’s breasts, her hand still kneading her right breast. Aisha followed her arm down, and saw that her hand was holding steady. Then she saw movement and heard a sudden intake of breath, and she knew Aisha had slid the toy inside.

“Oh, god. This feels so fucking good.”

The vibrator got louder as Aisha turned up the power. Ellen couldn’t stop watching her roommate. Aisha’s pleasure was so open and honest, so pure. She was letting herself go completely, and that alone made Ellen wish she could do the same. She admitted to herself that she wanted to know how the vibrator felt on her clit, but she was too scared to do anything about it. She simply stared at Aisha’s face, her eyes closed tightly, her bottom lip between her teath, the dimple on her cheek starting to come out. Aisha licked her lips and bit her bottom lip again, then suddenly opened her eyes and removed the vibrator from her pussy.

She threw the sheet back, stood up and walked naked to the drawer, her large, curvy butt right before Ellen. Ellen turned away, even though she knew Aisha didn’t mind being seen naked, but turned back when she felt Aisha standing there at her side. Aisha’s pussy was right at eye level, an inch thick strip of hair running vertically above her slit. “Here. Trust me.” She held the little bullet out to Ellen, who took it without a word.

Aisha lay back down on the bed, not bothering with the sheet, and Ellen could see the vibrator replaced at her pussy. She watched as Aisha moved it up and down, then deftly slid it right inside her. The sight of it sliding in Aisha’s wet pussy was enough to convince Ellen she would not be judged one bit. She lifted her butt up and slid her shorts down to her thighs and allowed her hand to drop between her legs. She let her fingers slide up and down her lips and discovered what she had already guessed, that she was already dripping wet. After only three or four flicks of her clit, she heard Aisha take several quick in breaths in a row then several louder out breaths of high pitched noise as her orgasm rocked her.

Ellen removed her hand, now aware that with Aisha done, she was the only one touching herself. But Aisha wasn’t done at all. She removed the vibrator and lay there quietly for a moment, then got up and went to the drawer again. She removed the magic wand and went back to her bed, this time sitting up with her back against the headboard and her knees bent. She leaned back some and put the large head to her pussy and immediately shouted in pleasure.

Ellen, emboldened by Aisha’s comfort level, removed her shorts completely and decided to give the bullet a try. It hit her clit and immediately sent shock waves through her system. She thought it was going to be too much stimulation, but eventually she settled into the pleasure. Ellen closed her eyes and flashed back to the porn covers, picturing all the different dicks, hands on them, hard and ready. Her two partners had both kaçak casino been skinny, but the ones she saw in her mind now were longish and even more so, thick. She flashed back to a cover of two lean, muscular men, one behind the other, the one in back reaching around and holding on to the others dick. This thought put her over the top, and her body began to shake and she knew for sure that she had never had an orgasm before.

She lay there breathing hard, eyes closed, body both tense and wiped out. Her head flopped back and forth a few times, then settled to her right, and she opened her eyes to see Aisha had shifted to put her back against the wall facing Ellen, leaving her legs open to Ellen’s gaze. Aisha’s eyes were on Ellen, and Ellen didn’t know what to do, where to look. She wanted to turn away, but she was also drawn between the focus and pleasure in Aisha’s eyes and the large wand between her legs. Aisha’s breasts were pushed out, and her entire bottom lip was between her teeth.

“Ellie, I want to cum. Can I cum? Please?”

Ellen was stunned, she hadn’t expected any of this, let alone this plea.

“Ellie, it feels so good. You have to try this after me. I have to cum. Please. Tell me I can cum.”

“Ok. Yeah.”

“Tell me to cum. Please. Tell me.”


“Say my name.”


Aisha continued to play and stare, but Ellen could tell it wasn’t enough. She knew she had failed. This was her roommate, but it was her friend, and she realized she wanted to help. She wanted to please.

She thought more.

“Cum, Aisha. Cum for me.”

That did it. Aisha convulsed and screamed so loudly Ellen was sure their neighbors could hear. Aisha’s head threw back so hard her head seemed plastered to the wall. She turned her head so her cheek was pinned to the plaster as her body began to come back down to earth.

Ellen realized her hand was still between her legs, a finger sliding in and out of her still wet pussy. She became self conscious of her movement, but left her finer inside unmoving.

Aisha came back to herself and looked at Ellen and smiled. It was the smile of kindness and pleasure. Her eyes twinkled in the light that streamed in from streetlight through the window.

“Try this, hon,” she said, offering the wand.

Ellen paused, unsure. She had just used a vibe for the first time, a vibe maybe 1/20th the size of the wand. But part of her was so excited she didn’t want to stop. And she knew this moment was one of a kind, that it was unlikely the two of them would even share anything so intimate and pure.

She reached her hand out and grabbed the wand, surprised at it’s weight as it shifted to her control. She realized there was no way to really use this massive toy underneath the sheets without it being unwieldy and ridiculous. She said fuck it to herself and pushed the sheet down past her knees. Pausing momentarily, she considered her next move, and again said fuck it, and peeled her shirt off, leaving herself exposed for the first time to her roommate. And she realized her roommate still sat with her back to the wall, legs spread, watching. Her hand was between her legs, lazily rubbing up and down her slit, her mouth curled into a smirk.

Ellen was surprised to see Aisha’s pussy so clearly, her lips swollen and slightly parted. She decided if they had come this far and Aisha was this comfortable, she would just give in to the night completely. She placed the wand to her pussy and turned it on. It was shocking how strong it was, and it took her a few moments to find the right spot. But when she did, she couldn’t help but whisper, “Oh wow.”

Aisha laughed and said, “Right?”

“This is incredible,” Ellen breathed out. She let her head drop heavily to her pillow, closed her eyes, and let herself go. Her mind returned to the dvd covers. But now with movement. She imagined one man’s hand gripping the other’s dick, squeezing, going up and down. Then she imagined Aisha there too, standing to the side of the two men. She imagined Aisha’s hand on top of that of the man in back, also wrapping around the now glistening dick. Aisha rubbed her breasts against the first man’s arm, then slid them down his arm as she began to kneel, removing the hand of the man in back, replacing it with her own, then her mouth.

Ellen opened her eyes, looking one more time at Aisha, finding her still watching and playing with her clit. The fantasy combined with the naked sight of her roommate was enough, and she let herself go completely, the wand perfectly stimulating her clit. Time stopped completely, there was no way for Ellen to measure it anymore. Whether it was seconds or minutes, Ellen would never know, but she gave in completely to the buildup until she screamed in agonizing pleasure as her second ever orgasm washed over her naked body.

Ellen’s breathing began to slow as she came back down. Before she opened her eyes, she took stock of the situation, that she lay there completely naked in front of her friend for the first time, having cum for the first and second time ever, in front of her friend, that she had watched another girl cum in person for the first time ever. She turned her head, blushing, to look at Aisha, who squealed in delight and squeezed her own breast so hard it looked to Ellen like it would hurt.