Edie & Anna Come to Visit

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Edie & Anna Come to VisitFrom my last post, I had jerked off into Edies nylon panties and almost gotten caught in the guest room, having just enough time to return the soiled pair I had cum in to the laundry and the clean one to where it came from. I also had out a bra from the laundry, that I accidently put back with the clean lingerie, and that would be my downfall. About 3 months later, Edie came to visit again, with her 18 year old daughter who is a freshman at a NY City college. I was in heaven hearing this, beucase I love to cum in Edie’s panties, and would welcome the chance to check out her daughters as well. On the second day, I was working from home, the daughter (Anna) was sleeping on the basement couch, and (I thought) Edie and my wife had gone out shopping. Turns out, Edie begged off, hoping to catch me with her panties!When I thought the coast was clear, I snuck into the guest room, dropped my pants and pulled my hardon free. The excitement had a small drop of precum already on the tip of my cock. I then wrapped a rubber band around my cock and balls to make them throb, and slid a cock ring down my shaft. With my pants off and my cock leading the way, I then investigated Edie’s suitcase. There they were, in a plastic bag, worn panties! And not just Edie’s, but also Anna’s, I could tell because they were smaller thongs. I dumped out the goodies onto the bed and began to explore, first lifing a pair of Anna’s panties to my nose, the very musky scent making my cock throb even more and a drop of precum to fall. I returned these to the pile, and then selected a pair of Edie’s, turning the gusset inside out and taking a good whiff. These were what I remembered, and my cock throbbed appreciatevly. I pulled these over my head with the crotch pressed to my nose, and then took a clean pair of Edie’s sexy nylon panties and wrapped them around my cock with the head in the gusset, holding them down at the base so that my other hand could slide up and down my shaft, encased in that slippery nylon. Soon, there was a large balıkesir escort wet spot where my precum had soaked through the gusset. I was starting to thrust into her panties, with that familiar feeling growing in my balls, when the closet door opened, and Edie stepped out. I Froze, mouth gaping, with my hard cock still throbbing in my hand, wrapped in her panties, with a dirty pair of hers over my head. I thought I was royally screwed until I saw the slight smirk on her lips, and her fat nipples poking through her t-shirt (remember I commented previously on how sheer her bras were for someone of her age). I was stammering and trying to cover up when Edie just said “Stop that and stand up!” I looked at her, puzzled, she then barked “NOW!” I stood still, with my hands at my sides, a dirty pair of her panties over my head, and a clean pair wrapped areound my now flagging hardon. She then stepped over to me, and grapped my cock & balls HARD, stating, “I knew you couldn’t resist my underwear after that last little present you left for me. Lucky for you, I found it exciting that a man was interested in me, even if just my panties.” With that she gave my cock another squeeze and stepped back. She continued “Now what are we going to do about this? While I’m flattered you find me attractive, you still need to pay for your perversion. I think I have just the thing”, and with that, she left the room, with me still stainding there with my cock throbbing again and her panties still over my head, afraid to move. In a minute, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, 2 sets of footsteps. Edie and her daughter Anna walked in, her daughter is a lithe, tall, blond. Anna inherited her fathers Scandanavian looks and her mothers breasts, making for an attactive package. But on seeing both of them, my cock shrank as much as it could, being bound up in the way I like, amd I began to stammer out “What’s going on here?” Edie sternly told me to “Shut up”, and then began. I was informed that she really didn’t mind me jerking escort balıkesir off and cumming in her panties, but since I have been sneaking around to do so, I needed to be punished a bit first. She then went on to explain that since Anna started college, she had discovered whe had quite a gift for being able to jerk men off and keep them on edge as long as she wanted, minutes, even hours. Perhaps a penis 6th sense? It didn’t matter, Anna was going to help me fill Edies panties with a huge load of cum. I was led to the bed, and lain down on my back by the 2 women. Anna then Stripped off her shorts and top, leaving her clad in just a nylon thong. At her age, her breasts didn’t need the support of a bra and she happily went without one when in the house. Anna sat beside me cross legged on the bed and removed Edie’s panties from my cock, grasped it firmly with one hand and removed the cock ring. She then wrapped the panties back around my cock, being sure to have the head completely covered by the gusset, and slipped the cock ring back on to secure them in place. Then she slowly started to stroke my cock through Edie’s panties that were secured to it be the cock ring. Edie encouraged her with “That’s it, make him leak” and “It’s way too soon for him to cum”. My precum kept lubricating the panties and Anna’s hand slid up and down over her mothers panties. After a few minutes of this, Edie mentioned she thought I might want a little more visual stimulation, and proceded to strip off her t-shirt and shorts, standing at the foot of the bed in just panties and one of her sheer bras. I could clearly see her large nipples and slightly sagging breasts throught the material, and a growing wet spot at the crotch of her nylon panties. Anna’s hand slid up and down my shaft at a regular pace, building tension but not enough for me to come, stroking the head at the appex, and squeezing my balls at the bottom, never varying the speed or pressure. It was maddening but still incredibly exciting, having this 18 year old sitting balıkesir escort bayan next to me in just a thong jerking me off into her mothers panties, while her mother stood over us, whispering encouragement. After about 10 minures of this, I felt my balls start to tingle, my toes began to curl, and…Anna stopped, squeezing just below the head to prevent an orgasm, but still allowing a few spurts of cum to soak into the gusset. When I had calmed down, she started again, and performed the same technique when I approached orgasm again. This continued for about an hour, stroke and delay, stroke and delay. Edies panties were a sodden mess at this point, Anna’s hand squishing with every stroke. She then commented offhandedly, that maybe I’d like to smell the pussy of the woman whos panties I was going to cum into sometime today. With that, Edie removed her panties from my face and straddled my chest making me lick her pussy through the gusset of her panties, the smell was incredible, and they were comletely soaked at this point. Anna kept up her regular stroking of my cock, but after Edie shuddered through a few orgasms and rolled off me, she kept on going. My balls and cock got so tight and hard it was almost painful, put the pleasue was too exauisite. Affet another stroke, I thrust my hips up, Anna kept stroking and I shot spurt after spurt into Edies panties, leaking through the material and running down Annas hand. Edie then leaned forward and took my still throbbing cock into her mouth, sucking all the cum off and out of her panties. Spent, I laid there on Edies bed with her panties still encasing my wilting cock. Edie stripped of her soaked undies and threw them on my chest and had Anna do the same. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with very pronounced, glistening lips while Annas was completely bald with a protruding clit. They then unwrapped the panties from my cock, and Edie slipped them up her legs and over her ass, pulling them snug to her crotch, smiling and groaning all the time. The 2 of them then looked at me, and Anna spoke first, telling me I could keep and sniff their panties, but as long as they were staying, I couldn’t cum unless one of them jerked me off. I had an amazing 3 days after that, which I’ll describe later, with each of them teasing me mercilessly.