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Ecstacy”I want to make love to the world…”Taylor grinned as he lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. The wonderful feeling that the ecstacy gave him spiraled throughout his body in erotic waves.”I could fall in love with you,” Randy replied as he fell onto the bed beside Taylor. They both lay there together staring at the ceiling. Randy had taken a bit more of the stuff than Taylor, and he was really messed up.”I need to find someone to fuck,” Taylor whispered. “I’ll find someone to fuck. I’m so horny right now, man.”Randy rolled onto his side to stare at Taylor, and a slow smile spread across his face. The idea had never come to him before. He was straight. The idea seemed like a really good one at that moment, though.”Are you hard, dude?” he asked casually.Taylor didn’t understand what Randy was getting at. He just knew that he wasn’t hard. He felt like he could fuck ten girls and still not be satisfied, but he wasn’t hard in the slightest. In fact, he was about as limp as he had ever been.”Nah,” Taylor answered simply.Randy kastamonu escort took a deep breath. This was the moment of truth. He let the breath out carefully and slowly.”Can I see it?” he asked.Without answering but also without hesitation, Taylor unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. His limp cock sat there in the open… just waiting for someone to coax it back to life. Randy’s hand trembled as he reached over and gripped it softly, running his thumb over the sensitive head. Taylor’s breath came in short gasps as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. At that point, he didn’t care that the hand belonged to his best friend.The hand took a slightly tighter grip and began moving up and down the shaft at an agonizingly slow, teasing pace. Taylor moaned in appreciation. Randy bit his bottom lip. His eyes were glued on the other boy’s face and his heart was beating way too fast. He didn’t care.”You like that?” Randy whispered. His free hand crept to his jeans and began rubbing the tent that escort kastamonu was quickly being erected there.”It feels good,” Taylor grunted. He could feel his own dick creeping back to life like magic in Randy’s slick but firm grasp. The only hand that had ever touched his dick was his own. It was an amazing feeling to have someone else stroking his warm, hard cock.Randy bit his lip harder as his eyes shifted down to stare at the beautiful organ clasped in his fist. A delicate little pool of precum glittered around the tiny hole in the top. It looked absolutely delicious. The words were almost out of Randy’s mouth to ask Taylor if he could lap it up with his tongue, but he hesitated. Why ask? he thought. He’ll say yes.Randy sprawled out on his belly on the bed, pushing Taylor’s unprotesting legs further apart to lay between them. He still held the dick in his hand stroking it slowly. Randy bent his head down, pushing Taylor’s cock back to rest against his chest and ran his tongue along the irrestistibly warm shaft. kastamonu escort bayan He made two laps across the tasty length before running his tongue up to the head and sucking that plump head past his lips. He probed the little hole with his tongue gently, and Taylor moaned anew.Randy pressed onwards, opening his mouth wider to welcome the rest of the pulsing prick’s bulk into his throat. Taylor’s hand shot up and gripped Randy’s hair for support, grunting and bucking on the bed. Obviously, he hadn’t been expecting to get deepthroated on his first blowjob. Randy hadn’t even been expecting to deepthroat on his first blowjob. He had never expected to give a blowjob.Randy’s hand rubbed Taylor’s balls softly and Taylor couldn’t handle it. He had relished plenty of orgasms before but the ecstacy made it a different sensation altogether. It was heaven. That was the best explanation of the feeling. He bucked and flailed on the bed.It was heaven for Randy, too. Suddenly his throat was full of salty sperm and he loved it. He gulped it down like it was ambrosia and pulled his mouth slowly off the dick. He grinned up at Taylor as he licked his lips clean. He made sure every bit of the delicious nectar had been swallowed completely.”Fuck yeah, dude,” he said softly. “Your cum tastes so good.”