Dream Come True

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Dream Come TrueHi fellas. This isn’t a true story… All born from imagination. Enjoy reading :DI always had a crush on this girl named caddy who came to the gym as the same time as me. She is 17, dark blonde shoulder length hair, brown eyes, a slim 5’6″ body, 34 sized boobs and a rounded ass. Whenever I saw her, my dick went nuts and begged to be rubbed. She always went along well with me. Most girls did. Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I am 17, a virgin (sadly), 5’10” long, have a semi muscular body, jet black hair and green eyes.This incident took place a few days back. It was a Thursday evening and I had gone to the gym for a regular workout; my friend Randy didn’t accompany me. He was going for a movie with his gf Sarah, so it was only Caddy and I in the gym. She was there looking gorgeous as always. We had small talk about our college, her recent breakup with her bf Tom and she asked me how Alex (my ex) was. I told her that I broke up with Alex a month ago. That bitch had been cheating on me for this thug named Ron. She told me that she sympathized with me and asked me to come over to her place for a drink. I readily agreed and we drove to her place that was 2 miles from the gym.Her house was an old style house that her dad had rented for her to stay there and study. bodrum escort It had a small garden and a white fence surrounding it. We both went inside and sat down in her living room. She made us a drink. I thanked her for the drink and soon we both were sitting next to each other, laughing at silly things that happened, crying for some small mistakes we made and enjoying ourselves. After 3 drinks, she told me that she had a crush on me since the college year started but didn’t have the courage to ask me out. I was in the heavens after that. I told her that even I have a crush on her. We slowly came forward and kissed each other, a kiss born out of pure love. We kissed passionately for a long time before breaking the embrace. After that I picked her up, took her to her bedroom and drooped her on the bed, and removed my clothes completely taking out my fully erect, 9” cock out. Meanwhile she was there in font of me in her bra and bikini. As soon as she saw my cock, she gasped which made me smile. I removed her bra and started kissed her right nipple while squeezing the left boob with my hand. She let out a loud moan. Soon I started sucking and squeezing her nipples one by one. Her moans could now be heard in the entire house.After a few minutes she went down on her escort bodrum knees and started to rub my dick slowly. I was in heavens of heavens. My crush was giving me a handjob. Soon the handjob turned to her kissing my dick and slowly taking it in her mouth, her tongue revolving around my penis inside her mouth. Slowly she started taking more of my penis in her mouth and soon my entire 9” was inside her, taking my penis only out to breathe. In a few minutes I was coming close to Cumming. She sensed it but continued to deep throat my cock. After a few minutes I let out my load in her mouth. She took my entire load in her mouth and then her body went stiff. She let out her first orgasm of the night.I soon lifted her up on the bed and removed her completely soaked bikini and started cleaning her pussy. She moaned and begged for more. We changed our position and now we were in a 69, she decided to be on top of me. My tongue was licking her pussy clean. Soon she was close to her second orgasm. I didn’t stop and this time I drank all her juices.I then proceeded to give her the best fuck of her life. She lay on the bed and I picked her legs up and put them on my shoulders and let my penis enter her slowly. Within 5 thrusts, my dick was completely inside her. Slowly at first, bodrum escort bayan I increased my speed. By now she was screaming my name and begging to have my load in her. After a few more minutes, I couldn’t hold longer and I ejaculated my load into her. She followed me by a loud moan and another orgasm. After that I turned her around and put half of my cock in her extremely tight ass. She screamed out loud. I stopped and resumed after a few minutes. Her ass was now stretching a bit. With another thrust, I put my entire length in her ass, which was followed by another scream. Within minutes I started fucking her ass extremely fast. I soon was about to cum. She went stiff again and as she let out a moan and her orgasm, I let out another load deep inside her ass.We then lied down on the bed, completely naked and sweaty, holding each other tightly and kissing each other passionately. I slept at her place for the night. The next day I woke up and noticed that Caddy wasn’t in the room. I got up and went to the kitchen to see her make one of my favorite breakfast dishes, hash brown and scrambled eggs. She didn’t notice me coming. I kissed her neck lightly and she let out a soft, sweet moan. I told her I would go back to my home and would prefer it if she came over to stay for the weekend. She readily agreed and we had the best time of our lives that weekend. Now we both are dating and we normally spend our weekends together.So guys that is it hope you enjoyed. Please tell me what you think about my story by adding a comment.