Double X… translate

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Double X… translateNormally, they say: “Never go back to a damp squib”. About this phrase can also be used on broken relationship / marriage tjaaa that I was shown a different feel this October day. I was coming from the office just after noon. On the way to a reception later in the afternoon, a customer fills around and want to buy a few good bottles of wine. Before the reception, I stop by a law firm and finish the last details, with some signatures on some documents with ex-wife. Decide to purchase Spanish wines. A Cava, a white wine and a red wine from the same house and of good quality. Under the arm and with the further. The lawyer, I have not decided when it’s my x-KONE, then fumbles just phone up, to get the correct address. Ok, just 5 minutes walk away and a further 10 minute walk to the reception. Looking at the clock, I have plenty of time and find the entrance to the big house, where the law firm is located on the 2nd floor. When I get out of the elevator, I see that my x has occurred and stands at the receptions desk. I have a moment speechless. She looks damn good from behind and took a skirt on! Something else she would never do in our time. But ok, a divorce can provide new ideas, so I went up to her and greeted. “Hi, Nina … .but you look damn good, you have a date afterwards or what?”, I smiled and let her see that I looked down over her. “Århhh hold up, Peter. I just think the weather was fine for the right to air the legs a bit. “Yes, I am of the … .Nederdelen only went straight to the knees, lower legs and just a few short black stilettos. The receptionist said that the lawyer was ready to receive us, while she herself was about to pack up for the day. Nina and I walked down the long corridor. I enjoyed her ass wiggling in front of me and the tight calf muscles while we walked past one empty office after another and ended up at the last door. Door Signs said Tanja Rasmussen, “Attorney Divorce and Gender Equality”. I sank again, keep your mouth shut one feminist thought. Nina knocked on and opened the door. It was a large office. A small sofa set in leather. A three seater and two large armchairs with a teak table in the middle and taking a big beautiful red carpet. In the opposite end stood a large desk in solid oak wood with a couple of soft chairs in front. And there behind him was so Tanja Rasmussen. “Tanja !!” …. I had objection pinch my arm. Tanja, well her I’ve been fucking boyfriend in high school. The little naughty harrow, a grade below me and I had fun with for six months until she asserted her desire, only to be with girls. We walked in, I closed the door and Tanja, got up from the desk, came over to us. “Well hello to you. Is not it …… Peter? “. I looked down at her approximately 165 cm skinny body. Also in the skirt that Nina and a light open-necked shirt and tiny black stilettos. “Well, it’s damn. Hi Tanja, it’s damn long time ago. “Nina so incomprehension on both of us, while we greeted each other by hand. “Yes, Nina. Peter and I have gone to high school together and were also shown girlfriend a little periode..ik “, she said and smiled with a small blink of the eye. So he Tanja against Nina and gave her a hug with kisses on the cheek. Ok, I thought, the two know each other more than I know of. Tanja, turned and walked back toward the desk while Nina looked up at me. “Well Peter, you have surely been out on you … much more than I showed,” and walked toward the two chairs in front of the desk. I followed suit, put my vingaveæske took off my jacket and sat down. When I again turned to Nina, she had also taken off his jacket and to my amazement, I saw that she also had a small tight white shirt, and Tanja. “Well you two. I have made the papers ready and I can understand you are agree on the division, with the house, furniture, finances and c***dren, “Tanya looked up at both of us and we nodded in silence. “Well, I’ll just ask you to sign these papers and so is the case closed.” She handed them over to us, grabbed both a pen and exchanged papers after we had signed each. A slightly strange experience to sit with his x-wife and sign, in front of one’s x-girlfriend, but allright there are no hard feelings between any of us. After a few minutes it was done, Tanja total papers. “You two are a prime example of a good divorce. Rarely I meet a couple who are so agreed things end. “”That ought we to celebrate so … ik Peter” said Tanja and looked down at my gift box and then kaçak iddaa smiling at Nina. I took the box and took Cava’en up. “Well damn, let us know. Do you have glass Nina? “, Looked over at her, now had leaned back in the big leather chair as her small chest bulging nice. “In the kitchen, will you pick them up?” She said. I got up, went out into the funky kitchen, took three flutes glass up, yes it’s called a sleek champagne glass goblets. Trotted back and saw that Nina and Tanja had been in the big bed. They sat and chatted casually and their bare legs tilted close to each other. I jumped Cava’en, gave up for us all, then served for the girls. “Cheers!”, I said, and then both left their lips slide over the glass and took a sip. “Uhmmm delicious. The you have chosen well, Peter, “said Nina, as she licked a drop of his lip with the little heavy. “Yes, Peter has always been damn good at it with wines” continued Tanja. “Come and sit here between us, you’re not standing up … at least not like that.” I went around the table and sat between the two. “So tell me then two. How do you know each other then. It does not look exactly like that I just met each other. “I took another sip, turned his head a few times in turns to look at them. “Tjaaa it, I have shown explain,” said Nina. “Do you remember about A year ago when I was at yoga course over a weekend when I was a little down. “I nodded. “Well you see, there was Tanja also. We shared a room and found a good chemistry. Yes, and have since learned to know each other. Very good even “she said, flashing over to Tanja, who had already emptied his glass and his eyes were a little glossy. I grabbed the bottle and poured more up to her, looked at Nina, who also handed the empty glass forward, which was filled up. “Yes, you see Peter” continued Nina “Tanja and I have faktsik …. hmmmm developed a little relationship to each other. I have probably had better say it now than too late, but I have found my inner lesbian side with Tanja “. I sank deep and was about to digest the information. Drank the rest of my glass and poured a new up. “Well, Nina, why did not you say that before. It would fucking have been more than okay for me if you øhmm we all us would have figured it out together. “Both women giggled and looked at each other with wet intense eyes. “Hi Hi Peter, I can believe that you would have benefited from. But I did not know I had the side while we were together. “I looked at her and could see she was telling the truth. “But nothing’s too late, you know” she continued. “Tanja and I actually had a plan today,” she said, leaving his nearest hand slide over my thighs. “Tanja has not had a man for many years and we thought that tonight, we would challenge ourselves and find a” bull “that we could share.” I looked over at Tanja, who was moved a little closer to me and also let his hand slide over my other thigh. These hands delicate touches, went right through the fabric and remains active in the dog. Before my brain all leaders had registered it, my bump has already started to take shape. Nina continued: “But we do apparently not search very long to find it we would like ….. or what do you Tanja?” Both Nina and I looked over at Tanja, who let his tongue play between the moist lips and showed us both what it was she wanted, by looking directly down on my throbbing bulge. “Look, Peter,” said Nina, “Tanja has shown just shown you what it is we are out” and with that I felt both their hands grasp my giant bul and massaging it. Suddenly it from Tanja, “And if I do not remember it all wrong, you see something VERY good down here,” she said and squeezed her nails hard against buksestoffet so that the nails bored into my turgid shaft. “By golly, Peter,” said Nina “it is not a sin to save the cases …. Come, let us two help you with that.” Nina opened my belt, with her slender fingers, while Tanja, opened the zipper. I lifted my lap and together, women were pulled my pants and shorts down so my pompous hard throbbing member, flicked out and laid too heavily to my stomach. “Hmmmm ….. Yes it I’ll never forget,” said Tanja and quickly grabbed hold of the handle and pulled the foreskin to the bottom, so my dick pumped well up. “Well Tanja. You may have even missed it all these years? “Said Nina, and pressed her breasts up my arm while putting his mouth to my ear. “Give her everything you have given me the past few years, darling.” I lifted both arms and carried them around kaçak bahis both women’s bodies and pulled them close to me. Tanja had an incredibly slim waist, as my great handle on. Nina’s forms were a little more round and my hand with her slid up under your shirt and took one breast. I massaged it gently, and I heard she enjoyed her mouth to my ear gave some small moans and squeals. “Just take him Tanja. He can keep a bit of everything, “said Nina to Tanja, who looked up, smiled broadly and brought his head down. We sat and watched her as she slowly opened her mouth and she took a dick in your mouth. “Arghhh oooh”, it came from me. Her mouth was incredibly warm and soft, while she sucked stuck and began to slide his head up and down. “That’s it girl. Take what you’ve been missing for so many years, “said Nina, who brought his hand under Tanja’s head and grip on my big stuffed balls. I found it hard to escape the gaze from Tanja, but Nina turned my face around and let his tongue slide over my open mouth. I reciprocated and our tongues were playing naughty in the air while we intently looked at each other. Tanja increased the pace and that was clear to see that she had not sucked for many many years and now have to be compensated for just that. Drooling flowed out of her mouth and sounding became more and more wet and deep that you worked loose on my by now rock hard cock. Nina stopped her by pulling her gently into the hair and mouth slack reluctantly dick with a high, SWRUP and licked his lips. “Oh my darling, I think you should get ready to feel the inside you. Stand up on the table and dress up of us. “Nina clearly took control of Tanja, while she grabbed my cock, dived down and swallowed me to the root. It was definitely something I missed, after that we were not together anymore. Nina, could be one of the sheep I had been with, swallowing me to the root and keep it there. I had to concentrate a lot for not exploding in her throat now. I had to go soon fuck Tanja, then save the juices. Tanja, went up on the table, as commanded and began to undress slowly. She opened her shirt and pulled it slowly so that her little white bra appeared and showed her delicate small breasts. She pulled the skirt around, then slid the zipper on the front and pulled it down. Wiggle Bored little and the skirt slid down over the slender legs. “Stop!” Said Nina. She had just released my cock with her mouth, geared up, however, without letting go of it. “Turn around and dance for us!” Tanja rocked slowly hips, turned around while she stroked his neck, breasts, stomach and thighs. Nina’s other hand slid up under her own skirt and I saw that she had no panties on. Her finger slid up between the smooth, wet and swollen labia. I thought even less my eyes right now. Here was my ex wife with my cock in one hand, the other caressed her with themselves while we both looked at a woman, as large almost naked on a table in front of us. I brought my hand down between Nina’s thighs, but she gave it a smack. “Nix you. You are our bull and should not do anything until you get the message. Hands off! “I grinned back and pulled my hand back. Tanja, had begun to open her bra, as the smoke of. These panties she pulled too quickly, so she completely naked, squatting with legs apart and began rubbing himself in front of us while she looked at Nina’s wet pussy. Both women began simultaneously finger fucks herself and Nina’s grip on his cock was even harder. “Open your little pussy and show Peter how tight you are a slut,” said Nina, as she now had stuck two fingers up in himself makes my cock and a hard gaze stared Tanja. I looked at Tanya. She spread the small narrow labia and showed her wet little hole. How I would like to get heavy in there right now, but an order was an order. “Come and sit on his big cock. Slide down over him and let you block out, “said Nina. Tanja went off the table or further up on the sofa. Nina had shifted slightly, so Tanja could stand in front of me with one leg on each side and I looked directly into her pussy, which smelled wet and naughty. “Sit down and take it up. NOW, “I had never heard Nina talk like that, at least not when we had sex then, but it worked extremely naughty as she took control of Tanja, while I was merely a tool in this context. Slowly Tanja descent and when her shot was just over the dick that Nina still held hard, she slipped labia a few times back and forth on his cock head before she let dickhead güvenilir bahis find the hole and slid down. “ÅHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, it came deep from Tanja’s home while she wrapped her arms around my head and neck and pressed his body toward me. Her shot slipped further down and the little pussy swallow the thick cock cm to cm. I could clearly feel the immense tension over its body and knew that I could easily make her scream an orgasm out when otherwise Nina allowed me to bump to. “Beautiful my slut. Your pussy is shown like to get some decent mancock I see. Is not that right? “Said Nina, as she got off the dick and give Tanja a sexy wet kiss. I brought my hands up to Tanja’s hips and held them quiet, but would make clear to fuck when there will be told. Meanwhile, the girls kissed naughty I let my tongue licking over Tanja’s neck and down over one of her breasts. I licked the little nipple, took it in his mouth, sucked and bit gently into it. “Fuck her, Peter!”, It came as a command from Nina. In the same reaction my abdomen and I knocked the last half of his cock up in Tanja, who screamed her lust out of the office. I lændte me back and let your lower body take control. I pumped Controlled dick in and out of Tanja, who was obviously missing out on one or another galaxy. Nina got up and was going to take her clothes off. Naked she disappeared behind Nina and I noticed her first, her tongue licked my balls. Also Tanja responded clearly to one or another, so Nina had to be started to lick us both on. My balls and her anus and perineum. Suddenly Tanja no more. She lifted her pussy of cock and screamed an orgasm out. The streak ran out with juices on my cock, I felt. She pressed her body even harder toward my head, so I could hardly breathe. Nina’s mouth was soon present, for I felt the familiar lips get stuck on his cock and sucked Tanja’s orgasm itself. The mouth disappeared and found the orgasm blasted pussy, it gave another jerk in Tanja’s body, obviously due Nina’s heavy as buried himself inside her pussy. After a few seconds, the next wave came and Tanja groaned heavily and squealed again an orgasm out. Directly into my ear, so I felt a kind of tinnitus ringing. Her body collapsed and slid to the side so she sat next to me. Now I could see Nina again. Her mouth and face were covered in wet juices and mouth buried deep down over my cock. The cock was released with foot and hand as she raised her head. “Uhmmm jaa. Tastes great with pussy juice on a hard cock. Now you fuck me. “She got turned around. Buckled upper body forward so her hands could rest on the little table. I quickly grab the invitation, got up, spread her buttocks with one hand, grabbed his cock with the other and got unobstructed stuffed his cock right into the wet hole. Again, I found a good pace and fucked the pussy I knew so well. “Ahhh yeah Peter. Fuck me like in the good old days, just harder now, “said Nina as she looked back and up at me. “HARDER”. I reciprocated her hard gaze and obeyed. My abdomen pounded like a piston in an old freight train and fucked her. Tanja, had returned from his orgasm trip and sat under Nina. Her mouth found the dune, as she licked intensely and as someone who once was close to having to give in, screamed Nina her orgasm out. Pussy cream with juice, which I still pounded hard in and I could feel Tanja’s tongue licking willingly, both pussy and my soaked balls. The tungeleg the balls did it last for me, for now it was my turn. I pulled myself out of Nina while I held hard on the root of my pompous hard cock, sat heavily on the sofa. “Come on girls,” I said with a firm voice. Both women slipped down on either side of me led their horny mouths to dick and so I got rid grip. The sperm spurted high above their heads and landed on my stomach. Then slid the sperm slowly and two tongues licked willing to pikhovedt and shared the seed with each other. Tanja let himself fall head down and licked up my stomach skin while she sucked the sperm as there was in him. Nina remained at his cock as she sucked thoroughly clean and I could feel my whole body smårystede after orgasm. I spread her arms out to either side and both Tanya and Nina sat down by the side of me. How we sat silent for a few minutes. So I grabbed the bottle of Cava from the floor and took a big gulp. Handed it to Nina. “Cheers ladies. I thank you for your inclusion of your secret, but now I have to reception. “Got up, took my clothes and started to get dressed. Nina was brought up by Tanja and it was a huge naughty sight to see the two naked sexy women share the bottle of Cava. “You’re welcome Peter. Hope to another time can repeat the session, “said Tanja. Her first words since we signed the papers!