Door to Door

6 Ocak 2021 0 Yazar: admin


Retirement! I was hoping it would be a great thing. Lots of time to do what I want, read lots of Literotica, walk in the park (who knows who might be there), visit the gym (all those naked bodies), but most of all maybe some time to dress up and see what happens.

So finally, my wife gives me a few hours alone, and of course I dive for the bras and panties. Pulling my high heels out of hiding I slip them on and enjoy the view of me in my panties and bra and high heels.

Walking around the house I make sure to walk in front of the huge plate glass window that I have pulled the blinds back from so all can see in. With interest I watch an older gentleman walking from door to door. He spends a few minutes then it is on to the next one. I watch him go up the street then turn around and come back down.

Knowing he is coming to my house as he had knocked on all the doors, I slip into my black bra, heels and pink casino oyna panties. I am so excited that precum is starting to ooze from my cock.

I step out onto the porch to see where he is. Any of my neighbors can see me, but I really don’t care. I need to be seen, for sure. I see him 2 doors up so I sit down to wait, opening the inner door so he can see in. I sit in full view of the front door.

Finally, I see him approach my door. I watch him glance in and see me all dressed up. With a smile he adjusts his package and reaches for the door bell.

I rise and slowly and hopefully sexily walk towards him, swaying my hips in my heels. I open the door “Yes?” I say. He says he is doing the census so I invite him in.

Inside, I shut the door, wondering if he notices that I have locked the door. Turning towards him I begin to answer his questions.

We sit down and I let my legs spread open slightly, slot oyna even though all I wear is panties. His eyes take in my near nakedness and his crotch begins to bulge. My own cock easily visible in my panties also begins to grow as well as leak more precum.

I let my hands slide over my bare just shaved legs and over my bra. By now he has to be almost rock hard. I ask if he would like a drink and he answers positively. I rise and walk really close to him into the kitchen. As I get the water I notice he has followed me in and is devouring me with his eyes.

I drop my eyes and take in his bulging crotch, and smile. “Anything else you need” I asked. With one hand he pulled his zipper down and pulled his growing erection out. It wasn’t huge by nice and thick 6 inches. Smiling I walked over and took it into my hands.

Kneeling I caressed his hard cock, letting it grow even harder in my hands. Then canlı casino siteleri i slid forward and eased the head into my mouth. Caressing his erection with my tongue I began to suck him deeper.

He moaned as I slid down over his hard, hard shaft. I began to bob up and down, over and over, faster and faster. His hands reached for my bra and ass as I sucked him. Soon felt his balls tighten and I knew he was getting read to cum. I pulled back and told him I wanted him to cum all over me, so as I sucked him closer he said he was ready.

Leaning back he took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it. It moments he shot his first rope of cum all over my face, then my bra and finally emptied his cock on my panty covered cock.

As he squeezed the last of his cum out I leaned up to clean him up with my mouth. Sucking the last of him cum out of his dick, I asked if he could come by again. He smiled and said it was doubtful as he had to move to another neighborhood. But gave me his number and said I could pretend to take a census with him.

Sounded good to me, so with him cum running down my body I walked him to the door and bade him farewell.