Diane Ch. 02

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For several minutes I could not bring myself to look over at Diane, for fear that we made a huge mistake. When I finally did peak over, I saw her eyes were closed, a satisfied grimace remained on her face, and her sexy body remained bare. I made my way down her body with my eyes, from her pert tits, to her still slimy snatch. Her blonde pussy hairs were matted down with my cum, and I even saw what seemed to be more of my cum oozing out of her hole. The last hour just seemed unreal, and the thought of what had transpired had my dick hard and raring to go again.

I was brought back to earth by the ringing of my cell phone. My car was ready and I could pick it up at the shop. I hung up and looked over to Diane, who had awoken from the phone and was apparently gazing at my stiff pole. I wanted to cover up, after all she was a married mother and we shouldn’t have fooled around. But I let her stare at my cock as I told her the car was ready and we can get going to the conference. She seemed to have the same look of minor disappointment that I did, glad the car was ready but sad that maybe we could have been ‘stranded’ a while longer.

I told Diane that after we shower and get dressed, we could grab a quick breakfast and then hit the road. She agreed and she headed to the bathroom. I made sure to get a long look at her tight ass as she bent down to pick up clean clothes and go into the bathroom. I lay back on the bed, my mind racing with desire for more despite the taboo of what we’d done. Before I could even realize that I hadn’t heard the bathroom door click shut yet, Diane’s head popped out of the room.

“So are you joining me or what?” she asked with a tone that indicated it wasn’t really a question.

I wasted little time meeting her in the small bathroom, closing the door behind me. I wasn’t sure exactly illegal bahis what was going to happen in here, but my question was answered when Diane pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue massaging mine while her small hands explored my body until they found my dick. She broke off the kiss and stepped into the shower, where she had already began running the hot water. I followed her in and we stood under the water for a moment, face to face as the drops splashed off of us. I loved the way her blonde hair looked when it was wet and I ran my hands through it. We kissed some more and then Diane handed me the bar of soap and smiled at me.

I took her hint and began lathering up her sexy older body, starting at her shoulders, down her arms. She lifted her arms and I got her armpits, and then made my way to her breasts. Before I soaped them up, I leaned in and kissed her nipple, then ran my tongue in circles around it until it stood straight out. I did the same to her other nipple and I could tell she was very aroused so I kept at it, taking turns sucking each of her tits before finally rubbing the soap over her beautiful mounds.

I worked my way down her legs, skipping her hot pussy but lathering her inner thighs until she begged me to touch her crotch. I desperately wanted to taste her sweet snatch right then but there was not enough room for me to crouch down and do it, so I just rubbed her pussy with the soap and in the process I stuck two of my fingers into her. I could feel how wet she was, and it was a different wetness than just the shower water. I finger fucked Diane’s cunt fast and hard, and she grunted into a minor orgasm as she grabbed my shoulders for balance.

My cock was harder than it’s ever been and it was poking into Diane’s leg. She grabbed the soap bar from me and illegal bahis siteleri started right away on my stiff cock. She lathered it up and down the shaft and then gave my hanging balls a quick rub while also cupping them with her other hand. I almost exploded right then but managed not to for the moment. She quickly washed up the rest of my body and asked me to do her back as she turned away from me. My cock had nowhere else to go but to poke itself into the valley of Diane’s gorgeous butt. I rubbed her shoulders with the soap, down her back, and took my time on her ass. She rested her hands on the wall as I worked the soap all over her ass, gripping it with my hands as well.

We were both clean and she shut the water off. She turned back to me and we kissed again, the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had, our slick naked bodies pressed together. My cock throbbed with the desire to be inside Diane again. She stepped out of the shower with me in tow and I decided to get aggressive. I turned her to me and lifted her until she sat on the sink. I grabbed her little feet and gave her toes a quick lick as I spread her legs apart. Her blond bush glistened and I wasted no more time before dropping to me knees and burying my face in her cunt. I slobbered all over her pussy like a kid in a candy store as she writhed with pleasure. I gripped her thighs tight and focused on her clit, rubbing my tongue slowly and then increasing my speed and really flicking her clit hard with my tongue. She screamed out and her hands pushed my face deep into her private area, barely allowing me to breathe. I licked her for all I was worth, eating all the juices that leaked out of her as she moaned aloud.

I leaned back to catch my breath as Diane’s legs quivered in aftershock. She told me she’s never cum like that from her husband. canlı bahis siteleri After a minute she eyed my penis and was about to bend down to return the favor but I continued my new found assertiveness and told her I was going to fuck her now! Without even waiting to see her reaction, I grabbed her hand and led her to the bed, pushing her onto her back. I hopped on top of her, forced her legs open, and shoved my cock right up into her steaming pussy. Her satiny cunt was still sopping wet from a moment earlier when my tongue devoured her. I pulled my dick all the way out and slammed it back in again. I repeated this motion several times, each time my cock would plow into her harder and deeper.

Diane seemed to enjoy this but then I switched gears and started fucking her fast and hard, ramming my dick into her twat repeatedly as her sexy tits jiggled on her chest. I pushed her legs up toward her face, giving myself total access to the hottest pussy I’ve ever had. I gave her my hard cock until our bodies were soaked with sweat again, and I could barely fuck anymore. When she sensed I was close, Diane told me she wanted to taste my cum. I pulled out of her body and moved up toward her face, stroking myself a few times as her hand wrapped around my thick shaft to help entice my load. Seconds later I erupted, shooting 3 or 4 quick hard streams of cum right onto Diane’s face, missing her mouth with most of it but then she covered my cock with her mouth to make sure she got the rest. The sensation was overwhelming as I continued to drip semen into her wanting mouth. Without removing my dick, she used her fingers to scoop the rest of the cum off her face and sucked her fingers dry.

I slid up next to Diane on the bed, my softening penis sticky with cum while her pussy was sore from the fucking she just received. I turned to Diane and said:

“So I guess we will need a shower now?”

She laughed and then leaned in close to my ear and whispered.

“Why bother, its going to be a long day in this motel room since I’m not letting you get your car until tomorrow!”