Desert Heat – Part 24

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Desert Heat – Part 24Desert Heat – Part 24Thursday, August 16, 1985Thursday morning, I woke late. Ginger and Pepper were already up and eating breakfast. Jerry and Rosemary had already left for work. They handed me a plate of food and invited me to join them. As I ate, I asked what was on their agenda and they said that there was only one thing on the agenda today and it was me. They said that they both missed me and wanted to make up for lost time. I asked what they meant and Pepper said that I would just have to wait and find out.After breakfast, they escorted me to my recliner, handed me the morning paper and a cup of coffee. They told me to enjoy my paper and coffee while they did a few things and then they disappeared into the bedrooms. Nervously, I sat down, sipped my coffee and began reading the newspaper, but I continually kept looking over the paper, not knowing what to expect.About 15 minutes later, they came out and told me it was time for my shower and they led me to our bathroom. The water was already running and water temperature adjusted just right. Pepper led me into the shower with Ginger behind me. They put me under the water and turned me to make sure I was fully wet. Ginger began shampooing my hair and Pepper began to soap up my chest and arms. Once I was well soaped up, Pepper did one of my favorite things to do in the shower and used her breasts to scrub my chest and stomach. By the time she was through, there wasn’t a single spot on my chest that wasn’t scrubbed by her beautiful breasts. By now, Ginger had shampooed my hair, rinsed it and shampooed it for a second time. As she shampooed my hair, she rubbed her breasts over as much of my back as possible. There were times when I had breasts rubbing my chest and back at the same time. What more could a man ask for. When my hair was done, Ginger finished soaping my back with breasts. The top half of me was done and both of them knelt down to concentrate on the lower half. Both of them started at my feet and worked their way up my legs. Ginger then soaped up my butt first with her hands and then with her breasts. Pepper followed suit in the front, soaping me up first with her hands, and she did spend a few extra moments making sure my cock was well soaped up and then used her breasts to finish scrubbing me. Watching her rubbing my cock between her breasts was so sensuous that I suddenly came all over her chest, but fortunately, we were already in the shower and cleaning up was a snap.After being soaped and scrubbed, they made sure I was well rinsed off and then they proceeded to dry me off. Like in the shower, Pepper took my front and Ginger took my back. Once I was dry, Ginger applied my deodorant and Pepper trimmed my beard. I was surprised when they began to dress me in a pair of shorts and printed t-shirt. After dressing my, they dressed each other in shorts and halter tops. I asked if I needed my keys and wallet and Ginger handed me my chap stick and told me no, that they had everything under control.They took me to the car, put me in the back seat and they both got in the front with Ginger driving. I asked where we were going and Pepper just said that I would find out. As Ginger drove, I kept trying to guess where we were going, but then she would change directions and take a different road. I finally gave up trying to guess and reached forward and began to play with Pepper’s breasts from behind. Pepper didn’t object and before I knew it, I was rock hard and decided I better quit before I had to get out with a huge bulge in my shorts. Finally, Ginger pulled into the parking lot of a newer mall that we had never been to before. We had talked of going, but never had made it over yet as it was on the far side of the metropolitan area, nearly 45 minutes away. Entering the mall, the girls went straight to a map of the mall and began plotting their shopping strategy. Ginger hooked her arm around my right arm and Pepper did the same on me left arm said to follow them. After passing about half a dozen stores, they turned into a men’s store and told the clerk that approached us that we wanted to look at dress suits. I was confused and quietly reminded them that the wedding was nude and that I didn’t need a suit. Ginger told me to just be patient and go along with their plans. The clerk came over to me and began taking measurements and then went and started pulling out some suits of me to try on. We spent nearly half an hour trying on suits and then Pepper told the clerk that we’ll have to think about it and we left. I asked them what that was all about and they said it was just for some fun. Next they led me to a women’s apparel store that had a lot of swimwear and other summer clothes and most of them were on clearance. There were two young college aged girls working in the store and both of them were very pretty. Ginger and Pepper began looking at swimsuits and found several that they wanted to try on. They asked one of the clerks about using the dressing room and she told them that the dressing room was out of use because the door was broken off and there was no way to provide privacy. The sisters shrugged their shoulders and said that was okay and headed to the back of the store. Before the clerks could say anything, both Ginger and Pepper were naked in the back of the store and started trying on the bikinis they had selected. The one clerk went back and told the girls that they really shouldn’t be stripping where others could see them and Pepper told her it was okay and if someone saw them then good for them. The clerk looked over at me with a questioning look on her face and I told her that they’ve done this before and not to worry about it. She noticed the ring on my finger and asked if one them was my wife and I pointed to Ginger. Then she asked me if I cared if anyone saw them naked and I said not at all and if they did, well, hope it makes their day. Then she asked me what they would say if I was to strip and change in a store where others could see and I said ask them herself. She looked at me and went over and asked Ginger what she would do if I started stripping in the back of store where other people could see me. Ginger, who was only wearing a pair of bikini bottoms looked at the clerk, then walked over to where I was standing, undid my shorts and pulled them down and told the clerk that it was okay and not to worry. Both clerks stared at my cock which by now was rock hard and standing at full attention. After the lead clerk regained her composure, she motioned for me to pull up my shorts and I did, as I didn’t want to get us in trouble. By now, the girls had tried on the bikinis they had selected and ended up buying a matching pair. I’m sure the clerks were glad to see us leave. Walking back out into the mall, the girls began to laugh and talk about the shocked look on the clerk’s face when Ginger pulled my shorts down. I told them that it was funny, but that I also hoped that we don’t get arrested. Again they grabbed my arms and led me to sports store that sold men’s and women’s sporting clothing and a variety of teams’ clothes as well. Working in the store were three clerks, two men and young college aged girl. One of the men looked to be in his late 40s and the other was younger, perhaps mid 20s. The younger male clerk came over and asked if he could help us find anything and Pepper asked for some t-shirts for her favorite team. The clerk led us over to a counter that had a stack of folded up t-shirts for Pepper’s team. Looking at her, the clerk said that she would probably take a small and held up a small to her. Pepper said she’d like to try it on and before the clerk could point to the dressing room, she whipped off her halter top and slipped the t-shirt on. The clerk’s mouth dropped open and his eyes bulged out in disbelief. Pepper asked Ginger what she thought and Ginger told her that shirt looked good on her. Pepper agreed, slipped the shirt off and then casually put her halter top back on. By now, the clerk regained his voice and told her that they had a dressing room and Pepper said that was okay, she didn’t mind. Then she looked at the clerk, saw the bulge in his pants and then looked up at him and said it looked like he didn’t mind either. The clerk’s face got red and he stammered something that none of us understood. He then excused himself and sent the female clerk to help us. She asked if there was anything else and Ginger asked her if she had any team shorts that would fit me and I instantly knew where this was heading. The clerk said yes and to follow her. Luckily the shorts were more towards the back of the store. When we got to the men’s shorts, she asked what size I wore and Ginger said that she needed to measure my waist to make sure, so she did. She did her canlı bahis best to keep her breasts from brushing up against me as she reached around me to measure my waist. I accidentally on purpose lost my balance and had to take a step forward which caused me to press up against her breasts. She hurriedly finished the measurement and then turned to find the right size. Like the male clerk had done with Pepper, the female clerk held up the shorts in front of me. Before the clerk could say anything, Ginger pulled my shorts down and told me to try on the team shorts. The clerk was absolutely shocked and just stood there and stared. I tried the shorts on and then slid them off and casually pulled my old shorts back on. Seeing the shocked look on the clerk’s face, Ginger told her that she hoped it was okay with her what happened. The clerk quickly said that it was okay with her as long as no one saw what happened. Pepper asked if she liked what she saw and the clerk said yeah, it was great. Pepper responded by saying that they both thought it was pretty great also. Ginger said we would take the shorts and we checked out and left the sports store. Turning into the mall, Ginger turned and asked me what it felt like when she stripped my shorts down, exposing myself to the young female clerk. I told her that my hard on should have given her a clue as to how I felt. She asked me if I enjoyed it and I admitted that I did, but was concerned about being arrested. I tried to explain to her and Pepper and most people don’t mind if a girl exposes herself in public, but they do when a guy does and it’s the guy who usually gets arrested when the girl goes free. They said they understood, but they both had that devilish look on their face and I had a feeling that they had more flashing planned for me. The next stop was another ladies apparel store that carried a wide range of styles and I had no idea what they were up to. They headed to a clearance rack that had a variety of halter tops. The rack was close to the front of the store and I cautioned the girls against doing any flashing there at the racks and they just looked at me and giggled. Again, they each selected several halter types and headed to the dressing rooms in the back. They went into the same dressing room that faced out across the back of the store. Once inside, they began trying on the different halter tops, but they did it with the door open. At first, no one came to the back of the store, so they were safe from being seen. Just as Pepper took off one of the halter tops, a man came out from the back of the store and glanced over and saw Pepper in the dressing room. He paused and stared as Pepper stood there topless. I was standing a short distance away and the man looked over at me and motioned me to move away. I shook my head no, pointed to my wedding ring and then to the dressing room. He shrugged his shoulders and continued on into the store. A few moments later, a female clerk came back and told the girls that they needed to close the dressing room door when changing or they needed to leave the store. They both put their tops back on and said we’re leaving. They gathered me by the arms and decided to head to the food court for lunch. During lunch I again warned them that they need to be careful that they didn’t get us arrested as that would end my career. They just laughed and giggled and told me not to worry. After lunch, we walked the length of the mall and the girls didn’t see any other stores that interested them. Pepper then looked at her watch and said it was time to head out, so they led me back to the car. We drove about 10 minutes and pulled into a small strip mall. They led me to the door at the end and I found myself in a small sex shop. They told me to look around and see if there was anything I wanted and they would get it for me. My mind was racing with what to look at first. I began looking at some of the videos.I didn’t realize that Ginger had disappeared as Pepper kept me occupied looking at the tapes. She looked at me and said that she figured I was into group sex and started showing me some of the videos about group sex. I was getting hard just looking at the covers and reading what they were. Pepper noticed my bulge, reached down and grabbed me and said that we needed to do something about it soon. I tried to tell her not here and now just as Ginger came up behind me. She noticed Pepper holding my erect cock through my shorts and said that I needed to follow her.She led me into a back room that was set up like a physical ther****t’s room with massage table in the middle. She told me to take off my clothes and lie face down on the table as they had arranged for me to get a massage. I didn’t have time to respond as Pepper grabbed my shirt and lifted it over my head and Ginger slid my shorts down and off. I climbed onto the table, laid face down with my face peeking through the round pillow and hole in the table. I could feel the girls taking off my shoes and socks. About then, the lights were turned real low and some soft soothing music began to play. This I felt a pair of hands on the back of ankles and they had a hot scented oil on them. Whoever it was began to work my ankles and then calves, kneading deep and hard at times, working out any knots or tightness they came across. As the hands worked up my thighs, my mind began to race with thoughts of what this masseuse looked like and what was she wearing and how far was she going to take this. Suddenly, I saw Ginger and Pepper peering up at me though the hole where I looked down from. Ginger asked how did it feel so far and I said it felt great. They told me to relax and enjoy as the hands found their way to my inner thighs. My cock totally sprang to life as these unknown hands brushed against my balls then worked their way up my butt. Was she pretty? Was she nice and thin with long hair? Was she clothed, topless or naked? I wanted to spring up and get the answer to all my questions, but knew I needed to just lay there, figuring I would find out when I rolled over. Then I wondered what she would do about my erect cock. Her hands worked up my lower back, then the rest of my back to my shoulders and neck. I was both relaxed and turned on at the same time. Then came the command I was anxiously waiting for, ‘roll over’. But before I could lift myself up to roll over, Pepper placed a black blindfold over my eyes and told me to leave it there. Rolling over, I knew I was fully exposed to the woman giving me the massage and that she was now probably looking at my fully erect cock. The mysterious hands started at my feet, massaging my toes and then slowly worked their way up my legs. The closer she got to my cock the more excited I became, wondering what she would do. Eventually, her hands reached my inner thighs and brushed against my balls. I felt my cock twitch when that happened and I heard a soft giggle come from a voice I did not recognize. The hands worked their way around my cock, up my stomach to my chest and then she started to work on my arms. She stood to my side and lifted my arm so she could work all of it, front and back. She rested my hand against her and I felt the back of my hand touching her bare breasts. Again my cock twitched and again I heard the soft giggle. Then she moved around to the other side and repeated the procedure and again my hand was placed against her bare breast. And again, my cock twitched and again came the muffled giggle. When she finished with my shoulders and neck, I was disappointed that nothing else had happened. The disappointment was enough to deflate my manhood. Just about the time I was fully deflated, I felt a warm hand wrap around my cock. The sensation was so surprising that again my mind began to race, knowing the masseuse was topless and possibly naked. What did she look like and what was she going to do with my cock. She gently played with my cock as it rapidly rose to full grandeur. I could tell that I was oozing and wondered what she would do when she noticed, but I didn’t have to wait long to find out. I suddenly felt a tongue gently lick across the tip of my cock, lapping up any ooze that had seeped out. The tongue made its way around the tip of my cock and then traveled down the length along the bottom ridge of the shaft. The feeling was so sensuous and the mystery had o heightened my senses that I thought I was about to cum already. Then I felt a gentle kiss followed by a set of unknown lips slowly swallowing the head and then shaft of my cock. The lips kept traveling all the way down to the base of my shaft and balls and I was amazed that I didn’t hear any gagging sounds. I knew then that it wasn’t Ginger or Pepper because neither of them could take all of me and not gag. It isn’t that güvenilir bahis I’m that big, but because they are so small. As the lips slid back up my shaft, I did everything possible to keep from cumming. The last thing I wanted was cum too quick like an inexperienced teenager.I did my best not to think about what was happening. I thought about cleaning the pool, checking the test equipment out in the desert, but every time those lips slid up or down my shaft, my thoughts returned to the moment. Just as suddenly as the lips began sucking my cock, they stopped and disappeared. I laid their wondering what was next when all of a sudden I felt something else against the tip of my cock. As it slid down over the head and down the shaft, there was no mistake that it was a pussy. The mysterious woman was now sitting on my cock. A soft whisper saying enjoy blew in both ears from my tow lovely ladies as the pussy sitting on me began to move up and down. I reached up and found her breasts. They weren’t real big, but they were enough to fill each hand and they felt great. Hearing the girls’ voices in my ears and feeling her breasts in my hands was the final stimulus and I could hold back no more. As I erupted inside the woman on me, she dove her pussy down on my cock as far as she could, causing me to spew my load as deep inside her as possible. Once my load was deposited, I reached for the blindfold, but Pepper stopped me and told me it had to stay on a little longer. My mysterious paramour climbed off me and began to lick me clean. Then she took a hot cloth and finished cleaning me off. Ten seconds later I was told to remove the blindfold and when I did, the only ones in the room were Ginger and Pepper and they were still fully clothed. I never heard anyone leave and it was only a few seconds but she was gone. I started to ask about her and Ginger put her finger to my lips and said don’t ask because part of the deal was complete anonymity to keep the masseuses from getting in trouble. They helped me get dressed and led me out of the building and back to the car. We drove several miles and pulled up to another small building that had a sign saying massage over the door. I said we already did this and they told me to be patient. We went into the building and a very pretty woman was behind the counter. Ginger told her that we had an appointment and the girl it would be just a few minutes. Several minutes later a very good looking man stepped out and called Ginger’s name. She motioned for me to follow and the three of us were led into a massage room with two tables. On each table was a robe and several towels. He said to get ready and they would be attended to shortly. Ginger told me to sit in the chair that was against the wall by the feet of the tables. Then Ginger and Pepper stripped off their clothes, put on the robes and sat on the sides of each table and waited.Nearly five minutes later, two young good looking studs came into the room. They were wearing white shorts and no shirts. They looked at me, smiled and turned their attention to the girls where they instructed them to take off their robes and lay down on the tables. They held up the towels to cover the girls as they took their robes off and laid face down on the tables. The towels were carefully put across their butts, keeping some sense of modesty. The young studs began at the girls’ ankles, just like the masseuse that worked on me. At first they stood at the end of the tables, but as they worked their way up the legs, they moved alongside the tables. By the time they reached mid-thigh, I noticed that both girls automatically began to spread their legs, bit by bit.Their hands made their way up the girls’ thighs until they were reaching just under the towels d****d across the girl’s butts. I saw Ginger shutter as a finger must have brushed against her pussy. Then the guys, again in unison, walked to the head of the tables and began working on the girl’s necks, shoulders and backs. As the two young men worked their way down the girls’ backs, I noticed that I had a perfect view of both of their pussies from under the towels.Just about then, the guys reached the girls’ lower backs and began to move the towels further and further down on their butts. I noticed that they were doing their best to keep the girl’s butts covered so I told them to just get rid of the towels and not to let them get in their way. When they pulled the towels off, I heard Pepper softly moan as she often does in anticipation of something sexual. Once the towels were removed, the guys began to massage the girls’ butts. Pepper always seems to enjoy her butt being fondled more than Ginger and I could hear her moaning as I watched her cheeks moving and swaying under the young hands. Finally, the moment came for the girls to roll over. As they did, I got a good view of both of their pussies and could tell that they were getting quite wet. The masseuses started at their heads, working on their necks, shoulders and arms first. Then they moved down to their breasts and began gently massaging them. Ginger always loves to have her breasts fondled and massaged and the more hers were massaged, the more her legs began to spread and by now she was flowing like a spring of love juices. The guys spent extra time on the girls’ breasts and I can’t say I blame them. Eventually they moved from the breasts to the abdomen and down to the groin. I intently watched as the guys worked their way around the girl’s pubic hair. I wondered if they could see that both girls were quite wet. Then they moved to the foot of the tables and started massaging their toes, feet and worked their way up. They were standing between the girls spread legs and had full views of the pussies in front of them. The worked the legs, but the eyes remained glued to the girls’ pussies. Reaching the upper thighs, they worked their hands all the way around the pussies without touching them, but it was so obvious, even from my distance that both girls were flowing like a river. I was amazed and surprised that they didn’t obviously touch the waiting pussies, but realized that I spoke too soon.The guys suddenly and swiftly hooked their arms under the girl’s knees and lifted, pulling their pussies back to the foot of the table. I’m still not sure how they did it, but with their arms still hooked under the girls’ legs, their shorts dropped to the floor, releasing their very hard cocks that pointed straight at their targets. They slid the girls a little more towards them, put their girls’ ankles on their shoulder, grabbed them by the hips and pulled them right unto their cocks. It wasn’t ten seconds later before Ginger came and not long after her was Pepper. Starting slowly, the two studs kept perfect rhythm with each other as they pumped the twin pussies. After a bit, they leaned forward, cupping the girls’ breasts in their hands as they began to pick up speed. A few minutes later, the guys pulled out and turned the girls over onto their hands and knees and began to lick and suck on their pussies. It was mesmerizing to watch the two guys work in near perfect unison and even more surprising when Ginger and Pepper came again at the exact same moment. As the juices flowed, the guys lapped up every drop. Moments later, they put the girls on the backs with their heads towards the guys and slid their cocks into the girls’ mouths. Both Ginger and Pepper reached up to hold the guys cocks and ball and the guys reached out to fondle their breasts as the girl sucked on as much of their cocks as possible. Finally, the guys sat the girls on the end of the tables and slid their cocks back inside their pussies. The girls wrapped their legs around the guy and d****d their arms around the necks, causing their breasts to press against the muscular chests. Several minutes later, both guys began to shoot their loads deep into the girls’ pussies, causing both girls to orgasm at the same time. They remained embraced for a few moments when Pepper suggested that she and Ginger 69 each other so they could taste the guys’ cum. The masseuse that worked on Ginger, picked her up and laid her on the other table with Pepper and the two girls proceeded to lick each other’s pussy and clean them out. The guys stood there watching and as they did, their cocks grew hard again. By the time the girls were satisfied; they sat up and noticed that the guys’ cocks were hard again. They decided to swap masseuses and Ginger climbed back onto her table and Pepper’s masseuse moved over between her legs and began to enter her. Pepper wanted to suck some cock, saying she wanted to taste his and Ginger’s cum, so she set to work licking and sucking the cock of Ginger’s masseuse. She worked that cock like it was the world’s tastiest lollipop. The masseuse güvenilir bahis siteleri fondled her breasts and played with her nipples as Pepper devoured his cock. On the other table Ginger was laying on her back with her pussy up against the masseuse and he was pounding away at her. I was already so turned on watching my two girls being ravished by their two young studs, but watching Ginger’s breasts swaying from the action was more than I could bear. I stripped, climbed up behind Pepper and entered her. I was so worked up, that I barely lasted a minute before emptying my load deep inside her. Pepper began cumming as I was cumming in her, but she kept on sucking. I looked over at Ginger and she was still on her back with her breasts swaying to the action of being pounded by the masseuse. I climbed over onto her table and let her suck my cock. When she first took it into her mouth, she stopped for a second to say that she could detect Pepper’s juices on my cock and said it tasted mighty good to her. As Ginger was sucking my cock, I was fixated on the young cock sliding in and out of my wife. Before long, I had matched his rhythm. As he pushed into her pussy, I was pulling out of her mouth and as I pushed back in, he was pulling out. At first I started to hold onto her breasts as I love her breasts, but at times like this, watching her breasts move back and forth is bigger turn on for me, so I let them go. My focus moved from Ginger’s swaying breasts to her pussy being pounded by a strange cock. It wasn’t long before I could tell that Ginger was having a mind blowing orgasm. Her mouth tightened around my shaft, but thankfully her teeth didn’t bite too deep. But the added pressure was enough to help me reach my second orgasm and began to fill her mouth. The young stud kept working her pussy for another 5 minutes and another orgasm for Ginger before he started to fill her pussy with his load of white seed. Pepper and the other masseuse had already finished and were watching the action on Ginger’s table. When the action was all over, the two guys opened a cabinet and brought out several hot moist towels and began cleaning up the girls. One of them tossed me a towel to clean myself with. They guys started with cleaning off the girls’ faces, hands, chests and then their legs and pussies. They made sure that the girls were well cleaned before allowing them to get dressed. The girls kissed them before we left and the led me out to the car. Once in the car, I asked them about their plans today and they said they had been talking about this for a week and were able to locate the two massage parlors and made all of the arrangements. I asked what else they had planned and they said there was only one thing left and that I just needed to sit back and think about what all had happened today, so I did. The next thing I knew the girls woke me up and I was pleasantly surprised to see that we were in our own driveway. We still had about an hour before Jerry and Rosemary were due home from work and I asked if I needed to start getting the grill ready. Ginger told me to just wait because they had one more surprised for me and she asked me to sit down in the middle of the sofa. Ginger and Pepper sat on opposite sides of me. Ginger began by telling me how much she loved me and knew how much I loved her. Then she told me that Pepper had something to tell me. The first thing I thought of was that she was pregnant. Instead, Pepper said that she and Ginger had been talking this past 10 days while I was gone and that Ginger is in full support with what she was about to say. At this point, I had no idea what to expect. Pepper took my hand in hers, looked into my eyes and told me that she loved me more than any man she’s ever known. I started to say something, but Ginger told me to be quiet and listen. Pepper went on to say that she had no intention of coming between Ginger and me, but she couldn’t help the way she felt and they both had the feeling that I had fallen in love with her also. Again, Ginger told me to be quiet and listen. Pepper said that she and Ginger had been talking about this all week and they’ve come up with a solution that they want me to consider. Plural marriages are i*****l so they decided that Pepper would be the same as my second wife without any of the legal or i*****l ceremony. In other words, we would live our lives as if they were both my wife and I would treat them equally. Legally, I would only have one wife, Ginger, but in the family, we would live together as two wives, which is perfectly legal. Then they asked me what I thought of the idea.I sat back with my head reeling trying to grasp what I just heard. I looked at Ginger and she was smiling from ear to ear with tears streaming down her cheeks. I asked if she was upset and she said she was so happy that they were tears of joy and love. Turning, I looked at Pepper and by now she also had tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. Looking into her eyes, I told her that I did love her so very much and had been wrestling with my feelings as I loved Ginger also and likewise didn’t want to do anything to damage our relationship. This revelation resolved all of my internal conflict. I moved and knelt on the floor in front of the two of them and took their hands and held them together with mine. Then I told both of them that I loved them dearly and would love to spend the rest of my life with the two of them and if it was okay with Ginger, I would love to treat Pepper as a second and equal wife to Ginger. Ginger squeezed my hand and told me that she loved me and then she brought out two small jewelry boxes. She handed one to Pepper and gave me the other. I opened the box in it was a beautiful wedding band. Pepper opened her box and I saw that it held a larger similar band. I asked where should I wear her ring and Ginger told Pepper to place it on the ring finger of my right hand, not my left. Then she told me to put the band in my box on the ring finger of Pepper’s right hand. Ginger said that she now pronounces us a permanent threesome and that I could now kiss my wives, which I gladly did.After all of the hugging and kissing, I asked what will we tell other people. They said that Jerry and Rosemary already knew of their plans and were in full agreement with it. As for other people, we’d cross that bridge when the time comes. We hugged and kissed again and again and then told me that this afternoon was my bachelor party and their bachelorette party for them before we tied the unofficial knot. I couldn’t help but laugh. Then Ginger said that they got some thick porterhouse steaks to celebrate. They told me if I took care of grilling the steaks that they had everything else under control. Before taking the steaks and beer out to the grill, I stopped and asked how are we going to work out who I make love to first and things like that. They told me not to worry about that because they had that all worked out. That’s when Ginger told me that they are currently on the same monthly cycle, but by altering when they took their birth control pills, in six months they would be on completely different cycles to make life easier. Then they told me not to worry this time as their cycles will hit during my next and last 10 day field work. They smiled and opened the door for me as I headed out to the patio with the steaks, beer and head still spinning with what just happened. About 20 minutes later, Ginger comes out with another beer and said she figured I needed a refill. I stopped her and asked if she was really okay with whole threesome thing. She smiled, kissed and then told me it was her idea to begin with. While I was gone, she and Pepper were talking one night as they were going to bed about how much they missed not having there with them. She said that Pepper started crying and sobbing and Ginger had no idea what wrong. It took her over 15 minutes to calm Pepper down enough so that she could talk. That’s when Pepper confessed to Ginger that she was in love with me but she didn’t want to cause any problems between Ginger and me. She told Ginger that she had been struggling with this and had decided that she needed to move out to her own place and try to find someone else. The 2 sisters consoled each other and kept talking and that’s when Ginger suggested the permanent threesome. She told Pepper that she knew she was in love with me and that she could tell by my actions and words that I was probably in love with Pepper also and that this all made perfect sense. They both loved me and I loved both of them. Then she added that she and Pepper have been growing closer and closer and that had developed not just a sisterly love but an emotional and physical love for each other as well. She reminded me of how many times she and Pepper had licked and sucked each other’s pussy and that they even had a few 69s while I was out in the field this last time. She gave me a huge hug and kiss and then returned back inside to help Pepper finish dinner. To be continued…