Customer Friendly

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I was looking for a new car. Mine had over 300,000 miles on it, and while it was in good shape and performed well, it was showing its age. A friend, Tim, worked at a local dealership, and said he’d work me a good deal. I had teased him about their co-owner and star of their TV commercials, a woman of about 60 who promised a “customer friendly” experience, often saying I’d like to get her in the back of one of those Tahoes she was always pushing on TV to see just how customer friendly she really is. He always laughed me off.

“She’s married, has a couple of daughters, and some grandkids. She’s also on the board of one of those big Bible colleges downstate,” he’d tell me. “No way she’s going for a tumble with a slob like you while out on a test drive.” I’d kid him there was always a first time. You just had to be the right guy at the right moment. Sometimes the good girls weren’t always so good when nobody was watching.

A couple of weeks later, I walked into the dealership looking for Tim, hoping to see what kind of hot deal he could make me. The receptionist at first didn’t know where he was, then remembered he was out that day. I thanked her, and began to look around, thinking as long as I’m here, I might as well see what’s in the showroom and on the lot.

“Can I help you find something??” I heard with a distinctly southern accent from behind me as I was looking at a Silverado. I turned to see a slender blonde with a pageboy hairstyle and bright blue eyes smiling at me. She was maybe 60, I thought. She was wearing dark jeans and a dark green silk blouse. I noticed it was open a couple of buttons. I looked at her name tag. Susie. Could this be??

“Hi. Welcome to Eagle Chevrolet. I’m Susie.” Her voice had the sweetness of maple syrup on a hot waffle. Susie was cute on TV. In person, she was nothing short of adorable. “Would you like to take one of those for a test drive??”

“Hi, I’m Tom,” I said as she extended her hand. I’d have taken a tricycle on a test drive if she went with me. “Sure, if you’ll come along to show me the features.”

Susie smiled at me warmly. “I’m free for a little while. Let me get my purse.” Susie disappeared into a back office, returning a few minutes later. She said something to the receptionist, and I followed her out to the lot. “We have these in several colors and configurations.”

I thought a moment. “Do you have a Z 71 on the lot??”

“Sure do. Let’s go take a look.” Susie walked me over to one in yellow. I told her I preferred something more subdued. “I think I may have one in silver. Let me look.” Sure enough, she found one. Susie checked the stock number, and sent a text for the keys. A minute later one of the salesmen came out with it while we were looking at the exterior and she was explaining the features. Susie tossed me the keys. “Let’s go for a spin.”

I got in and started it up. After setting my mirrors, we headed out. Once on the road, after telling me some of the specs, we talked a little more about ourselves. I know some of the sales game is to build rapport, but Susie seemed to be taking some real interest in me once she discovered we had similar tastes in music, food, and architecture. She also is quite a gardener, something I am not. I kidded her that if I bought a car from her, she’d have to come over and help me put in some flowering plants, since I’m the original brown thumb. Susie laughed at that, saying she might be persuaded.

I brought the pickup back to the lot. Susie asked what I thought. “It handled well enough, but I really don’t have much use for a pickup, since I don’t do a lot of carrying things.”

“Maybe you want to try one of our SUV’s or minivans, a Suburban or Traverse, perhaps??”

“That might work better. I once had a 1996 Blazer, and liked it a lot. The four wheel drive was helpful, since it snowed a lot where I lived in the northeast then, and I could carry a lot of stuff inside it.”

Susie smiled. “Too bad they quit making the Trail Blazer. That might have worked for you. Just curious, what color was the Blazer??”

I smiled at Susie. “Purple.”

Susie laughed out loud. “You had one of those?? That was the oddest color!!”

“Yeah it was, though in certain light it looked more blue. I used to get a lot of people looking at me at traffic lights, pointing out the color.”

“I had seen a few of those, but never was able to get one.” Susie seemed genuinely taken by my odd style of vehicle, and tickled to meet someone who had actually had one.

“They didn’t make very many, and I think quite a few of those went to western PA, since there’s a Plum Township near Pittsburgh. They were pretty popular there. Bet you don’t have a purple Traverse.”

Susie laughed again. “No, I don’t. But I’m sure I’ll find one you like,” she said, laying her hand on mine across the center console. Our eyes met for a moment, and I could see something beyond just a car dealer fishing for the sale.

Susie got the keys for a Traverse next, and we took it out. I güvenilir bahis like the visibility of a lot of glass, and the van worked well in that regard. We talked about the van as we drove. I asked if the rear seats came out.

“All of them do,” said Susie, “and there’s underfloor storage in the tailgate.”

“That might be helpful. I do a lot of photography, and sometimes carry tripods and such. It can be a lot easier to just pick it up and toss it in the back than break it down. So taking out one row of seats can be helpful.”

“What kind of work do you do??” Susie asked.

“I’m happily retired, but I do some freelance-very freelance-photography in the transportation industry. I’ve had photos in several publications, as well as in some calendars for railroads and truck lines. I like to get their operations in scenic locations, which really shows off what they do in an attractive way.”

“That sounds fascinating. I’d love to see some of your work some time.”

“I’ll bring by some of the calendars I’ve had photos in. You never know, maybe I can do a calendar for your dealership,” I said, figuring, why not, maybe Susie won’t be the only one making a sale today. I returned to the task at hand. “The great thing about the removable seats is that when I take the grandkids out, I can just lock the seat back in, and off we go.”

“How many grandchildren do you have??” asked Susie, smiling. “I bet they’re adorable.”

“Six, and one coming around Christmas. The oldest is 8, the youngest is 2. They’re quite a bunch.” I looked at Susie, who was glowing. “I know you have a few yourself, I’ve seen them in the TV ads” I said.

“Yes, they’re precious. They love being on TV too.”

I laughed. “Yeah, especially around the holidays, when they’re making a mess of your kitchen.”

Susie laughed again. “Yeah, that’s always everyone’s favorite shoot-the kids, the crew, the customers. For me, a lot of clean up.”

“It’s not so bad. They’ll be big before you know it, and you’ll miss it.”

Susie got thoughtful for a moment. “Yes, I will,” she said.

“So, I bet your wife has a lot of fun with the little ones.”

“She did. She’s no longer with me. Passed away about two years ago, so I’m on my own.”

“I’m sorry,” said Susie. “That must be hard for you. Were you married long??”

“Only about ten years-it was not the first for either of us. I miss her for sure, but life goes on for those of us left behind, so I have to keep going. What else can you do??” By now we had pulled up at the light at the end of the road to the dealership. I was resting my hand on the shifter, which was in the console. Susie put her hand on mine. Instinctively I meshed her fingers with mine. I noticed the sunlight reflecting off her wedding set. She looked at me with a sadness in her eyes, as I looked over at her and our eyes met. I leaned over and kissed her softly, lingering a moment. Immediately I realized I had gone over the line.

As soon as I pulled away from our kiss, I apologized profusely. “I’m so sorry, Susie. That was really inappropriate. I can just drop you off if you want, and go.”

“You’re not going to drive the Tahoe??” asked Susie, a sheepish grin on her face.

I wasn’t sure what to make of her. “If you’re OK with it. I mean, I just went way out of line, and I’m surprised you’re still even talking to me right now.”

Susie squeezed my hand. “You’re fine. I actually liked that you kissed me. She leaned toward me and kissed me back. “There. Now we’re even. Let’s go try out the Tahoe.”

We went back to the lot, and Susie went inside, returning a short while later with another set of keys. We got into a dark red Tahoe and headed off the lot.

“Have time for lunch??” Susie asked.

“Sure. You??”

“I have all afternoon. They can’t fire me. I own the place.”

I laughed. “I think there’s a Subway down on the corner. It’s not extravagant, but it’s something to eat.”

“That’ll work. We can take our lunch and ride, maybe park somewhere.” We went to Subway and picked up a couple of foot longs. While we were waiting, Susie excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. When she came back a couple minutes later, she had two more buttons on her shirt open, and she had quite a bit more bounce to her B cup tits. Once back in the car, Susie directed me to a nearby park, where we parked overlooking a lake, and had our lunch. As we finished, Susie turned to me and said, “You know what’s great about these Tahoes, is the back is so roomy. Come on, I’ll show you.”

We got into the back together and sat close, kicking our shoes off. “The seats are nice and comfortable, and you can put three back here easily. Or two and have lots of room.” Susie looked into my eyes. We leaned toward each other and kissed, this time a long sensuous kiss, our tongues dancing. I reached into her shirt, getting a handful of her soft perky tits. I heard her sigh as I massaged them, playing my thumb and index finger over the nipples. She responded by unbuttoning türkçe bahis my shirt, playing her hand through the hair on my chest as she worked her way down, occasionally grabbing it as she ran her fingers through it.

“I love a guy with a hairy chest. It seems so rugged,” said Susie, then putting her face to my chest to nuzzle the thick patch between my nipples. I opened the rest of her buttons, massaging both of her soft, yet still firm, tits as I worked down. She had on one of those belts that’s more decorative than functional, the kind that wrap around twice. Susie helped me out by undoing it and pulling it off, then unbuttoning her jeans, and pulling the zipper about half way down, revealing the top of her pink panties. She then reached over to unbutton my jeans, opening the zipper all the way, pulling out my now hard cock. I lifted off the seat to get them down over my ass, sliding them off onto the floor. She again went to my chest, this time not only nuzzling the hair, but sucking my nipples gently as well. This is not usually something I find a turn on, but for some reason, when Susie did it, my cock stiffened. She ran her fingers through the hair above my cock while she had her face in my chest, finally stroking it a few times. I lifted her face to mine, kissing her.

Breaking from her soft lips, I kissed down her neck, finding her ticklish spots, swirling my tongue to make her squirm a little. I continued on to her right breast, its areola and nipple puffed out. I sucked on it gently as Susie moaned softly. I moved over to the left one, working it a little more aggressively, til Susie moaned out loud, and she grabbed my head. She pulled me up and we kissed again. As we kissed, she reached down to stroke my dick, then broke the kiss and leaned down to my crotch, taking the head of my cock in her mouth. She slowly went up and down, running her tongue around my shaft, making my dick like a steel rod. As much as I was enjoying her attention, I wanted to return the favor and get inside her before I blew a big load. I pulled her up and kissed her.

I let go of the kiss, then knelt in front of Susie, taking her jeans on each side. I patted her ass to prompt her to lift up so I could get them down and off.

“Big butt, you think??” She asked, smiling.

“Not at all,” I said. “You turn a pair of Levi’s into a work of art,” I told her, sliding her jeans to the floor. Her panties, a pink lace bikini style, came part way off, revealing a nice blonde patch of hair between her legs. It was not the thickest bush I’d ever seen, but it covered from thigh to thigh. I tossed her jeans onto the front console, then returned to tend to her panties. Susie looked in my eyes as I pulled them off, finding her bush went all the way down to her ass, parted where her outer lips had opened up, her inner lips barely open in between.

I kissed Susie’s thighs, working up to her pussy. I licked around her pubes, savoring their softness, then ran my tongue up one side of her outer lips, then down the other, then right in between her spreading inner lips, getting just short of her clit, then going back to the bottom. I kissed her labia, sticking my tongue in between them, then took one side between my lips, sucking gently, then the other. Susie was now wide open and juicing copiously. I looked up to see she had leaned her head back on the seat, and was first moaning, and now whimpering, begging me to make her come. She put her hands in my hair, taking it in both hands, grabbing as I slowly licked in between her open inner lips. This time, I paid off, licking up and over her clit, then holding it in my lips as I swirled my tongue over it.

That put her over the top. Susie cried out, then moaned, her hips shaking and releasing a flood of juice from inside her steaming vagina. I held on as her orgasm washed over her in waves. When it subsided, I released her clit and looked up. She had a dreamy look on her face.

“Oh, sweetie, that was so good, so wonderful. I haven’t felt like that in ages,” Susie said, smiling down at me. I got off my knees and rose up so we were face to face, kissing her gently. I felt the head of my cock resting on Susie’s belly, leaking precome onto it, making a slick spot.

“Ages??” I asked, incredulous.

“Ages,” Susie replied. “My husband quit doing that about 25 years ago, he thinks it’s unappealing.”

“Really,” I said, looking at Susie in disbelief. “If you were my wife, I’d be having you like this every day. You’d be too tired to walk.”

Susie smiled, then kissed me. We looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments. Susie’s were showing a mix of anxiety and desire, as if she were having an internal battle with herself over wanting me to finish what we started, versus knowing that if she did, in the next few minutes she was going to completely dishonor her wedding vows.

Susie reached up and kissed me sweetly. “Make love to me,” she said softly. I slid her down on the seat, lifting her left leg onto the back, setting her right leg so her güvenilir bahis siteleri foot was on the floor. I looked for a moment on her open thighs, her bush framing her spread labia. I positioned myself so that my cock was now placed at the opening to Susie’s pussy, the head resting on her clit. I kissed her deeply, then moved the head of my cock down so it was at the entrance to her wide open pussy lips. I slowly pushed in, making her moan. I felt the head spread her, then her vagina accept me.

I stopped with the head just inside her, letting her feel it. I could feel her pussy still pulsing from her orgasm, around my cock. After waiting a minute or so, I pushed in all the way, the head of my cock bottoming out on her cervix, and my balls just touching her ass. I held there a moment, savoring the feel of my cock finally inside the woman I had watched so many times on TV, wishing this very thing would happen some day. I felt her pussy pulsing around me, and knew she would make me come soon. I pulled out, then slid back inside her, this time going in deep enough that my hanging balls came to rest fully on her ass. I kissed her again, my body now in a full body press with hers, her small, pretty tits pushed into my chest.

“Oh…” Susie said as she felt my balls on her ass at the same time the head of my dick poked the entrance to her womb. “That’s…filling!!” I slowly pulled out, teasing her clit, then pushed back in deep again. Susie sighed as my cock opened her up more. I pulled out again, making sure to drag the top of my shaft on her clit, making her jump. When I hit bottom again, she wrapped her legs around me, holding me inside her.

“I love how you feel on me, your chest on my breasts. That’s such a turn on,” Susie whispered, her eyes sparkling. I rose up to get some leverage, and started to pump slowly but steadily; Susie responded by meeting my thrusts, her hips pushing up at me. I was getting greater depth now that she had come once, and was now building to another climax. Her gentle moans were now becoming more urgent as we pounded together. Susie was playing in the hair on my chest, running her fingers through it, and grabbing it when she’d get a jolt in her pussy from our frantic mating.

“Oh!! Oh God…Mmmmmmm…Oh that’s sooo good!!” Susie cried out as her orgasm over took her. I slowly stroked in and out of her during her orgasm, finally pushing in til I could feel my cock in her deepest reaches, getting soaked by the wetness of her coming. Susie looked up at me lovingly, then kissed me. “That was so good. You feel so good inside me, and you make me feel….Mmmm!!!”

I smiled down at Susie. “You’re making me feel pretty good too,” I said, starting to pump her again.

“I can tell,” she said. “You’re getting so stiff, and filling me even more now.” She was meeting my thrusts again, and I was getting the full stroke of my cock in her pussy. I was getting close to my own orgasm, my cockhead swelling.

“I’m going to come, Susie,” I said, looking in her blue eyes. She suddenly got a panicked look.

“No, don’t!! Don’t come inside me!! Pull out, pull out!! Please pull out!!” I pulled out of her immediately, my cock pulsing as come was starting to flow from the head. Susie grabbed my cock and stroked, bringing me fully over the edge. I shot a long streak of come that hit the underside of her left breast, then another that landed between her tits. Susie held my cock as I continued to spew, long white ropes of semen that left a stream of white from her tits down to the last bursts that had landed in her bush. Susie looked relieved that my load had not gone in her pussy, but she could not take her eyes off my spurting cockhead while I was coming.

Susie sat up on her elbows. “Sorry if I sounded like I was in a panic. There’s no way I can go home with another man’s come inside me. Even if my husband doesn’t want to go down on me, he still likes a romp once or twice a week, and we’re due. If you came in me, I’d be in big trouble. Especially a load like that!!”

I smiled at Susie. “No need to apologize-I know that just wouldn’t do. I’m thinking I’m pretty lucky to be here at all. I don’t blame you; I’d do the same if I were in your position. We should have said something when we started.”

“True,” said Susie. “We really should have. But I was too into the moment-and I think you were too-to bring it up. No harm done.” Susie looked down at the river of sperm on her belly, taking some of it up with two fingers and rubbing it on her tits, then licking her fingers clean. She then looked at me. “I wish I could have felt that gushing inside me, though. I know I’d love feeling it in me all afternoon. Well, maybe next time.”

Next time?? I thought. She wants to do this again!! I may have to buy a whole fleet of vehicles. Susie scooped up another healthy glob of sperm, licking it off her fingers as she looked into my eyes. We cleaned up and dressed, then moved back up front, doing our best to make ourselves presentable for our return. We held hands on the trip back.

As we pulled up to the last traffic light, Susie squeezed my hand. “You know you can’t say a word about this to anyone,” she said, looking serious. I looked back at her, pulling an imaginary zipper across my lips.