Cum Is Thicker Than Water

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Blood is Thicker than Water, and Cum is Thicker than Blood

I had recently moved in with my niece, Renée, after separating from my wife. Renée was recently separated from her husband as well, so since we were both on the down and out so to speak, she had invited me to move in with her to help with the mortgage and to make her feel more protected at the same time.

I hadn’t met Renée until she was 16, due to divorce issues, but we had developed a strong bond, possibly because we were both adults and we both modeled. She was now close to 30, and bore a startling resemblance to 1980’s actress, Robin Matheson, with dirty blonde hair.

Renée’s breasts weren’t very big, perhaps a strong B cup, but they seemed to be rather firm, particularly for her age. She was constantly making references to them, however, about how small she felt they were. The only time she had seemed content with her tits was after the baby was born, and they swelled with milk. Renée subsequently complained to me that this left them with stretch marks after she stopped nursing.

Yep, that was the kind of relationship we had; we talked about such things, as though we were high school chums. It never occurred to me that we were actually flirting, in a strange sort of way. We just seemed to be really close, and talked about dirty little things.

One evening, as I was preparing to go to bed, I heard what sounded like soft crying coming from Renée’s bedroom. Assuming she was upset with something regarding her ex, I decided to check on her. Clad only in my underwear, as I was ready for bed, I stuck my head in her door and whispered, “Are you okay?”

Renée didn’t reply immediately, so I entered her room out of concern and repeated my question.

“Are you okay, Sweetie?” I inquired again.

“No.” Renée sobbed. “My head hurts so bad!”

“Did you take something for it?” I asked rather stupidly.

“Yes.” Renée wailed, “About fifteen minutes ago. I can’t believe how bad it hurts!”

“Okay Sweetie,” I said soothingly, “just try to relax. Here, let me try and loosen up your neck muscles, okay?”

“Okay.” Renée replied, as I slid my hands under her neck and began working the muscles with my fingers.

I massaged her neck from her shoulders to the back of her head for several minutes, and then instructed her to turn sideways on the bed. Grasping her firmly under the jaw, I slowly pulled on her head, and then gave a sharp tug, which resulted in a series of loud pops, like a flexible straw opening up.

Renée grunted in surprise at the popping in her neck.

“That feels so much better!” she exclaimed.

“I’m sure it does,” I replied, “but the muscles will pull it right back. I’ve fixed the poker oyna symptoms, but the root of the problem is in your back.”

“What do you mean?” Renée inquired.

“Your head is connected to your neck, which is in turn, connected to your back.” I explained. “Your back muscles are actually pulling on your neck, which is giving you these headaches.”

“Can you fix it?” Renée begged. “Can you stop the pain?”

“I think so.” I responded. “I need to work the muscles in your back, so I need you to turn over.”

“Is my nightgown in the way?” Renée asked. “Do I need to take it off?”

What a question! I know she probably didn’t mean it the way it came across, but I was still stunned for a second or so.

“It would help.” I replied. “I can really work the muscles that way.”

Renée sat up and pulled the nightgown over her head, tossing it to the floor. In the dim light, I could barely make out the shape of her tits, and I suddenly felt a strong sensation in my loins. I ignored it, and began kneading her back muscles as she rolled over on her stomach.

It took a few minutes of probing with my elbow, but I finally located the source of her pain and worked the muscles for several minutes.

“I can’t believe how my back can give me such a headache.” Renée whispered.

“It’s all stress-related.” I explained. “I really don’t have the time to detail how it all connects, but your angst over your situation with Ron is causing you to tense up, and the result is a headache like this.”

“I’m so glad you’re here!” Renée burst out in a loud whisper. “Oh my god, it hurt so bad! It still does, but nowhere near as much.”

“There’s one more step.” I said. “Do you have a heating pad?”

“Yes, in the top drawer of the mahogany dresser.”

I opened the drawer and located the heating pad, which I then plugged into the outlet next to the bed.

“Let me put this under your neck.” I instructed. “It’ll heat your neck and the top of your back, and keep everything loose. In about twenty minutes, your headache should be gone.”

“Okay,” Renée replied, “let me roll over.”

My niece rolled onto her back, completely exposing her nude body to me. Even in the dim light, I could see her firm tits and triangular bush clearly enough to turn me on. My cock hardened like an iron bar, as I slid the heating pad under her neck.

“Hold it up around your head for about twenty minutes.” I instructed. “Then turn it off.”

I began to move, but Renée stopped me.

“Where are you going?” she inquired.

I really wanted to tell her that I was going to my room to fantasize about what I had just seen and done, and jerk off to the whole thing, but I didn’t dare.

“Umm, canlı poker oyna I thought you could turn it off yourself.” I managed to say. “I’ve pretty much done all that I can.”

“I might fall asleep.” Renée whispered. “Please stay here and make sure it’s turned off, okay?”

“Okay.” I said with a smile, as I pulled the covers back and slid into the bed. “I’ll keep you safe.”

I lay next to my niece and felt the warmth of her nude body against mine. It was very erotic in one sense, yet so taboo at the same time. Twenty minutes passed and Renée turned off the heating pad herself. I kissed her lightly on the cheek and started to get out of bed.

“Where are you going?” she inquired groggily for the second time.

“To bed.” I answered. “How’s your head?”

“It feels much better.” Renée replied. “I still feel it, but nowhere near what it was. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.”

What Renée said next, both thrilled and chilled me to the bone at the same time.

“Please stay with me.”

My head swam. What did she mean by that? Was she just comfortable? Was her headache coming back? Did she want me next to her in her own bed as a protector, or was it something else?

“Okay.” I said soothingly. “I’ll be here if you need me.”

“Good.” Renée responded dreamily, as she dozed off. “I’ll see you in the morning, my Uncle Love.”

Whoa! There it was! My beautiful niece had just confessed to me that she was as hot for me, as I was for her. All that remained was for this to happen in a normal setting.

Renée rolled over on her side, and I molded myself around her in a full spoon. I felt myself falling asleep as well, and before I knew it, the sun was streaming through the window.

I awoke with a start, and this apparently awakened Renée as well. She yawned and rolled over, opening her eyes and staring directly into mine.

“It wasn’t a dream, then.” she whispered.

“No.” I whispered back.

“Did we fuck?” René asked.

“No.” I responded. “At least, not yet.”

Renée smiled broadly.

“But we will.”

I ran my hands over her bare thigh, then slowly around her waist, before sliding my hand up her belly and squeezing one of her breasts.

Renée sighed audibly, as I massaged her boob and leaned over to kiss her. Our mouths met, and we seemed to suck the life out of one another.

“I love you.” I whispered in her ear.

“I love you too.” Renée whispered back.

“I want to fuck you.” I confessed. “I want to fuck you and cum in your cunt. And I don’t want it to stop.”

“We have the same last name.” Renée whispered. “I can be your daughter or your young wife. We can live together and no one will ever know internet casino but us.”

“My wife.” I said without hesitation. “You will be my wife. My young, hot fucking wife, but my wife you shall be. No one will ever question our relationship. A man and woman with the same address and same last name, it won’t be questioned.”

Renée breathed in through her nose and her nostrils flared.

“Then what do we do for now?” she inquired.

Without saying a word, I threw back the covers and pulled my underwear down. I was sporting a huge erection, and Renée lit up at the sight.

“Fuck me.” she sighed. “Fuck me. Fuck me so hard.”

The sound of my niece begging me to fuck her was more than I could stand. I slid my cock into my niece’s cunt, and began to fuck her for everything she was worth.

“Fuck me, Uncle!” she screamed, as I pumped her cunt with my cock. “Fuck me and make me cum! Knock me up! Make me pregnant. I want your baby. I want you to knock me up and give me a baby! Fuck your niece! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Oh Baby; oh god Renée, I’m cumming. I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your cunt, Renée. I’m cumming in my niece’s cunt. I’m cumming in my niece. I’m cumming in your cunt! Oh god, Renée, I’m cumming in my niece’s fucking cunt!”

I groaned, as I spurted inside my niece’s cunt amidst her hollering. By the time she realized I had cum, she had several orgasms herself. I slowly pulled myself off of my niece’s nude body, and lay on the bed, panting heavily.

I finally broke the ice and spoke.

“I love you.” I whispered in Renée’s ear.

“I love you too.” she replied. “I want you. I want your baby, and I want your name, even though it’s the same as mine.”

I smiled. I knew this was the beginning of a very special relationship between me and my niece. She would appear to be my wife and I would shoot her full of love as long as I was able. We would have many children together, and no one would be any the wiser.

I love my niece. She is so fucking hot. I don’t care if this means incest or not. We love each other and we have had thousands of sexual encounters since this moment. We now have 6 children; 5 of which are mine.

There is nothing like the sensation of having your own flesh and blood riding your cock. I have cum in my niece’s cunt thousands of times; while she rides me and I squeeze her small but firm titties as I cum. My sons are also my grand nephews, but the only ones who know the secret are being quiet.

I love Renée, and we will grow old together, fucking, sucking and cranking out children. I love my niece more than anyone could imagine. My only regret is that she is not my own daughter.

Fifteen years have passed since our first fuck, and I love my niece more than anything in this world. Our oldest daughter is about to graduate high school, and I couldn’t be happier. Blood is truly thicker than water, and cum is even thicker than blood.