Crossdressing at the cinema

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Crossdressing at the cinemaI placed an advert on Craigslist as I fancied something new. I’d been crossdressing for a while and had met a few people for fun but wanted to try something a bit more exciting. My advert was looking for someone to meet in public for sex with me dressed in lingerie. A few replies came but the one that caught my eye wanted to meet in an adult cinema in London near city road. I heard of this place and fancied trying it out. We agreed to meet at 11am in a coffee shop nearby and go to the cinema together as we thought it would be relatively quiet. On the day I decided to wear my white hold ups with red seems under my jeans and take a dress and wig in my bag to change in to when I got there. We met and had an awkward conversation before moving on to why we were there. After a few minutes we decided to go for it – I could see he was excited as he was having a bit of trouble hiding it! We got to the cinema and paid at reception then made our way down the dimly lit stairs where we found a small cinema room with about 6 rows of 8 chairs. There were about 6 men already there most sitting down watching the screen. My date went and sat at the front where there casino siteleri was some straight porn playing while I went to the toilet to change.I went in to the cubicle and stripped off. I put on my black heels, tight little black dress and blonde curly wig. I stuff my clothes in to my back and found some lockers in the hall so I put my bag in one of them. I could see at the other end of the corridor a man getting a blowjob from another guy so relaxed a bit knowing that sex was definitely allowed in here.I went back in to the cinema and sitting next to my date was another guy. They both had there hard cocks out and were watching a pretty petite blonde having her ass stretched on the big screen. I looked around and noticed that most of the men were now looking at me which got me excited. I sat next to my date and started to wank him. His cock was about 8 inches and was rock hard. After a few minutes he asked me to suck him so I obliged. I knelt down in front of him and took his full length in to my mouth and in to my throat. Whilst sucking him I felt some hands touching my legs, ass and balls. My skirt was pulled right up and I felt a tongue starting to lick in and around canlı casino my ass. I stood up after a few minutes determined that my date should be the 1st to fuck me – it was then I realised that there were 5 men standing around me all with their hard cocks out. He led me over to a leather sofa adjacent to the screen and I laid on my back pulling my knees up to my chest. I gave him a little tube of lube I had tucked in to my stocking top and he rub some on my ass before sliding two fingers in side me. He then grabbed my hips and gently pushed his 8 inches inside me while I rested my stockinged legs on his shoulders.He started slow sliding his full length in and out before building up speed and roughly slapping his groin against my ass. Before long I could feel him getting ready to explode. He quickly pulled out from my now gaping ass a slid his cock back in to my mouth. He started to jerk and before I could do anything his cum was hitting the back of my throat. He put his cock away and before I could say anything he was gone leaving me in the cinema with 5 horny men.I turned over to the doggy position and before long I had a cock in both my ass and mouth – which I loved! kaçak casino They took turns to fuck me and I did my best to make them cum. After what seemed like an hour interest in me seemed to fade, I must have been fucked by 10 people including new comers, so I sat on the sofa stroking my own cock. After a few moment a youngish guy came over and nervously asked if I could give him a foot wank with my stockings.I kicked off my heels and started to rub his cock between my feet. I took a few minutes but eventually he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock away and unloaded his cum all over my stockinged feet and legs. I went back to the toilet and changed back in to my normal clothes. I kept the cum soaked stockings on for the way home. I got to my house and my wife was waiting for me by the door. I knew something was wrong from the look on her face – I’d been caught before. I must have forgotten to log out of my email on the computer because she knew exactly what had gone on. She told me to take off my top and jeans so I did. I stood there in nothing but cum soaked stockings while she went to the kitchen – I was about to be punished.She came back with a cucumber and told me to bend over. She forced in deep inside my ass and started to wank me off. After a while I started to cum in to my wife’s open hand. She then made me lick my cum from her hand until it was clean. I have never been the same since…..