Contract Meeting with Mr Grey.

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Contract Meeting with Mr Grey.I stood waiting outside the cafe listening to music, watching the hustle and bustle of passers by, thinking about the man I had only been chatting to a few days and now I was stood here waiting to sign a contract that would take us a journey of discovery. I watched, looking out for him and playing in my ear was Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire. I was dressed in tight dark blue jeans, a soft pink sweater and brown boats, with a black trench coat over the top. I had thought about how to do my hair and it seemed logical to plait it, so I did. I carried on looking for him all nervous and excited, not knowing what was going to happen. Then out of nowhere a hand touched my shoulder, I turned to look and saw him. Well I saw his eyes first, looking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri over the top of an envelope, gorgeous brown eyes that were smiling at me. He then brought the envelope down, my eyes followed, taking in his beautiful features and very kissable mouth. “Hello” He said, I giggled, “Hello Mr Grey.” He led me into the Cafe, with was very busy, why it had to be that day to be busy when all I wanted to do was sit down and talk to him. We were finally served and he took the tray and lead me to the table. I am thinking about him, how tall he is, taking in his body underneath his clothes, distracting myself by pouring far too much sugar into my coffee.”Sooooo” He drawled.. “Hmmmm, here we are” I replied, “What have perabet güvenilir mi you got in the envelope Mr Grey, can I see please?”He handed me the envelope, I took out the contents, not caring who could see and started to read. I was so amazed at the detail and how professional it looked. He had worded it perfectly and I was willing to try everything apart from the fisting! I looked at him and smiled and nervous smile, a knowing smile as to what we were about to embark on. I tried to concentrate on him, but his hand kept brushing mine and he said “If you roll your eyes at me Miss Steele, I will take you over the table and spank you” I nearly choked on my coffee and said “You wouldn’t dare” he said “Try me”I didn’t know if he would, tipobet but I so wanted to find out! We left the cafe and I walked back to his car with him. He was glancing down at me and smiling lots, I was so nervous and hoped he liked me. As we turned the corner he took my hand and said “When we get to my car I am going to kiss you” I couldn’t wait to explore his mouth, so kissable and desirable. We got to the car park and there was chaos everywhere! Great I thought he isn’t going to kiss me now!We stood by his car, I couldn’t look at him so he lifted my chin up with his fingers and brought his lips very close to mine, brushing them softly to start with, his touch was electric, I felt the instant connection, raw charge between us. His hands caressed my body and traveled up to my neck where his fingers entwined in my hair pulling me more into him. His tongue searching mine and his teeth biting my lips hard. I was lost, lost in him, in his kiss. Finally he pulled away, I was longing for more and didn’t want it to end. “Goodbye Miss Steele” He said.