Constructing New Friendships Part 1

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Constructing New Friendships Part 1The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people, living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual encounters. In this day and age of killer STDs, please be careful and wear protection! Only YOU can keep yourself healthy.This is an adults only story. If you are u******e in the community you live in, please do not go any further. Thank you and happy reading!Note: This is one of the first stories I wrote for my wife. Hope you enjoy it!”Constructing” New Friendships.We recently moved to the western suburbs around Tuscon,into a newer sub-division. There’s been a lot of constructiongoing on and lots of construction workers hanging around. Duringthe summer, while I was unemployed, I enjoyed watching the guyscheck Cindy out as they drove by. I’ve k**ded Cindy that Iwouldn’t mind seeing her take on a couple of the guys but shealways tells me that most of the guys are either overweight,black, or too old to consider. We do, however, fantasize abouther doing other guys while I watch. What follows is a fantasybased on our thoughts and desires.It’s been 2 years since we moved here and althoughconstruction is down a bit, there’s still plenty going on in oneof the sub-divisions next to us. Like I said before, I’ve k**dedCindy about doing the guys on the construction crews while thek**s are at school but nothing ever came of it, until this pastsummer. I came home early from work one day to an empty house.I sat around waiting for someone to come home. I figured Cindy,my wife, was out shopping and would get home soon. I was thereabout an hour when a pickup truck pulled up into our driveway. Iheard keys in the door to the garage and was surprised when Iheard a male voice along with my wife’s.”Hi Honey, I’m home”, my wife called out.”In the den Sweetie”, I replied.My wife walked into the den accompanied by a nice looking guy, about 25and built. She introduced him as Frank and I shook his hand.”Hi Frank, I’m Dan””Pleased to meet you Dan”, Frank replied as he stepped towards the front door.”Well, I have to get going. I’ll bring those books over tomorrow Cindy, and we can go through them.” Cindy smiled and let him out.”Who was THAT?”, I asked my wife.”Oh, he’s working on one of the houses nearby. I asked him in to fix that spot over the fireplace.””Did he do a good job?”, I asked.”OH yes..he sure did!” I noticed my wife had a pained expression on her face.”Okay, what’s up?””Umm…errr..I don’t how to tell you this.””Go on, might as well spill it. I’m gonna get it out of yousooner or later, besides, we’ve always been honest with oneanother.””Well, okay……Uuummmmm, remember that fantasy we’vehad, well, you’ve had?””Gee, which one, I have so many!””Don’t make this more difficult than it is, honey. Anyway, youknow, the one about me and other guys? Well, it’s no longer afantasy!””WHAT? You mean you fucked another guy? When, where,who? And why wasn’t I invited?””Hey, one question at a time!”, my wife smiled, knowing she had me.”The when was this morning and afternoon. The where was oneof the houses over in Plainfield Crossing and the who..well,there was Frank, who you just met, Carl, Tim, Joey and Earl.”My face must have shown my extreme surprise, Cindy just smiled,”What’s the matter honey? Cat got your tongue?””Ummm…well..I…Uh..don’t know what to say. I’m kind ofdisappointed, since I wasn’t there, but my cock sure is hardthinking about it!”Cindy knelt down and took my shaft out of my shorts. “Well, let’s go upstairs. I need a shower and you could use some relief. Besides, I’m sure you’d like to hear about it.”I followed my wife upstairs, noticing that a continuous stream offluid was leaking down her thighs. My wife casually wiped herthighs with her fingers and licked them clean.In the shower, Cindy told her story. I came within thefirst few minutes and then took my time fucking her as she toldme of her day. Since our house is new and we had a good workingrelationship with the builders, we’ve been calling them to comeout and do some touch ups even though the house is out ofwarranty. Cindy made a call this morning, and was given the nameof one of the subcontractors that worked on our house. We had asmall crack over the fireplace and wanted it repaired before itcaused any problems with carbon monoxide. After making the call,Cindy got dressed in shorts and a tank top and was preparing toenjoy the day gardening.While she was outside, a pickup truck pulled up on ourdriveway. Cindy looked over to see a nice looking young guy getout. He approached her and introduced himself ısparta escort as Frank. “Hi, I’mhere to look at that crack in the fireplace”, he smiled as heshook my wife’s hand. Cindy said she could feel his eyes on heras he followed her into the house. After showing him the crack,Cindy worked a bit in the kitchen. She told me she would catchFrank stealing glances at her as she worked, and that she wasreturning the favor, watching him work on the fireplace. Frankasked for a ladder so he could reach a spot high up on the wall.Cindy showed him where it was and went back to work.While Frank worked on our fireplace, Cindy offered himsomething to drink.”Coke would be fine”, Frank replied.Cindy poured the Coke and took it over to him. She handed him theglass and blushed, noticing a large bulge in his shorts.”I’m sorry Mam”, Frank stammered, “but you look so good, even afterhaving three k**s.” Cindy felt her nipples harden under Frank’sgaze. She mumbled that it was okay and turned to leave when herhand caught on the ladder. The ladder swayed wildly and Frankfell off. Cindy reached out to catch him and her hand brushedacross his hardon, meanwhile, Frank reached out to catch himselfand managed to grab a handful of Cindy’s breasts. His handsclutched wildly at her shirt and ripped it off.”Oh, Cindy, I’m so sorry”, Frank was almost in tears.”It’s okay Frank, no physical harm done,” Cindy replied. “Boy, would my husband love this,” she mumbled.”What?”, came Frank’s reply.”Oh nothing, let me go change and maybe shower. It seems we’ve spilled Cokeall over the place.” Cindy went upstairs to the master bathroom and turned the shower on.After showering and changing, Cindy went back downstairs.Frank was nowhere to be seen. There was a note on the countertop from Frank saying he was sorry and he’d get someone else todo the work. My wife called the contractor that Frank worked forand found out that his crew was at a construction site near ourhouse. Cindy told me she wanted to make sure Frank knew that itwas okay and that she wasn’t mad. Cindy got directions and theaddress to the house under construction and drove over. She hadchanged to a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with a bra, so as notto cause any “problems”. After a short drive over to the othersubdivision, Cindy found the house and walked up to the door.”Hello, anyone home?”, Cindy called out.”In here”, came the reply from the kitchen. Cindy followed the sound of thevoice to the kitchen. She found the crew eating lunch on a tablemade from plywood and construction horses.”Hi, I was looking for Frank”, Cindy said.”Frank. HEY Frank”, yelled a big black guy. “There’s a lady here to see you.””I’ll be right down”, came Frank’s reply. “He’ll be right down, unless you want to go up and see him.””Uh, I guess I’ll go up and see him. Which room is he in?””The bathroom, he’s laying down caulk for the bathtub.” Cindy climbed the stairs and went into the master bathroom. Cindy said she was so embarrassed. There was Frank frantically jerking off to one of her pictures! She said he musthave taken it when he left.”Frank?””What? No…’s not what you think. I’m sorry, I just…..”Cindy stepped forward and took the picture from him. I’ve always told her howsexy she was and how much of an effect her body has on me andother guys. She just never believed me…till now. She lookedat the photo. It was one of her in a pair of short shorts and acrop top. She smiled and put the picture down. She told me shewas scared and nervous but decided right then and there to tryout my fantasy.She reached forward and touched Frank’s cock. He moanedsoftly as her hand glided over his shaft. “Is this what you werethinking about?”, Cindy asked, as her hand moved over his thickshaft.”Ummm..yes…I’m sorry..I just..””Ssshhhhhhh, it’s okay Frank. I understand…now.” Cindy knelt down on the floor and proceeded to lick the tip of Frank’s cock. She said she knew theother guys were by the door waiting to see what developed.Licking his shaft, Cindy managed to catch a glimpse of the otherspulling their cocks out. She told me that right then, she madeher decision to live out our fantasy.”Frank, it seems unfair that you’ll be getting all thepussy, don’t you think?” Frank just moaned.”Come on in boys, and let’s see if I can be the crew’s lunch time snack.”Within seconds, the others joined her and Frank in the bathroom. Frankmade introductions. The big black guy was Earl,45, the foreman.He and Tim (his 21 year old son) were the two black guys. Therewas Carl, 35, and Joey, 32, rounded out the fellas. Cindy smiledand said hello.”Well, how shall we begin,” escort ısparta Cindy asked.”Why don’t you suck us off and then we’ll go from there”, repliedEarl.Now, there’s one thing that Cindy loves to do, and that’ssuck cock. She told me she was hoping that they’d want her tosuck them first, and felt herself getting wet. She knelt down onthe floor and had the guys circle her. She felt herself gettingwetter as five hard, thick cocks were presented for her pleasure.She went down on Frank first, licking his shaft down to his ballsand then back again. She felt hands caressing her hair andshoulders. Next was Earl, her tongue snaking over his ebonyshaft.”That feels so good missy. Ever had a black cock?””Nope, you’re my first”, Cindy replied, in-between licks.”Well, your damn good at sucking, I’ll tell you that!”Cindy blushed and moved on to Tim, Earl’s son. His cock was about 8″ long andthick as her wrist.”Oh, that feels so good. Suck my black cock bitch.”Cindy wriggled a bit, being talked to like a slut makesher hot. She sucked him deep into her mouth and felt him tense.His cock juice shot into her mouth and she smiled around hisshaft.”Damn boy, you sure do have a quick trigger,” laughed Earl, as his son filled my wife’s mouth with his cum. Tim backed out of the circle and knelt behind my wife. He reached down and started to pull my wife’s shirt over her head. Carl and Joey were stationed in front of Cindy, their cocks side by side.Cindy let Tim remove her t-shirt and then got back to workon the cocks in front of her. Carl was first, Cindy sucking hiscock into her mouth. She then quickly sucked Joey into hermouth. Alternating between the two cocks, Cindy was in seventhheaven. Tim was busy with her sensitive tits. His black handscontrasting with her white skin. He would squeeze her left titand then her right. Reaching down into her bra, he pinched hernipples, causing Cindy to moan around the cocks in her mouth.”What a hot, white slut”, growled Earl.”Such a sexy cunt. I bet she’d be able to handle us all at once!”, agreed Carl.”Let’s find out”, said Earl.Taking Cindy by the hand, Earl led her downstairs to the kitchen. Kissing her hard, Earl proceeded to remove her bra. Frank, standing behind her, unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off, along with he panties.”Would you look at that!!! She’s bald!!!”, exclaimed Tim.”Hubby must like to eat a bald cunt, isn’t that right sweety?”, Earl asked.Cindy could only nod her head in agreement. Earl ran his finger overher slit.”Damn, she’s hot,” said Earl, as Cindy tried to humphis finger. “Carl, Frank, clean off our ‘table'”, said Earl.Quickly throwing things on the floor, Carl and Frank cleared thetable.”Cindy, why don’t you hop up here and get comfy”, saidTim. Cindy meekly complied and got up on the makeshift table.Earl positioned her on the edge of the table and had theguys form a line. Cindy leaned back and watched as Earlapproached her with his hard cock. He rubbed the head againsther pussy, causing her to moan loudly.”Here it comes lady, Enjoy!”, moaned Earl, as he pushed his long cock into her cunt. Cindy came immediately. She wrapped her arms around Earl andfucked his cock violently. Earl continued to fuck her, thenquickly pulled out.”Noooooooooo,” moaned Cindy, as Earl stepped away.”Next”, he said, and Carl moved forward and pushed his wayinto her pussy.”Oh yeah, baby, fuck me”, moaned Cindy.The remaining guys were jockeying for position. Joey was next. Hepushed his thick cock into my wife’s bald cunt. Her juices wereflowing freely as she came again.”Man, this bitch is hot!”, exclaimed Tim, as he took his turn in my wife’s pussy.For the next half hour the guys took turns fucking Cindy on the table.Her pussy was awash in her juices, staining the plywood under herass.”This is getting uncomfortable guys”, Cindy said, “Besides,I can only get to one of you at a time.”The guys quickly agreed and helped Cindy off the table. Cindy noticed some moving blankets in the living room and suggested they move there. Theguys quickly agreed and spread out a couple of the blankets.Cindy positioned herself on her back and had the guyscircle her again. Earl went for her mouth and she sucked andlicked his shaft. Tim chose her pussy and started to fuck hisblack shaft into her cunt. Joey and Carl each took a hand andhad Cindy jerk them off. Frank chose to titty fuck Cindy andmoved over her chest. Cindy licked the head of his prick when itcame near her lips and began to cum again, as Tim fucked her cuntand Frank pinched her nipples.”Christ I’m gonna cum”, exclaimed Joey.”Me too”, added Carl.Cindy aimed their spurting shafts at her ısparta escort bayan tits. She moaned around Earl’s dark shaft as the first spurts of cum hit her tits. Frank moaned and emptied his ballsonto her neck and face. Earl, seeing the others cum on my wife’stits, started jerking himself off. Cindy licked his balls as headded his load to Frank’s, Carl’s and Joey’s. The guys moved offof her and let Tim finish fucking her. Looking down, Tim watchedas Cindy rubbed the guys cum into her flesh. Moaning loudly, Timfilled my wife with his spunk. Cindy pulled the young blackman’s face down to her’s and kissed him deeply.”Thank you”, she softly sighed.”No, THANK YOU!”, replied Tim.Tim got off of Cindy and stood up. The guys watched my wife play with herself.She was scooping cum onto her fingers and licking them clean.The guys rubbed their cocks in the cum and offered it to my sexywife. She licked them all clean and proceeded to finger herselfto another orgasm.As my wife told me her story, I was busy fucking her sillyin the shower. I must have cum three times while she told me ofher wild morning and afternoon. I played with her tits, which,just a few hours before were covered in other men’s cum. Iimagined myself licking her spunk covered titties clean or addingmy load to the construction crew’s. We finally finished ourshower and as we got dressed, she told me the rest of her tale.Watching my wife pleasure herself, the guys were coming backto life. Frank knelt by my wife’s head and offered his cock.Cindy lovingly licked the head of his prick and moved down to hisballs. Sucking first one and then the other into her mouth,Cindy gave Frank’s balls a bath. Joey also moved to Cindy’s headand offered his cock to her. She gave him the same attentionthat Frank was getting. Reaching up, she took both shafts in herhands and placed them head to head. Licking the sensitiveundersides of the shafts, Cindy proceeded to blow both guys.While she was busy sucking Joey and Frank, Earl was busyplaying with her pussy. Cindy’s hips rotated slowly, as Earlplayed with her pussy. He ran his fingers up and down theopening, watching his son’s cum ooze out. Occasionally he wouldbrush her clit, sending shock waves through her body. Tim,having cum twice already, was content with playing with Cindy’scum covered breasts. He was joined by Carl. The two of themfondled and pinched her tits. Earl noticed that Cindy’smovements were becoming more spasmodic and he proceeded to rubher clit. Cindy moaned loudly and came. She ground her pussyagainst Earl’s fingers, as her pussy contracted.”I got to get more of this sexy white bitch’s cunt”, growled Earl, as he turnedCindy over and positioned her on all fours.Joey and Frank positioned themselves in front of my wife’sface and fed her cock. Earl rubbed his dark, thick shaft againstmy wife’s puffy pussy lips, eliciting a moan.”Here is comes my hot sexy white cunt.”Cindy screamed in pleasure as Earl pushed himself into her in one quick motion. Grabbing her sexy hips, Earl pounded my wife’s pussy with long, deep strokes. Cindy said it felt he had a baseball bat and was fucking her with it. Joey and Frank, seeing a rhythm develop, alternately stuck their cocksin my wife’s mouth. She had a hard time sucking them, as Earl’sfucking made her come continuously. Finally, she concentrated onFrank’s shaft and sucked him deeply into her mouth. Tim and Carlwere busy milking her tits. Cindy said she couldn’t believe howmuch pleasure she was getting. Tim and Carl finally moved underher and sucked on her tits. She came violently, followed closelyby Frank in her mouth and Earl in her cunt.As soon as Frank and Earl pulled out of her, Joey and Carltook their place. Joey chose her cunt and started to fuck herhard. Carl grabbed her head and pulled her onto his cock.Fucking her face, Carl groaned loudly and emptied himself in hersexy mouth. He had so much cum, most of it leaked out of herlips and onto her chin. Watching his friend cum in my wife’smouth set Joey off. He plunged deeply into her womb and emptiedhis balls into her. Feeling the guys cum, Cindy collapsed ontothe blankets, cum leaking from her mouth and pussy. The guyswere pretty much fucked out by then and Cindy said she needed toget back to the house to shower before picking up the k**s. Theguys thanked her again and Frank offered to drive her back. Shetold me that Frank was very apologetic about the whole incidentback at the house. She told him not to worry, that she hadenjoyed herself immensely. She jerked him off on the ride overto our house and swallowed his cum when he came.I kissed my wife and thanked her for finally coming aroundto my point of view. I told her I wasn’t mad and loved her morethan ever. She was relieved I wasn’t mad about not being thereto witness the fun and promised to include me the next time shemet any new friends. I look forward to it!!