Coming Home: Davis Brothers by robcub21 from Liter

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Coming Home: Davis Brothers by robcub21 from Liter
(This story is a sequel to “Big Ben”)


Benji Carter looked over at the clock for what must have been the tenth time this past hour. It was late Friday afternoon and his boyfriend Ben was due back any minute now and he was growing impatient. Benji wasn’t particularly crazy about Ben’s long hauls, but the pay differential made a big difference in his paycheck. Not that they were hurting for cash. After Benji’s promotion several months back, they were able to live just a little more comfortably. But to Benji, five days was a long time for Ben to be gone and on the road.

Benji went through a mental checklist of things that they needed to do this weekend: have hot sex, get more dog food for Toby, have sex, grocery shopping, more sex, lunch with Ben’s brother Brandon and visit their mom. Oh yeah, have some more hot sex. Smiling to himself, Benji reached between his legs and adjusted his dick, which was trying to poke a hole through his zipper, trying to get it into a more comfortable position.

“Miss me, baby?”

The deep, rumbling voice was instantly recognizable and sent a shudder down Benji’s spine. He looked up to see his man leaning against the door frame. Ben’s six-foot-six, 300-pound body took up nearly all of the space and Benji couldn’t help but admire what a manly stud his boyfriend was. Even with the dark t-shirt he wore, Benji could see the tell-tale dampness under the arms where the sleeves were stretched across his big biceps. The shirt was snug across his barrel chest and hard belly and dark auburn hair peeked out over the top of the collar. The worn blue jeans he wore were nice and snug in all the right places, and showed off an impressive bulge in the crotch. He wore a huge pair of cowboy boots, with one toe kicked up against the door. Some people might have called Ben ugly, but not Benji. To Benji, Ben was not only the epitome of a masculine sex god, but he was the kindest, most generous man he had ever met. The smoldering looks he sent Benji sent another ripple down his spine and Benji’s dick throbbed in his pants.

After parking and blocking his bobtail truck in the back lot, Ben Davis checked in with the warehouse manager before making his way to the front offices. He walked with a quick pace, acknowledging with a nod or perhaps a grunt, but not stopping to chat with any of his co-workers. He had someone he needed to see.

He turned the corner and walked towards the row of cubicles. The first corner cubicle used to be Benji’s before he was promoted. He couldn’t help but remember the time he used to spend in there, back before they were together. The younger man had such a sweet voice and was so damn cute, Ben could stand there for hours listening to him and watching him. Back then, he was scared to approach Benji, afraid of the shy little man’s rejection. But he defended him, with fists if necessary, against anyone who spoke bad about the boy behind his back. It was on one of those occasions that Benji first began to really notice Ben. Ben had had enough of Carl’s mouth after he started teasing the boy. He knocked the fucker right on his ass, right there in the breakroom. Ben would never forget the grateful smile that Benji gave him, so bashful and so sweet. After that, Ben would catch the nervous little guy smiling and looking at him. Ben worked up the nerve to finally ask him out and the rest is history.

Ben couldn’t help but smirk as he approached the cubicle, now occupied by former forklift operator turned dispatcher, Steve. He turned and walked past until he got to the last office on the right. The door was open, and the plaque on the door read “Benji Carter, Assistant Manager, Logistics”.

Ben leaned in the doorway and smiled at the sight. His boyfriend was sitting at his desk staring at his computer screen. Ben could see the swirling lights from the monitor reflected in Benji’s hazel eyes. Benji’s blond hair was styled neat and short, parted on the right side. His bangs swooped across his forehead, landing just above his thin brows.

Ben watched him rap his fingers nervously on the desktop while he worried his bottom lip with his teeth. Though he couldn’t see it, he knew that Benji’s foot was also tapping a quick rhythm on the floor. No doubt his baby was wound up, eagerly awaiting his return.

Ben’s cock started to harden in his jeans as he stared at that red lip trapped between his teeth. He knew damn well how good those lips felt against his. How good they felt around his cock…

After Ben spoke, Benji looked up and a grin quickly spread across his face. As Ben kicked the door shut with his foot, Benji jumped up from the desk and Ben swept up the little man in his arms and gave him a kiss. Slow and sexy, with lots of tongue. Benji whimpered against Ben’s insistent mouth and tongue, not caring one bit that they were at work, where anyone could walk in and see them.

At only five-feet-seven, Benji was nearly a foot shorter than Ben and was half his weight, but when they came together like this, they fit perfectly as far as Ben was concerned. The only time they fit better was when Benji was on his back and Ben was on top of him, between his legs. If Ben had his way, they would be in that position as soon as possible.

“You almost done with work, baby?” Ben growled into Benji’s ear before nipping a trail down Benji’s neck with his teeth.

Benji looked up at the clock on the wall. 3:45. Fifteen minutes is close enough. “Yeah,” he replied between breaths. “I can be done.”

“Good. ‘Cause I got something I wanna show you.”

Benji closed his eyes and shuddered once more. When Ben’s voice got all deep and growly like that, it made him weak in the knees. He had a really good idea what Ben wanted to show him. In fact, he could feel it pressing into his stomach at this very moment.

Color rose up on Benji’s cheeks. He knew damn well that whatever his Ben asked him for, he would give. Willingly and eagerly.

Ben watched Benji shut down his computer. His cock throbbed in his jeans as he watched his little man bend over his desk and lock the drawers. As he openly drooled at the site of Benji’s tight, round ass cheeks, he pressed the heel of his hand against his straining erection. He had gone far too many days without sex with his baby. He was about to fix that.

In just a few short months, Benji had become his world. He couldn’t imagine life without the cute little man. Ben knew that Benji was special. Benji loved him unconditionally for all of his faults, even though he was gruff and rough and unpolished. Even though he talked with his mouth full. Even though he couldn’t eat a meal without getting food on his face or on his shirt. Even though he would get raging, fighting mad if anyone looked at Benji wrong. Even though he carried the possessive caveman thing too far sometimes. Even though he wasn’t the most good-looking guy in the world. But Benji made him feel like a god. One smile from Benji and Ben felt like the king of the fucking world.

Benji shut and locked his office door. Ben was standing behind him, so close that he could feel the warm heat of his body. The musky smell of Ben’s sweaty underarms hit Benji’s nose and Benji thought his legs might just crumble underneath him. Something about Ben’s smells made him so hot and needy. He held his messenger bag in front of his crotch, hoping that no one would see the evidence of his desire for his big Ben. He could already feel a wet spot forming straight through his khakis. It had been days since he and Ben had made love and he was so ready. Before he met Ben, Benji never thought of himself as a sexual creature, but when he was around Ben, it was like he always wanted. Always needed. All Ben had to do was look at Benji and he felt like he would go up in flames. And then there was his smell, and his touch… Benji bit his lip to hold back a moan that threatened to spill from his lips.

On the way out, Benji stopped by his dispatcher’s cubicles. Ben waited with hands shoved in his front pockets, hoping that his impatience wasn’t written all over his face, while Benji spoke to his team.

Steve was sitting on the edge of Mona’s desk, quietly discussing weekend plans. Mona was every bit a cougar and she landed an eager young puppy in Steve.

“Bye Mona. Bye Steve,” Benji said with a wave as he walked up. “Go home. Thanks for all your hard work this week. Have a good weekend.”

“You, too, sweetie. Have fun tonight you two!” The wink and sing-song quality of Mona’s voice let Benji know exactly how Mona thought they were planning on having fun.

Benji looked over at his shoulder at Ben and gave him an embarrassed smile. Ben chuckled and put his arm around Benji’s shoulder.

When they got to the nearly empty parking lot, Ben unclipped his key chain from his belt and unlocked his old pickup truck. He opened the passenger door for Benji, then walked around to the driver’s seat. Before slipping into the truck, he remembered to reach under and tug the lever to push the seat back. The last time Benji drove the truck, he had moved the seat up so damned close that Ben about killed himself when he tried to fit into the unexpectedly tight space.

Ben looked around the parking lot and seeing that it was nearly deserted, he slid out of the way of the steering wheel. He grabbed Benji by the back of the neck and pulled him close. He ravished his mouth with his tongue until he was about to pass out from lack of breath.

Ben decided he couldn’t wait the forty minute drive home and he knew that Benji wouldn’t say ‘no’. Benji never said ‘no’ and Ben loved that about him. Benji may be shy by nature, but he loved sex with Ben as much as Ben loved sex with Benji. Ben had turned Benji into a needy little slut, but he was Ben’s slut, and only Ben’s. Ben reached down and unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his jeans. His ten inches of uncut meat popped out and slapped against his belly with an audible smack.

Ben put his hand on the back of Benji’s neck. “I can’t fucking wait ’til we get home. I need you now. Suck me off, baby.”

Benji let out a whimper as he bent over into Ben’s lap. Benji gripped Ben’s girthy shaft and slid his hand up and down a few times, watching the thick foreskin slide back and forth across the deeply reddened head. He buried his nose in the overgrown bush of auburn curls at the base of Ben’s cock and inhaled deeply. He looked up at Ben and wiped his bottom lip with his fingers. “I’m drooling like a dog,” he said with a giggle. He felt Ben’s cock jerk at his words as the big man let out a groan and applied downward pressure on his neck.

“Suck it.”

Benji leaned in and swirled his tongue around, cleaning up the sticky and sweet fluid that was leaking out. The sweaty musky scent was strong between Ben’s legs and it made Benji’s eyes roll back in his head. Benji attacked Ben’s cock with his mouth, eagerly swallowing as much as he could.

He bobbed his head steadily up and down the hard shaft, sliding and twisting his hand in rhythm, fluttering his tongue around the shaft and swirling it around the head. Ben always told him that he gave the best head he ever had and Benji was going to live up to his reputation.

The wet heat of Benji’s sucking mouth was just too much for Ben. Five days was just too fucking long to go without one of Benji’s blowjobs. The only thing better would be that tight ass of his. Christ, he was going to fuck that hot little ass but good when he got home. Oh yeah, he was going to bareback that little hole, not stopping until he blasted his nut deep inside his boy. Just the thought was enough to trip Ben over the edge.

“Too good, baby,” Ben groaned. “I’m gonna fucking blow. Here it comes! Aw, fuck! Benji!”

Ben gripped the back of Benji’s head and bucked his hips up and shot hard into Benji’s greedy little mouth. Benji moaned wantonly as he pulled back. He increased the suction on the head and worked the shaft with his hand as he milked every single drop of jizz from Ben’s aching balls, not spilling a single precious drop.

While Ben recovered from his intense climax, Benji had once again buried his nose in Ben’s pubes. He inhaled deeply and let out a whimper.

Ben stroked his hand over Benji’s soft blond hair and then down his back. Benji’s back arched as Ben’s fingers came to the swell of Benji’s round ass. He slid his hand under the waistband of Benji’s pants and let his middle finger slide into the crack. Benji’s breathing hitched as Ben neared his target. Ben smiled. He could tell that Benji was so close. It wouldn’t take much to send the little man over the edge.

“You need to come now, baby?” Ben asked.

Benji sat up and nodded frantically. The look in his eyes was desperate and needy.

Ben’s over-sized fingers scrambled to undo his boy’s pants, while Benji grabbed onto Ben’s shirt with one hand and the door handle with the other. Ben grabbed the waistband of his boy’s briefs and tugged. Benji’s hard dick sprang up, slender in girth and average in length, deep red and swollen with need. As soon as Ben’s hand brushed against his dick, Benji’s body bucked and he cried out as warm spunk shot out all over. Ben quickly wrapped his fingers around the slender rod and stroked him through the rest of his orgasm.

Ben couldn’t help but chuckle. His baby had a hair-trigger when he got too excited. “I was gonna suck you, but you made a mess all over my truck.”

“Oh, god,” Benji moaned as he bucked his hips up one more time. His body finally started to relax and his fists unballed. “I… Uh…”

Ben laughed. “You are so god-damned cute.”

Benji’s mouth fell open and he looked at Ben helplessly, still unable to talk. “Uh…”

As Ben looked at Benji, his desire started to heat up. For a split second, he thought about taking Benji right here and now and fucking him through the bench seat. But his baby deserved better than that. Now that they had taken the edge off, he could wait until he got home. Once he got Benji into their bed, he would show his little man how much he was loved.

Ben leaned forward and gave Benji a soft kiss on the lips, then on the forehead. He reached behind the seat and grabbed a roll of paper towels. After they cleaned up as best as they could, Ben started the truck and they took off for their home in the ‘burbs.

“You’ll never guess who I saw yesterday,” Ben said with a smirk. He stared at the road ahead, his left hand on the steering wheel, his right toying with the hair at the nape of his boy’s neck.


“Joe Boothe.”

Benji gasped and looked at Ben in shock. “Mr. Boothe? What? Where?”

His eyes welled with tears and he started to panic and shake as he remembered how his old boss had forced himself on him in his office after work. He hadn’t thought about the bastard in a long time. The memory of being pinned face down on the desk nearly had him hyperventilating.

“Hey, hey,” Ben said soothingly. He grabbed Benji’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “He’s never gonna hurt you again. Didn’t I promise you that? Didn’t I promise to keep you safe and take care of you?” Ben pulled Benji’s hand up to his mouth and gently kissed the knuckles.

“Yeah.” Benji took a couple of deep breaths and slowly relaxed. “Okay… So…?”

“He’s driving truck now. Saw him at the Distributed warehouse when I dropped off my load. He turned and ran the other way when he saw me.” Ben snickered. “Fucking pussy.”

Benji looked over at his man. Ben stared ahead at the road, but he had a smug little smile on his face. Benji would never forget what Ben had done for him. Ben beat the shit out of Boothe, making sure the foul man would never yell at him, and never touch him, ever again. It wasn’t long after that he suddenly left the company. Benji had asked about Boothe’s firing a couple of times and Ben always changed the subject.



“Did you have any thing to do with Mr. Boothe getting fired?”

“Well… let’s just say a little birdie dropped off an envelope in Ace’s mailbox with evidence that Boothe was fudging the sheets and figures, padding his quarterly bonus.”

“I knew it was you.”

“Wasn’t me. It was a little birdie.”

Ben’s grin widened. Benji reached over and grabbed his hand and held it the entire way home.


When the couple walked into the kitchen from the garage, their little dog lost his mind when he saw Ben. Toby yipped, then jumped up onto Ben, his front paws on his thighs while he hopped up and down on his hind legs.

“You miss daddy?” Ben asked as he rubbed and scratched under the miniature schnauzer’s white beard and then over the top of his floppy ears.

Toby yapped again and ran circles around Ben, so happy to see his daddy. Toby suddenly ran to the back door and slipped through the doggy door. While Ben peeked into the back yard to look after the dog, Benji filled up the doggy food and water bowls.

“Whew, I need a shower,” Ben said with a grimace as he got a whiff of his damp armpit. He pulled off his big cowboy boots and set them down by the back door.

Benji gave him a sly smile. “I’m a little sticky myself. Want some help?”

Ben crooked his finger and Benji eagerly followed him into their master bedroom.

As soon as Ben saw the bed, he growled. There was an indentation on top of the comforter that looked to be exactly the size of a certain Schnauzer. Benji knew better than to let Toby on their bed, but he also knew that Benji got lonely when Ben was on the road. He was usually better about not getting caught, though.

Benji swept past Ben and smoothed out the blankets and turned around to give Ben a sheepish grin. “I was so lonely without you,” he said. He smiled sadly at Ben and blinked his eyes.

“Don’t give me that pitiful puppy dog face,” Ben grumbled. He pulled off his t-shirt and turned and walked into their en-suite bath. If he stuck around, Benji’s puppy dog face would melt him into a puddle.

While Ben adjusted the shower knobs to get the temperature right, Benji came up behind him. He wrapped his arms around Ben and rested his head against the bigger man’s back.

“I missed you, Ben,” he whispered as he rubbed his hands over Ben’s hairy chest and stomach. “I’m so glad you’re home. I love you.”


Benji spotted Brandon right away and waved. Ben’s older brother looked up from his menu and smiled.

Benji was always excited about Sunday lunch with his boyfriend’s brother. They always had a good time eating and laughing. It was the perfect way to prepare for their weekly visit to their mother at the home, which was always hard on everybody.

Benji grinned back and waved happily at the big mountain of a man as he and Ben made their way to the table. Brandon stood as they reached the table. Benji looked up at him, amazed that he was even bigger than Ben. He was an inch taller and a few pounds heavier, but he carried the weight well for a man his size. And with the beard, it gave him a definite “bear” look.

“Hi, Brandon,” Benji said as Brandon grabbed him in a big bear hug. He squeezed him tight and lifted the little man’s feet off the ground. Brandon treated Benji like family, always joking and teasing, and Benji loved him as if he was his own brother and the feeling was mutual. “How’s it going, little bro?” he asked as he rubbed the top of his head.

“Good, big daddy,” he joked back.

Brandon laughed, then shook Ben’s hand and smacked him on the back. “Hey, brother.”

Benji sat down and picked up his menu. They all knew the menu by heart, but Benji still liked to browse. Ben didn’t need to look at the menu. He always got the same thing when they came here.

“How’s it going, Bran?” Ben asked.

“Good. No complaints here. Help yourself to the nachos,” Brandon said as he scooped up a cheesy chip from the plate in the middle of the table.

“Mmm,” Benji hummed as he picked up a chip, making sure to shake off the jalapeño slice on top. He’d leave those to Brandon and Ben since he didn’t care much for spicy food.

“How’s your love life?” Ben asked his brother, hoping for one of his infamous juicy stories. “Seeing anyone?”

“Yeah, the business is doing good,” Brandon replied, ignoring his brother’s question with a smirk. “Walker just bought a fixer-upper on auction. We’re gonna try to flip it. After we see mom, I’m heading over there to look at it.”

“You haven’t seen it yet?” Benji asked, surprised.

“Nope. Walker said it was a good deal. I trust him, or he wouldn’t be my business partner.”

“You’ve known him since the service, right?” Ben asked as he chewed on a nacho chip.

Benji cleared his throat and pointed to his chin. Ben looked down at Benji and slid his tongue under his bottom lip. Benji laughed and shook his head. Ben reached up and wiped the stray blob of cheddar and sour cream from his chin. He looked at it with a frown and then pushed his messy finger into Benji’s face. Benji laughed and dodged the finger, but Ben was laughing and just kept poking, trying to get Benji’s nose. Benji suddenly grabbed Ben’s hand and sucked the finger into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as he slowly pulled it out.

Brandon about spewed beer all over the table, shocked at the sight. “Fuck me,” he groaned as he stared wide-eyed, running the back of his sleeve across his beer-soaked chin.

Benji wiped his mouth with his napkin and snickered.

“I got something I want to show you in the bathroom,” Ben said, his voice deep and throaty, his eyes narrowed to slits.

Benji didn’t miss Ben’s hand discreetly kneading his bulging crotch under the table. He shook his head and folded his arms across his chest. “No way. If you think I’m falling for that one again… You already got us kicked out of my favorite restaurant. I thought I would die of embarrassment. I can’t show my face there ever again!”

Ben actually looked like he was blushing and Brandon slapped his hand on this thigh and laughed until tears streamed down his cheeks and his gut ached.

After finishing lunch, Ben had to use the bathroom and told Benji to wait by the truck.

Brandon snickered as he and Benji walked out of the restaurant together. “That cheese must have run right through him.”

Benji leaned against Brandon’s enormous pickup truck and looked up at the older man. Brandon pulled a lighter and a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and packed them against his hand.

“You should quit, you know,” Benji said.

“I know,” Brandon acknowledged. He shoved the pack back into his jacket. He had tried to quit so many times before, but something would stress him out and he’d start back up again. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, where a knot of pain had settled.

“You haven’t been over in like three weeks, Bran. We miss having you around.”

Brandon shrugged. “I’ve been busy with work and all. Besides the remodeling, we’re trying to get into flipping…”

“Yeah. It’s just… Ben misses you. And I miss you, too.”

Benji looked up at the big guy. He knew that he was giving him the ‘puppy dog face’, but he couldn’t help it. He had come to think of Brandon as his big brother and lately he seemed distracted and stressed out and was always too busy to come over to hang out. He had grown used to seeing Brandon two or three times a week.

Brandon sighed and grabbed Benji’s arm and pulled him close. The big man wrapped his arms around Benji and gave him a tight hug. “I’ll try harder to make time for you guys. You know you and Ben are my favoritest people in the world.”

Benji leaned his head on Brandon’s chest and let out sigh. “Good.”

Benji felt a growing pressure against his stomach. When he realized what it was, he gasped and stepped back, unable to look Brandon in the eye. A quick glance at Brandon’s crotch verified it and Benji couldn’t tear his eyes away fast enough.

“Sorry,” Brandon mumbled as he shoved his fists into his front pockets and took a step backwards.


Brandon Davis entered the address of the house flip into his GPS and put his truck into gear.

He couldn’t believe that he got a fucking boner while hugging Benji. The little man had been totally mortified. Things were awkward for a few moments, but by the time they got to the nursing home, it seemed like things were mostly okay and Brandon’s gaffe was somewhat forgotten, but Brandon could tell that Benji was a little more reserved and slightly nervous around him. He just prayed that he didn’t say anything to Ben. He wasn’t looking forward to having to explain to his brother why he was pressing his cock against his boyfriend.

On the bright side, their Mom had a good day today. Brandon hated seeing his mom in the home. But with the Alzheimer’s getting worse and worse, he and Ben just couldn’t handle taking care of her. She needed full time help. It killed him and his brother to do it, but it was for the best.

Brandon was grateful for today. Mom not only remember him, but she remembered both Ben and Benji as well. A lot of times she wouldn’t know who Benji was or she’d be unintentionally cruel to him, but they all knew that she didn’t mean it. Though Benji knew that she wasn’t herself during those times, the words still hurt. Brandon hated to see the little guy in pain, almost as much as Ben did.

It wasn’t that Brandon wanted Benji. He liked the idea of Benji more than anything. Ben was so happy and that made Brandon happy. Ben spent most of his life alone and miserable, no one seeing him for the good man that he was. He deserved someone like Benji, who saw what a good person he was on the inside and loved him unconditionally, faults and all.

That he got a boner while hugging the little guy made him feel like the biggest fucking heel in the world. Still… even Brandon admitted to himself that there was something about Benji. He was so damned cute, so quiet and shy. And from what Ben told him, he was simply out of this world in the sack, all traces of shyness gone once they were in bed together. But more than that, he was so loving and devoted to Ben. That’s what Brandon wanted. Someone like that. But a girl. Definitely a girl.

Brandon was married once. The marriage didn’t last and the divorce was ugly. His ex-wife Ginny was a selfish cow. Brandon didn’t normally reminisce on their years together and he wasn’t going to start now. The next time Brandon got involved with someone, it would be someone like Benji. But not a guy.

Brandon didn’t go for dudes. He was straight. That buddy of his in the Army didn’t count. It was the circumstances of the situation. Besides, it was just a blowjob. Okay, it was a bunch of blowjobs. But his buddy was doing the sucking, not Brandon. So it didn’t count. That last time they were together before he was transferred, Brandon gave him a handjob. But that didn’t count either. It was just a guy thing. All guys do stuff like that when they’re young and horny.

When the GPS announced that Brandon arrived at his destination, he was surprised. He was so lost in thought that he drove the twenty minutes without even remembering how he got there.

When he looked up at the house, he cursed under his breath. He double-checked the address. “Fuck.”

The place looked like something straight out of a 50’s horror movie. The ranch home was clearly abandoned and in disrepair. The front yard was completely overgrown, more weeds than grass. The sides and back weren’t even sodded, just dirt with patches of weeds. The garage door was falling off its hinges.

On the plus side, it was a good sized home on a nice plot of land, at the end of a dead-end street with lots of space between its closest neighbor. But it was definitely going to be more work than they planned or budgeted.

He let the diesel engine of his F-250 rumble idle and turned the radio down. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Walker Adams on speed dial. It went right to voice mail. After the beep, Brandon cut right to the chase: “This place is a fucking piece of shit, Walker. I’m gonna fucking kill you when I see you in the morning.”

Brandon pressed the end button on the phone and tossed it onto the passenger’s seat. He shut off the engine and opened the door and hopped down onto the ground.

At six-foot-seven and 320 pounds, Brandon Davis was an intimidating figure. He definitely planned on using that intimidation when he saw his business partner the next day.

He scratched his fingers through the beard growing on his face. The dark auburn hair was nice and thick, unlike the hair on the crown of his head. Even though he’d been out of the service for 12 years, he still kept his hair cut in military standard. He reached up and pulled the old Browning ball cap off his head, scrubbed his hand over his head and down his face.

He replaced the ball cap, then slid his hand into his jacket pocket and pulled out his pack of cigarettes. He shook one out and cupping his hand over the end, lit it. He inhaled the smoke deep into his lungs and felt himself relaxing a little as the nicotine ran through him. He rolled his head on his neck until he felt the satisfying pops.

He grabbed a pen, clipboard and measuring tape from the truck’s lock box and started to take notes.

The front porch looked like it was about to fall down from wood rot and the grass had completely overgrown the sidewalk. Brandon didn’t feel like wading through thigh-high weeds or having his big ass fall through the porch. The back door looked to be the best option for entering the place.

When he got to the back of the house, Brandon took one last drag of his smoke and then dropped the butt on the ground and stomped it out with his size f******n steel-toe.

He stepped towards the crumbling concrete steps that led to the back door and froze when the sudden odor of shit assaulted his nose. He looked down and lifted his foot.


He looked around and noted the little piles that littered the back yard, some of them looking a little too fresh. He walked over to the faucet next to the back door and turned the handle, relieved when water poured out. He lifted his boot under the stream and tried to clean it as best as he could with the water while scr****g it against the home’s concrete foundation.

He shut the water off, and stepped up to the back door. The doggy door caught his eye and when he kicked it, it swung open freely. “A-ha. Got you, you little shit.”

He went to unlock the door with the keys that Walker gave him, but it was already unlocked. He pushed open the door and found himself in the kitchen.

He tried the light switch next to the door a couple times, but there was no electricity. That should get switched over in the next couple days or so. Hopefully before next Monday when they were supposed to start demolition. They would need power to run their tools.

The kitchen was a little musty, but not too bad. There were no appliances and the cabinets were shit. Of course it would all need to be gutted and modernized. Brandon made some notes and took some measurements, then made his way further into the house. As he walked into the living room, he noted that the house wasn’t as bad as he thought, at least from the inside. It had a nice layout and even though it was abandoned due to foreclosure, it was in reasonably good shape. The outside was completely fucked up, though. It had no curb appeal whatsoever.


Brandon jumped and spun around, startled by the sudden noise. He looked down to see a yappy little mutt glaring at him. It looked like somebody’s science experiment gone wrong. Definitely a chihuahua, and some other mutt mixed together.

The ugly little dog growled, showing off his sharp little teeth, and then barked again, trying to do his best demon dog impersonation.

Brandon was not having that bullshit.

“Listen here, you little squatter,” Brandon growled back. “This is my fucking house. Not yours. I’m the big dog ’round here. And you… Well, you are outta here.”

The dog stepped back and sat down on its butt. It cocked its head to the side like it was listening to Brandon.

Brandon lifted his boot. “You see that? That’s your shit. I outta rub your nose in it…”

Brandon shook his head, wondering why he was talking to a fucking dog. He went through the rest of the ranch-style house, making notes as he went along. The little shit followed him the whole time, cautious, but no longer barking or growling.

When Brandon stepped into the master bedroom, he was surprised to see a mattress. The bare full-sized mattress sat on the ground and had several blankets on it, the only piece of furniture in the whole house. Brandon looked down at the dog. “This where you sleep?”

The dog bounded over to the bed and sat down on one end and laid its head down on its front paws.

Brandon kicked his foot at a couple of black garbage bags. They looked like they were filled with clothes. They’d get rid of this stuff during demo. He was just grateful that this was all there was. It would save them at least one roll-off container.

He peeked his head in the master bath and noted that it would need to be completely gutted. He turned and headed for the back door, the little dog hot on his heels.

The dog rushed around his legs and dashed through the doggy door.

Brandon chuckled. “Oh yeah, well, I got you now, you little shit.”

Brandon squatted down and looked for a way to block the door. He noticed the door’s locking mechanism and reached for the latch. He hesitated for a moment and then jumped when the door pushed open and the little dog bounded back through. It looked up at Brandon and blinked and wagged its tail.

Brandon stood up to his full height and looked down at the dog and let out a sigh. “Yeah, well, I guess you can stick around for a few more days until we start demo. At least you’re keeping the rats and shit away. But after that, it’s off to the pound.”


Brandon pulled into the parking lot in front of the Davis & Adams Remodeling business office. His friend and business partner, Walker Adams, was standing in front of the window having a smoke. The lean, wiry man was in good shape for his age, except for a little bulge around the middle. He enjoyed a few too many beers in front of the TV each weekend, not that Brandon had any room to talk.

When Walker saw Brandon get out of the truck, his eyes widened and he flicked his smoke onto the pavement and hurried inside the office.

Brandon growled and narrowed his eyes at his friend’s retreating back. Pussy.

“What’s up?” Walker asked as Brandon sat down in front of his desk.

“You know damn well what’s up. You were supposed to find a cheap and easy remodel for our first flip. We’re trying to grow the business, not tank it.”

Neither of them said it out loud, but with the economy bursa escort in the tank, their remodeling business had slowed way down. Flipping broke-down houses was a huge risk in today’s market. Most frustrating for Brandon was that while he stressed over it, Walker seemed to take it in stride.

“Man, it was a fucking steal, though. I got it for a quarter of the value. We’ll make a profit no matter how much we put into it. Stop worrying about everything all the time. Christ, you’re gonna give yourself a fucking ulcer.”

“Did you even see the place before you bid on it?” Brandon asked as he rubbed the knot on the back of his neck. He rolled his head back and forth until his neck cracked with a series of snaps.

“No. But I got a flyer,” he said. He pulled out a sheet of paper with pretty pictures, likely from an attempted sale before it fell under foreclosure. “How bad can it be?”

“Well, I’m sure it looked like that before Norman Bates took it over and rented it out to the Munsters.”

Walker burst out laughing and Brandon couldn’t help but laugh with him.

Walker shook his head at his friend. “I’ll have Jess go over there first thing today to draw up the plans.”

Walker cleared his throat and Brandon swore his cheeks started to flush. Brandon smirked to himself. Walker had the hots for the young architect they sub-contracted to, but for some reason was too chicken shit to ask her out, even though it was apparent that she was interested.

“Good. I want to get the permits finalized and start demo next week. And ask the woman out already, you pussy.”


As Brandon sat down on the couch, Toby jumped up and laid his head on his lap. Brandon reached down and scratched at the little Schnauzer’s neck. This is what a dog was supposed to look like. Toby was just too cute. That ugly little thing over at the flip house was just not right.

Benji held out a bottle of Bud Light to him, and Brandon took it and tipped his head back and drank a long pull. “Thanks, little bro.”

“You’re welcome,” Benji replied. He cleared his throat nervously and then sat down on the other end of the couch as far away from Brandon as he could, without trying to be obvious about, or so he thought. “Ben should be back any minute.”

Brandon nodded and took another drink of his beer. He kept his eyes on the ground as he quietly spoke, “Benji… About yesterday—”

Benji shook his head. “It’s okay.”

“No. I just wanted you to know that I’m not— I wasn’t trying to hit on you… It’s just that…” He let out a sigh and glanced over at Benji. The little man had his hands in his lap and was wringing his fingers. Brandon knew he had to get this out and do it right. He couldn’t have the little guy be scared or nervous around him. That would just kill him. “It’s been a long time,” he said quietly.

Benji looked up at Brandon, surprise clearly written across his face. “Oh. I thought…”

“No. I haven’t really been with anyone since my ex-wife. I make up shit for Ben’s sake. It’s better if he thinks I’m some kind of pussy hound.” Benji cringed at the vulgar word and Brandon couldn’t help but smirk. “Then he won’t worry about me. So when you held me like that… Well, it made me feel…” Brandon rubbed a hand over the stubble of his crew cut, trying to come up with the right word…

“Horny?” Benji offered.

“No. Well, maybe a little. I was thinking more like… special.”

“Oh.” Benji gave Brandon a genuine smile for the first time since he arrived. Benji slid closer and Brandon felt the stress leave his shoulders. “I understand, Brandon. You are special. You’re a really nice guy. Any woman would be lucky to have a guy like you.”

“Yeah? You think?”

“I know,” he said. He pressed his index finger into the middle of Brandon’s chest. “Under all that gruffness is a sweet guy who’s loyal and protective and loving. You’ve got a big heart.”

“What makes you so sure? I can be a mean bastard.”

“Because you’re my Ben’s best friend and you helped raise him and make him the man he is. He’s wonderful because you are.”


Brandon was relieved to hear Ben’s voice as he walked through the front door. The conversation was getting too intense. But Benji was back to his normal self, smiling and not afraid to come near Brandon, so it was worth it. And spending time with his brothers was better than sitting home alone.


Brandon looked down at the doggy bag that Benji gave him. It was literally a doggy bag. While playing with Toby, Brandon thought about the ugly little mutt at the flip house and asked for a bit of Toby’s food.

Benji just about burst into tears at Brandon’s gesture. “See, I told you,” he had said. “You have a big heart. Not everyone would feed a stray mutt. You should take him home with you.”

“Fuck that!” he had replied, nearly choking, making Benji descend into a giggle fit.

He pulled into the driveway of the flip and shut off the engine. He grabbed the ziploc baggie filled with kibbles and walked around to the back door, making sure to avoid any landmines left by the little squatter.

Brandon noted that the electricity had been turned over, since he could see light spilling out of one of the windows. Someone must have left the bathroom light on. Brandon opened the back door and made his way into the house.

He expected little ugly to come running as soon as he walked in. Brandon whistled and he heard the pattering of the little dog’s feet. When he saw Brandon, he yipped softly and wagged his tail.

“Hey there, little ugly. I brought you some food. Don’t say I never done nothing for ya.”

Brandon shook the baggie of kibbles and the little dog yipped and ran out of the room.

“Come back here.”

Brandon followed the dog into the living room, who padded down the hallway towards the bedrooms. When the pup got to the master bedroom he stopped and looked back at Brandon and then ran inside.

Brandon followed him down the hall and froze when he stepped into the room. Something was different. The bathroom door was open and the light from the vanity overheads spilled into the bedroom. The little dog was standing in the middle of the room wagging its tail back and forth as if he was pleased with himself. He barked again.

A soft voice called out from the bathroom, “What is it, boy?”

A skinny young man walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. When he saw Brandon, he gasped and covered his chest with an arm, while the other clutched at the towel.

Brandon dropped the dog food and raised his fists as he took a step closer. “Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house?!”


The boy’s eyes widened and he pressed his back against the wall, scooting into the corner, trying to get away from Brandon. He had never seen a man so large. The guy was a freaking mountain. And he looked beyond pissed. He had had his share of ass-kickings back in school and it was an experience that he wasn’t looking to re-live. He was positive that he wasn’t going to get out of this in one piece.

Brandon stepped closer and stared down at the delicate little man, shaking in his skin. Brandon knew he was scaring the boy, but he didn’t care. “I asked you a question.”

“I-I-I… I didn’t think anyone was living here; I thought it was abandoned. I’m sorry.”

“How long have you been squatting here?”

“Um…. three months or so, I guess?”

Brandon looked the boy up and down. He couldn’t be any taller than Benji, and actually looked shorter, which would put him around five-five or five-six maybe? He was a skinny little thing, but looked like he was at least getting enough to eat. He had long, black hair, which was hanging wet, down past his shoulders. His chocolate brown eyes were wide open and frantically searching around the room, probably looking for an escape. Looking closer at his face, Brandon guessed that maybe he was Chinese or something. Yeah, somewhere in Asia, he decided.

The boy clearly wasn’t going to hurt Brandon. He was a little weakling, 98 pounds wet. And it’s not like he was concealing a weapon under that towel. From the looks of it, he didn’t have much of anything under that towel.

Brandon relaxed his stance and took a couple of steps back.

“Is that dog food?” the boy asked, nodding towards the plastic baggie at Brandon’s feet.


He looked down at the baggie and then back up at Brandon. The surprise was written all over his face. “You brought Ricky food?”

At hearing his name, the little ugly dog turned and yipped at his owner and wagged his tail.

Brandon picked up the baggie and held it out. The boy slowly leaned forward, quickly grabbed the bag and pulled back against the wall. He looked down at the garbage bags, then back up at Brandon, not quite meeting his eyes. “Can I get dressed?”


Brandon stepped back and the k** slid along the wall to the garbage bags.

“Can you turn around please?”

Brandon snorted and turned his back. As if that man had anything of interest.

But then maybe he was just using it as an excuse to get him to look away while he grabbed a knife or a gun or something.

Brandon turned his head to see the boy drop the towel. He bent over into the garbage bag and pulled out a pair of track pants. Brandon subconsciously licked his lips as he stared at the round swell of perfect ass cheeks. Fuck, his ass was smoother and sexier than any girl’s he had ever seen. And bent over like that… God damn, the thoughts that ran through Brandon’s head.

As the boy stepped into the pants, his head swiveled back and looked Brandon in the eye.

Brandon quickly looked away, uncomfortable about being caught staring. He shifted from foot to foot and reached between his legs. He cupped his crotch and hefted his cock and pressed it down with his thumb, totally shocked to feel that it was on its way to becoming rock hard.

A soft “Okay” from the boy had Brandon jerking his hand away from his crotch.

When Brandon turned around, the boy was dressed in a t-shirt, lounge pants and white socks. He grabbed onto his left elbow with his right hand and rubbed the top of his foot with the toes on his other. He looked scared and vulnerable and Brandon decided to back off just a little bit.

“What’s your name, k**?” Brandon asked.

“Lonnie. What’s yours?” He tilted his head slightly and pushed his hair behind his ear.

“What are you doing here, Lonnie?” he asked, ignoring Lonnie’s question.

“I… I’m just going through a hard time right now. I swear, I didn’t know anyone owned this place. I thought the bank took it or something. I wasn’t planning on staying permanently, just until I saved enough to get back on my feet.”

“And what did you think when the electricity magically came on today?”

“Um… That I was lucky to maybe get a hot shower for once?” He laughed nervously, then apologized. “Sorry…” He brought his hand up to his mouth and began to chew on his thumbnail. He had his head ducked slightly and he looked up at Brandon through the bangs that fell across his brow.

Brandon wasn’t laughing. Fuck, the boy was cute. Too bad he wasn’t a girl. “You can’t stay here. My company’s coming in to renovate the house and we’re gutting the place on Monday. It’s not safe. Come on. Get your shit.”

“Oh. Sure. Of course.”

Brandon ignored the tears that welled up in Lonnie’s eyes as he gathered up his bags. He watched the boy scoop up the blankets from the mattress and dump them into the garbage bag he was holding, along with a flashlight and some other things laying by the makeshift bed. Brandon ignored the voice in his head that was telling him that it was wrong to just throw the poor boy onto the street like yesterday’s garbage.

Brandon told himself that this wasn’t a boy; he was a man. And that meant that Lonnie was old enough to make his own decisions and live with the consequences. None of that was Brandon’s business or his concern. He picked up the baggie of dog food and dropped it into one of the garbage bags and picked it up. After Lonnie threw on a hooded sweatshirt and put on a pair of ratty sneakers, Brandon walked the young man to the back door and gave him the garbage bag.

“Ricky, come on boy,” Lonnie called.

Ricky barked and ran out the door after him. Brandon locked the door behind them, following them around the side of the house to the driveway.

He watched Lonnie and Ricky walk ahead of him. The voice in his head started to get louder, calling him an ‘uncaring asshole’. He pulled out his smokes and lit one and stood by and watched Lonnie carry his garbage bags down the driveway to the street. Ricky stopped at the end of the driveway and looked at Brandon. He barked and then looked at Lonnie, who was heading down the street towards town. Ricky looked back at Brandon once more, then took off after Lonnie.

By the time Brandon took the last drag of his smoke, Lonnie could no longer be seen. Brandon dropped his cigarette butt, crushed it under his steel-toed boot, got into his truck and pulled out of the driveway and headed for home.

He didn’t think about Lonnie or his perfect ass not even once during the drive home. No, he certainly didn’t think about Lonnie when he reached between his legs and squeezed the rock hard cock that was threatening to burst through his jeans. And when he got home and jerked off in the shower like he did every night, it sure as hell wasn’t going to be Lonnie that he’d be fantasizing about.


After thinking about it all day, Brandon was starting to get more and more pissed off. When he found Lonnie squatting at the house last night, he left way too easy. The little shit and his ugly little dog were probably right back there right now. There was no way in hell Brandon was going to stand for that bullshit!

It was well after dark when Brandon pulled into the driveway of the house. He hoped the rumbling diesel engine wasn’t too loud. He quietly made his way to the back door and found it to be locked. He noticed the light coming from the bathroom window, which was cracked open.

Brandon shook his head. The little sneak climbed in through the window! Brandon shook his head and his face grew hot as his anger soared. He should have checked the locks on the windows. Hell, he should just call the cops right now and let them deal with it.

He quietly unlocked the back door and crept inside, carefully closing the door behind him. When he got to the bedroom, he froze in his tracks. The master bathroom light was on and the door was closed enough so that the light illuminated the bed with a soft glow. Lonnie was laying on the mattress curled up on his side, asleep. His hands were folded underneath his cheek. His long black hair framed his face. Jesus, he was fucking beautiful.

Ricky was laying at the foot of the bed and he perked his head up when he saw Brandon. His tail started wagging a mile a minute. When he yipped happily, Lonnie’s eyes opened.

When Lonnie saw Brandon, he gasped and scrambled back against the wall. “You— I… I’m…”

“I thought I told you to leave,” Brandon said. In the back of his mind, he noted that his voice wasn’t as forceful as he intended it to be.

“I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

“You can’t stay here, k**. I told you. We start demo on Monday.”

“If you just let me stay until then, I promise I’ll find somewhere else by then. I promise. Just give me five days.” When Brandon didn’t immediately respond, Lonnie took that as a good sign. “Me and Ricky can watch over the place for you, make sure no one breaks in.”

Brandon gave him a sarcastic glare. “Yeah. With you and little ugly on the job, I got nothing to worry about.”

Lonnie’s voice dropped down to a whisper. “Just give me a break. Please.”

The pouty look that Lonnie gave him reminded Brandon of Benji. Brandon let out a soft sigh. “All right. Five days.”

“Thank you so much,” he said with a breath of relief, “um…”


“Brandon,” Lonnie repeated. He brushed his bangs back and gave Brandon a bashful smile.

Ignoring the strange flutter in his chest, Brandon nodded and turned on his heel and quickly left the house.


Brandon pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. Closing his eyes, he took a deep and breath let it out. Fuck. He started the truck back up and put it into reverse.


Brandon slammed both of his palms on the steering wheel. He didn’t know what the fuck he was doing, or why he even gave a shit. He put the gear back into park and cut the engine. He grabbed the bag of sandwiches and walked around to the back door. He started to knock, but then caught himself. This was his fucking house. Why the hell should he knock?

“Lonnie?” he called out as he shut the door behind him.

“Brandon? Is that you? We’re back here,” came the reply from a distance.

Brandon walked back to the bedroom. Lonnie was sitting on the mattress in a pair of pajama pants and a ratty old t-shirt. He was using the bathroom light to light up the room. When he saw Brandon walk in, he set down the paperback book he was reading, lifted his head and gave him a shy smile. “Hi.”

Brandon suddenly felt like an idiot. What the hell was he doing here? Right. He lifted the bag. “I brought you something to eat.”


“Yeah. I didn’t know if you had anything…”

“Oh. Yeah. I work at that taco place on the corner, so I get to eat there. One free meal each shift.”

He said it with a smile, like it was a good thing. Brandon frowned. Hell, he ate three squares a day and could probably pack in more without trying. Those shitty little tacos were not a meal. No wonder Lonnie was so damned skinny.

Brandon held out the bag and Lonnie got up and took it from him. He sat down on the bed and patted the space next to him. Brandon paused for a moment, then sat down next to the young man where he indicated. It was awfully close, but Brandon made no effort to move away. He pulled off his ball cap and set it down on the bed next to him, and ran his fingers over his close cropped hair.

Lonnie flashed him a warm smile. Brandon’s eyes were immediately drawn to the dimples on each of his cheeks, then back to the brown eyes framed with long, dark lashes. Then he noticed the little brown freckles that ran across the bridge of his cute little nose. Brandon couldn’t help but smile back. Looking at Lonnie in the soft light, he suddenly realized how young he was. Brandon was 36 years old and Lonnie couldn’t have been more than 25. He wondered how the beautiful boy could have gotten into a situation like this. Wait, he wasn’t beautiful. He was a dude. Dudes can’t be beautiful. But if they could… Now that Brandon was sitting closer, he noticed that maybe Lonnie wasn’t Asian after all. I mean, he didn’t even have a funny accent or anything like that.

Lonnie looked up at Brandon and saw the scowl he normally wore had softened into something close to a smile. His green eyes were just amazing, big and bright, staring right into him. Maybe the giant redneck of a man wasn’t so scary after all. He wasn’t particularly handsome, but he oozed masculinity, and that was very appealing to Lonnie. Lonnie’s eyes drifted up and down. Brandon was so big and tall, wide and husky. He had a musky smell masked with a hint of cigarette smoke. He wore a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his forearms were covered in curly hair, the same color as the beard on his face, a deep rich auburn color. His beard was thick and full, but not long. Lonnie’s eyes slid down to the hollow of Brandon’s neck. Tufts of that same hair spilled over the top of the wifebeater underneath his flannel shirt. Geez, he was hairy. He reminded Lonnie of how he imagined a lumberjack would be like. Lonnie had never been with a bear before. His ex was tall and thin. Lonnie wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone like Brandon. And the way Brandon was looking at him, he might have a good chance of finding out. If they did it, Lonnie would make sure that Brandon knew it was because he wanted to, not because he was letting him stay the week or because he had brought him food. He may be living out on the streets, but he was proud that he hadn’t needed to sell his body.

When Lonnie was kicked out of his house, none of his so-called friends even offered so much as a couch. Lonnie didn’t have much pride left by that point, but he sure wasn’t about to beg for a floor to sleep on. But here was Brandon. A perfect stranger who had every right to kick his ass or call the cops, and here he was, concerned about him, and bringing him food. It felt really nice.

The little man opened the bag and pulled out two foot-long sandwiches.

“They’re the same,” Brandon said. His voice cracked when he started to speak for some reason. He cleared it a couple of times. “I didn’t know what you liked, so you get what I like. There’s some cokes and chips, too.”

“Thanks,” Lonnie whispered. “This is really nice of you. Thank you again.”

Brandon ignored the quiver in Lonnie’s voice and pretended like he didn’t see his eyes suddenly turn glassy. “Yeah.”

Ricky came and sat down next to Brandon and looked up at him and licked his chops. “Git!” Brandon said with a wave. “Big daddy doesn’t share his food with little uglies.”

“Big daddy,” Lonnie snickered as Ricky ran off and sat down on the other side of Lonnie.

“It’s a… Nevermind.” Brandon didn’t need to explain the funny nickname that Benji sometimes used with him.

They ate their Italian hoagies in silence for a while, until Brandon couldn’t stand it anymore.

“What happened to you?” Brandon suddenly asked.

“You mean why am I living here?” Lonnie asked.

“Yeah. You said you have a job. Why don’t you have a place to live?”

“It’s a long story… A few months ago, my mom returned home to Japan when her mom got sick. She called my dad and he moved back in because she didn’t want me alone. She was always a little over-protective. My parents divorced when I was a teen and he moved out, and I didn’t really see him very often after that. Our relationship was always… strained… He’s this big, tough Irish guy, you know? And I’m not exactly the best at sports and other ‘manly’ stuff. I was in drama club and choir. I was a disappointment to him.”

Ah, Brandon nodded to himself. That explains his look. He’s only half Japanese, half Irish. ‘Mom would love that he’s part Irish,’ Brandon thought to himself. Where the fuck did that come from?

Catching Brandon’s look, Lonnie said, “Yeah, I know. You don’t know very many Asians named Lonnie O’Reilly, huh?”

“No,” Brandon said with a snort of laughter. “How old are you?”

“I’m 26. I know, I know. Too old to be living at home. I had a messy breakup with my ex and I had to move back in with my mom. Then she left the country.”

“So why aren’t you still living with your dad?”

“When he found my porn, he threw me out. I tried living in my car, but it broke down and got towed. I’ve been saving for a place of my own. This is just temporary. I’m saving for a security deposit.”

Brandon blinked. “Your dad threw you out because you had porn? All guys have porn.”

“You know how it is. I guess he was surprised that it was gay porn.”

“Gay porn? You’re gay?”

Lonnie knitted his brows together and tilted his head at Brandon. “Yeah. Of course I am. Aren’t you?”

He said it so matter-of-factly, like it was the most normal thing in the world. Brandon felt like he was smacked upside his head. Brandon quickly pushed up to his feet. “What the fuck! I ain’t gay!”

“Oh,” Lonnie said with surprise. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

Brandon’s fists balled up tight, angry that the boy first of all assumed that he was gay and then was actually surprised to hear that he wasn’t. “Why the fuck would you think that? You’re lucky I’m a nice guy. Anyone else would kick your ass for saying something like that.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. I thought you liked me… that way.”

Brandon balked. “Well, I don’t!”

“I can see that.”

Lonnie eyes drifted down to Brandon’s crotch for just a split second before his lip curled in a little smirk.

Brandon almost went ballistic. The little fucker was checking out his meat! What the fuck! Then he realized that his cock was nearly fully hard, creating a large and noticeable bulge in his snug and faded blue jeans pointing towards his hip. He backed up towards the door.

“Listen here, cupcake,” Brandon growled. Lonnie’s mouth fell open at the insult and he was about to retort, but Brandon interrupted. “I ain’t no fuckin’ fag.” His voice got louder and he grew angrier with each second, spittle flying out of his mouth. “You’re all coming on to me… sitting all close… with your…” He motioned his hand over Lonnie’s body, “…your tight shirt and… long hair… you look like a fucking girl!” Brandon stepped closer and balled his hands into fists. “I outta beat the shit out of you!”

Lonnie pushed his hair back behind his ear and swallowed nervously. He pulled his legs up and wrapped his arms around his knees. “I said I was sorry,” he whispered. The playfulness was gone and he looked genuinely frightened of Brandon as his body started to tremble.

Brandon almost apologized. That he was scaring the little man made him sick to his stomach. He pushed it aside and snapped, “You got four days, then I want you out of here.”

Brandon turned and stormed out of the house, slamming the back door behind him. As soon as he got into the truck, he lit up a smoke and dragged in a deep lungful. Not even the nicotine helped to bring down his stress level. He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to work out the knot. “Fuck!” he muttered as he put the truck into reverse.

He didn’t think of Lonnie not even once as he drove home. God damned Lonnie, with his pouty lips and perky ass. As he took another drag of his smoke, he ignored the painful throbbing between his legs and the churning of his stomach.

“Ugh. Be quiet,” Benji moaned as he slapped his hand on the buzzing alarm clock. He rolled over and snuggled up to the warmth of Ben’s side. He scratched his fingers through the thick auburn colored fur in the middle of Ben’s chest. “I wish I had the day off with you.”

Ben sniffed and cleared his voice, still gruff from sleep. “Well, you’re important now, Mr. Assistant Manager. That means Saturday meetings with the big-wigs every quarter.”

Ben was teasing him and Benji couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “I suppose. What are you going to do today while I’m slaving away in a meeting?”

“Well, the weather is supposed to be nice today. Now that it’s starting to warm up, I’ll probably work on the bike. It could use a tune up after sitting in the garage all winter. Probably go for a ride.”

Benji really pouted now, poking his bottom lip out. “Well, shoot! I haven’t ridden with you in forever. So not fair.”

“Don’t worry, baby. You’ll get lots of opportunities to ride my hog.”

Ben wiggled his eyebrows, but Benji wasn’t impressed with the innuendo. “Oh, is that what you’re calling it now? A ‘hog’?”

Ben grabbed Benji’s hand and pulled it below the blankets and wrapped the slender fingers around his semi-hard bone.

“You seemed to enjoy riding it last night,” Ben said with a grunt as he rolled and grabbed for Benji.

But Benji was too quick. With a short burst of laughter, he jumped out of bed and scurried into the bathroom. “Sorry, gotta go to work,” he tossed over his shoulder.

Ben chuckled as he got out of bed and stalked after his playful little man into the bathroom. While Benji heated the shower, Ben relieved himself at the toilet. While taking a piss, he picked at the flakes of jizz that had dried in the fur on his chest and stomach. Yes, his baby had definitely enjoyed himself last night. He had ridden Ben’s fat hog hard and fast until he screamed in pleasure and sprayed his load all over Ben’s body. He looked over at Benji, who was staring at the stream of piss blasting out of his cock. When he realized that he had been caught looking, his cheeks went pink and he jumped into the shower.

Ben flushed the toilet and Benji yelped at the sudden temperature change. “Ben!”

Ben laughed out loud and followed Benji into the shower. Ben turned them so that Ben’s back was to the shower head. Benji reached up and tugged at some of the dried semen in the middle of his chest.

“Ow!” Ben said with a jerk as Benji pulled at a hardened blob of spunk and ripped out a couple of chest hairs.

Ben reached down and gave Benji’s wispy pubes a sharp tug. Benji yelped and jumped back, covering the small patch of blond hair above his penis with both of his hands. “Bully!”

“You started it, little man,” he said with a snicker, not one bit sorry.

“Not on purpose,” he said as he snuggled up to Ben. Placing his hands on the bigger man’s hips, he leaned up on his tip-toes and pressed a kiss to Ben’s lips.

Ben’s arms surrounded Benji. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too.”

Ben leaned his head down and gave Benji a tender kiss. Benji sighed when Ben broke the kiss and he laid his head on the fur-covered muscles of Ben’s chest. Ben pressed his lips to the top of Benji’s head. The pair stood in the warm water, letting it cascade down their bodies, embracing each other in comfortable silence.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Benji finally said, patting Ben’s chest with his hand. “You’re kind of a mess and you smell. Other people might not appreciate it the way I do.”

After sniffing in a big whiff of Ben’s armpit and letting out a happy little moan, Benji grabbed the washcloth and loaded it up with shower gel.

Ben let out a sigh and closed his eyes. He relaxed as the warm water streamed over him and his little man washed and scrubbed every inch of his body with the washcloth and his soft, soapy hands. After he was clean, Benji used those glorious hands to rinse all of the soap away.

Ben opened his eyes when he finally felt Benji’s hands leave his body.

“You want me to shave you?” Benji asked, rubbing his fingers over Ben’s jaw. The coarse whiskers made a rasping noise.

“Mm, yeah. That’d be nice.”

Benji grabbed the wet/dry razor from the shelf and motioned for Ben to squat down. Ben gripped the sides of the tub as he moved onto his knees. Benji swallowed nervously. The sight of his big, manly boyfriend kneeling in front of him, looking up at him with those sexy green eyes was just too much. His dick was already holding at half-mast and now it surged to full bone and laid rigid against his belly, pointing towards the ceiling.

“Can’t help it,” Benji muttered.

Ben smiled and leaned forward and slid his tongue up the length of Benji’s dick. Benji gasped and shuddered, leaning a hand on Ben’s shoulder for support.

“Don’t do that while I’m trying to shave you,” he warned, squeezing Ben’s shoulder tight.

Ben kissed the tip of Benji’s cock, then leaned back. “I’m all yours,” he said with a grin, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Yep. All mine.” Benji smiled down at Ben, who shot him a wink.

Benji clicked on the razor and ran it slowly and carefully over each of Ben’s cheeks and down his neck. He popped open the trimmer and took special care around his mustache, carefully sculpting until it was just right.

“Oh, god, that’s hot,” Benji whispered. “You look like Senior from ‘American Chopper’ now.” Benji turned off the razor and set it back on the shelf.

Ben ran his hand over his smooth cheeks and smoothed his fingers down the thick horseshoe mustache Benji had carved. “Yeah? That’s good?”

“Yeah. But you’re way sexier than he is.”

“You think I’m sexy?”

“Yeah,” Benji said with a pant. “You’re a big stud.” Benji ran his hand over Ben’s short auburn hair. He traced a finger across an eyebrow, pausing at the scar that bisected it. The way Ben looked up at him made his heart soar. Benji felt like he was the only person that mattered in the whole world to Ben. He felt treasured and desired. He felt wanted. Ben’s hands slid up his thighs and his eyes took on a darker, more predatory gleam. Ben wanted him. The way his big man looked at him made him feel sexy and it made him horny. He was already down on his knees… Maybe…

Benji swallowed visibly and stepped closer to Ben. “Ben, please…”

“Please what, baby?” he smirked, knowing what Benji wanted.

Benji moved a little closer and rubbed his rock hard dick against Ben’s chin, back and forth across the thick whiskers of his ‘stache. “Please, Ben,” he whispered. Then so quiet, Ben barely registered his next words, “Suck it…”

Ben looked up at his younger lover with a raised eyebrow, a little surprised by his boldness. Well, the whispered plea was bold for Benji. Ben grabbed Benji’s hips and ran his tongue up the length of Benji’s dick, then took him in his mouth. His cheeks hollowed in as he applied tight suction, taking all of Benji’s length into his mouth.

Benji moaned and trembled as the warm moistness engulfed him. He grabbed onto Ben’s shoulders as Ben’s head bobbed up and down. He felt the urge to thrust in and out, but Ben’s hands held his hips firm, holding him in place, so that Ben and only Ben set the pace. Even on his knees, Ben was in control. Ben was always in control and Benji loved it. He loved when Ben took charge, told him what to do, made him do whatever the big man wanted.

It was such a fucking turn on to pleasure Benji. His body was so responsive to every touch of Ben’s hands and every flick of Ben’s tongue. Ben would have grinned if his mouth wasn’t already busy. He slid his right hand around the front of Benji’s thigh and slipped it up between his legs. Benji gasped and moaned, spreading his legs further. His little slut apparently wanted more. Ben slowed his assault on Benji’s cock as he slipped a finger between Benji’s cheeks, seeking out the hidden entrance. He circled around the tightly furled opening, then sunk a thick finger inside. His finger slid easily into the tight opening, still a little relaxed and wet from their middle of the night fuck.

Ben’s cock lurched and pre-come dribbled down the length as he thought of being buried inside his boy’s tight channel. Last night he had filled Benji to overflowing with one of his big loads, just like he did almost every night, and any other time he got the chance.

Ben wiggled his finger around and immediately found the target. As he rubbed the rough pad of his finger across the sensitive prostate gland, Benji’s cries became frantic and he tried to thrust forward and back into Ben’s mouth, just on the brink of shooting.

Ben couldn’t have that. He needed to be inside his boy when Benji came. His cock ached to be inside Benji’s tight little ass, all ten inches buried to the hilt. He pulled his mouth back and pulled his finger free.

“No,” Benji quivered, trying to grab onto görükle escort bayan Ben, to pull him back. “Don’t stop, please, Ben. I’m so close.”

“I wanna be inside your ass when you come.”

Benji drew in a shuddering breath. “Oh god, yes. Inside me. Fill me.”

Ben stood up and grabbed the bottle of silicone-based lube from the shelf, bought specially for fucking in the shower. He poured some onto his fingers, then all over his cock. He pushed Benji against the back wall of the shower and pressed his slick hand between his boy’s legs. He ran his hand over his cock, hissing as the slippery fingers caressed over his sensitive head. He got into position, squatted down and lined it up. With a firm push upwards, he was home.

Benji gasped as Ben’s thick cock slid inside him. There was a slight burn on first entry, but it quickly gave way to pleasure as Ben’s girth poked, then slid across his prostate. The heat of Ben’s girth was unbearable. Benji wrapped his arms around Ben’s neck, while one leg wrapped around Ben’s thigh. Ben’s hands cupped Benji’s ass as he lifted him and pinned him against the wall.

With a loud grunt, Ben pulled his hips back and thrust forward. He held his little man against the wall as he snapped his hips in and out. Benji’s cries of pleasure let him know that he was hitting his g-spot with every thrust. He kissed Benji’s chin, ears, neck… anywhere he could reach. He held Benji tight while he pounded him into the wall.

Benji’s whole body was like one raw nerve. Everywhere Ben touched and kissed made him ache with need, brought him closer and closer to coming. Ben leaned down and sucked hard on the side of Benji’s neck, the exact spot that drove him crazy. The friction of Ben’s hairy stomach muscles against his dick were heaven. Ben’s dick was so big, so thick. It never let up its relentless assault on his sensitive prostate. Ben was so damn good. Oh, god, he was the best ever. Just a little more and Benji would come undone.

Benji gasped and clawed at Ben’s back. His head tried to thrash back and forth, but it was locked in place by Ben’s mouth and teeth. “Ben, oh! Ben, you’re gonna mark– Oh, god!”

A triumphant feeling soared through Ben. He was about to make his baby come, and come hard. He bit down on Benji’s neck, and sucked hard. Right on target, Ben felt Benji’s body go rigid from his head down to his toes. He let out a shout that sounded vaguely like his name with the word ‘love’. When Ben felt the first burst of hot cream between their bodies, Benji’s sphincter clamped down hard around Ben’s shaft.

Ben continued to pound hard into the vise grip of a hole as Benji’s muscles continued to repeatedly contract around him as if it was trying to milk the sperm straight from his balls. It was just too much. His dick stiffened even harder and throbbed.

Ben pulled his mouth from Benji’s neck and drew in a deep breath. “I’m coming, baby! I’m fucking coming now!”

“Come inside me, Ben,” Benji begged, while gripping his fingers around Ben’s body, and squeezing his ass muscles as tight as he could.

“Oh, fuck,” Ben moaned. One last final thrust into the tight sheath and Ben erupted inside his little man, sending jets of hot spunk deep inside his bowels…

“Love you, Ben,” Benji whispered. “Love you so much.”

Ben blinked and his body shuddered one last time. He wasn’t even sure how long he had pinned Benji in place while he came down from a shockingly intense orgasm. He drew in a deep breath and let it out as Benji’s body pushed his softening cock out of his ass, followed by a flow of milky white jizz down the inside of his trembling leg. He let Benji down slowly, making sure to keep a tight hold on him so that he didn’t slip or fall. Benji let out a soft sigh as his arm loosened from around Ben’s neck. Ben leaned down and gave Benji a deep, soul-searing kiss.

After a quick wipe-down with the washcloth, Ben shut off the shower and helped Benji out.

Ben couldn’t help but smile as he rubbed the big fluffy towel over Benji’s body. Benji stood silently with his eyes closed, lips slightly parted, his arms and legs flopping as if he was boneless. As Ben rubbed the towel over Benji’s pretty blond hair one last time, he decided that he wouldn’t mention the over-sized, bright crimson bruise on the side of his neck. Hopefully no one would notice when Benji went to work. With one last kiss on the forehead, Ben gave Benji a pat on the rear and Benji padded out of the bathroom to get dressed for work.


Benji shifted in the conference room chair. He was still a little sore from the pounding he got from Ben in the shower and sitting in this chair for hours wasn’t going to help one bit. It was like he could still feel a phantom Ben inside him. Not that he was complaining. He’d give it up to Ben anytime he wanted.

Ace Sinclair, the owner of Ace’s Trucking and Storage Company, looked at Benji with a smirk. “You okay over there?” the older man asked.

“Yes, sir. I’m fine,” Benji replied as he slunk down just a bit in his chair. He couldn’t help the blush that crept up his cheeks. Good thing the lights were turned down. Maybe no one would see. Benji tugged up the collar of his polo shirt and buttoned another button. Maybe they wouldn’t notice the huge hickey at the base of his neck either.

Ace chuckled softly and Benji couldn’t help but feel that the boss-man knew exactly what Benji was thinking and feeling. He had wondered several times if his boss’s boss was gay. The older man was handsome and distinguished with that sprinkling of gray in his dark hair. He was successful and powerful, while at the same time, friendly and down-to-earth. Benji wasn’t attracted to him physically, but he could see how others would find him irresistible.

Ace turned back to the screen, pressed a button on his remote and flipped to the next slide of his PowerPoint presentation and continued discussing the quarterly figures.

Benji looked across the conference table. His direct boss, Cole, was watching the slides nodding his head in agreement. The assistant warehouse manager, Douglas, looked over at Benji. His eyes looked glazed over as if he was having trouble staying awake. Benji covered his mouth to hide his smile. He understood exactly how Douglas felt.

This was going to be a long meeting.


“Sorry,” Benji muttered as his cell phone started vibrating again. It was the fourth time in a row during the meeting. He pulled the phone off the table and slid it under the table into his lap, fumbling with his fingers to get it to be quiet.

“Maybe you should get that, Benji,” Cole said. “It must be important.”

Benji looked up at his boss, glad to see that he was smiling and didn’t seem to be annoyed. “Uh. Okay. I’ll be right back, sorry about that.”

Benji stood up and moved to the corner of the conference room. He looked at the screen, but whoever it was wasn’t in his contacts and the number wasn’t one he recognized. “Hello?” he answered quietly, as he turned towards the corner for a bit of privacy.

Ace had paused his presentation while Benji answered the phone. He set his remote down and sat down on the edge of the conference table. He turned to Cole and Douglas and the three started to talk about last week’s baseball game.

At Benji’s gasp, the three of them looked up in time to hear Benji cry out “Ben?!” as he dropped the phone and slumped to his hands and knees, drawing in hyperventilating gasps of breath.


Ben spent the morning giving his bike a tune up. It was nice to get the Harley-Davidson out of the garage after a cold winter. After he got the engine revving and rumbling timed exactly right, he hand washed and waxed the bike until it sparkled like it was brand new. He stepped back and looked over the big custom Harley-Davidson Softail. He leaned in and sc****d off a bit of wax he missed. Fucking perfect.

He pulled on his sunglasses and helmet and took to the road.

Leaning back, feet forward, the bike roared and vibrated beneath him as Ben cruised the streets. Ben really wished that Benji was riding with him. He loved having Benji on the back of his bike. He loved the way Benji clung to him, holding tight.

And when Ben went all ‘biker stud’, as Benji called it, nothing made his boy hotter. Benji loved to see him dressed like this: sunglasses, half-helmet, boots, tight jeans, sleeveless shirt that showed off his USMC tat and his beefy arms. Multiple rounds of hot steamy sex with his boy was guaranteed.

A smug sneer spread across Ben’s face. As soon as his boy got home, he planned on having Benji on the back of his bike. After a long ride, he planned on bending him over the bike and going for another ride. He was gonna fuck him right there in the garage, Benji completely naked, while Ben was fully clothed.

The last time they rode, as soon as they got into the garage, Benji had pulled all of his clothes off and begged for Ben. He actually begged, saying “Please, fuck me, Ben. I need your dick inside me!”

Ben had unzipped his jeans, pulled his cock out, and bent Benji over the bike. He pounded his boy like a jackhammer until Benji shot his load, screaming, spurting jizz all over the bike and the garage floor. He didn’t stop until his own load was overflowing around his cock, dripping down Benji’s balls and his leg.

The memory had the crotch of Ben’s jeans feeling a little snug. Oh, yeah, Ben had it all planned out.

As he roared through the intersection, time suddenly stood still. The k** in the Honda was busy talking on his phone and clearly didn’t see him as he changed lanes without a blinker. Ben swerved, but the car clipped his bike.

The last thing he thought of before he slammed into the concrete was his Benji.


Saturday afternoon, Brandon got in his truck and headed over to the flip. Even though a delay in the permits was pushing the demo back another week, the damned k** and his ugly mutt were still supposed to be cleared out by today. Brandon hoped that he wouldn’t have to use force on the k**. He didn’t need that shit. He had enough to worry about.

He should have made Walker deal with this. But Brandon never told Walker about the k**. Lonnie wasn’t any of Walker’s business. Walker better keep his eyes and his hands away from Lonnie if he knew what was good for him.

Shit. Where the hell did that come from?

It was bad enough that the past few days he couldn’t stop thinking about him. He couldn’t even jack off without the k**’s ass and mouth appearing in his head and ruining things. ‘So what if it made him come harder than he had in years?’ he had thought while wiping a stray blob of spunk from the headboard last night. Damn, when was the last time he had distance like that? Or volume, he thought as he looked at the big wad of tissues in his hand.

As soon as he opened the back door, little ugly came running. He was yipping and barking his fool head off.

“God damn it,” Brandon muttered. “I knew it.”

Brandon shut the door hard in frustration and Ricky barked at him.

“Be quiet. You’re giving me a god damned headache.”

Ricky ran through the house towards the bedroom, barked, then came back to Brandon. He ran a circle around Brandon, then ran towards the bedroom again, barking the entire time. He was clearly agitated and wanted Brandon to follow him.

Brandon sighed. “I’m coming, little ugly. Hold your damn horses. Lonnie? Where are you? I know you’re here. Don’t bother hiding.”

Brandon turned into the bedroom and all breath left his body. Lonnie was laying on the mattress, clutching his stomach with one hand. The other was holding a bloody towel to the side of his head.

“Lonnie?” Brandon launched himself towards the mattress and dropped down to his knees. “Are you okay? What happened?” He turned Lonnie’s head gently, checking him for damage, while making him look up.

Lonnie’s eyes were glazed over and he seemed to have trouble focusing. “Brandon?”

“Yeah, it’s me. You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. I’ll be out of here today. I swear.”

“I’m not worried about that right now. What happened to you?”

Lonnie squeezed his eyes shut. A tear caught in those long lashes before it dripped down his face, followed by another. “I got jumped behind the bank. I was going to put a deposit down on a place. They took everything I had on me.”

Brandon didn’t care about the k**’s money. As he reached for the towel to look at the cut, Brandon noticed his hair was cut short; his bangs were still a little long in the front, but in back it was trimmed off at the nape of his neck. He kinda looked like one of those k**s that wear skinny jeans and dress in all black. Emo, or something.

Lonnie tried to move away, but Brandon wasn’t having it. “Hold still. Lemme see. You might need to go to the hospital.”

“What do you care?” Lonnie cried out, pushing Brandon’s hand away. “Just leave me alone! I told you I’d be gone today.”

Lonnie turned away and Brandon let out a grunt and pushed up to his feet. He didn’t need this bullshit. He had enough stress in his life. “Fine. You’re an adult. Do what you want.”

As Brandon turned and walked towards the door, Ricky yapped. For a second, Brandon thought that the dog looked like he was scolding him or was maybe even disappointed in him. ‘It’s just a fucking dog,’ he thought. ‘He doesn’t have feelings.’

As he walked through the door, he turned and watched Lonnie struggle to make his way to the bathroom. The small man fell to his hands and knees and promptly threw up all over the ugly vinyl floor.


“Wait right here,” Brandon said as he sat Lonnie down in one of the hard plastic chairs.

“I can’t…” Lonnie let out a sigh and gave up. He argued until he was blue in the face, but Brandon insisted he go to the emergency room. Even though he didn’t have insurance. Even though nearly all of his money was stolen. Even though Brandon had to practically carry him and lift him into his huge ass pickup truck. Even though he simply just didn’t want to go to the hospital.

Brandon went to the triage nurse and signed in for Lonnie. He took the clipboard and pen and sat down with Lonnie.

“I can’t pay for this,” the boy mumbled. He folded the bloody towel over to make a clean spot. Then after noting that the bleeding had slowed way down, he held it back up to the cut on his head.

“And I said don’t worry about it,” Brandon snapped. He took a breath and calmed himself. He lifted the towel away from Lonnie’s head. He pushed back the strands of black hair, which he figured was normally silky soft, but was now crusted with blood, and took a quick peek at the wound. “It’s not too bad. I’ve seen a lot worse. What happened to your hair, by the way?” He let go of the towel and let Lonnie hold it back against his head.

“I cut it.”


Lonnie glanced sideways at Brandon, then looked back at the floor and shrugged. “I didn’t like it long anymore,” he said before muttering, “Made me look like a girl.”

That Lonnie cared so much about what Brandon thought almost made the big guy smile. But as he thought about it, he decided that maybe he liked it just a little bit longer: more than what he had now, but less than before. Just enough to grab on to… He shook the thought out of his head. “It’s your hair, wear it the way you like.”

The pair of men waited for over an hour and a half before a nurse finally took them into the back to see a doctor. Then they had to wait for the damned doctor. By the time the doctor finally decided to grace them with his presence, Brandon was about ready to kick some ass.

The tall, lean, grey-haired doctor looked at Brandon suspiciously. “And you are…?”

“I brought him in,” Brandon said, not offering any more details, nor was he planning to. Brandon also noticed that the grumpy old coot didn’t bother to introduce himself.

Brandon pulled his ball cap lower onto his brow and stood against the wall with his arms folded across his chest. He didn’t like the way the doctor was looking at Lonnie, like he was too good for the k**, like Lonnie was just garbage. Of course, it didn’t help any that Lonnie’s t-shirt was threadbare, his track pants were ripped, and his big toe looked like it was about to bust out of his sneaker. Okay, so maybe he looked like a homeless k**, but that didn’t mean he shouldn’t be treated with respect.

As Brandon suspected, Lonnie had a slight concussion. The cut on his head luckily didn’t need stitches. He’d just have a goose egg for a couple of days.

“You should get tested for HIV and STIs,” the doctor said matter-of-factly to Lonnie, while giving him a disapproving eye.

Lonnie’s mouth gaped open. “I’m not a junkie or a whore,” he said defensively.

The doctor’s eyes cut to Brandon, who narrowed his eyes in a s**thing glare. The homophobic asshole had no right to talk to Lonnie that way. He ground his teeth together and bit his tongue. If he opened his mouth, he’d say something or do something that would probably get him thrown out and tossed in jail.

“The testing’s free through the homeless youth program.”

Lonnie pursed his lips and muttered, “Fine.”

The doctor looked at Brandon when he gave instructions that Lonnie was to take Tylenol for the pain and to rest for the next couple of days and to return if any more symptoms presented.

Well, fuck! The doctor must have thought Brandon was his pimp or… or dealer… or they were a couple or… something. “Oh… He’s not… I’m not–”

“He’s my landlord,” Lonnie said with an eye-roll. It wasn’t exactly a lie and Lonnie didn’t have the patience for Brandon’s stammering over whatever the status of their ‘relationship’ was.

The doctor just smiled condescendingly, like he didn’t believe him. “Yeah, sure. Fine. A nurse will be in to draw blood and clean you up. Then you’ll be okay to leave after you get the results, okay?” He looked between Lonnie and Brandon.

“Okay,” Lonnie muttered.

“Fine,” Brandon grumbled.

Brandon started to get impatient while waiting for the nurse. He was never very good at sitting still and he never liked hospitals. He and Lonnie hadn’t spoken a word the entire time. Not that he really cared.

Brandon looked at the dejected boy. He couldn’t very well throw him out on the streets tonight. He just got mugged for Christ sake. Brandon sighed inwardly. Since the demo wasn’t going to start for another week because of the delays, the k** could stay at the house for one more week. That would be better than him being on the street where no one would know where he was… where Brandon wouldn’t know where he was. One more week. Then he had to go.

After the nurse took Lonnie’s blood and cleaned his cut, they had to stick around for another hour or so for the results.

“You don’t have to stay,” Lonnie said as he looked down at his lap and picked at a stray thread hanging from one of the tears in his track pants.

Brandon simply grunted, not moving from the wall.

Lonnie laid his head back on the exam table and sighed. He closed his eyes and tried to relax.

Brandon was about to speak when his cell phone started vibrating. He pulled it out and saw that he had two missed calls from Benji, and Benji was calling again. It must be important, he thought as he answered. “Hello?”

“Brandon! It’s Ben, he’s–” Benji hiccuped and let out a sob. His voice was frantic and raw. “He’s in the ER. I need you, Brandon!”

“Benji, calm down. I’m already here. I’ll be right there. Sit tight and stay calm.”

“You’re what? Where?”

“I’m here. I’ll be right there, Benji.”

“Hurry,” he pleaded.

Brandon hung up the phone and looked over at Lonnie, who was sitting up on his elbows, looking at him all concerned. “Everything okay?”

“Something’s happened to my brother. His boyfriend is here in the ER freaking out. I’m sure it’s not as bad as it seems. I’m gonna go check on him and I’ll be back to take you home.”

Lonnie nodded and Brandon rushed out of the room. He found Benji sitting in the ER waiting room. He sat in one of the plastic chairs in a daze, his shoulders slumped forward, just staring at the ground. An older man was standing next to him, looking extremely uncomfortable as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.


Benji looked up at Brandon and burst into tears, burying his face in his hands.

“Hey, buddy,” Brandon said calmly and quietly. He sat down next to Benji and pulled him into his arms. “What’s going on?” he asked as he rubbed a circle on his back.

Benji lifted his head, wiped his hand across his nose and sniffled. “Ben was in an accident, on his motorcycle. He’s in surgery. They’re setting his arm or something.”

Brandon felt his chest tighten and he took a deep breath. His little brother was his best friend and his only family besides for his mom. If anything ever happened to him… He closed his eyes and slowly breathed in and then let out a deep breath. He leaned his head on top of Benji’s and spoke quietly and soothingly, “It’s gonna be okay, Benji. Let me try to find out what’s going on, okay? I’ll take care of everything. Just breathe slow and relax.”

Brandon stood up and held his hand out to the quiet man. “Hey. Brandon Davis.”

“Hi, I’m Cole,” he said as he shook his hand. “I work with Benji and Ben.”

“Thanks for bringing him down.”

“No problem. He wasn’t in any condition to drive. Listen, um…. If you don’t need me… My wife is waiting for me at home…”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll take care of him from here. Thanks again.”

Cole nodded and put his hand on Benji’s shoulder. “Let us know if you need anything, okay?”

“Thanks, Cole.”

“Okay. Let me know how Ben is.”

“I will,” Benji said with a nod.

After Cole left, Brandon went to the triage nurse to get an update on his brother.


It could have been worse. Much worse. Ben had a broken right arm and a broken left wrist. He’d have casts on both of his arms. He was damned lucky he didn’t kill himself. God damned lucky. Brandon wanted to beat his ass for not being more careful.

Brandon sat with his arm around Benji’s shoulders, and he was finally able to get Benji calm and relaxed. He had a feeling it was going to be a long wait.

“Mr. Davis?”

Brandon looked up at the nurse. “Mr. O’Reilly is ready. You can pay at the window down the hall.”

He stood up as Lonnie walked up from behind the nurse. The nurse held out the paperwork and Brandon took it and thanked her. He could feel Benji staring a hole into his back. Sure enough, when he turned around, Benji was looking at Lonnie, then back at Brandon, then back at Lonnie…

Brandon tried not to scowl. He didn’t need… whatever the fuck this was… right now.

“Come on, sit down,” Brandon said to Lonnie. He put his hand on Lonnie’s back and moved him over to sit next to Benji. “Lonnie, this is Benji, my brother’s boyfriend. Benji, this is Lonnie. He’s… Uh…” Brandon couldn’t think of what to say Lonnie was. A buddy? A friend? The homeless guy squatting at the company’s flip? “I’ll be right back.”

After Brandon paid Lonnie’s bill at the cashier’s window, he got his prescription filled at the hospital pharmacy, then walked back to the chairs.

He froze in his tracks. Lonnie and Benji were sitting in the chairs facing each other, quietly chatting like they were old friends.

Benji looked up at Brandon and gave him a smile; it was a tired smile, but there was a hint of a mischievous little twinkle there. Brandon didn’t like the looks of that little smirk one bit. Brandon was so fucked.

Brandon noticed that Lonnie was rubbing his left arm with his right hand, trying to warm up. He was just wearing a flimsy t-shirt and track pants. In the rush to get him to the ER, he hadn’t thought to get him something more substantial to wear. Lonnie was shivering and Brandon could actually see the goosebumps on his arms. His nipples were hard as pebbles, pushing against the thin cotton shirt. The sight was just too damned distracting.

“Here.” Brandon unbuttoned his flannel shirt and handed it to Lonnie, then sat down on the other side of Benji. Even though he was only wearing a wifebeater now, he was bigger with more meat on his bones. He’d be fine.

Out of the corner of his eye, Brandon watched Lonnie bring the shirt up to his nose and give it a quick sniff. With a smile on his face a mile wide, he pulled on the huge 3XLT shirt and buttoned it up, then rolled up the sleeves. The k** was absolutely swimming in the shirt, but he looked as happy as could be.

“Warm,” he whispered to himself.

Brandon swallowed loudly and shifted in his seat, trying to alleviate the sudden pressure growing between his legs. Seeing the man in his shirt was strangely… enticing. Brandon thought back to when his ex-wife used to put on his shirts. It used to annoy the shit out of him. She’d leave them stinking of that perfume that used to make him gag. Even though he could probably get another wear out of them, he’d have to throw them in the hamper. Then she’d nag him about having to wash too many loads of laundry when it was her own damned fault.


“Huh?” Brandon looked up when Benji waved his hand in front of his face.

The smirk on Benji’s face was still there, even more so now. “I was talking to you. You didn’t tell me that the dog food you wanted was for Lonnie’s dog. You said it was for a stray.”

“It was, so I thought,” he said while throwing a dirty look at Lonnie.

“Lonnie was saying that you pretend like you don’t like Ricky–”

“I don’t,” Brandon growled, crossing his arms over his chest. “He’s an ugly little runt and he shits all over the yard.”

“Yeah, sure you don’t, big daddy.” Benji smiled that wicked little smile again. Lonnie didn’t say anything, but Brandon could see that he was trying to hide a snicker behind his hand.

Brandon scowled and pushed up to his feet. He pulled his Browning cap further down his brow to cover his eyes. “I need a smoke.”

Brandon paced back and forth along the sidewalk outside of the ER doors as he smoked his cigarette. He should have taken Lonnie home, then came back to sit with Benji. Or he could have called Lonnie a cab. Shit. He didn’t need Lonnie talking to Benji. He put out his cigarette and hurried back in, needing to get Lonnie out of there.

“I’m so sorry. My dad’s an asshole, too,” Benji was saying quietly to Lonnie. “I’m so lucky to have Ben. And Brandon, he’s–”

“I’m what?” Brandon asked as he sat down. He narrowed his eyes and frowned.

An unfamiliar voice interrupted. “Brandon Davis?”

Brandon jumped up when Ben’s doctor entered, and he was followed quickly by Benji and Lonnie. “Your brother is finished with the cast tech and is being discharged.”

Brandon had Lonnie and Benji wait while he went and pulled up the truck. Several minutes later an orderly wheeled out a very cranky Ben Davis.

He had a cast on his left forearm that spanned from below his elbow, past his wrist and completely covered his palm, immobilizing his wrist and fingers. His right arm was in a shoulder sling and was completely covered from the shoulder to the wrist, with a bend that immobilized his elbow. He wouldn’t be able to really make use of either of his hands. Other than the two obvious injuries, he had a cut above his eyebrow and a bruise on his cheek under his right eye. Several bruises were hidden under his clothes, but he was otherwise undamaged. His ego seemed to have taken the most damage, as he was scowling and muttering curses under his breath.

Benji ran to his lover, standing next to the wheelchair. “Ben…” He hung his head as tears spilled down his face. “I…” He choked on his words and tried to take a calming breath, but it wasn’t working. He didn’t want to cry, but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to hug and kiss Ben, but was apprehensive about doing it in public.

Ben’s face softened at Benji’s distress. “Hey,” he whispered. “I’m okay, baby. Don’t cry. C’mere. Give me a hug. I need a hug.”

Benji sniffled and nodded and leaned in and hugged Ben around the neck. “I’m so glad you’re okay,” he said before giving Ben a bold kiss on the cheek. “I’m gonna take good care of you.”

Ben wrinkled his face and sighed. He didn’t want Benji to have to take care of him. It was his promised responsibility to take care of Benji, not the other way around. Ben didn’t want to have to rely on anybody for anything, but it looked like for the foreseeable future, Ben needed Benji more than Benji needed him.

Ben looked past Benji’s shoulder at the pretty young man standing behind Brandon. “Who’s that?”

Brandon closed his eyes and groaned.


After dropping off Ben and Benji at Ben’s place, Brandon took Lonnie ‘home’. The drive was filled with silence. It wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, but there was a tension in the air that Brandon couldn’t quite put his finger on. He could tell that Lonnie kept looking over at him, but he tried to ignore it.

Brandon cleared his throat, but his eyes stayed on the road. “You need to call your mom or somebody?”

“No. She’d just worry over nothing.”

Once they arrived at the flip house, Brandon pulled into the driveway and shut off the engine. He got out of the truck and clipped his keys to his belt. He quickly went around to the passenger side, opening the door before Lonnie could get it open.

“Grab onto the sissy handle,” Brandon told him as Lonnie unbuckled his seat belt.

“Excuse me?” Lonnie frowned, looking at him with a raised brow and a hand on his hip.

Brandon might have laughed under different circumstances, instead he winced and pointed to the handle in question. “I didn’t mean… Forget it. Step onto the running board,” he said as he held out his hand for Lonnie to hold onto. “Careful.”

“Thanks,” Lonnie said with a smile as he took Brandon’s offered hand. He let go of the stupid handle, carefully stepped onto the running board, then hopped onto the ground. “They didn’t have any bigger trucks on the lot?” he asked with an eye-roll.

Brandon quickly pulled his hand free and slammed the truck door shut. “I’m a big guy,” he muttered.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Lonnie whispered to himself.

Brandon chose to ignore the breathy commentary. “And I haul a lot of shit around for work.”

They walked around to the back door, Brandon watching carefully, making sure that Lonnie wasn’t dizzy or stumbling. Brandon followed Lonnie inside and Ricky yipped and hopped, happy to see his master alive and well.

Brandon let out a breath. “Listen. I was thinking I’d let you stay here another week. We’re not going to do demo until next Monday now. So if you need a few days…”

Brandon watched Lonnie blink his eyes in surprise. “Yeah. Okay. Thanks.”

“Okay,” Brandon said with a nod.

“Benji seemed like a very nice guy,” Lonnie said as he pulled Brandon’s over-sized flannel shirt off. “Thanks.”

Brandon took the offered shirt and shrugged it on, not bothering to button it up. “Yeah, he’s a sweetie. He’s good for my brother. So I’m gonna go. Remember what the doctor said.”

Lonnie looked at Brandon for a moment. “You think you might stop by tomorrow night?”

Brandon shrugged. “Nah. Don’t see why.”

“Oh,” Lonnie said, looking disappointed. He slid a little closer to Brandon. “I just thought maybe… well…” Lonnie’s fingers ghosted over Brandon’s hand.

Brandon stepped back, jerking his hand away from the sparks of Lonnie’s touch. “Are you fucking hitting on me? I already told you. I ain’t no fag, cupcake.”

“Don’t call me that,” Lonnie said, raising his voice at Brandon for the first time.

“I can call you whatever I want,” Brandon snarled. “Cupcake.”

Lonnie scoffed. “God. You’re such a homophobic asshole.”

“Homophobic? I have a gay brother. I’m no homophobe. I sure don’t have a reason to be afraid of a little sissy like you.”

Brandon’s harsh rejection finally pushed Lonnie over the edge. Lonnie blinked back the tears that pricked his eyes. He shoved Brandon’s chest with both of his hands as hard as he could, getting even madder when Brandon didn’t even budge an inch. “You’re a big Neanderthal; a fucking self-loathing closet case!”

Brandon brought his arms up, slapping Lonnie’s hands away. “Don’t you fucking cuss at me and don’t fucking touch me, because I sure as shit will hit you back.”

Lonnie’s mouth gaped open at Brandon’s words. “You would, you hypocrite! You’re nothing but a bully, scared of what people will think of you, so you try to hide it by hurting others. I don’t know what I ever saw in you!”

Lonnie tried to push Brandon again, and though Brandon was totally stunned by Lonnie’s admission, he managed to grab his arms.

“Let me go!” Lonnie screamed as he fought and slapped at Brandon. He tried to shove his knee into Brandon’s crotch, and just barely connected with his dick and balls. A very hard dick and very blue balls.

“Knock it off!” Brandon growled. He tried to hold Lonnie by the upper arms, but he wasn’t prepared when Lonnie grabbed at his cock. “Hey!”

Before Brandon could fully process what was going on, Lonnie was scrambling to unbuckle the big man’s belt. Brandon looked down at the top of Lonnie’s head, his hands pawing at Brandon’s crotch. Brandon was stunned for a second, unable to move, only able to watch Lonnie’s nimble fingers. Shaking out of his daze, he grabbed at the smaller man’s trembling hands, but Lonnie managed to pull down the zipper. Since Brandon didn’t wear underwear under his jeans, his cock sprang free.

Lonnie gasped aloud at the size of Brandon’s erection. Lonnie may not have had experience with many different partners, but he knew what to do. He knew what guys liked. He just hoped he could do justice with a dick this size. He dropped down to his knees and wrapped both fists around the enormous shaft and sucked it into his mouth before Brandon could stop him.

Brandon groaned as the end of his cock was suddenly surrounded by moist heat. Lonnie gagged repeatedly on his ten inches as his head bobbed up and down. Lonnie had pulled back the foreskin, exposing the sensitive head to his swirling tongue. He couldn’t deep throat it to the root, but his enthusiastic sucking more than made up for it, and he still took it deeper than any woman ever had. A small hand slid up and down with his mouth, twisting and pulling, while the other fondled and rolled his big nuts, which were already starting to tighten in their sack.

Brandon had never been sucked off like this in his life. Lonnie was doing it like he was starving for it, like he was made to suck cock, like his life depended on it. The sloppy slurping and sucking noises echoed in Brandon’s ears.Then he started to moan and hum. The vibrations hit Brandon like a freight train. Not even a minute in and he was about to fucking lose it, like some teenage virgin getting his first blowjob on prom bursa escort bayan night. He felt the pressure building up and there was no stopping it.

“Fuck,” Brandon groaned. His knees buckled and he gripped the back of Lonnie’s head with one of his big hands. If he was going to suck his cock, then he was damn well going to do it right and finish it. “Suck it! Swallow my fucking load, boy!”

With a roar, Brandon bucked forward and exploded. He heard Lonnie choke and gag as the first blast of semen slammed against the back of his throat. Brandon loosened his grip on the boy’s head, but Lonnie just moaned and greedily took it. He never pulled off, just sucked and swallowed, milking every single blast of hot spunk that shot out of Brandon’s aching balls.

Even after Brandon came down from his climax, Lonnie continued to moan and suckle on his still hard shaft.

Brandon stepped back, dazed and stunned at what just happened. A dude had just given him the best blowjob of his life, making him come harder than he could ever remember. A fucking 11 out of 10.

He looked down at the young man’s face and he started to panic. Lonnie looked up at him in awe, his pouty lips juicy wet, come dripping down his chin. Brandon’s cock lurched at the sight, wanting more of that hot mouth.

Brandon had to get the hell out of there. He tucked his still erect cock into his jeans and hurried out of the house to his truck as fast as he could, vowing to himself that he would never, ever return.

“Ben. You have to let me help you,” Benji said, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible.

“I can do it by my fucking self,” Ben groused, shoving Benji’s hand away with his shoulder, trying to push him out of the master bath with his bigger body. “Give me a minute of peace, for Christ’s sake.”

Benji let out a deep sigh. “Ben. I know you don’t like it, but we’re partners. If you can’t rely on me to take care of you, then what kind of relationship is this?”

Ben didn’t respond, he just scowled.

They had been home one day and already the two men were driving each other crazy.

Ben liked to be in control and in charge. He was the alpha dog. With both of his arms in casts, he felt fucking worthless. Like a fucking invalid. He wasn’t used to being in this situation and he did not like it. He did not like it at all.

Benji insisted on waiting on Ben hand and foot and Ben just wanted to do everything himself. The only problem was that he wasn’t able to do anything by himself, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

Benji already had to clean up piss from all over the bathroom floor because Ben thought he could go to the bathroom without help. He was already over Ben’s attitude. He understood how his big man felt, but that didn’t mean that he had to yell and cuss at him.

“Fine,” Ben finally grumbled. It sounded more like a grunt than anything else.

“Would you rather we hire a nurse? If it’s me that you have a problem with–”

“I have to take a shit, okay?!” Ben shouted. “Is that what you want to hear? I can’t even wipe my own ass. How do you think that makes me feel?”

“I don’t like it either, Ben. But it’s you. If that’s what you need, then that’s what I’ll do. I would do anything for you, Ben. I mean that. Anything. You should know that by now.”

“Fine,” Ben mumbled with a sigh.

Benji untied the drawstring around Ben’s sweatpants and gave a tug and let them fall to the ground. He couldn’t help but notice that Ben wasn’t wearing underwear, especially when his over-sized flaccid penis flopped out and slapped against his thigh. Benji cleared his throat and averted his eyes, not wanting to be caught gawking like a pervert in this very un-sexual situation. “I’ll be in the bedroom. Just call me when you’re done.”

Benji shut the bathroom door behind him and went and sat down on the bed. Toby bounded into the bedroom, and after two tries, leapt up onto the bed. Benji reached over and scratched at the little dog’s neck, getting his fingers under the collar. “Don’t let your daddy catch you up here,” he said to the happy dog. “He’s cranky.”

He let out a deep breath. It was going to be a very long six weeks until the first cast came off.


Brandon looked down at the silky black hair and ran his hand through it. Soft lips surrounded the head of his cock and sucked gently.

Brandon squeezed his eyes shut and tried to concentrate on the sensations. This had never happened to him before. His body just wasn’t responding. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He had told himself that he would never come back here. But he had to prove it to himself. Maybe the feelings he was having were just a phase. He had to know for sure.

After a few minutes, not even the warm mouth and slick tongue could coax an erection out of him. Brandon felt humiliated and betrayed by his own body. He had never not been able to get it up. It happens to everyone from time to time they say, but never to him. Never. It just serves as a confirmation as to how wrong this was, Brandon’s inner voice told him. Brandon told the voice to fuck off.

“Okay,” Brandon croaked. He cleared his throat. “Stop. Sorry. I can’t…”

The young, petite Asian sat up and sat back in the passenger seat, eyeing Brandon suspiciously. “You still owe me.”

Brandon looked at the young woman and nodded. After tucking his limp dick back into his jeans, he pulled his wallet out of his truck’s glove compartment and pulled out two bills. He handed them over to her and stared straight ahead with his hands gripping the steering wheel, not wanting to see the judgement on her face. He couldn’t believe that his dick had betrayed him like this. When the passenger door slammed shut, Brandon started up the truck and drove, wanting to get away as fast as he could.

Brandon felt disgusted.

He had come down to ‘the block’ once before to find some desperately needed relief when he and Ginny were in the middle of their divorce. He didn’t like doing it then, and he said he’d never go back. He should have listened to himself. He only felt worse now.

Gripping the steering wheel tightly in his left fist, he squeezed and rubbed the back of his neck with his right. He twisted his head on his neck, wanting to feel the pops and cracks that would give him a few seconds of relief.

As soon as he got home, he went right for the bathroom. He stripped off his clothes and tossed them into the hamper and heated up the shower. The water was as hot as he could stand it and he stayed under until it turned ice cold. His mind was so fucked up, he didn’t even jerk off like he normally would have.

He laid down on the solitary bed in the empty bedroom and stared up at the ceiling.

First thing in the morning, he’d go down to the health clinic and get one of those quick tests done like Lonnie had.


Ben spent most of the first two days in bed. The painkillers made him really tired. Benji was slightly grateful for the quiet. When Ben wasn’t yelling, he was withdrawn and depressed.

Benji was at a loss. Ben had never raised his voice at him in all the time that they’d been together. In the span of two days, he had been yelled at and cussed at until he was practically in tears. The worst part was that Ben knew what he was doing and didn’t even apologize. He tried to let it go, telling himself that this wasn’t the real Ben, but it was really hard to separate the feelings.

Benji stood at the stove absentmindedly stirring the pot of soup. He wasn’t a very good cook. Not that he was a bad cook, he just didn’t have a lot of experience. But he could follow a recipe okay. Ben was a great cook and though he had taught Benji a lot, he still got hung up on complicated recipes that had lots of steps or required doing more than one thing at a time. Luckily, Ben had frozen the leftovers last time he made stew. All Benji had to do was heat it up.

Benji looked down at Toby, who sat patiently at his feet. “I guess I’m gonna have to learn to be a better cook, Toby.”

The little dog looked up at Benji and blinked his eyes, nervously shifting his weight between his front paws. Benji smiled warmly at him. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Daddy doesn’t mean to yell at you. You’re a good boy. He still loves you. I hope he still loves me, too, after all of this.”

“I need another pill.”

Benji jumped at the sound of Ben’s rough and sleepy voice but quickly recovered. “Sit down at the table. The stew’s almost ready.” Benji glanced over at Ben. If he had heard Benji talking to Toby, his face showed no indication of it. He wore the same scowl that had become so familiar for the past two days.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You have to take it with food, Ben.”

“I said I’m not fucking hungry!”

Toby went over and laid down at Ben’s feet. His ears were flat against his head and he glanced up at Ben with big brown sad eyes. Ben ignored him.

Benji swallowed the lump in his throat, but he didn’t back down. He kept his chin up and stared back at Ben’s scowling face. His voice was quiet, but he managed to sound firm. “Please don’t argue with me.”

“Fine,” Ben said through his gritted teeth.

Ben stepped over Toby, and pushed his bulk into a chair and sat down at the table. He ground his teeth together while he waited for Benji to come and feed him. Like he was fucking helpless. Like he was a fucking baby.


Brandon tried to stay away, honest he did. But after two days, he found himself sitting in his idling truck in the driveway of the flip house. He rubbed at the knot on the back of his neck. He rolled his head back and forth until it cracked with a series of pops. Even that didn’t help the crick that had taken residence there.

It wasn’t a big deal, he told himself. Lonnie was staying in his company’s house. As one of the owners of the company, it was his responsibility to make sure that Lonnie was taken care of while he was watching the place. That’s all it was.

He cut off the diesel engine and picked up the sack of burgers and drinks and made his way around the back of the house, carefully watching his step. He pushed open the back door and was greeted by a happy little Ricky.

Brandon noted that the light on the vent hood above the empty space where the stove would sit was on, giving the room a soft glow, casting enough light to see clearly.

He looked down at Ricky. As much as he hated to admit it, the bouncy dog with the wagging tail was a sight for sore eyes and Brandon felt his mood lifting just a little bit.

“Hey there, little ugly.” Ricky jumped up onto Brandon’s leg, bouncing up and down in the air. Brandon laughed. “You miss big daddy?” He reached down and used his index finger to scratch at the little hairs under the dog’s chin. “I got something for you.” He pulled a dried pig ear from his pocket and gave it to the dog, who happily took it and ran off to chew on his new treat in private.

“Hi, Brandon.”

Brandon looked up to see Lonnie leaning in the kitchen doorway. He was mostly hidden away from the vent hood’s light, but the light that did spill across him made him look stunningly beautiful. Brandon swallowed down his nerves and tried to smile. “Hey. I, um…. I brought you some food.”

Lonnie studied the burly man for a moment, before speaking coolly, “Thanks. You didn’t have to do that.”

“And I wanted to check on you,” he added quietly. “Make sure you were okay.”

“Thanks,” Lonnie said.

The corner of Lonnie’s mouth turned up in a hesitant little smile and Brandon’s mood lightened a tiny bit more. “Okay. Good. Let’s eat while it’s hot.”

Lonnie was pissed when Brandon first walked into the house. He was angry and humiliated. The big caveman had some nerve showing up here. Okay, so it was technically his house, but still.

But then Brandon brought Ricky a treat and the simple little gesture told him that maybe the big guy wasn’t totally irredeemable.

Lonnie nodded and Brandon followed him into the bedroom. They sat together on the mattress and Brandon pulled out two foil-wrapped cheeseburgers for each of them. He dumped the big cup of hot french fries into the bag, then handed Lonnie a bottle of Coke.

“I didn’t know what you liked on your burgers, so–”

“I got what you like,” Lonnie finished with a smile.

“Yeah.” Brandon opened a little plastic container of ketchup and set it down by the bag of fries.

“I’m not real picky. I’m sure you’ll learn what I like in time.”

It wasn’t like there’d be a chance of that. Brandon was only here to check on the boy this one time. Besides, he’d be gone in a few days. For some reason, he went ahead and agreed. “Yeah.”

Ricky bounced up onto the bed, getting between them. He dropped his pig ear on the bed, and nosed his snoot into the bag of fries, sniffing.

Brandon gave Ricky’s bottom a little push. “Ricky, no. Bad boy.”

Lonnie stood up and put Ricky out of the bedroom, shutting the door on him.

“Sorry about that. He knows he doesn’t get people food.” He bent down and picked up the pig ear from the bed. “Ew!” he exclaimed as his fingers touched the slobbery piece of dried flesh. He tossed it towards the door and went into the bathroom to quickly wash his hands.

He sat back down next to Brandon and unwrapped one of the cheeseburgers and took a bite. He frowned and pulled out a tomato slice and wrapped it in a napkin before continuing to eat.

“Mm, this is really good,” Lonnie said between bites.

“Mm-hmm. The best,” Brandon replied with a mouthful.

“Thanks for bringing it.”

Lonnie licked the juices from his fingers. Brandon stared at Lonnie’s mouth, watching the pink tongue dart over the tip of his index finger before his lips closed around it, and then pulled it away with a smack. He felt his cock starting to fill and he pulled his gaze away, trying to forget the image. He wasn’t here for that. He was here to check on Lonnie, to make sure he wasn’t hurt.

“How’s your head?” Brandon asked as he took another bite of his burger.

“You tell me. You certainly seemed to enjoy it before you ran out of here.”

Brandon choked and gagged, nearly spitting a mouthful of half-chewed burger all over the floor. “That’s not what I meant,” he said as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Lonnie just smiled. “I’m fine, Brandon.”

The men ate the rest of their burgers in silence. Brandon didn’t feel the silence to be uncomfortable. He was glad to see that Lonnie seemed to have a big appetite, digging into both of his cheeseburgers as well as the fries they shared. He must really feel fine since he ate like he was starving. He felt a little bit guilty for taking so long to check on him. What if Lonnie hadn’t been fine? But he was, and that was all that mattered.

Brandon’s face flushed warm slightly as he thought of Lonnie’s innuendo. He wanted to tell Lonnie that his head was the best he ever had. Outstanding, bar none, without a doubt. But it didn’t matter. It wasn’t like that was ever going to happen again. That’s not why he was here.

Lonnie tipped his bottle back and swallowed the last of his Coke. He glanced over at Brandon. The burly man appeared to be lost in thought. Lonnie’s eyes travelled up and down Brandon’s body. Brandon’s huge bear paw hands held his burger to his mouth. Lonnie knew from experience that the size of those hands translated directly to the size of his dick. His face started to feel warm as he remembered the feel of the man’s cock in his hands. Christ, but Brandon was hung. He thought his ex-boyfriend had a big one, but his seven inches was nothing compared to Brandon. Brandon had him beat by three good inches, plus extra girth.

Lonnie’s eyes settled on Brandon’s face. The man was not exactly pretty to look at, but every once in a while, his face would soften and that scowl would disappear. During those times, he kind of looked handsome in a rugged, uber-manly way. Yeah, Brandon was all man, one hundred percent, and that was very attractive to Lonnie. Lonnie’s eyes moved from Brandon’s thick beard to his wet, red lips. He wondered what it would be like to kiss Brandon, to feel those lips on his skin. He’d never kissed a guy with a real beard before. Would it itch? Would it tickle? What did the bears say when they saw another sexy bear? Woof? Yeah. Lonnie looked Brandon up and down.


He noticed that Brandon had a scar that cut into his bottom lip and disappeared into his bearded chin. He wondered how he got that scar. Maybe he’d ask Brandon about it some time.

Brandon’s bright green eyes turned and met Lonnie’s lingering gaze. God, Brandon’s eyes were gorgeous. There was something there. Understanding maybe? Desire maybe?

“How did you get that scar on your chin?” As soon as the question came out, he winced. He didn’t intend to blurt it out.

“An on the job accident. One of my guys wasn’t paying attention and I walked past at the exact wrong time. A piece of wood slammed into my face.”


“Yeah. It cut the shit out of my chin. I lost three teeth and broke my nose. There was blood everywhere. Luckily, I was wearing safety glasses and a hardhat.”

“Oh my god!”

Brandon ran his finger over a crook in his nose. He pushed his bottom lip down and ran a finger over three of his bottom teeth. “These are a bridge.”

“You can’t tell. And your beard mostly covers the scar. I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse.”

Brandon nodded, and popped a couple of fries into his mouth. Brandon quieted. He looked away from Lonnie and stared at the floor. After a moment of silence, Brandon lifted his eyes and stared back at Lonnie. Lonnie saw that look again.

“Why are you here, Brandon?”

Lonnie watched his adam’s apple bob as he visibly and audibly swallowed. “I told you… I wanted to check on you, make sure you were okay.”

Lonnie looked at Brandon, searching his face. He could see the conflict in the big man. He might not want to admit it, but he wanted Lonnie. He wouldn’t keep coming back if he didn’t.

Then it hit Lonnie. Brandon wanted more than just sex; he wanted companionship, Lonnie decided. Why else would he have brought dog treats and dinner, wanting to sit on a mattress in an abandoned house?

Lonnie decided he would have to be the one to take a chance. It might get him a bruised ego or a black eye, but then it might also get him something a whole lot better. Lonnie slid just a little closer and placed his hand on Brandon’s thigh. He could feel the big man trembling under his touch, but he didn’t push him away. “I’m good, Brandon. But I’m better now that you’re here.”

Brandon looked down at the smaller man, staring up at him with those pretty brown eyes with the long black lashes. Christ, his nerves were so shot. He couldn’t ever remember feeling this nervous around a girl before. Brandon winced inwardly. Lonnie wasn’t a girl. He was dude. A fucking dude!

Brandon knew that he wasn’t that great to look at, but he never had problems getting girls when he was younger and in the service. They liked his macho, cocky attitude and the way his muscled body looked in his uniform. He never felt nervous or unsure of himself. If he got turned down, he shrugged it off and moved on. That attitude always worked for him in the past. It wasn’t until after he got married that the regular sex he was used to dried up.

The way Lonnie looked at him was somehow different than how all of those girls looked at him. He felt like Lonnie looked right through to his soul, like he could see all of his secret wants and desires. Like he could see the real Brandon Davis. And that was scary.

Brandon watched the tip of Lonnie’s pink tongue dart out and moisten his full, pouty lips.


That mouth. So fucking sexy.

Before Brandon could stop himself, he leaned down and kissed Lonnie. It was so not what he expected. Lonnie’s lips were so warm and so soft. He had expected hard and rough, like he envisioned a man would be.

Lonnie let out a needy whimper as he pushed forward, pressing himself further into Brandon’s kiss. His hand snaked around Brandon’s neck, holding him gently, keeping their mouths pressed against each other. He was very pleased to find out that the burn from Brandon’s beard whiskers was highly pleasurable.

Brandon slid his tongue along Lonnie’s bottom lip. Lonnie opened his mouth and Brandon went to town. He grabbed Lonnie’s head and deepened the kiss. He stroked the boy’s tongue with his own. Their heads moved in perfect rhythm.

Brandon’s breathing hitched as Lonnie’s hand slid up his thigh. The boy’s knowledgeable fingers found Brandon’s cock and slid along his length, stroking and squeezing him through his jeans.

Lonnie hoped and prayed that Brandon wouldn’t freak out. He wanted the big man so bad, more than he had ever wanted anyone. The thrill of Brandon shooting that big thick load into his mouth was something that he’d never forgot. If Lonnie had his way, he’d be taking care of Brandon’s needs as often as he could. Lonnie loved to suck dick and Brandon had the best he’d ever had. He would make Brandon come so hard and so good, he wouldn’t go anywhere else. He never thought of himself as a size queen before, but he had revised that opinion since he’d had Brandon. Oh yes, size definitely does matter.

“Let me take care of you, big daddy,” Lonnie whispered. He meant it as a little joke, but it came out of his mouth all breathy and sexy.

“Oh fuck,” Brandon groaned.

Lonnie’s words had sent a shudder down Brandon’s spine. There was no way in hell he could resist that. He laid back on the mattress as Lonnie unbuckled and unzipped his jeans, giving him complete access. Brandon looked down at Lonnie, watching him admire the newly freed organ. The fact that he was hard as steel and throbbing wasn’t lost on Brandon. Of course his cock got hard for Lonnie.

“God, you’re huge,” Lonnie moaned as he gripped the base and lifted it away from Brandon’s body.

“Suck it for me, cupcake,” Brandon husked as he reached up and pressed the back of Lonnie’s head, sliding his fingers into the silky soft black hair.

This time when Brandon called him ‘cupcake,’ it didn’t come out as a sneer. It came out as an endearment and Lonnie’s heart swelled. But it was too early to read anything into Brandon’s feelings. Brandon just wanted his dick sucked and that was all. He pushed his own feelings into the back of his mind and got busy doing what he did best. He swirled his tongue under Brandon’s foreskin, getting him nice and wet. He then pulled the skin back, closed his eyes and took Brandon into his mouth.

Brandon gripped Lonnie’s hair tight in his fist. He gave a firm push, sending his cock into the back of Lonnie’s mouth. Lonnie gagged and slid back up, sucking hard. He swirled his tongue around the head before Brandon pushed him back down.

“Too rough?” Brandon grunted.

“Mm-mmm,” Lonnie replied, shaking his head around Brandon’s shaft.

“Fuck… Suck my cock…”

Lonnie allowed Brandon to push his head up and down, rough fucking him on his cock. He loved every minute of it. His mouth was drooling all over Brandon’s thick length. The room was filled with the sounds of slurping and sucking, only overpowered by the grunts and groans spilling from Brandon’s throat. Lonnie’s own cock was throbbing and pulsing in his pajama pants, just a touch away from shooting. He slipped his other hand under Brandon’s shirt and undershirt and raked his fingers through the patch of hair he found.

Brandon watched Lonnie suck him. His cheeks were hollowed in and his pouty pink lips were sealed tight around his thick bone. His eyes were closed, but the look of ecstasy on the boy’s face was unmistakable. He loved doing this. Up and down he went, over and over. Brandon could feel his tongue fluttering around the shaft and swirling around the head on each upstroke. His hand twisted and pulled on what he couldn’t swallow. Absolutely perfect. This boy was made to suck cock. He was made to suck Brandon’s cock. He was too fucking good at this.

Brandon held back as long as he could, letting Lonnie pleasure him, but he needed to come, and he needed to come in Lonnie’s mouth.

“Oh god damn, I’m gonna fucking blow. I’m gonna come in your fucking mouth. Swallow it, fuck yeah!”

“Mm-hmm,” Lonnie moaned, wanting to let Brandon know it was okay, but not wanting to pull off to tell him.

Holding his head in place, Brandon bucked his hips up into Lonnie’s greedy mouth. Brandon’s body went rigid as his muscles tightened. Lonnie’s mouth and hand bobbed up and down, faster and faster. With a long groan, Brandon erupted, flooding Lonnie’s mouth with jet after jet of thick, hot spunk.

Lonnie slowly milked Brandon with his mouth and hands, drawing every bursting rope of thick, hot semen from Brandon’s body, swallowing down every precious drop.

Once he was satisfied that Brandon was completely finished, Lonnie raised up onto his knees, struggling with the drawstring of his pajamas. He needed to come so bad. Oh god, if he could get these stupid pajamas open, he could jerk himself off.

Brandon watched Lonnie trying to free his cock with shaking hands. He reached over and grabbed the waistband of Lonnie’s pajamas and gave a firm tug, freeing the little man’s boner. Lonnie’s dick was cut, but not particularly hung, only about five inches in length on a good day, but a respectable width. It was a good size for a little guy like Lonnie. He looked painfully hard, the dusky shaft swollen a deep purple and dripping wet with pre-come. His balls were already drawn tight to his body.

Brandon’s eyes were drawn to a small tattoo on Lonnie’s hip, on the right side just below his waistline. A green four-leaf clover. For luck. Well, Lonnie was about to get lucky. Without even thinking, Brandon reached over and took Lonnie in his fist.

Lonnie cried out in ecstasy as Brandon touched him. He never ever in a million years expected that Brandon would reciprocate, with even just a handjob. The feeling of his thick, rough, calloused fingers on his smooth, ultra-sensitive skin was just too much.

A copious amount of pre-come slicked the shaft in Brandon’s fist and Brandon’s fingers slid easily up and down. Oh god, it was so good! Up and down, up and down. Three strokes was all it took to throw him over the edge.

Lonnie’s whole body started to shake. “Brandon!”

“Yeah, shoot it, boy,” Brandon growled.

Lonnie’s eyes flew open wide at Brandon’s words. He bucked up into Brandon’s fist and a jet of white hot spunk flew out of Lonnie’s dick and landed across Brandon’s thigh. Brandon looked back up at Lonnie’s face and watched him, mesmerised by the neediness in his face as he stared back at Brandon while he came, and apparently came hard. He kept stroking until Lonnie covered his forearm and hand with his thick load. Brandon’s slick fingers slid over the sensitive head and Lonnie grabbed Brandon’s wrist, trying to still his movements.

“No more,” Lonnie begged as Brandon continued to torture the head with his fingers. Lonnie pulled Brandon’s hand away from his overworked cock head and slumped over, trying to catch his breath.

Lonnie looked down at the big guy in amazement. Before Brandon could react, Lonnie leaned down and kissed him. Brandon seemed shocked and dazed, but recovered quickly. He grabbed the back of Lonnie’s head and pulled him closer. Lonnie was pleasantly surprised at the passion in Brandon’s kiss.

Brandon finally broke the kiss and started to sit up.

“Don’t move,” Lonnie said as he pressed a hand against his chest. “Let me clean you up.”

Lonnie scrambled to his feet and ran into the bathroom. He grabbed his washcloth and warmed it up in the sink. He wiped himself off, then rinsed off the washcloth with hot water. He returned to the bed, where Brandon was sitting with his messy hand out, trying to keep from touching it against anything. Lonnie wiped him down, cleaning his spunky hand and arm, then wiping off his thigh before cleaning his groin.

Brandon suddenly felt awkward. He needed to bolt. He knew how that would look, but Lonnie was a guy. He’d understand. Fuck. Lonnie was a guy. Double fuck. He stuffed his dick back into his jeans and zipped up. “I gotta go.”


Lonnie got up and followed Brandon to the kitchen back door.

“You’ll come back tomorrow?” Lonnie asked. He cringed inwardly when he heard how his voice sounded like he was begging.

‘Hell, yes’, Brandon immediately thought. He could come back. What did they call it? Friends with benefits? Yeah, there was nothing wrong with that. Lonnie could be his friend with benefits. Just buddies helping each other out. Brandon had a buddy who helped him out before. No big deal.

But Lonnie looked up at him, so hopeful, yet so vulnerable. Brandon couldn’t help but feel awed that the beautiful boy’s affections and emotions were directed towards him. He could probably get anyone he wanted, but for whatever reason, he wanted Brandon. Suddenly, the fact that Lonnie was a man didn’t seem so important.

Brandon let out a small huff of air, melting slightly in Lonnie’s gaze. Before he could censor himself, he reached up and ran the back of his knuckles along Lonnie’s smooth, delicate jaw.

“Yeah, cupcake,” Brandon said. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Brandon leaned down and pressed a kiss to Lonnie’s lips, then was gone.

As Brandon walked to his truck, he felt good. He had a spring in his step and he felt relaxed for the first time in a really long time.

If Brandon had looked at himself in the rear-view mirror, he would have found that he had a genuine smile on his face.


Benji slammed the door behind him, hiding in the master bathroom. He scrubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands. ‘A fucking nag,’ Ben had called him. No, he had yelled it at him.

After five days of torture, Benji wasn’t sure how much more he could take. Maybe it would be better if Ben had a nurse and Benji cancelled his short term disability leave and went back to work.

No, he couldn’t do that. Ben was his responsibility. He would just have to try harder. He’d get through to him somehow. Their relationship wouldn’t be able to survive much more of this. He had to do something.

After Benji washed his face, he opened the bathroom door. He was surprised to see Ben laying on the bed, spread eagle with his arms out at his sides, legs slightly spread. He stared up at the ceiling, his face expressionless.

Benji walked over to the foot of the bed. “Hi.”

Ben raised his head and looked at his little man. “Hey.” He swallowed and stared back at Benji. He had made his baby cry. Again. His face took on a pained expression at the realization. He let his head fall back on the pillow and he returned his gaze to the ceiling.

Benji crawled onto the bed, moving between Ben’s legs. He caressed and rubbed Ben’s shins, his hands sliding along the gray sweatpants that Ben seemed to live in these days.

“Don’t push me away, Ben.”

After a few moments, Ben replied so quietly, Benji had to strain to hear him. “I hate that you have to see me like this…”

Ben’s eyes met Benji’s for just a moment and Benji’s heart felt like it might break. Ben looked defeated. Humiliated. Shamed.

“Ben, I know we’re not married or whatever, but like they say, ‘in sickness and in health’. That makes it my responsibility to take care of you. I’m gonna do it whether you like it or not. But it would make it a lot easier on me if you helped me out just a little.”

Ben continued to stare at the ceiling. As he blinked, Benji saw the moisture pooling there. Maybe he was finally getting through to his big guy.

“What if it was me?” Benji asked. “What if I was hurt, broke my arms and needed you to help me? Wouldn’t you take care of me?”

“You know I would,” Ben said vehemently, meeting his eyes directly. “I made a promise to you that I would take care of you. And right now, I’m failing miserably.”

Benji shook his head. “What am I gonna do with you, big guy?” Ben hadn’t shaved all week and he was starting to smell a little ripe. The wifebeater he wore was stained with soup dribbles and a splotch of mustard. The sweatpants hung low on his hips and were snug on his trunk-like thighs. The outline of his flaccid cock was enticing. Without even thinking, Benji reached out and squeezed the meaty cock.

Ben’s eyes widened and he looked down at Benji in shock. Did Benji still want him, even after everything, even though he was crippled? He couldn’t even make love to his baby, at least not right, not like this. Despite this, his cock rapidly hardened under Benji’s masterful touch. He pushed his hips up, urging Benji to keep going, to get him off. He hadn’t even realized how long he had gone without Benji’s touch. Ben was used to being the one in charge. When he was horny, which was all the time when Benji was around, he’d always made sure to let his little man know. And Benji never, ever disappointed him. He was the alpha dog, the one in control. Even if he gave up that control, how the hell was he supposed to please his lover when he couldn’t even touch him? Ben prided himself on his ability to drive Benji wild in bed. He always made sure Benji’s needs were met, in bed as well as out. Making sure that Benji was taken care of was his number one priority.

Benji pulled his hands away and set them on Ben’s thighs. Ben groaned and bucked his hips up. “Baby, don’t tease me.”

Benji smiled to himself. He ghosted his fingers lightly over the hot and growing bulge. “You want me to touch you?”

“Yes,” he hissed. “Jerk me off.”

“Oh, so now you want my help.” Benji dipped his fingers under the waistband of Ben’s sweats and stroked the tip of his fingers along the hard shaft that was aching to be set free. He pulled his hands away and moved them back to Ben’s thighs.

“You’re not playing fair,” Ben whined.

“Maybe. So I suppose I could help you out with your little… well, not so little… your big problem…” Benji slid his hand back into Ben’s sweats and gripped the shaft firmly. “And in return you could help me out by being a little bit nicer.”

“That’s blackmail, you little fucker!” Ben’s words were harsh, but his voice had a hint of laughter in it. When Benji looked into his face, he saw the beginnings of a smile. The first in what seemed like a long time.

Benji pulled his hand away again and Ben groaned and bucked his hips up. “Baby…”

“So do we have a deal?” Benji looked down at Ben’s crotch. His dick was fully engorged, creating a huge and obscene tent in the sweatpants. Benji’s mouth started to water. He looked back up at Ben, hoping his big man would agree.

“Yeah. Deal. Just touch me. Anything, baby. I’m dying here!”

“Lay back,” Benji said in a calm and quiet voice. “Relax. I told you, I’m gonna take care of you. And starting right now, you’re gonna do what I say. No complaining, no yelling, and no cussing. You understand me?”

Ben almost swallowed his tongue. He couldn’t speak, so he nodded his head. He laid back while Benji undressed him, pulling off his wifebeater and his sweats. Benji frowned a