Brenda – 2

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Brenda – 2It came time to help my good sweet sissy move forward in her growth. Brenda needed me to keep her inline. She craved, and still does crave, an older man to be firm with her.I knew Brenda procrastinated in gathering all of the items I requested. She was nervous about keeping these items at her house for fear of being discovered. I had Brenda drop off the clothes and lipstick at my place. She was going to wear them at my place bust for me anyhow and she needed the “being discovered” excuse removed as an option. The moment was approaching when Brenda would model her new clothes for me. By this time Brenda enjoyed calling me Daddy when we were alone, and she was much more comfortable hearing my voice calling her … princess … or sweetie. After one of the many times Brenda sucked my cock and swallowed my seed, she asked my why I don’t call her names. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to hear the words … slut… sissy… whore… cumslut … etc… from my mouth. When I pressed her she said she would sometimes fantasize about me calling her names when she pleasured herself while having a dildo in her tight hole. I was of course going to call her all of those things, but she wasn’t quite ready to hear it … yet. Brenda and I were finally able to schedule a time to meet and have her model for me. Brenda arrived and was very nervous. I greeted her with a hug and a peck on the forehead welcoming my precious good girl. I told her to shower and then go into my bedroom and put on the hose, pajama top, and panties. She carried a small bag with her that she didn’t want me to know what was in there. She smiled sheepishly and said she wanted to surprise me. Brenda showered and seemed to spend a good amount of time prepping herself. I was in uşak escort no hurry. I scheduled the entire evening to be with her and I had even left the door open for her to spend the night, if I felt she was ready. Brenda opened cracked the bathroom door just enough to ask me to wait in the living room and not peak. I remember smiling inside as I enjoyed that she was feeling safer with me. I could sense that she was becoming more comfortable with herself. I heard Brenda tell from the bedroom asking me what she was to wear. I told her again, the black pantyhose, black silk panties, and pajama top. She yelled that she was about to come out but she didn’t want me to see her until she was in the living room. She begged me to keep my eyes closed. I obliged. I was enjoy I gotta her innocence and excitement. With my eyes closed I could hear her walk down the carpeted hall and into my living room. I could hear the pantyhose rubbing as she walked. Then I could smell her. She was wearing a very subtle but pretty perfume. “Okay Daddy, you can open your eyes”. I opened my eyes to see a very insecure Brenda looking at me wondering if I was going to approve. Brenda surprised me. She was wearing a long black haired wig (her idea), she had applied a subtle amount of pink blush. I told her to stand directly in front of me. When I placed one hand on her thigh and lifted the pajama shirt, her legs were shivering with nervousness.”Daddy?” She asked. I remained silent but I nodded as if I was happy. Deep down I was very pleased, but I couldn’t get emotional like that with her just yet. Brenda was wearing the black panties, black pantyhose, and then she surprised me with some black high heels. I had her turn her back to me. Her body was very smooth. escort uşak I was having a difficult time keeping my stuff cock a secret. I stood up and placed my arms around her, pressing her body into line. She could feel I was hard. “Well done princess” I whispered in her ear. I let her know how pleased I was. She asked if she could suck on my cock. I told her not yet, then she begged to put her mouth on me. “Please Daddy… I want to be your good girl”. I let her know she was being very good. I put some smooth jazz on (the group fourplay). I sat back down and told her to slowly touch her hips, legs, thighs, and ass. I was about to explode when she touched herself in rhythm to the music. I told her that she could swallow me after she grabbed the vibrator that was on the bed. Brenda has already brought that out. She placed a bottle of lube in a recliner next to the sofa along with the vibrator. I was too excited to notice, and I had my eyes closed when she walked into the living room. I had Brenda get on the couch as I pulled out my cock. I told her I wanted her ass in the air as she was going to feel the vibe in her hole while she sucked on me. Her warm red lips ticked lips wrapped around my cock as she fondled my balls. My eyes almost tolled into the back of my head she made me feel so good. Brendas ass was high in the air as she was bent over. I pulled down her panties, lubed up the vibe and began pressing it into her. Brenda pauses for a moment until the vibe was fully inside of her. Brenda began to suck harder and faster than she’d ever done before. I turned the speed up on the vibe and she continued to suck on me harder. “Are you going to give me your seed Daddy?” Brenda begged. I tried to hold off as long as I could. Then my uşak escort bayan body tended up. I grabbed her ass, squeezing one ass cheek as hard as I could as my cock paused then pulsated inside of her mouth. I could hear the vibe speed in high as I could feel each pulse of my cock drain the seed from my balls. Brenda slurped up every drop before licking my balls. Then I heard her let out a little whimper. Then a soft grunt. Brenda made sure suck every drop of cam out Of me before she suddenly got up and ran to the bathroom. I could hear her say “I’m do sorry Daddy. I tried.” Before running into the bathroom. I was in a bit of a glow and tried to relax. I could hear Brenda becoming upset almost angry with herself as I could hear her talking to herself. Pulled up my underwear and walked to the bathroom. She refused to let me in. After about 20 minutes (that felt much longer) of back and forth, Brenda finally opened the door. She had her panties off and was apologizing profusely. She had orgasmed in her panties and was very emotional. She said she wanted this night to be special and that she didn’t want to orgasm until I released myself inside of her not just in her mouth. I told her to get herself cleaned up and when she was done, she was to put on the clothes I was about to lay out on my bed. I placed on my bed a few items I bought for her. I had an oversized shirt, cotton Wonder Woman panties, and long the be socks that would come up to her knees. I heard her leave the bathroom and enter my bedroom while I sat on the couch in the living room. Brenda walked out, her eyes swollen from fighting off the tears. She had a big smile on her sweet face and she thanked me for the panties. I had her sit next to me as we watched tv. I would periodically put a dildo in her and she would occasionally fondle my balls and suck on me. She spent the evening in my bed and we fucked before passing out and again when I woke up. More detail in part 3 … Thank you for reading,Sissyfuck3r