Black Men, A Plantation owner’s Wifes Story

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Black Men, A Plantation owner’s Wifes StoryHe stood before me, a giant of a man, dirty and ragged with muscles rippling on his stomach, and as I walked around him, my eyes traced his thin waist and the V on his taut buttocks, my favorite part when looking at a man, but what excited me about this particular encounter, he was mine, not by an affair attached to the heart, no this was business, he was mine as a gift from my husband, to amuse myself with, this was a plantation in the deep south, and he was my slave, my private property, and an inner feeling of disgust and awe coursed through me, as I stood behind him taking-in every contour of his black-bluish skin, the contrast between him and my own whiteness, mixed with a sense of power made my knees weak, as for what I wanted to do, made me giddy and hang my head in shame, I sensed his yearning of me, so I stepped close to him, feeling the heat from his skin, making me more desirous, my husband understood, and right now I loved him for it.’You are my property’, I spoke, ‘Yes Ma-am’, came his curt reply.Once I had settled-in and got to know some of the plantation wives, I learnt having a black lover was acceptable, but you must be discrete, and under no circumstances become pregnant, the consequences of such a thing resulted in death, usually in crude abortions and the black lovers castration and brutal killing.So when they are chosen, they are afraid, they are fertile b**sts, and the women cruel with their power, ride them hard, forgetting and being milked at the end, and now I had one before me, I felt myself, I was wet, he faced ahead, too scared to look behind, but I guess he sensed what I was doing, as my wetness was obvious in its noises, breaking the silence as I continued, my skirts bunched, my finger dipping in and out, somehow the sense of mistress and slave paled, as he stood rigid and I touched myself behind him.I had ridden out one day to meet my husband in the fields and they stared as if some goddess had arrived, some were naked and I tried to avert my eyes, but their manliness was so obvious, especially compared to my husbands, I had wanted to see for myself, as the ladies often spoke of it and aroused my curiosity, and now from the back of my horse I was surrounded by them, each one bigger than the next, this one, now in my kitchen probably did not know then I had chosen him, he was longish and very thick and had my eye, my lips were dry as I kırıkkale escort shopped, free of charge, and dismounting my horse, walked amongst them, letting my bodily smells waft between them, I knew they had no women, they were kept separate for the white men, and that masturbation amongst them was rife, as was the impossible dream of white women.I strode towards my husband who watched me from afar, he had a smile on his face, as he had asked me in previous occasions to come visit and see the men in their naked splendor, and last night I accepted the challenge, a mixture of curiosity and need, he was being satisfied with the blacks and I was frustrated in my needs, so I came to look and be desired, and he noted my lingering look on this one specimen, before me.’Do you have a woman?’ He stood rigid, ‘Yes, but I am forbidden’, was his reply, ‘Quite rightly so’, I cruelly interjected, ‘All you want to do is Fuck’, I walked around to face him as I said it, I wanted to see his face, ‘My husband says black bitches always beg for it’, he stared straight ahead, refusing to be bated by me.’When did you last fuck a woman?’ I placed so much emphasis on the word ‘Fuck’, it excited me to be able to say it to a stranger, especially one that was helpless, one that could not talk, he would be segregated from the other males, protecting my integrity, ‘I will sell him once your finished with him’, my husband said, so talking about fucking to him could be screamed as we were alone and with no-one around for miles, he took the demeanor of a pet dog, ‘Strip!’He undid the few ties that kept his modesty, now he stood naked and my eyes dropped to his penis, how I longed to see him again, alone and marvel at his appendage, ‘When did you last have your woman?’I moved behind his naked hulk, my finger tracing a path from his wiry pubes to the top of his buttocks, ‘Spread you legs’, I ordered as he had started to answer my previous question, he shuffled slightly as I sat down once more behind him, looking at his heavy sack and his penis hanging between his open thighs, ‘More than two years ago’, he finally answered.I reached down and undid the long laces on my boot and eased it of mt foot, my skirts riding high onto my thighs, I ached for him, I wanted to mount this specimen, all these months of boredom and sexual frustration, now I had my pick of slave cock, granted and gifted by my husband, I raised my bare foot onto his escort kırıkkale buttock, ‘Back-up to me’, I ordered and rested my foot onto his black buttock, it felt warm and so smooth, I marveled at his darkened flesh, as I wiggled my toes between his buttocks, feeling the tightness of his anal opening on the tip of one of my toes.We had established physical contact, I was no longer with airs and graces, he knew why he was here, and now my guard was down and my needs were obvious, I had to be mistress and he needed to know this.’Turn and face me’, I said sternly, letting my foot slide from his buttocks, and as he turned his swollen penis stood rigid, at a high angle, which was different from my husbands flaccid droop, this looked angry and aggressive, sparking more desire from my loins, I raised a finger and crookedly beckoned him towards me, halting him inches from my upturned face, ‘Are you clean, black boy’, I sniffed the air between us for his odors, there was none, ‘Yes Ma-am’, You have a beautiful specimen of cock’, I said as if in a trance, my fingers encompassing its huge shaft, both hands encircled with its bluish knob sticking out in front, a fine twelve inches of manhood, ‘You will use this to satisfy me’, I said to him, ‘You will fuck me to my conclusion’, I rambled on, the heat taking over as I blurted my demands for my need of him, ‘You are my stallion and will fuck me as a mare’, as I brought the blue knob to my lips, still holding the massive shaft tightly in my hands, I tugged on it and he swayed forward, his knob entering between my open lips, I had a black cock in my mouth and like a dirty girl, opened my mouth and took the knob inside, working my pink tongue around its massive bulbous form, I looked up at his face, before pulling his cock out, ‘You like to have a white woman suck you cock?’I did not wait for a reply, I had an urgent need for a fuck, so picked up my discarded boot, and unlaced it, tossing the boot to the side I encircled his balls with the lace, making a noose and pulled as tight as I could, wrapping again and again, tying tighter each time, it hurt him, but I had no condom to I needed to stop him fertilizing me and when I had finished he was trussed like the Christmas Turkey, his balls squeezed tightly below my tightly drawn lace, hopefully his sperm trapped inside as I rose and took my drawers off, showing my cunt to him, I would be naked, he would never kırıkkale escort bayan tell and as my breasts brushed his chest I reached behind and smacked his balls, ‘Fuck me’, and I bounced up and down on him, wave after wave of orgasmic bliss sweeping over me, I humped like a demon possessed, my nakedness on his black form clinging to him like a limpet on a sea rock, I expended my sexual frustrations and dismounted him, still erect and swollen, I cruelly felt he should remain as I did for those past years.I rose naked and flopped onto the chair, my lags akimbo I basked in unadulterated nakedness showing my open cunt to him as he knelt before me, hands behind his back, his cock sticking out and up, inviting me to ride again, his balls a darker shade of blue, than his knob head.I took him in my feet, toying with him, brushing his shaft between my insteps, watching his face contort suddenly realizing this was a newish form of sex he seemed to enjoy, ‘You like that, dont you Nigger?’ I worked him as he repeatedly adjusted himself to maximize his enjoyment to my foot administrations, I was wanking him and it amused me to do it like this, and he started to spurt, he was cumming and the sperm struggled to free itself from my bindings of leather lace, I dropped my foot and kicked his balls, he dropped in a heap, and I ordered him to stand, which he did in pain.I pulled the lace free and he shot into my face, convulsing and ejaculating, and when he finished he looked down at my covered face, ‘You Fucking Nigger’, I screamed, and rose and ran from the kitchen to the bathroom, to wash and marvel at his cummings, I could taste his saltiness as I ran, it did not abhor me or repulse me, I drank his cummings before washing the remainder off.As I stood stooped over the basin, my husband entered behind me, he had watched us and had been excited at my shame, we fucked in the toilet as my slave waited in the kitchen, and as he fucked me over the basin I looked into the mirror, ‘I want the nigger castrated’, I said cold-heartedly, ‘Yes said my husband’, but that was not my intention, ‘You dont understand’, I continues as he neared his orgasm, ‘I want to do it, I want to cut his fucking balls off’, and in blurting out my intention, I started to orgasm, it was then I realized my secret to good sex, it was being cruel, and my husband also sensing my depravity asked me, ‘How sharp do you want the blade?’He dropped out of my vagina and I turned to face him, ‘Blunt of course’, a smile broke across my husbands face, ‘I intend using him for a short while at least’, I continued then kissed my husband, as the black stood in my kitchen, oblivious of his state or what was going to happen tomorrow.