Birthday Surprise Ch. 03

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This is the third part of a mini-series. It is based in the UK and is entirely fictional. I would recommend you read Chapters 1 and 2 of Birthday Surprise, to familiarise yourself with the characters.

Here is a synopsis of the previous two chapters:

The story is written in the first person (“I”). The main character is a female professional in her mid 30s. To celebrate her birthday, her boyfriend (Mark) takes her to a luxury country hotel for a weekend of sexual fun and adventure. He surprises her by inviting a mysterious female (Jo) to share their bedroom for the night. This is the first time the main character has had a threesome with another woman…

I hope you enjoy this story!


The ornate wall clock in the hotel bedroom indicated it was after 10 in the morning, but still my eye-lids remained heavy and unwilling to open yet. Bright rays of sunlight were denied entry into the bedroom by the heavy velvet curtains drawn across each window. The room was in virtual darkness; the log fire had burned itself out during the middle of the night and no longer provided a source of illumination. Inside my head, a series of erotic dreams were reliving the highlights of the night before. These uncontrollable sexual thoughts and fantasies were scratching the surface of my inner desires; reaching out to my libido and preparing my body for the adventures that lay ahead.

With my energy levels recharged once more, I slowly began to rouse from my deep slumber. I was lying on my side, but still reluctant to take the first glance of the day. I sensed Mark spooning up behind me, with his morning hard-on nestled between my buttocks. The head of his penis tickled my outer labia as he gently swayed his hips. With his arm around my waist, he applied delicate butterfly-like kisses to the top of my back and neck. I turned to jelly immediately. From my mouth I emitted a purring sound, as if I were a cat. I relished every part of Mark’s touch, as the transformation from dreamy sleep-state to full-awareness took hold. I mimicked Mark’s forward and backward movements with my own. My pussy was wet and receptive to further stimulation. However, being the tease that he was, he resisted the natural instinct to plunge his cock deep inside me. Instead he rolled me over onto my back and smothered me with a prolonged kiss on the lips. Our tongues began to inter-weave, as we engaged in some passionate French kissing.

“Good morning gorgeous!” he finally whispered. “I thought you’d never wake up.”

In an instant, a cheesy grin covered my face. I looked into his loving eyes and wanted to embrace him forever.

“What time is it?” I asked in a bleary voice.

“Ten thirty. Time for a shower, me thinks.”

With another peck on my lips and a sly wink of the left eye, Mark hopped out of the bed and scurried off towards the bathroom.

I was more alert now, thanks to the tantalising morning entree served up by Mark. I pulled myself up into a sitting position. Beside me was Jo, who had a restful look on her face, as she continued sleeping. Jo lay motionless, as she was still consumed by sleep. The duvet had slipped in the night and was only covering the lower half of her body. I admired her ample breasts once more, and found myself salivating at the possibility of kissing her pert nipples. Tempting as it was, I decided to hold back from doing this. She clearly needed more time asleep and I didn’t want to be the one to deprive her of this pleasurable pastime. There would be plenty of time later in the day to re-acquaint myself with Jo’s delectable assets!

Instead, I decided to follow Mark into the bathroom. I gave a cheeky wolf whistle at the sight of Mark’s naked torso, as he prepared to take a shower. At this point he had his back to me and I marvelled at his pert bum, which I always thought was one of his best features. He turned back to smile at me before focusing his attention on working out how to turn the shower on.

This five star hotel did not cut any corners with the fixtures and fittings. The decadent proportions of the bathroom were amplified by the decision of the hotel owners to go for a modern arrangement. güvenilir bahis Instead of installing a shower cubicle or bath, it was designed as a wet room. The floor was covered with natural stone tiles which sloped towards a shiny metallic grill. This allowed water from the shower to safely escape, without the need for a fitted shower tray or shower door. Attached to the ceiling was a deluxe shower head. Mark adjusted the settings on a sensor on the wall and a powerful spray of warm water immediately cascaded onto Mark’s head. Hazy clouds of steam wafted around the bathroom as he immersed himself in the pleasure of having a shower.

I strolled towards Mark and he held open his arms to hug me. “Glad you could join me” he quipped with a joyful smile.

We revelled in the warmth of the water as it cascaded over our skins. The fine droplets acted as a gentle massager and within moments I was wet from head to toe. We engaged in some light petting — our hands playfully running up and down each other’s backs, while nibbling ears, and making sumptuous kisses down the neckline. After some minutes of this, I spied upon some shower gel that Mark had dropped on the floor. I grabbed the plastic bottle and applied a generous amount of the soapy gel on to both hands. With a devilish glint in my eye I suggested that Mark might need some help getting clean. In an enticing manner, I smoothed my hands across the front of his hairy chest. I smeared the shower gel into Mark’s body; sliding my hands progressively lower and lower. When they reached his pubic hair region, Mark gave a little groan of encouragement. With my bubbly hands, I could not resist encasing them around his firm shaft. In a slow, sensual motion, I lifted my hands along the length, lathering it in the soapy gel.

“We better make sure we clean everywhere thoroughly”, I said as I pulled back his foreskin to ensure it was washed. Next, I took hold of his testicles and began massaging them with my fingers, on the pre-text of washing them. It was a picture to capture the delight in Mark’s brown eyes, as I continued to manipulate his genitals. Without needing to say anything more, I slowly lowered myself onto my knees.

My eyes were now level with his raging hard-on. The soap suds had all but washed away, as the shower continued to deluge us with its delightful spray. I licked my lips in eager anticipation of giving Mark a blow job. I began by blowing gently across the very tip of his penis. I followed this up with some light licks; starting at the base of his manhood and then higher up.

As my mouth reached the top of his proud member, I enveloped my lips around it. With just the first couple of inches inside my mouth, I was able to swirl my tongue in a clockwise motion around the sensitive tip of Mark’s penis. I was careful not to bite down with my teeth, knowing that would be painful. My saliva mixed with the fresh drips of the shower water; coating his dick in a continual layer of moisture.

I removed the head of the penis from my mouth temporarily, as I prepared to deep throat him. I adjusted my hair behind my shoulders, so I could continue to have a clear view of Mark’s face. I wanted to treasure the escalating excitement that would be all too evident in his facial expression. It was a powerful feeling, knowing that your actions were taking another person closer to sexual ecstasy.

I was always proud of my ability to give good head. I recalled many a drunken evening, spent with female friends over a bottle of wine. Several of my friends confessed to giving blow jobs under duress and found no pleasure from doing so. For a few it was the fear of gagging. For others, it was the belief that it was in some way dirty or unnatural. I, on the other hand, got a kick out of giving blow jobs because of the reaction I got from my partner. It was no mean feat taking a whole penis into your mouth, but I knew it would produce a mind-blowing, pleasurable experience for Mark.

Ensuring that I took a deep breath, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and carefully fed Mark’s cock into the back of my throat. Although it was uncomfortable accepting such a large object into my mouth, it was made easier türkçe bahis by the lubrication of the shower water and my own saliva. I continued to welcome Mark’s cock into my mouth. I was determined to make this the best blow job I had ever given, as a way of showing my appreciation to him. As my lips reached Mark’s mass of pubic hair, an inner contentedness welled up inside me. I gradually ascended his shaft again. In doing so, I continued to apply firm pressure with my lips and throat muscles, to create the most exquisite sucking sensation. I took a peek upwards and saw the radiant signs of satisfaction in Mark’s face. His head was tilted back slightly and his eyes were closed. He was moaning to himself, unable to contain the exuberating pleasure I was giving him.

Amongst all of this sexual pleasure giving, I had completely forgotten about Jo. A slight sound from outside the bathroom door drew my eyes away from the task in hand and towards the direction of the noise. Framed in the silhouette of the door was Jo in all of her naked glory. One of her petite hands had gravitated between her legs while the other was desperately tweaking her nipples. She was clearly aroused by my blow job performance, and in desperate need to masturbate.

Although I had known Jo for less than twelve hours, I did not perceive her as a threat to my relationship with Mark. I had no pangs of jealousy or anger at her being so aroused. Instead, I decided to invite her to join me in pleasuring Mark.

“Hi. I thought it was time that we focused a bit of TLC on Mark. Would you care to help me along?”

Given Jo’s brazen confidence last night, I was slightly surprised that she looked embarrassed at being caught in the act of masturbating. Jo’s cheeks reddened as she quickly withdrew he hands to a more neutral position.

“That’s really kind but I don’t want to step over the mark and interfere in your love life.”

“Look, I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. Honestly, I’d like you to be here. I don’t have any hang-ups in sharing Mark with you.”

Jo gulped and shifted about on her toes. “Thanks for saying that. I guess I better fess up. I’m not that used to being with men.”

“Don’t worry; I can give you a few tips to be getting along!” I offered in a reassuring manner.

Jo was about to move closer to us, when she hesitated for a moment. She uttered a cryptic remark: “I’ve got an idea of something I can do that will make this extra special for Mark.” She dashed back into the bedroom and returned carrying a small bottle of lubricant and a string of inter-connected rubber beads. The beads varied in size, with the smallest being one centimetre diameter and progressively increasing in dimension, with the largest being three centimetres wide. The string of beads ended in a large circular hoop, which denoted its end. Mark raised his eyebrows with a quizzical look at the presence of the new item but I had a fair idea of what Jo had in mind!

I stood up to kiss Mark on his lips once more. “Don’t worry. We haven’t finished just yet! Just go with the flow!”

He timidly replied, “Okay.”

It was refreshing to be back in control. Last night, as pleasurable as it was, I had been left at the whims of the others to satisfy me. Now the tables were turned on Mark, with him being at the mercy of two stunning women!

Jo went behind Mark, whilst I remained in front of him. As I returned to kissing Mark’s neck, Jo smothered the beads in the lubricant. She then tipped the bottle upside down and allowed a generous dribble to slide between Mark’s buttocks. Jo immediately began rubbing a couple of her fingers up and down the crevice. I knew that Jo had started massaging his anus with her finger tips, when Mark’s eyes bulged slightly. I continued to administer kisses across his chest, neck and lips, to keep him aroused and reduce any anxiety he had about what Jo was up to.

I started to nibble on Mark’s left shoulder and was able to glance down at Jo. She held up the smallest bead and carefully pressed it against Mark’s rear hole. Although there was some resistance from Mark’s sphincter, the combination of lubricant and the recent finger massage by Jo, güvenilir bahis siteleri enabled it to slide inside.

“Woooaah! What’s going on?!?!” gasped Mark, turning his head back in the process. I planted my hands firmly on his ears and swivelled his head back towards me. “This is your passport to another level of orgasmic delight!” I squealed. I mashed my lips against his and inserted my swirling tongue into his open mouth.

Jo proceeded to insert the next bead into Mark’s bottom. It was fractionally larger than the previous one. Again, she applied slight pressure until his anal muscles relented and allowed it entry. Over the next few minutes, this process was continued, with bead after bead entering Mark’s rear. Each time, the bead entered, Mark visibly squirmed, as he adjusted to the new sensations. I lovingly distracted Mark from any discomfort he might have been feeling, by kissing, nibbling and biting all of his erogenous zones.

Jo proudly declared, “That’s it. They’re all in.” I admired Mark’s firm posterior. The only sign of the beads was the circular hoop that was cheekily poking out of his bottom!

I lowered myself back to the floor and Jo sat next to me. Together we marvelled at the large phallus before us. Mark’s hard on seemed to have grown in size and stature since the anal beads had been inserted. His breathing seemed more rapid than before, and he was unable to resist running his hand up and down his shaft. I playfully slapped his hand away from his cock. “We’ll have none of that. It’s our turn to satisfy you!” I promised.

Without more a do, I engulfed his needy cock with my hungry mouth. Once more my mouth played a merry tune on his meat flute. As I sucked and licked his penis, my hands cradled his balls. Not to be out done, Jo tickled the inside of Mark’s thighs with kisses. Mark’s legs were beginning to rock as his impending orgasm neared. Wishing to share the moment, I gestured for Jo to take over the blow job. Jo showed some hesitancy, and it was evident that she was unfamiliar with what to do. I gave her some basic pointers and she began to run her tongue along one side of Mark’s shaft. I decided to copy Jo, and mirrored her tongue movements along the opposite side of his cock.

Mark was clearly overwhelmed by the erotic sight of two women paying homage to his sex organ. He was grunting now and finding it more difficult to keep his balance. His muscular legs became more wobbly by the second. Mark could barely speak but he managed to shout a warning: “I’m really close to cuming! God! Whatever you do, please don’t stop!”

Jo and I had no intention of stopping! We were both determined to give Mark a mind blowing orgasm! I looked up at Mark’s face to gauge when he was going to release his seed. As I spotted the signs that he was going to explode, my hand whipped round to the circular ring poking out of his bottom. I tugged firmly at the anal beads as the first spurt of semen shot out of Mark’s cock. The beads began popping out of his bottom with gusto. Mark howled out in pleasure at the magnitude of the orgasm he was now experiencing. His sperm arced through the air in a grand trajectory. I couldn’t believe how much cum was being produced or how far it was able to travel! Mark kept spurting more and more cum. Both Jo and I were covered in his white, sticky, love juice. As the last anal bead made a satisfying “pop”, Mark’s outpouring of jism petered out. In between his panting, Mark tried to regain control of his limbs after such an intense blow job.

“Fucking hell! That was out of this world!”

Mark gave me a huge hug and we kissed once more. It was amazing to think we had been under the shower for thirty minutes. All of these sexual escapades were time absorbing, but it didn’t seem to bother any of us.

Mark moved away from the shower and grabbed an Egyptian bath towel. He swiftly wrapped it around his middle and got a smaller towel to quickly wipe away the excess wetness from his hair and face. With a smile and a wink, Mark walked out of the bathroom saying,”I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving hungry. I’m going to order some room service for everyone. I’ll leave you two alone for a bit. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

With Mark out of the room, Jo took the hint and immediately placed her arms around my body. She brought me close to her and whispered into my ear, “I think we both need a good clean up now, don’t you?”