Big Women Become Anal Addicts

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Addiction. A simple-sounding word that has the power to take any man or woman to places they can only imagine. It is a powerful thing which even the strongest among us simply cannot ignore. My name is Alexander James Volmar and I am a big and tall young black man of Haitian and French descent living in the city of Los Angeles, California. Currently, I attend the Los Angeles Polytechnic Institute, the town’s oldest private college and I play varsity football for them. A while ago, I had it all. In every sense of the word. I was studying criminal justice while attending college on a student athlete scholarship. Life was good.

The Los Angeles Polytechnic Institute is an athletic powerhouse which competes in men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, swimming, soccer, rifle, volleyball, ice hockey, lacrosse, golf, football and wrestling along with women’s softball, basketball, cross country, swimming, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey, lacrosse, golf, rugby, field hockey and wrestling. As one of the best players on the school’s division one varsity football team, I was quite popular on campus. The sexiest black and Hispanic ladies couldn’t help but notice a six-foot-one, 240-pound black stud muffin like myself. The white chicks liked me too. They were freaky, and fun to hook up with.

I am in therapy right now. My addiction has started to dominate my life and I must put an end to it before it’s too late. It’s my life that’s on the canlı bahis line. You see, I am addicted to anal sex. I don’t know how that happened. Anal sex used to be a fantasy of mine. Then, one day, a forty-year-old Hispanic woman named Miranda Lopiano made my fantasy a reality. She was a maid in my father’s house. One day after school, it just happened. I came home famished. And I got served. We just looked at each other and next thing I knew, we were doing it on the kitchen floor.

Miranda Lopiano was a very experienced woman. This big-booty, plump Latin bitch totally turned me on. She sucked my long and thick, uncut black cock and big black fuzzy balls like oral sex was going out of style. When I came, she drank my manly seed. Then, she got on all fours and I began pounding her pussy. Her pussy was nice and tight in spite of the fact that she was no longer a young woman. Someone once told me mature pussy is the best. I think they were right. I fucked that pussy like my life depended on it, until I got my nut. Afterwards, Miranda surprised the hell out of me by offering me her ass. I was stunned, but grateful. So, I put her on all fours, greased up her booty hole and then took her for a ride.

I slid my cock into Miranda’s asshole and was surprised at how warm and tight her asshole felt around my cock. So, that’s what anal sex was like. A brother could get used to that. I shoved my dick up her ass, loving the feel of it. She bahis siteleri groaned and urged me to fuck her harder. And so I did. I waxed that ass, as they say in the hood. Afterwards, I went back to my room and she went back to cooking in the kitchen. As if nothing happened. We never spoke of it again. This was my first anal experience. It would not be my last. It was the beginning of my addiction. I sought women who were into anal sex. They were out there, in greater numbers than most men realized. And I had lots of fun. Until I crossed the line and became a butt hole addict.

Presently, I’m having some fun with my pal Nicole Woodland. She’s a lot of fun, you know. At five feet eleven inches and two hundred and thirty five pounds, this jet-black plump beauty is certainly no featherweight. She’s a big girl with a thick body, wide hips and a big booty. So she can take what I can dish at her. Which explains why I’ve got her on her hands and knees. Face down and booty up. Plump butt cheeks spread. Asshole exposed. I am drilling my cock into her backdoor and it feels so good. I’ve been curious about anal sex ever since I watched certain videos online. For some reasons, Big Beautiful Women’s Anal Videos are quite rare in the porn video stores. I wonder why that is. Oh, well.

Nicole moans as I push my cock deeper into her. I have always loved the idea of fucking a big woman in the ass. Don’t ask me why. I cannot explain it. My bahis şirketleri cousin Samuel from my extended family told me that big women have really tight assholes. At first, I didn’t believe him. Samuel is one of the weirdest and most controversial members of the family. For starters, the guy’s bisexual and doesn’t hide it from anyone. He also writes some freaky stuff. The weirdest stories, folks. Honest. I’ve known him all my life and I swear he was straight when we lived in Haiti. But ever since he went to college in Boston, he’s been going to the dark side. In every sense of the words. I am no bigot. Whatever floats his boat is okay by me. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing wrong with being freaky. However, I am strictly into women. I’m not even curious about men. And that’s the way it’s going to be.

Anyhow, back to the business at hand. Nicole’s asshole contracts and expands under the force of my thrusts. I can feel it gripping my cock like a vice. Hot damn. I’ve fucked twenty five women up the ass ever since I decided to make anal sex my endearing avocation. I took Nicole’s wide hips and thrust my cock even deeper into her. She gasped as I plunged my cock so far up her ass, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of her mouth. That’s when she began howling her lungs out. To be honest, her screams of discomfort were music to my ears. I waxed that ass, then I smacked it and kissed it. That’s how we do it in the hood. Afterwards, I had myself a cigarette and told her to hit the road. Just between us, I think my therapy is progressing. I’m down to sodomizing one willing plumper a day as opposed to doing fourteen women per week. I’m making progress! What do you think?