bi mmf ~ true story

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bi mmf ~ true storyok it’s saturday night winter of 2001. I found a post in one of the yahoo bi groups from a couple looking for a bi male. I respond and the man responds back that his wife is already out at flash backs at circle center in downtown Indy looking for a goodlooking guy to bring home, but if I was serious she could leave and meet me somewhere close to their house. I said that sounds great can I see some pics. He sends me a couple of pics and this woman is stunning. So I sent back and asked where I needed to meet her. So he told me to meet her at O’reilys pub in Carmel at 11:30. So I took a quick shower and jumped in my jeep and headed that way. I got there just as she pulled up in her little black Jimmy. We introduced ourselves and went in to have a drink and talk. She was a stunning brunette about 5’3″ long hair wearing a tight fitting little black fuck me skirt. We go to the bar and sit down when I notice she is wearing thigh high stocking which I love. We sit and talk for about 20 minutes and she excuses herself to the bathroom. Which later I found out it was to call her husband and let him know she found a guy. She returns and I casually slide my hand up and down her thigh. She said lets get out of here and aksaray escort bayan head to her place. When we arrive her husband is sitting in the recliner watching tv. I thought it was kind of odd how he really didnt say much when we got there. So we set down on the couch and I am freezing since it was cold outside we talk for a couple of minutes and then she says well are you going to do anything and I said I was waiting for my hands to warm up. Sh said no need they will be hot soon. So I leaned over and started playing with her breast and lean in for a kiss and she said one rule no kissing on the mouth. So I moved to her neck as I was undoing her top. Then I moved to her tits licked kissed and nibbling and then she pushes me off the couch and to my knees where I pushed her skirt up around her waist and realized she had no panties. As I moved in to lick her pussy I could feel the heat pouring from her hot wet pussy. I went to town sucking her pussy juices and licking and biting on her clit. She pulled my shirt off as I was taking my pants off. Her husband still sitting in the recliner watching. I was eating her pussy good and she was going wild and I started to finger her one finger then two then three and then aksaray escort four it was streching her but she was so wet they were sliding in easily. I started realing fucking her good hard and fast with my four fingers she was panting and bucking and started squirting just a little. Then she suggested we lay on the floor 69 with me on top as I am licking her pussy and she has my cock deep in her throat I feel the heat on my ass from the fireplace only 3 feet from me and then I feel a wet sensation on my asshole that caught me by suprise her husband had got up and came over and started licking my ass. I was in heaven licking a great tasting pussy my cock being sucked light crazy and now my asshole and balls are being licked. Finally she pulls my cock out of her my and motions me to turn around. She wanted my cock inside her. No her husband has his clothes off and his cock is in her mouth. I start fucking her and she is so wet her pussy is making a squishing sound as I am fucking her I yell out I am about to cum and when I do her husband says cum in her fill that pussy up. Oh did I, I felt 6 or 7 big spurts fill her pussy and as I leaned back to pull out her husband burys his face in her pussy. When he was done escort aksaray she was totally clean and thats when I finally notice his beautiful big cock probably about 8″ and thick. I move out of the way as he moves in and starts fucking her while I lay next to her and lick on her tits. He only lasted a couple of minutes and she was full again. Being the gentleman I am I go down and clean her up as he is pulling out so I can suck on his cock a little also. Once I was done I was hard and ready to go again.Round 2 was moved upstairs to the bedroom. Once we got up stairs I started eating her again and fucking her with my four fingers really hard until she came again. Then I moved into fuck her again this time doggystyle with her husband lying under her licking her pussy and my balls and everyonce in awhile he would pull my cock out and suck it. When I came he was mouth up and ready for the cum to drip out. and then we swapped spots. He came and I cleaned her up. after that he was done and went back down stairs. I was laying nest to her caressing her body when I rose to the occasion for the third time. She layed there on her belly as I spread her ass and buried my cock deep in her pussy we fucked for about 45 minutes before I came. After I was finished I laid with her for awhile before her husband came up stairs. She said baby I think we have a keeper. lol. Unfortunately I was moving out of state and never saw them again. But to this day it is one of the greatest nights I remember.