Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.11

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Connor had showered and returned to work. He sat in his car waiting for Becca V to show, he knew that she would be early, she always was. He was desperate to tell her what had happened and to seek her forgiveness for what he saw as his weakness. Plus he wasn’t sure what to do with Victoria now? Right on cue, Becca V drove into her usual parking space. She waved as she saw Connor sitting in his car. His stomach churned at the thought of what he must tell her, this could be the breaking of a relationship that had lasted only a day, but a friendship of more than three years.

As she stepped from her car he beckoned to her. She looked fantastic in the early morning sun. It back-lit her hair making it look almost golden, the slight breeze jostling the strands so that they played across her face. Her short skirt and long black-clad legs had his blood racing immediately. “This girl was something special”, he thought, “maybe he shouldn’t tell her”?

Becca opened the passenger-side door and slipped into the seat flashing Conner with a beautiful rose-red smile as well as showing him a vast expanse of her thighs. “Hello Connor”, she breathed at him as she leaned in for a kiss. “Hello Bec”, is all he get out before her lips met his. The kiss was a passionate one, their tongues intertwining as he tasted her lipstick and smelled her perfume; strong in his nostrils. His hand strayed to her thigh at mid-point as he enjoyed the intimacy of the moment. Becca’s thighs were clamped tight, but at his touch opened responsively. She moaned into his mouth. “Ummm”.

Connor pulled away, breaking the magic of the moment. It took all of his strength to do so, but his guilt was overpowering. “Becca”, he paused, “Becca V I have to say something”.

“What is it Connor, what is the problem”.

“Becca, I have something to say to you, and I would like to say it all before you interrupt me, just let me get it all out”; his unintentional double entendre passing him by.

“Oh God Connor, you’re breaking up with me after one night? One night of the most fantastic sensual sex I have ever had? What has happened, why the change of heart”? A slight croak had entered her voice as she struggled to control her emotions. “No”, Connor responded quickly, “no, no that is not what I meant. Please let me finish what I have to say”. Becca V breathed a sigh of relief and looked directly into his green eyes as if trying to divine the meaning of mecidiyeköy escort his words before he had spoken them. Connor hesitated, and then decided to push on.

Digging in his pocket he pulled out his phone. “This will probably explain more eloquently that I ever could”, he said, and picking the correct video, he pressed play and passed the phone to Becca.

If Becca thought she was going to see a video of herself making love with Connor, she was disappointed. Straight away she saw the exposed, well-rounded and tanned arse of a woman, obviously tied in the same position as her the night before. In front of the woman, Becca could see the half naked Connor. Tears began to well up in hers eyes as she looked from the phone to him. She opened her lips to speak, but was cut off by Connor’s voice on the phone saying, “So, you were masturbating whilst watching the video of me fucking Becca weren’t you? Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy it that much that you wanted it yourself? Well, it seems I have no choice but to give it to you, but I will only stop once I have had my fill. You saw what happened to Becca; well that could happen to you!” Becca looked back into Connor’s eyes the realisation of what she was actually seeing playing out before her. She heard the familiar voice of Victoria reply and she gasped.

“Oh my God, I have not had sex for over a year. Of course I want your massive cock in me. There’s not a red bloodied woman out there that wouldn’t want a piece of that meat Connor. And yes I was masturbating whilst looking at you fucking Rebecca it was so hot. Had you been a few minutes later, you would have caught me coming too and rather loudly I think! I check the security tapes most mornings, and this morning was the most delightful of surprises. I could feel myself getting wet in seconds. I haven’t been this turned on in years!”

Becca looked at Connor again and almost whispered, “the security camera, shit I forgot the security camera! Oh Connor what happened?”

“Well if you watch the video you will see for yourself”. Becca was not used to watching porn, nor was it something that she would have said appealed to her. But knowing the two people involved in the intercourse, and that this was a very real situation rather than one acted out rather poorly; caught hold of her interest. Couple that with the fact that Connor’s fat juicy cock nişantaşı escort had just come back into view had her flushing with renewed arousal.

Connor had to admit to himself, that the sound of Victoria’s screams of passion had raised his arousal too. He stared at Becca trying to read her reaction as she watched the video. As she watched he heard Victoria cry out “FUCKING HELL CONNOR, OH FUCK! OH YES, FUCK YES! I thought your cock looked big on the video,” she panted at him, “but feeling it inside of me; all of it, well it feels ten times larger, like the size of a horse!

Becca’s thighs slammed shut as she tried to put pressure on her clit, God this was a turn on! She would not have believed seeing Connor, who had only recently vacated her pussy, fucking another woman’s, would get her this worked up, but it was. “Oh Connor,” is all she could say as she looked back at the scene before her. “What have I put you through?” Connor looked down, his eyes falling upon Becca’s thrusting breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible through the almost sheer nylon of her top. Besides, it was gaping open revealing her decorated bra anyway. He inched his hand further up between her thighs as she continued to clamp and release them, effectively heightening her state of passion.

In the video Connor was standing above Victoria pumping his cock and spurting ejaculate all over her. He was finished, he had done the deed. As he heard the final words of his exchange with Victoria, he looked at Becca hoping that she would forgive him and that this was not the end of their relationship. “Wha…what are you doing?” Victoria’s fear laden voice was heard saying.

“Leaving you to contemplate your fate,” Connor retorted. “You surely did not think you would get away with your ploy without reprisal did you?”

“But…but I thought you were enjoying it too?”

“I did enjoy abusing you,” he admitted “and that upsets me even more than what you have done to manoeuvre me into this position. So your punishment is to be discovered as you are, by the first person down those stairs. Mine is to admit to Becca V what it is I have done and hope she understands.”

“You cannot be serious Connor?” Victoria sounded. “It’s going to be hard enough, if not impossible, me getting out of here unscathed with no skirt and no knickers, isn’t that punishment enough?”

“Not şişli escort for me Victoria, no not for me.”

“Connor, no please, you cannot let someone find me like this, please I beg you.”

“No Victoria, you got what you wanted; now you must pay the price.” Connor heard the final cries from Victoria and waited for Becca’s response.

Her chest was heaving and she was obviously emotionally affected by the video. “I had to,” he said, “she was going to expose us to the manager and we would both have lost our jobs, I couldn’t let that happen, could I?” It was evident to Becca V that Connor wanted her forgiveness, but she knew it was her that should be asking him to forgive! It was her that had entrapped him, it was her that had tied herself to the table and almost demanded he fuck her. “I’m so sorry… Connor, this is entirely my fault. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t been so worked up that I could think of nothing but you fucking me, I completely forgot about the camera. Please forgive me?”

He smiled, the look of relief visible; “oh God Becca V, I thought that this was it! I thought that you wouldn’t want anything to do with me after seeing what I did to her?”

“But why, you were trying to protect me/us. Can’t you see that that makes me want you even more?” She leant across and kissed him, it immediately developed into a passionate kiss, his hand edging even further up her nyloned thighs, she panted into his mouth. “Stop, stop, you’ll have me coming; I’m already really worked up! Seeing your cock gliding in and out of her pussy and then seeing you come all over her…Oh God…ummm.” She squeezed her thighs tightly together gripping his hand.

“Yes, I can see,” he chided reaching across to squeeze one of her nipples. Becca moaned loudly, “oh God Connor, I want you inside me again, now quickly before I ruin my clothes!”

“Well you know what they say, “careful what you wish for, because you might end up getting it”. Besides, we need to decide what to do with Victoria first.”

“What do you mean, is she still down there tied up?”

“Yep,” he said. “I was so pissed off I left her there whilst I cooled down and went home for a shower.”

“Guess we had better go and release her then,” said Becca V cheekily running her hand across the hard bulge in his trousers, “oh Connor” she moaned again before opening the car door and giving Connor another glimpse of expansive thigh as she exited the car. “Come on, we’ve only got about half an hour before the others start turning up.”

They both rushed in through the back door and headed to the vaults. Connor quickly checking round to make sure that no-one had turned in early. Becca V headed straight down the stairs eager to see Victoria in her current state of “difficulty”.