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BeachIt was not unlike a girl I had met one moonlit night on the beach, that one full summer when I worked at the shore. And though I’d toyed with the idea of this sort of impromptu entanglement, and even had a brief taste or two of my own sex prior, my instinctual drive with this all too willing temptation even took me aback at first.I spent my days in Cape May sunning and reading and enjoying my three month escape from the mad city, while my nights were busy with bartending for cash, often followed by a welcome addition of being invited to sit in now and then, and sing with a couple of the late night bands after hours. There was a bounty of very pretty young and young-at-heart people in this once-retirees’ milieu. Had there not been, there would be no late night bars open and wailing endless rock and roll and blues ‘til 2am.Having been happily entrenched in this summer paradise for a month or more, I’d already stumbled into some very hot brief affairs with girls who were out to make the most of their week or weekend getaways, and even with one local brunette curvy bartender, when we got the urge and our schedules matched up. The dirtier I got in this delicious fly-by-night playground, the more I wanted to push the boundaries in any and every way possible.The things that led to this particular night had already been quietly brewing in my head, in some dark corners of my masturbatory fantasies. They were additionally fueled though by a couple of wild girls on a tear, telling me their secret kinkiest dreams, knowing they’d most likely never see me again. The inspirational tales were plentiful, and the ambiance was lushly seductive, to say the least. The nights were cool and star-lit, the minimally-clad body landscape was ever shifting. In another month, I knew I’d be scrambling for some last breaches into new feral places, planting some new nude memories for the carnal scrapbook of my depraved mind. The truth was, everyone came there to play, partnered or not.It was after a long shift at the restaurant on a busy Friday night. I met a few mates at one of the still open, live-music bars to rest my weary legs after the long shift on my feet, watch the newbies flirt, and see if anyone needed a little late night bedding down. I was on the weary side, so I was not really on the hunt. I did sing a little with the blues band there, whipping up some inherent Philly soul from a white boy that often surprised everyone. I was always thrilled to find how much attention that got me.There was one shy-ish girl with her female clan, and though she smiled at me more than once, and even shared some quiet, near-intimate talk in a corner, her posse dragged her away as I whispered that I hoped to see her before she left town. She looked so ready to stay, but unable to resist the peer pressure, so I let it go. The wanting was enough to make me happy for the nonce.At closing, I wandered through the open mall heading toward my rented flat, which was a few blocks off, but only a half block from the beach. In the doing, I decided to wander about a bit this night, and just drink in the pristine salted air. As I walked past the closed shops and closing bars, I passed him twice, I think. The first time was on the mall, when I first nodded to him as I caught his blue eyes surprisingly locked onto mine. I could sense something going on there, but it didn’t quite look or feel like someone blatantly hitting on me – and if he was, he clearly wasn’t studied or comfortable with it yet.The next time we crossed paths was maybe 7 minutes later at an intersection nearer to the beachfront, where it was clear he had circled back to see me again. There was eye contact and a little better light, but there was no exchange of words with this twenty-something in intently tattered jeans and an untucked dress shirt and tee. güvenilir bahis This time however, I noticed the fuller visual of him, though partly in shadow – long, lean, thick blondish hair and a shy and lightly needy demeanor.I passed him once more and headed down to the lifeguard’s stand on the beach in the moonlight, not really sure what I wanted with this, and knowing for certain that he wasn’t quite sure either. But as my instincts told me from feeling his gaze follow me, five minutes or so later, I saw a shadow heading toward the same place I was at – my instincts were right. It was him. I climbed the chair to slip out of his view and sat waiting to see what he would do. He approached the chair looking about for me, without yet looking up, until I gave him a little scare.”Lose something?” He jumped, half panicked, then I added. “It’s okay. I know you were following me.”He looked all blushing and caught. I stayed on my perch. “Local? Visitor? Beach hobo?” he laughed.”I come down to Cape May when I can”, he said softly and honestly.” My girlfriend’s family has a place here, and she’s with them this weekend. But they’re not big on her inviting me to their house yet, so we meet, and ummm… play… when she can get away. She’s stuck with family for a couple of days right now, so…”.This was getting more interesting. I’d been prepared in my head for these kinds of collisions, and this one was shaping up to be something of a wicked blessing. I’d always wanted to get tangled up with a couple and see how that would play out. I jumped down and stood facing him, and let a long whiff of silence go by.”Does she know you like men?” He got adorably blush-y again. “I… I… um, kinda.””What are you looking for?” I asked directly.He hesitated then said, “Not really sure… just… company… or something.” It was the sound of the “or something” that betrayed him.”Done this much?”He shook his head no, then quietly said, “Not with guys, but I promised her I would never cheat with another girl. And no, I’ve only been with a guy once or twice… a bit, not everything. It was… nice… different…” He trailed off. I got the gist.I smiled. “Would you tell her what we do, if we do something?”He looked like he would but couldn’t quite form the words.”Do you think she would like it?””I think so. I know she likes gay porn and watching guys do it like that.”I stepped in close. “Why me?” He blushed again. I could see it in the light.”Your energy.. when you sing. And how you look…” he stumbled for the rest. That made me smile and a bit warmer. The interrogation was done… for now. This was too good to resist.I pulled him to the corner leg of the tall chair, pressed him against it and quietly said, “I’ve always wanted to try this…”. And I leaned in and started a long slow, mouth-prying and gradually deepening kiss. I let my hands wander, emboldened by the darkness and the unspoken request from a young man experimenting as much as I was. I’d had one or two man to man collisions before, but not for awhile, and not of this particular nature. I felt in complete command with someone who wanted to be led, but was not a whimpering sub. Just willing to be shown the way. I especially loved that he had a girlfriend to yank into the mix if I could wrangle it. I could.And by the end, he was definitely kissing back. I just whispered “This kind of company?” as I rubbed his cock through his zipper, awakening his thickening genie. He almost sang his elongated yes.”Shirts off, please” I helped, and as I did, “What’s your girlfriend’s name?”Pretty upper body he had. Not cut, just firm and sleek and only a little hair. I studied it like Braille.”Mollie””Open my shirt”. He did.”Ever fuck her on the beach?” I put his hand to my zipper as I undid his.”Not yet. We want to…””And what do you ‘want to’ with me?” He went silent again türkçe bahis … until “Whatever you want.” That was a big clue. And that’s exactly what he was getting.By now, our cocks were in each others’ hands, and kissing was swiftly morphing into nipping and nipple-biting. He was hard and big and dripping into my fist. I pressed our two cocks together and laced our hands about them as we rocked on one another, and grabbed away wherever we could manage. I loved the way he was moaning into the kisses.I pushed his jeans to his knees and grabbed a handful of what felt like a perfect tight ass. He panicked again momentarily “We’ll get caught!””We won’t. Under the chair. Now!” He turned, trying to keep his jeans from falling further, and the moment I saw his tight little butt in the moon’s glow, I knew I was going to have to fuck him. Things were about to really cross a bigger line so I stopped momentarily to check something.”I’m very clean. You?” I demanded. “No d**gs, std’s?”He whispered quietly that he was cleaner than clean. Mollie wouldn’t touch him otherwise. She was “too classy” and “we’ve done some… well, things.””Good dirty things, I hope. Anal things?””A little. She likes to suck me and use a vibe in my ass. it’s…””Fucking hot, right!” I finished that for him. “Tonight, you can suck me and I’ll put something hot in your ass.”I pressed him to kneeling and laced my fingers in his thick hair. I leaned down to kiss him hard again, then whispered, “I’ll make sure we don’t get caught. And you… you show me what good company you are.” I pressed him to swallow my hungry cock whole.This boy went to town, not always graceful or studied, so I could tell he’d not been there often. However, he was so eager to please that he went for it cock, balls and sphincter play, and he did his best to choke as much of me inside him as he could. He tried pulling his jeans up but I wouldn’t let him. That ass was too good not to drool over and slip a finger or three in for some warming up.At one point, I pulled him back over top of me as I laid back on the sand, wiggling us to the center of the chair’s limited under-space. I made him swivel around so his pretty slippery cock was dangling over my face. Yeah, I wanted a taste and a playtoy to tease him, but mostly, I wanted to make some pre-cum and spit lube, and start to get that lusty little ass of his ready.I pumped him and sucked him and took the spoils, added spit and started working it into his tight willing hole. He began to make too much noise, and without thinking, I actually spanked him a couple times and felt him cry out with his mouthful of me. I knew we didn’t have long in this public place.I moved him to kneeling and I told him to hold on to the bottom wrung. I tugged his hips back and got him into perfect doggy position. I had to stop and drink in the beauty and the brazenness of this moment, drenched in the moon’s blush, and about to take this hungry hot naked boy for an ass-pounding, public fuck-ride in the sand.I finally leaned down and toyed with his cock to whip up some more lube, added spit and fingered him knuckles-deep. This boy clearly loved anal. “Ever have a real cock in there.” He half-growled a “Nooo” loudly, like he’d been praying for it forever. The noises he makes were going to be trouble.I had my wine opener still in my pocket, which had a blade, so I cut his Jockey’s off right from his legs and hips, and I stuffed them into his mouth. I spread him apart and popped my cockhead inside of him. It was a good thing he was now muzzled.I had to work in slowly. He was tight and I kept adding spit and his pre-cum for lube. But once I was far enough inside of his arching rear portal, and he opened more and more to the thickening invasion, the rhythmic rocking began and soon I could slip in and out, tip to base, slamming güvenilir bahis siteleri and pounding, withdrawing and waiting for the muffled begging sounds, to pile-drive back inside. I leaned in as I fucked him, and kept a string of dirty talk going into his shivering ears.”I’m liking your company more and more. You should really have Molly fuck your tight little asscunt with a strap-on dick when I’m not around. You do love this don’t you?” I kept fucking and stroking him, though never ceasing the look-around, lest we be found out.I kept at him. “I want to watch Mollie finger herself while I do this to you. Maybe she’ll want some. Or want you to fuck her while I own you like this. I think she’d loooove being under you right about now.”Our time and our safety was waning. I could see a couple wandering past our area, thankfully too far away, and I know patrols happened periodically here too.I leaned in and stepped up the pace and took a fist to his shaft to pump him to bursting. “Fuck my hand” I commanded in a growled whisper. “Imagine it’s Mollie’s sweet moaning cunt under you while I ride your ass to heaven.”That seemed to do it for us both. I could feel him on his edge, then tipping over it. His orgasm sparked mine which was just waiting for that extra wriggling spasm. Cum was spilled deep into the sand and ever so much deeper into his shaking bliss-fucked back door.We stayed connected for a bit, as I rocked inside of him deeply, both of us still spilling the last jets of dirty cream; kissing his back and shoulders and me humming in his ear, “Goooood company”.We both groaned when I withdrew, then I bade him dress asap, and I did the same. That way the worst we could be accused of by a passing patrolman was loitering after hours.I looked around again before zipping up, and said “Clean up time.” He leaned down like a good boy and sucked my cock squeaky clean of his ass and all its carnal spew. And he was so good about it, I pushed him down and did the same with his, lapping away at what little cum hadn’t spilled into the cool beach granules below. Once again, I spied about, then moved in and made him share it all in some dirty kissing. I pulled him out from our hiding and fucking place, and we climbed up to sit on the lifeguard’s chair above the fray to settle, and breathe in what we just did.He sat next to me. My hand went right to his warm, wet, but clothed crotch as I repeated “Yes, very gooood company.”I loved watching his eyes roll back in his head. Words weren’t needed. “So Mollie and….?” I knew his girl’s name but not his.”Nick.”Nice to… meat you, Nick.” He laughed.”It’s late” I said matter-of-factly. “We should go.” He looked startled. “I have to work the day shift tomorrow”, I said plainly. He understood.We got down and I pushed him against the chair for one more hot man-to-man, full body pressing kiss. When it was done, I eased back and eyed him with an insistent air.”Come to my place tomorrow night, if you don’t want this to be a hit-and-run fuck. Bring Mollie. You know you want to. You may have to share her some.”I punched my number into his phone and rang mine to grab his number. “I’ll text you when and where. The lube will be better and we won’t be on the verge of getting arrested.”He got shy again “What if she doesn’t want to…”. I smiled. “Tell her what we did tonight. She’ll want to.”And with another secretly wicked intent, I said gently, “If she’s nervous about it, tell me to stop by the Colonial anytime from noon til 6pm. She can see me and ask me anything she likes. Tell her I promise to answer all of her questions and concerns truthfully.”I was hoping for that visit. I had a few questions of my own. It would tell me so much about which direction to lead this new adventure in depravity.Nick and I shared one more dirty groping kiss, then I pushed him away and smacked his firm leaking ass as he walked off.Yeah, he’d be back. With his girl in tow. This was getting more and more intriguing. “Tomorrow…” I purred aloud to myself as I walked barefoot in the cool sand to the water’s edge, “Three’s company”.