Aubrey Brings Home A Surprise

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I wrote this story as a request from a guy who wanted to be cuckolded by his girlfriend. I asked some questions and wrote from there.

Aubrey Brings Home A Surprise:

Harry sat in Aubrey’s apartment on her couch. The TV was on, but he wasn’t paying attention.

The plan had been for Aubrey and some friends to have a glass of wine at the end of the day. She expected to be home by seven where her and Harry would watch some tv and he might stay over. Harry let himself into Aubrey’s with his key just before seven.

At seven-thirty Harry called his girlfriend. The call went voicemail, seconds later his phone buzzed. “Hello,” Harry said.

“Baby,” a female voice said on the other end. It was Aubrey and Harry could she had been drinking more than a glass of wine.

“I thought we said,” Harry said trying not to sound annoyed.

“I know honey but we just lost track of time, I’ll be home soon. Stacy!” she said laughing.

“Are you okay? How much have you had to drink?”

“Yes honey. We started with some wine. But then this table of guys next to us said they’d buy us all shots if one of us would show them their panties. Stacy pulled my skirt up and all the guys started clapping. So I had to do a shot.” Aubrey was laughing again.

“Should I come get you?” Harry said rolling his eyes.

“No, honey I’m fine, one of the girls will give me a ride home. Stacy stop it!” Aubrey ended the sentence laughing again.

“What’s she doing now?” Harry asked getting annoyed with his girlfriends inability to focus.

“These guys keep whispering to Stacy and she keeps doing what they ask. She just walked up and squeezed my breasts. I’ll be home soon baby,” Aubrey said and ended the call.

Harry looked at his phone and contemplated calling her back but didn’t want to deal with his drunk girlfriend and start an argument with her. He decided to wait for her and tried to watch TV to pass time.

At ten o’clock his phone with a single text came from Aubrey, “So hot!”

Harry looked at his phone replied back with, “? What?”

When no response came he fought the urge to call and instead texted Stacy, “Hey it’s Harry. I just got a weird text from Aubrey is she okay?”

Thirty seconds passed then a pic came through showing Aubrey sitting on a strangers lap. The man was wearing a dark t-shirt and was squeezing Aubrey’s B-cup breast to the point that a nipple was popping out of her dress. On Aubrey’s was a huge smile. The picture was followed by the text, “She seems fine. LOL”

Harry started pacing back and forth not sure what to feel, anger, jealousy, concern, or lust. Right anger was winning out. It was a little after midnight when Harry heard laughing at the door followed by Aubrey whispering, “Stay here, Stay here…”

Aubrey came through the door closing it quickly behind her. She locked eyes on Harry who was standing in the middle of the living room. She ran up and kissed him hard. Harry could taste a mixture of alcohol on her breath. He tried be angry but kissed her back happy she was home and safe.

Harry could feel her nipples poking him through her dress. “She must be pretty ready to go,” he thought.

She pulled away and said, “Sorry about the text, wrong window.”

“It’s fine. I’m just glad you’re home,” Harry said putting his hands around her waist and was about to kiss her again.

Aubrey pulled away and slurred, “No, güvenilir bahis I need to tell you something.”

Harry waited not knowing what his drunk girlfriend was about say. Aubrey looked down at Harry’s chest and played with the buttons on his shirt as she said, “There’s a man right outside the door and I’m going to fuck him tonight.”

Harry felt the blood drain from his face at his girlfriends words. She continued, “I would love for you to stay and watch but that’s up to you.”

Harry was stunned his mouth dry. He said nothing, but Aubrey continued, “You’ve hinted at this before, so I think you’re into it.”

She pulled away from him and walked to the door and said, “I’m taking Daniel, that’s his name Danny to my bedroom. If you don’t want to deal, I’ll call you tomorrow and you can let yourself out.”

Aubrey opened the door and took the hand of the man on the other side. Harry recognized the man from the picture. Aubrey kissed him and rubbed his stiff jean covered crotch with her hand. Daniel walked in hesitantly and gave a quick look to Harry then looked away. “Daniel Harry, Harry Daniel,” Aubrey introduced as she led the down a hall.

Harry took a breath and thought for a moment then made a decision. He followed the couples path down the hall to Aubrey’s bedroom.

When Harry walked in Aubrey and Daniel we’re still kissing but more passionately now. Aubrey was down to her bra and panties and moaned lightly as Daniel squeezed one of her breasts with one hand and massaged her ass with the other.

She stopped kissing long enough to pull Daniel’s shirt off over his head. She threw it to the ground and in doing so saw Harry in the doorway. Aubrey motioned her boyfriend in and pointed him toward a chair.

Harry complied and sat down. The vantage point gave him more of a view Daniel than Aubrey. He looked at the shirtless man a blond hair with bigger than average shoulders and a muscle tone and definition that indicated working was a normal thing for him.

Daniel kissed Aubrey’s bronze neck lightly as he pulled one of her bra straps down exposing her full breast. The man worked his his way down further. For a moment Harry could see the bare breast, Aubrey’s dark nipple firm and erect was begging to be sucked.

Harry squirmed in his chair. His hand subconsciously moving down to his hardening penis.

Daniel found the nipple and sucked hard as his hand reached into the woman’s panties to find a clean shaved pussy. Her cunt already soaked and clit swollen.

Aubrey let out a gasp, “Oh my,…oh!” Harry looked at his girlfriend, if Daniel kept on with the nipple sucking and playing her clit she’d be coming quick.

She looked at Harry’s crotch, he was pushing on the growing bulge in his pants. She looked at him through half open eyes and said between gasps, “Take,… off, take off your clothes.”

Harry stood up slowly and began to untuck his shirt and began to unbutton it.

Seeing her boyfriend friend follow her direction, Aubrey pushed Daniel’s hand from her crotch, she didn’t want climax too early. Daniel took the opportunity to push her panties down. Aubrey moved her legs closer together to help her panties fall to the floor than stepped out of them.

She dropped to her knees in front of Daniel and worked on getting his jeans unbuttoned. Daniel reached down and pulled up on her bra, taking it off of her like a shirt, making türkçe bahis Silpa completely naked. Aubrey absently threw the bra at Harry’s feet.

Frantically Aubrey worked Daniel’s jeans, the top button quickly popped free with the coming loose right behind it. She pulled his tight jeans down quickly revealing a firm erection trying to break out of black boxer briefs.

Harry stepped out of his pants rock hard like the man his girlfriend was kneeling in front of. He planned to walk around and take the woman he had planned to marry from behind.

Aubrey stroked Daniel’s cock outside his underwear as she looked at Harry take a step toward them she gestured with her chin to sit back down at the chair.

Harry gave a frustrated sigh but did as instructed, sitting down and touching his dick but trying not to jerk-off.

Having teased Daniel enough she pulled his underwear down and grabbed his penis. “Mmm so warm,” she giggled as she playfully rubbed the pre-cum around the head.

Harry was able to see Daniel’s dick for just a second before Aubrey took it all in her mouth. He felt a tinge of relief as he noticed it was a nice size but not huge.

Aubrey grabbed Daniel’s balls took the head of his penis into her mouth then worked her down making a loud slurping noise.

“Oh fuck!” The man groaned as he rolled his eyes back in his head.

Harry unable to contain himself started to stroke his dick in earnest. As Aubrey sucked on Daniel she saw Harry out of the corner of her eye. Without neglecting the penis in her mouth she held up her free hand and wagged her index finger at her boyfriend to stop doing what he was doing.

Harry took his hand off his hard-on and grunted again in frustration. He squirmed in patiently as he watched Daniel pick Aubrey up under the armpits with seemingly with no effort.

“What are you doing?” Aubrey gasped upset the dick had been taken from her mouth.

Daniel lightly tossed her on the bed and said, “You suck dick great but I want to lick that pussy.”

“Mmmm,” Aubrey purred as Daniel landed on to the bed. She pulled his pants off the rest of the way and threw them on the floor. Aubrey pushed the man down on his back and quickly straddled his face. Daniel grabbed her hips and forced her down on his mouth.

Aubrey began moaning and tried to reach Daniel’s cock but he wouldn’t let her off his face. She was in shock at how strong his tongue was as he clit felt like it was being pinched. Unable to touch Daniel’s dick she began playing with her tits and started moaning louder.

Aubrey opened her eyes for a moment and saw her boyfriend squirming in the chair she had ordered him to sit at. Having an idea she pointed to the dresser. Harry licked his lips, he was confused but stood up with his still rock hard erection and walked to the dresser.

He opened the top drawer, it was her panty drawer but on top of the satiny panties was a pink vibrating dildo. He took it out of the drawer and held it up and offered it to Aubrey. Moaning louder, she pointed back to the chair.

Harry froze, he had let her use the dildo on him once but it had never been brought up again. He moved to put it back in the dresser but saw Aubrey gesture more emphatically. It was clear, do what she said or leave.

Harry returned to the chair and began the awkward process of working the dildo into his ass. He looked up at Aubrey he could tell güvenilir bahis siteleri she was happy with his decision.

Daniel finally released her hips allowing Aubrey to pounce on his dick. She began to suck his dick again while Daniel continued licking her cunt.

Harry had worked the dildo half way into hiss ass. His started to stroke his cock again, feeling he had earned it.

Aubrey looked up at Harry and quit sucking Daniel’s dick long enough to say, “Turn it on.”

Harry grunted at the humiliation of the event but did as he was told. The vibration was helping him get more aroused. “Don’t come,” Aubrey ordered Harry.

Harry slowed a little but continued looking at Aubrey. She was taking Daniel’s entire cock into her mouth and had begun to finger his asshole something that she liked to do to Harry.

Daniel’s body had begun to tense. Aubrey sensing he was about to climax stopped sucking him and straightened up. Daniel was gasping wondering why the she had stopped.

Aubrey crawled around to face Daniel and straddle him again. She bent down to kiss him hard as she grabbed his dick and positioned it on her cunt.

She lowered herself down on him slowly at first letting out a gratified sigh. Wanting to feel every inch oh him she began to pump her hips up and down almost to the point that Daniel slipped out.

“Oh fuck!” Daniel moaned. “You have such a nice pussy!”

Harry watched as his girlfriend fucked the stranger. Sweat was running down her as she pumped up and down on Daniel. Harry could see her asshole as her body gyrated.

In a few minutes Daniel began to pump harder with his hips and started grunting.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!,” Aubrey moaned as waves of an orgasm started.

Daniel groaned, “Fuck!” As his body went rigid and emptied into this woman he had only met hours ago.

Aubrey gasped stroking his chest lightly, “Oh! Oh you came so much! I can feel it all.” She pumped a few seconds longer, finishing herself.

Harry was sweating as he kept working his cock. The dildo in his ass, the being ordered around by his girlfriend, the watching her fuck another, all of it was confusing and a massive turn-on all at once.

Aubrey got off of Daniel and positioned herself between his legs. “Harry,” she said beckoning him over as she started to suck Daniel’s dick dry.

Harry stood up, his girlfriend’s pussy, swollen and glistening, was beginning to drip the other man’s semen. He pulled the dildo from his ass and threw it on the chair.

Harry entered his girlfriend doggie style and she sucked Daniel who looked exhausted. Aubrey let out a muffled moan.

Aubrey’s pussy felt hot and slimy to Harry as he started pumping. He grabbed her hips for better leverage. He looked down his girlfriends ass cheeks getting flattened as he pushed his dick deep.

He felt himself coming close, Harry grabbed Aubrey’s arm and forced her hand on her clit. Although she didn’t normally have multiple orgasms Aubrey started rubbing herself. She climaxed quickly and quit sucking Daniel.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Harry groaned and pushed himself deep inside of Silpa.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Aubrey said gasping feeling more cum being emptied inside of her.

Harry had never come so hard in his life and tried to catch his breath.

Harry withdrew his cock and his hips were immediately splattered with the contents of Aubrey’s pussy as air escaped.

Aubrey turned around and said, “Oh baby! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! Let me clean you!”

She licking cum off of Harry’s crotch and right before she took his dick in her mouth told Daniel, “You should probably leave.”