A night turns into glory hole fun

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A night turns into glory hole funI had just broken up with my girlfriend of two days. She just decided to up and leave one day and wasn’t exaclty nice about it. She ended up cleaning out our entire apartment. In an attempt to cheer me up a few good friends decided it’d be a good idea for me to get out and have a couple of drinks. After a while of pounding them back I decided to just head out and drive home.As I was driving home I passed a run down looking sex shop. My drunk curiosity got the best of me and I decided to wander in. After wandering around for a while I came to the pay to wacth porn booths. Figuring I wasn’t going to get laid tonight I went to the cashier got some of the tokens and wandered into one of the middle booths. Once I got in there and my eyes adjusted to the dim light i settled into the chair and inserted my tokens. I started scrolling through the movies and settled upon a 3 way with two guys and a girl.The movie starts and the two guys are sitting while the girl is sucking both of their cocks. When suddenly one guy slides down the couch and starts looking up and down the other guys shaft. I’ve never been into guys before but I can feel my cock growing and I can’t take my eyes off the screen. Without blinking I pull my dick out and start to stroke it while the guy and the girl take turns sliding his cock all the way down their throat.My concentration güvenilir bahis siteleri is finally broken when someone enters the booth to my right and I see a flicker of light come through a hole in the wall. It was so dark when I first entered I didn’t notice it. I heard whoever was next door sit down, enter their tokens, and finally unzipped their pants. Thinking the night might not be a totally waste and I can catch some hottie finger her juicy pussy through the hole. I slide off my chair and onto the ground to peer through the whole. What I saw next gave me the hardest boner I’ve ever had.A man was sitting two feet away from me. Stroking his cock. It was already an easy seven inches long and still growing. I couldn’t stop watching him. I was entrapped by his ever growing cock. Suddenly my phone went off. It was the ex. Texting me to bitch at me some more. The phone going off didn’t just startle me whoever I was watching heard it too and looked over to see me peering through the hole.He sat there for a few seconds, both of us making eye contact before he finally stood up and walked over to the hole. Figuring he was going to yell at me I backed away from the hole. When suddenly this nine inch monster slides through the hole. And it just sat there waiting. Growing impateint he flexed his huge cock at me. Thinking I shouldn’t do it but having no perabet control over my body I crawled back to the hole and stared at this monster. Just staring at it my dick started to drip pre cum and my mouth started to water.Still with my brain thinking no I reached out and wrapped my hand around this strangers cock. I felt him groan in releif when he realized I was about to do what he wanted me to do. Make him cum. I started slowly jerking him off. Little by little sliding my hand further up and down his big thick shaft. Finally I was stroking from the top of his huge cock head all the way down to his massive balls that could only hold a massive amount of cum.As his dick started to leak pre cum I made sure to wipe it down his dick to increase his pleasure. When finally big clob leaked out. Without even thinking I licked it up. I heard him groan in excitement as e realized that my tounge just licked his massive cock head. Knowing that I excited him that much and that this strangers cum tasted good I stopped stroking him and I placed the tip of his massive cock into my warm and eager mouth.He groaned and lurched forward trying to get more of his dick into my mouth. The sudden movement caugh me by surprise and I gagged and took his cock out of my mouth. Looking down at his massive spit covered tip I couldn’t help myself. I swallowed the whole tip. Filling perabet giriş my mouth with this strangers flesh. As I started to bob up and down on the head he started thrusting with my movements sliding more and more of his cock down my throat.Feeling his dick hit the back of my mouth I went into a cock sucking frenzy. I started sucking harder and faster and trying to go as deep as I could. Finally after minutes of hard cock sucking and gagging I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get this monster all the way down with out his help.I slid my mouth as far down as I could get it and slid my tounge out of my mouth and stretched it down his cock. I wanted to lick those massive balls as he face fucked me. I held myself there for a second and moved my head back and forth until he understood what I wanted him to do. He was gentle at first. Slowly sliding a few inches out and adding a half inch into my throat at a time. Once he started getting more of it into my mouth he started pumping hard and deeper.He was slowly working his monster cock down my throat as his big balls slapped against my chin. I could taste cum in the back of my throat and figured with how he was pumping his cock into my mouth he was ready to empty those big balls.He shot his first rope when my tongue was just start to hit his balls. Deep in my throat it made me gag and pull back a little. His second shot hit me with his dick touching the back of my throat. Finally he pulled out and put his head on my tounge and started to empty the rest of his monster load right in my mouth. I couldn’t take it all and I opened my mouth letting his hot cum run out of my mouth.