A Night to Remember pt 2

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A Night to Remember pt 2I had no idea where we were going and I couldn’t ask because of the gag, I started to get worried.It seemed like hours till we stopped but I guessed it wasn’t that long. Then Mistress finally spoke.”Now I have a special treat for you” she said. “You have been doing so well sucking my strap on that I thought I’d put it to good use.”I have driven us to a local dogging site for you to suck cock like a true whore.”Don’t worry about your safety, your wrists and ankles will be tied together so you can’t escape. All of your zips and buckles are locked so nobody can do anything other that stick their cocks in your mouth and you will also be tied to a post so nobody can take you anywhere else, your in for the long haul.”Now I’m going to take you out and tie you up and I shall see you later… possibly”I couldn’t believe that this was going to happen, I tried to protest but the ring gag was stopping me. I had only sucked my Mistresses strap on. I can’t believe that I told Mistress that I wanted to suck real cock but I couldn’t imagine she would be this extreme.I was then pulled out of the car, forced to walk a bit and then get onto my knees, I knew this was my final chance to protest but it still wasn’t working.I heard a lot of rattling of chains and clicking of locks, I knew there was no way out now. I was just glad it was a warm summer evening other wise I’d completely freeze.”Now that’s you all locked up” Mistress whispered in my ear. “I have locked you so that if you try and stand up or bend down any further you won’t be able to because of the chains attached from your collar to your ankles.”I have also used a big motorcycle chain to attach you to the lamppost so that you can’t be taken away. This also means that your in the only light for miles around so everybody can see where to put their cocks.”I’m off now so I might see you later if your lucky” Mistress said as I heard her heels getting further away and then the car leaving.It seemed like an age before I heard anything at all, I’d spent the whole time trying to wriggle free but it was impossible. Eventually I heard a car pull up and footsteps walk up to me.”What do we have here then?” said a deep voice. “Lets read the sign on the lamppost shall we?”Dear Sir, This is Paige, a guy who loves to dress as a woman and pretend to be a pretty sissy kaçak iddaa girl. As a way of helping him be a proper slut he is to suck every cock that enters his mouth and swallow each drop of cum. All I ask is that you help him train to be a cock sucking whore by forcing him to suck you off, no matter how hairy, old, fat or smelly you are.” I was trembling with every word he said and I could tell they were the words of my Mistress.”Right then Paige” he said to me. “Lets start off your practise then”.With that I heard his zip being undone and with that the cock was shoved in my mouth. I tried to protest but the gag was blocking me.It didn’t seem to be too bad, having the big wet cock in my mouth, thrusting my head back and forth. Mistress had long ago got rid of my gag reflex so I could take her strap on.He seemed to be going forever, I’d never realised until now how long it could take to get someone to cum before. My mouth was starting to ache so I started to thrust more and more hoping to taste his warm salty cum.Then he came, it shot to the back of my throat and dripped down. I loved the taste of it, I just wanted more which was good because as soon as he pulled out another cock went in. I couldn’t believe how good this was feeling, being totally used as a cum dump. Because I was enjoying it so much I even licked this one a little. I made him moan with such excitement he immediately came and I sucked him dry.Again as soon as he pulled out I had another cock in my mouth. He immediately grabbed the back of my head, forcing me right down his long shaft, he pushed me so much I could feel his balls against my chin. Instead of pulling me out again he just kept me there, telling me to lick as much as I could till he came.It was really hard work because of the gag but I licked as much as I could. I could tell he was enjoying it by his moaning and how he was rubbing my mask. I loved the squeeking noise it was making, it was driving me wild so I just licked him harder as the pre cum oozed down my throat, followed by his juicy hot cum.Once again as soon he pulled out another cock went in for me to suck, I couldn’t believe how many there were to suck. Although the cock in my mouth wasn’t anything special I could feel something on the back of my head. It took my ages to work out, especially as I had to concentrate on tipobet güvenilir mi sucking and then it hit me.Someone was wanking over me, his knuckles were rubbing against my black latex mask. I loved It! The idea that just the sight of me sucking cock like a true girly slut turned someone on so much that they can’t help but instantly wank, the site of me, completely immobile but covered in a complete strangers cum. Or was it a strangers? maybe I knew them or I was sucking my bosses cock, it was such a turn on and I was really straining against my chastity device, so much it hurt.After that cock I had a foul one, it really tasted bad and he only just put it my mouth so the horrible taste covered my tongue. I was almost sick with the taste of it but I just had to take it, If I thought the cock tasted bad the cum was even worse, the taste stuck on my tongue for ages afterwards but what could I do?I had no idea how long I’d been there or even how many cocks I’d sucked. My muscles started to ache but I couldn’t move to make it more comfortable, all I could do was take cock after cock like a true cum dump.It went on for what seemed like forever, some cocks were fine but others tasted horrible, but what could I do but take them? sometimes I had to suck them for ages before they came so I had to have the cock for what seemed like hours.Eventually it took longer and longer for another cock to be rammed down my throat till there seemed to be nobody left. I tried to get free but it was no use, the most I could move was half an inch and even if I could my inflatable mitts would stop me being able to do anything.After a long time alone I started to wonder if I’d be left there forever or until the next day when people would come around in the day and report me so I got arrested, was this Mistresses plan? I hated the idea of that so I tried again to get free but to no avail.Then I suddenly heard a noise, some sort of clicking getting closer and closer, then I realised it was heels.”Well my little sissy cum dump” Mistress said, I was so glad to hear her voice once more. “Have you had a nice time?” I tried to nod my head but couldn’t because of all the chains.”I hope you’ve swallowed enough cum my sissy because there seems to be a lot on the outside of you too, I imagine you’ve been kept very busy over tipobet giriş the last few hours”With that I could hear Mistress unlocking me from the lamppost and some of the bonds she had put me in. Mistress then pulled my collar for me to stand up, it was really hard as all my muscles had cramped so I could barely move them but a sharp whip from Mistress made sure that I did it.Mistress then drove me back to her place where I knew I would spend the rest of the weekend, although I had no idea how long that would be.Mistress led me out of the car and made me go upstairs, this was really hard because my muscles were still really stiff and the ballet heels didn’t help at all.”Now I know you’ve had a very exciting night so I’m going to let you have some rest now my sexy little sissy cum dump… sort of” I hated the sound of the ‘sort of’, what else had she got planned? my mind was spinning from all the cock sucking that I couldn’t imagine anything more.”One thing I didn’t mention was that I got a dear friend to film your whole evening from a nearby car. Therefore I can keep it as blackmail in case you ever want to leave me and so that you can watch it back to improve your technique.”With that Mistress pushed me onto the bed and hogtied me so that I was facing straight ahead with my arms and legs in very uncomfortable positions.Mistress then removed my mask so that I could see something for the first time in hours, it took my eyes a while to adjust but I eventually worked out that I was in a dark room staring at a TV with me on, sucking the cocks earlier in the evening. It was great, such a turn on to watch myself being a cum dump, it was like watching a porn film, I loved it.Next, Mistress took off my gag so I could move my jaw, it was such a relief. Mistress then placed a small pill in my mouth and told me to swallow which I did, trusting her as always.”I realise that you are probably extremely horny now sissy but I wanted to make sure you are staining against your chastity device so I have just fed you a Viagra. This will mean that your pathetic sissy clit will strain against your chastity device, especially after so many weeks without cumming and a whole night sucking cock”.Mistress then placed my pink ball gag in my mouth and said “I’m going to leave you to your sleep, not that I expect you to get much with your bulging sissy clit and repeated porn”.With that Mistress left and locked the door, I was stuck incredibly horny, watching myself sucking cock all night, unable to escape or call for help. I was just dreading what was left for Mistress to torture me with.