A Long Wait

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It wasn’t the first time I’d seen them together — far from it, but something about the way he leant into her got to me every time. She laughed, and the sound of it brought a smile to my lips as they walked past me.

We were at a party, Beccy’s, to be precise, and I’d decided to come only through the pestering of my friend Josh.

“There’ll be some girls there, I promise!” he’d said, knowing my weakness well enough. And it was true, there were some stunners there, but nothing could take my eyes of Amy. For almost nine years I’d known her, and for the last six I hadn’t been able to think of any other girl. Standing almost as tall as me, she had long, dark brown hair, big hazel eyes and a smile that stopped me dead.

For my part, I didn’t wonder why she didn’t notice me — I was nothing special at six feet exactly and with longish blonde hair I looked about average. Regular gym sessions saw me well muscled, but not disproportionate, but nonetheless I knew I was no looker.

We’d been in the same drama class for over a year now, and we’d become fairly close friends, even acting an electric scene from Chekhov’s ‘Seagull’ together. As it often did, my mind flew back to the last night of performance, in front of a few hundred people, her boyfriend of over a year amongst them.

“I smell the scent of heliotropes,” I said, kneeling down to caress a ‘flower’ onstage. “and I make a rapid mental note; widow’s purple, cloying perfume.” I picked it. “Put in when describing summer evening.” I straightened, and presented it to her. She looked into my eyes and blushed, and I continued the soliloquy, inspired. At the end of act three I came back onstage and saw her there. The script called for ‘a prolonged kiss’ but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stand it, so I’d opted for a kiss on the cheek instead. We held each other, and as she stared into my eyes, and in that moment I saw the love for me that she was presenting the audience, and it crushed me to my very core.

A shout from the other room brought me back to the present, and I stepped in to see what was happening. They were there, sitting at the back of the room, him not drinking because he was driving and her nestled into his body, watching the precedings.

The game of twister was fast becoming something else. Two girls, Steph and Lauren, had managed to tangle themselves around Josh in such a way he had his crotch pressed against Lauren’s perfect cleavage and his face barely inches from Steph’s spread legs.

“Pete!” he exclaimed, clearly drunk. “Pete check this out!” He leaned forward and motorboated Steph’s pussy, bringing roars of laughter from everyone in the room and causing her to topple, bringing Lauren down with her.

The crowd that had gathered around them dispersed, as people went to look for other diversions, or something else to drink. Josh came over to me and handed me another beer.

“You look like you need one. They getting to you?”

I made a face “Kind of. I just figure I’ll get wrecked and sleep on someone’s floor. That’ll make it go away.”

“Or, you get wrecked and sleep in someone’s bed,” he said, with a wink.

“Did you just wink at me? Fuck off!” We both laughed, and I took a long drink.

“Seriously though,” he retorted, “Steph just gave me her number.”

“Didn’t you have it?”

“Nope. Only met her tonight.” He said, with an impish grin.

“Kudos. I know where you’re sleeping then.”

He leaned back and got out his mobile, and he started to tap out a text. “With luck.” He looked up across the room and saw Amy and Rick. He frowned. “Wasn’t Rick supposed to be driving her home tonight?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Why?”

“That’s the third can of cider I’ve seen him finish.”

“Dude, whatever. If he dies then I’ll have a party. Who gives a shit.”

“True that. Sent. What if it isn’t her number?” He asked, suddenly looking worried.

I illegal bahis smiled at him. “Then you’d better hope her mum’s MILF.”

A few hours later and I’d decided to go and find a kebab shop. Josh had long since wandered of with Steph and I didn’t blame him. That bros before hoes bullshit was exactly that. Bullshit. I turned the corner onto a less travelled road and saw a sight that made me a bit happier. Amy and Rick arguing. They often fought, but it still made me laugh; her the most stubborn person I’d ever met, and him the most obnoxious. What a pair.

“I’m not letting you drive!” She was saying. “You told me we’d walk because you wanted a drink!”

“Fuck that Amy, it’s cold. Get in.” He got in the car and closed the door. I didn’t want to talk to either of them particularly, but the route I was walking took me past them, and they’d presumably already seen me. I pulled my hood up and tucked my chin in, in a vain effort to be unobserved, but she saw me.

“Pete, thank God, please tell Rick he’s in no fit state to drive.”

“What?” I mumbled, as if caught with my attention elsewhere. “Oh sure.” Cursing under my breath I walked out into the empty road and to Rick’s window.

Why the fuck should he listen to me? He hates me ever since he found out I’m infatuated with his girlfriend. Which is fair enough, I suppose…..

“Dude, being a bit cold’s a fair price to pay for losing your license… or dying. Just walk, man.” That didn’t even make sense! What was I talking about?

“I’ve got an idea,” he said. “Fuck off.” and with that he wound his window up and ignored me. Three years my senior and brought up in one of the rougher parts of London, I didn’t want to provoke him, so I decided to let it drop.

Ears flaming, stomach churning, I nodded. “Whatever, dude.” I looked across at Amy. “I can’t make him. Sorry.” The look she gave me, disappointment tinged with pity, nearly brought tears to my eyes.

I walked on, but I’d scarcely gone thirty metres before a piercing scream rent the night.

What happened next would remain with me until I died, and I’d remember it with crystal clarity for the rest of my life. The next few hours are etched into my mind like runes on the pyramids of the Pharaohs.

I spun round and I saw her struggling against him. He’d got out and was trying to force her into the car and she was trying in vain to escape him.

“Rick! What the fuck are you doing?” I shouted.

She stamped on his foot in an effort to break free and he responded by striking her flat handed, and knocking her to the floor.

In that moment I lost all reason, and rage clouded my senses. I ran towards him and dropped my shoulder, striking him in the midriff and knocking him down. I crouched next to Amy, she was shocked, but OK. I went to help her up, but something exploded against the side of my head. I saw lights, and the force of it knocked me into his car. I shook my head and through clearing vision saw him swing for me again. I brought my left arm up to block it, but I was more drunk than I thought and I was too slow. Blood splashed into my left eye and I dimly realised it was my own. With an almost animalistic snarl I stepped inside his reach and snapped a headbutt to his forehead. As he staggered back I whipped my fist into his gut, and as he doubled over I brought my knee into his face. He slumped to the floor, unconscious, and I fell back to sit against the car.

As I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness Amy shook me.

“Pete, please get up. Pete!”

“Wha..? I’m good. I’m here.” She helped me up and together we sat rick in his car, locked is, and dropped the keys though a barely open window onto his lap.

I looked at her frightened face, and knew instinctively what she needed.

“Ok, I’m gonna call a taxi to get you home. That ok?”

“No… I don’t think I can deal with being in a car right now. I know illegal bahis siteleri it sounds stupid, but…”

I sighed. “No, I understand. It’s fine.” I smiled. “You know this means I’m walking you home, right?” I had nothing other than honourable intentions, but I didn’t want to let her walk the twenty minutes to her house alone. Added to that, she was only wearing leggings, a long top and a cardigan.

As we started walking, I offered her my hoody, and as she started to refuse, I said “Look, you’re going to freeze if not, and I’ve still got plenty of adrenaline in me, so I’ll be fine.”

She shrugged her approval, and I pulled it off and handed it to her.

“Look, Pete, I’m…I really want to say thanks for…” she took a few deep breaths and shuddered, and tears sprang to her eyes. “I had no idea he was like that. There’s no way we’re getting back together after that. Last straw.” I got the feeling she was convincing herself as much as she was me, but I figured she needed someone to talk to.

“Whatever you do, Amy, I’ll be standing right behind you if needs be.” She smiled at that.

“Thanks. No, really, I mean it. No one’s stood up to him since he moved here a few years ago.”

We chatted and laughed like good friends all the way back to her house, and as she stopped on the doorstep she looked at me. “Pete, you should probably come in. Look at you, you’re covered in blood!”

I felt my face, and there was indeed evidence of crusted blood on much of it. “No, it’s fine, I don’t want to wake parents or anything.”

“They’re in Greece, silly. That’s why Rick was coming back here.” The last was said with a blush.

“Ok, I could use something to eat as well I guess… I was actually on my way to grab a kebab.”

She laughed, and I smiled again.

Once inside she sat me on a sofa, grabbed some cotton wool and a basin of warm water and began to dab at my face. “I don’t think you need stitches, you should be ok.” She smiled at me warmly. “You were magnificent, honestly. I think I owe you at least this much.” She leant forward and hugged me. Momentarily frozen, I was unsure what to do. I hugged her back, the warmth of her neck pressing against mine… I could smell her hair and perfume. Releasing her was one of the hardest things I’d ever done, and as she sat back she gazed into my eyes and I knew I had to take the chance or I’d regret it for ever. “Isn’t is obvious?” I asked. “I’d do anything for you. I can’t stop thinking about you, and when I saw Rick hit you I thought I’d kill him. I…” I struggled to say what I felt, but I didn’t need to.

She leant into me and kissed me, and a thousand fires lit in my body. Before I knew what was happening she was on top of me her tongue dancing with mine, my hands running through her hair. My hands travelled all the way down her back, following the curve of her spine onto her firm ass. She broke off, and stood.

Her voice husky, she looked me in the eyes. “Somewhere more comfortable?” she indicated that I follow her upstairs.

“Wait.” She looked at me, and I could see the hurt rising in her eyes. I took a deep breath. “I need to know that this isn’t just a thank you. I need to know it’s you. Straight up.”

“Of course it’s me. I said I owed you a hug… not what you’re about to get if you stop chatting on.” She flashed me a grin and ran up the stairs.

I leapt up and was right on her heels as she ran into her room and fell onto her bed. I landed on top of her, and we started kissing again, this time with her hands running up and down my back. She lifted off my shirt and pushed me onto my side, fingers tracing my body.

“My my… quite the athlete,” she murmured. Her lips traced down my neck and onto my chest, her tongue leaving a moist trail in its wake. I grabbed the bottom of my hoody she was wearing and tore it off her in one movement, leaving her clad in just a top and canlı bahis siteleri leggings once more. I could see the contours of her petite frame like this, luscious legs tapering up to the most shapely ass I’d ever seen. Her flat stomach led to a well shaped, if not enormous pair of breasts, most likely B cups.

“Done looking at me?” She asked, a sexy grin playing across her face.

“Not by half.” I replied, leaning over her once more. For a few minutes we kissed, and my hands went from her ass up to her breasts and then lifted her top off. I started kissing her neck, whilst my left hand snaked round to undo her bra clasp. As it fell, I licked down to her breast, and around her nipple, already standing proud. My mouth finally closed over it and she moaned, her fingers tangled in my hair. I switched to the other nipple, and took it in my mouth with equal vigour. I swirled my tongue around it and flicked over it until she lifted my head up to kiss me again. I could feel her need increasing, and my right hand moved between her legs, and began to rub her pussy through her leggings.

As she moved her legs apart for me I could feel the heat and moisture, and her moans grew louder as she began to pant.

“Please Pete… no more. I… need you…” I slipped my hand under the band of her leggings, and past the silky softness of her panties. My fingers encountered no hair whatsoever, not even stubble, and the warm, soaking wet entrance to her beckoned. I rubbed one finger down the length of her slit, and she cried out. I clamped my mouth around her nipple and plunged my fingers into her. She shuddered, and pushed her hips into my hand, seeking further satiation. With my spare hand I pulled down the rest of her clothes, leaving her completely naked, and moved down, kissing her stomach with light, butterfly touches. Her entire body quivered as I slipped my tongue between her thighs. My fingers still working her, I could smell her sex as my face descended to her. I traced my tongue over her clitoris, and she shuddered again. I continued this routine, until I sensed she was close to climax. I pulled my fingers out and plunged my tongue in, pushing it as deep as it would go. I worked it in and out, hands now elsewhere, one on her fabulous ass and one stroking her nipple.

Suddenly she convulsed and cried out “Ahhhhh, I’m cumming, Pete, I’m….” Spasms racked her body and she suddenly lay still… her breath coming in ragged gasps.

I moved up alongside her, and kissed her. She responded without hesitating, obviously unfazed at the taste of her own juices. She pulled back suddenly.

“Well fancy that, it looks like I owe you again.” With a deft movement she pulled down my jeans and boxers and cast them aside. My knob sprang into the air, completely solid, and she caught it at the base. With her soft hands she began to stroke it, and she moved her face mere inches away, and I could feel her hot breath on my head. Faster and faster her movements became until she was furiously wanking my shaft. She began to lick the head, and at the first touch of her tongue I nearly came straight away. She slowed her hand, and traced her hot, wet tongue all the way down my knob, and up again. It began to drive me wild, and I bucked my hips in an effort to fuck her face. She caught my tip in her mouth, and slowly engulfed my entire head. She moved her head down, taking more of me in, and then backed out.

In and out, it continued for what seemed like hours of exquisite torture, until I felt my balls tightening and recognised the imminent orgasm. She must have noticed something too, because she pulled out completely, took a deep breath, and went all the way down.

I’d never been deep throated before, and it completely blew me away. It tipped me over the edge, and I unleashed a salvo of pent up cum right down her throat. She looked me right in the eyes the entire time, and I could honestly have said it was the best orgasm of my life. As she licked the remaining cum from my cock, and settled next to me, head on my chest, I knew it would be the first of many.

“Night Pete.”

I looked at her, and kissed the top of her head. “Night Amy.”