A Broken Vow

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Down on her knees, flipping through her favorite magazine, listening to some of her favorite tunes… this was heaven, pure and simple.

Her body moved to the beat, pink buttocks whipping through the air, as she flipped the pages of her latest magazine. As she started to close it something caught her eye, she soon found herself engrossed in the article. She picked herself up from the floor and looked in the full size mirror for a moment before she began to remove articles of clothing, piece by piece. Only when she was as the day she was born did she stop to study her image more closely.

She wouldn’t say it out loud be she was rather proud of her body. She would never be a swimsuit model but she was fine with that. She placed her hand between her almost non-existent breasts and traced a line down to her womanhood. It had been a long time since she had been with anyone. The contents of the article flashed through her mind and she bit down on her lower lip.

Her reflection met her steady gaze, burning with desire. Memories ran through her head. Good, bad, deep and meaningful, shallow and callous; they all had one thing in common.

Just as suddenly the feeling was past and she finally felt exhaustion slide over her like a well worn illegal bahis cloak. This day had not bee kind to her.

She wandered into the bathroom, careful to avoid her reflection and turned the shower-head on full blast. The bathroom soon filled with steam and her body slowly began to relax. Rivulets traced curves down her body as she entered into the cascading waters.

As the water enveloped her, she closed her eyes and just let herself be.

Something in the back of her conscious would not let her be, however. It pushed, pulled, nagged and gnawed at her until she thought could take no more and staggered from the comforting heat.

Bent over the sink, teeth clenched, water dripping torrents, she fought and fought until she knew that she had lost. One hand wiped the steam from the glass and, though, the image was warped she could still make out the features.

A sultry seductress, mistress of sweet, stared back at her. Confidence oozed from her, but something else did too, desire. It had made a slave of her once. Memories of her haunted past, memories she thought buried deep and forgotten, appeared before her. She had thought, she had hoped, but she had been wrong.

Fingers with a mind of their own soon traced a familiar illegal bahis siteleri path from between her tiny breasts to the hairy mound below. They circled their final destination once then twice before plunging into her already wet pussy. Slow and deep at first, reacquainting themselves with territory long forgotten.

Her right hand reached up to her breast and tweaked the nipple. This spot, more so than any other, was her weakness. She remembered kisses on her neck, hands upon her waist and a thickness between her legs; but she would never forget the mouth upon her chest.

She soon found herself gasping for air as her fingers became more comfortable in their surroundings. Her entrance was small and tight, it would not allow entrance to just anyone, but her fingers paid no heed.

Tears ran down her face as she thrust her fingers in and out, in and out. Pumping faster and faster. Her face contorted in a mixture of pleasure and pain, eyes shut tight and teeth clenched, she reveled in this which she had not had in so long.

The rapid movement was ecstasy.

She licked her dry lips over and over again, her mind registering every sensation. Her hand teased her nipple, grabbed it, ripped at it, nearly sending her over the canlı bahis siteleri edge. But still she could not get enough.

Her breast was littered with scratch marks when her legs buckled and she fell to the floor. The wave of pleasure left her feeling weak yet invigorated.

Leaning against the cabinet beneath the sink her fingers continued to flay her pussy. Something else began to nag at her, something else was missing. On impulse her hand reached above her and grabbed the shampoo bottle.

It was thicker than anything that she had ever taken but, even as she shook her head no, she thrust the bottle into her ass and squeezed. She threw her chin into the air and screamed gasps of pleasure and pain and then she exploded.

Despite the fact that she was entirely spent her fingers, inconsiderate little bastards, continued to jack off even as her right hand kept massaging her nipple. Slowly, gently with a bit of rough thrown in for good measure now and again.

The shampoo oozed out from around the bottle and she went limp, collapsing onto the shower floor. She closed her eyes and watched the water mix with the various fluids pouring from her being turn down the drain.

She sobbed then, a cry born of anguish and failure, little more than a mew, and let the shower was her shame away.

It was only after she opened her eyes again, red and puffy as they were, that she realized that had completely sat down upon her bottle and it was now stuck in her asshole.