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YOU HAVE TO BE ADAPTABLE ..Many years ago when I was about five or six years of age I experimented anally in the bath with a bit of soap; it felt good apart from the soap stinging a little bit.When I was about ten years of age I got fucked for the first time by a friend of the same age. I don’t know where he got the idea from but it felt very nice although there were minor complications.In my teens a male friend and I used to have wanking races in his bedroom. We used to suck each other but not to orgasm so I never knowingly swallowed his cum.Around about that time I lost my anal virginity in total to a Gay guy who was about thirty years older, then I became involved in his parties where guys would come and fuck me. I guess they all liked Twinks and I was definitely one of those. In those days the law was not on our side but we never got found out.When I was twenty-one I lost my vaginal virginity to a friend’s cousin. She targeted me big time and it was the first time that my cock had been inside anyone!It is interesting to note that in all my Gay experiences before this girl I had never given anal sex and to this day have only done so with females, never a male; now I could not do it now anyway.This is where the adaptability came in because all of a sudden I was behaving ‘straight’. I might point out that whilst I do go to some Gay venues I am a straight acting kind of guy. You would not pick me on the street to be anything other than a normal senior citizen.I was twenty-one at the time and folks seem surprised that I was that late in losing my ‘cherry’; they are not aware of the male to male side that existed beforehand.When she eventually got my clothes off and got me into bed I can honestly say that I did not know what to do. I was used to bending over and taking a cock in my hole, or taking it lying on my back. Now I was confronted by a girl who wanted cock in her pussy.I pushed and I shoved and I did all sorts of things before she asked me if I had ever done it before; well what do you say? You tell them truth that you have never had sex with a female and the only sex you have had is with another male whilst he fucked your arse; well that might happen in movies. I lied and told her a couple of times before but I was drunk and couldn’t remember very well what to do. What a whole crock of shit, fucking is like riding a bike; you don’t forget!She took hold of my diamond cutter and gently put it in her pussy. Now, remember well that I had never fucked anything close to female apart from my right hand so this was a new experience and crikey it was fucking wonderful. It was warm and moist, comfortable and welcome, and then all of a sudden – oh fuck I just filled it up with more warm wet fluids. I thought my arsehole was going to come out the eye of my cock, what an explosion.A friend of mine once defined male to female sex as kıbrıs escort the ‘wet and slippery act of procreation’. I have to agree with him now because the first time I slipped my somewhat large cock into this girls pussy everything was so wet. I think that I lasted about fifteen seconds before a whole tanker load of cum was let rip into her.Now tell me guys, is it not the truth that when you have bled the brakes so to speak you lose a level of interest. Well the 11.23pm last train was only a few minutes away so I legged it; now how out of order is that!The one asset that I had at that time was an enormous cock. I didn’t think it was that great because it was the tiniest thing when not aroused. Since then I have been told by ladies that it was a fucking ripper, at the very most it got to ten inches and thick.Having come to realise that I had that asset I went about developing many other avenues to use it. I know that I impregnated nine ladies that asked for that service, fucked many others and had two k**s through a marriage. During that time I learned many tactics of how to make the ladies drool with pleasure.In the year 1999 things started to change on two fronts. Apparently I had type two diabetes but like so many others I didn’t know about it and it was never confirmed until 2007. On the other front my wife at the time decided that she really was not interested in me fucking her as it seemed in reality that she could not keep up with my demands.I suppose that I have always been highly sexed and was involved with many females on many fronts from straight to kink. All of a sudden the ability to get it up and keep it that way was dying. Suffice to say that I have not fucked a female since then but I have sucked a few.This is where the adaptability has to come in for the second time. The first time being when I found out that ‘straight’ was more fun than Gay. My wife decided that she was having more fun with the moron next door and metaphorically jumped the fence to join him. This event was somewhat devastating so I had to pick up the pieces and get on with life.It was then that I decided that I would become bi-sexual and still am to an extent. I found that I did not have the equipment to fuck anyone any more but I was well versed in how to make women happy by use of tongue and hands and the occasional ‘tool’ so I decided to enhance those areas.I had forgotten over the years how hard a man’s cock can become when it is being sucked. The first person that I invited around to my place lay down with me and we began to wank each other. His cock started to get hard but mine didn’t however that was no problem to me. I went down and took him in my mouth and remembered many prior experiences and it was good. I was amazed at the curve on the darned thing but by crikey it was rock hard.I had not invested in any lubricant at escort kıbrıs that stage but nothing was going to stop this guy. He lifted me up and spat on my hole and plunged his hard cock into it. It was tight and he was not small so there was an element of ‘ouch’.From memory it seemed to self lube and he fucked me big time and filled me in nicely. Then he jumped off, shouted out ‘oh my God I came’ and took off into the en suite bathroom. He came out a few minutes later and left with a bewildered me sitting on the toilet expelling all his cum. I thought the name of the game was to fuck my hole and cum, apparently this was not what he thought and I received an email from him apologising; he had been to church and sought forgiveness for the whole incident and would not be returning for another bout!Another encounter I had was with a twenty one year old lesbian who decided to take time out to have fun with a member of the opposite sex; which in truth she probably did quite often. She was and still is about forty three years younger than me but I used all my assets, tools and knowledge and she maintained it was the best orgasm she had had ever. I have learned how to extend them in females and put them off in males then bring them on again. She came to visit on many occasions.Another lady was a friend that I met on another website and she came to my area to go to a funeral and stayed with me over night. She got a fair bit inebriated and fell asleep on my bed early in the evening and was not aware of the fact that I took her clothes off so she could sleep; I could not resist sucking on her pussy though. In the morning we were both naked, so I decided to give her the benefit of a work over without cock. Yet another success and so much so that she stayed another night and I gave her one more in the afternoon and one final one late at night.I met a guy about my age and he invited me to come up to the nudist beach near where he lived. I went up there and we walked along the beach to what would be described as a secluded area. Well it was secluded but there was no one on the outside to watch because they were all fucking each other on the secluded side!Now don’t ask me where he got it from but this guy lubed up my arse and bent me over in front of everyone and fucked me brilliantly. By the time he came there were a few of the others that decided to watch and even applauded for goodness sake! Then one asked if I minded whilst I was bent over so he fucked me to completion and three others emptied out as well. I went into the sea to clean out and it was all good fun.I was chatting to a guy on the internet one night who told me he lived about 100km from me and wanted to fuck me; he would be around shortly. Well he made the distance in record time and was there about 1am. We had a coffee and a chat and went to my bedroom where I saw that kıbrıs escort bayan he had an enormous cock, bigger than the one I used to have and I was wondering where I was going to put it.I sucked on it for a while then he put me in the doggie position and lubed up my hole big time. Then he commenced to sliding this enormous cock into me but it was really tight. The next thing I know he put a small bottle under my nose and told me to sniff deeply on both nostrils. This is the first time I was introduced to poppers.I had a feeling of blushing and thinking I could walk on water. Apparently this relaxes something which allowed him to fuck me with his big dick. Not only was it thick but it was long also but I found that I could take it although my arse was not mine for a day or two after. Poppers do work some of the time, other times I seem immune.There have been so many encounters since the first day, some of which were successful and others not so. I never knock anyone and if they cannot make it work, then there is a reason that they will sort out some day. Others come in and enjoy what I can do for them or maybe they just want to fuck me, either way I am happy to oblige.Funnily enough most of them are NSA visits without any repeats. The only ones that do repeat are the guys that are well into this form of sexual pleasure as I am. So many guys will come along and fuck you and then never be heard of again and they are definitely not bareback; I think they are just trying to prove something to themselves and God bless them for that. It will either confirm or deny their desires which are only imaginings at the time.I love being fucked and always have loved anal attention even during my so called ‘straight’ period. I probably don’t get as much as I would like but I have my weapons of mass distraction that I use on myself and others.Two of my greatest loves are to go to the local Gay sauna, lube up and sit in the steam room. Amazing what goes on in there or alternatively I will take over a room and bend over waiting. I always get a lot of attention in this with guys just coming in and finger fucking or cock fucking and sometimes more than one and you can get spit roasted.I enjoy being finger fucked and fisted although no one has actually managed to get right in there yet, but it is close. The best way to do it is to have someone that knows what they are doing and can work on it. There are any amount of fisters out there that really have no idea.Sex of any kind is an art form, not just wham, bang, thank you ma’am. You need to seek out those that have studied and experimented and enjoyed if you indeed want to do the same. You have to learn from experience.I think we have the natural ability to be adaptable but in the sexual sense there are constraints of the mind to grapple with. The one thing you guys have to remember, male and female, is that when one door closes another one always opens, just don’t make the mistake of looking too long at the closed door or you might miss the open one.Be adaptable and enjoy life, we are not here for a long time, just a good time.