Wrong address

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Wrong addressThis adventure began with F****P delivering to the wrong address. I had purchased a sybian for my wife and was impatiently awaiting its arrival. Expecting it last week I was disappointed it hadn’t arrived. Monday morning the doorbell rang it was about 9:15. It was the lady that lived across the street. We knew each other to speak that was it. Her husband had taken a job assignment out of town for two years which ended up in them divorcing. She said hi, I’m Janet (not her name), I have a package F****P left at my house last Friday, but I can’t carry it.Not a problem, I’ll come get it. As we walked over I knew what it was and made small talk about the neighborhood, etc. As we approached the house she opened the door and invited me in. She said it’s up here, and I followed her up a flight of steps, down the hallway and into her home office. She turned and said I must apologize, I opened it without thinking, I’ve been expecting some stuff too. Then I though OMG She opened it. She said she had heard of this “contraption” but never saw one. She said her curiosity got the best of her and she googled it and watched the videos she found. Then she said I couldn’t resist, and that she had ordered a replacement attachment for it, as I’m sure you wouldn’t want one that’s been used. I played it off and assured her it was fine and I asked if she enjoyed it. She said she has NEVER had an orgasm like that; thank goodness the k**s were with friends this weekend. I told her we have toy parties every few months and she was welcomed to come if she wanted, we would include her on the invitation list next time. She said I’d had no idea you two were into wild play times, I replied the same about you. Well I can’t say have had wild times, but being single now I’m ready to make up for lost time.I told her we have a play room in the basement and she should come see it sometime. My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for several years and have some great times. WOW, I can’t imagine! I grabbed up the sybian, they aydın escort are relatively heavy, and began making my way to the door. She followed and opened the door. She said oh, you’ll need help with you door and she tracked right along with me.We went to the garage door as it was going in the play room. I gave her the door combo and up it went. She said there you go; I interrupted her and said I have another door, would you mind. No not at all. She again grabbed the door so I could get through. I said you might as well have a peek at our play room while you’re here. She was a little hesitant but followed anyway. I asked her to get the last door and we entered the play cave. It’s painted dark, and we have a variety of things there, from some light B&D items, large LCD T.V a bed, swing, chairs and a small couch. Holy smokes, I can’t believe this. Good thing it’s in the basement the noise probably gets a bit much LOL. At times, yes. I was unpacking the sybian and she was just wondering around awestruck. I asked if anything caught her eye in particular. After a pause, she just said everything. She began asking questions about our lifestyle, which I readily answered as I continued unpacking the newest addition. It was well past the point of being turned on for her; she was HORNY AS ALL GET OUT. I had the sybian all unpacked, set in its designated place and powered up. When she heard the sound she turned quickly, and we made eye contact. You really did enjoy this huh? Like I said I have never had an orgasm like that in my life. Do you want another ride? I’ll put the quarter in LOL. She thought for a split second and said yes, but I don’t know if I can do this with you here. I told her I’d excuse myself if she really wanted me to. I slipped out and took up my position to wait. I could hear her disrobing and was excited at the thought of what was going on. She’s not what you would call hot, but an average lady with three k**s, a good income and has been just living life day to day. She was rather escort aydın tall around 5’11”, red hair, just a little chunky but not a belly or anything. I’d say 36 c’s and a little saggy in appearance. Once I heard the machine start up I gave her about ten minutes and her breathing had escalated, and her slight moan had begun. I slipped back towards the door peeking through the crack. She was riding like a champ, squeezing her breast and pulling at her nipples and grinding away. After getting rid of my shorts, and tshirt, I slipped into the room quietly, leaned against the couch and resumed stroking my cock. It was about two minutes before she opened her eyes and saw me. I was afraid that would break her spirit and ruin the moment, not so. She grinned and continued on now watching me. I would stop periodically and lick the pre-cum from my hand, and resume stroking. She was peaking now and was grinding HARD and fast, it was only a few minutes she until she was screaming out and cumming all over the sybian. I walked to her and helped her up, where she then leaned against the couch, her skin flushed red from head to toe. Her thighs were wet and shaky. I told her it was my turn, and she had a look in her eyes, indicating she was unsure of what was to cum. I straddled the toy, slid some lube on my ass and lowered myself onto the toy. I loved the feel of it inside me. She watched in excitement, and shock. I began grinding on the toy, and slowly turned it on and maintained a slow pace and low vibration. I leaned back and continued stroking my dick. I motioned for her to come closer, as she did. I asked her to get on her knees and suck me off. She didn’t hesitate. Swallowing me easily WOW, she had a throat! I stopped her in spite of how well it felt, and asked her if she wanted to fuck. YES! She turned around doggy style and backed onto my dick. She had to make the moves as I was impaled on the toy, but she was enjoying this as much as I, maybe more. I dribbled some lube on her puckered ass hole aydın escort bayan and began teasing her. She moaned and didn’t see to resist. I asked if she liked it in the ass, and she replied she’d never tried it.I pushed her off my cock and, leapt from the sybian and guided her cunt back onto the toy. She immediately was in heaven again. I took my place behind her and resumed my fingering of her puckered hole. She had another orgasm, but kept going. I told her to lean forward; I lubed her hole and, my cock and eased the head against her awaiting hole. She froze but didn’t pull away. I SLOWLY eased my cock further into her TIGHT ass. The feeling of the cinching muscles, and the vibration was intense. After about five minutes she had relaxed and taken all of me inside her. We began a good rhythm and she had began rocking against my cock, and the sybian. She had now turned up the vibration and was all but thrashing herself. We both felt the urge rising, and I began plummeting my cock into her ass. Within a minute we were both at the top of the game and I began pumping mu cum into her ass, that pushed her over the edge and she screamed out again and her ass became even tighter as she had another orgasm.She leaned forward supporting herself on her hands, breathing hard and sweating. I pulled my cock from her and watched some of my cum dripping from her ass. We laid down on the floor catching our breath for several minutes, I made my to my feet and helped her up. I escorted her to the half bath and offered her everything to clean up. She said, my turn to ask something. Hmm I was taken back a bit. She put one foot on the vanity and instructed me to clean her cunt. She may have thought she was taking control but I LOVED this. She grabbed my head and smashed my face into her crotch. Her legs were soaked and he pussy reeked of cum. I licked her clean giving her yet another orgasm. Then like a gentleman I took the wash rag with warm water and cleaned her up properly, dried her off and handed her her clothes. She left shortly afterwards pausing to remind me to let her know about the upcoming toy parties and ANY other events we might plan.As frustrating as it can be when your package doesn’t get delivered properly, this time it was GREAT!