Watching Mom

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Watching MomIt’s the middle of the afternoon, when I came home for lunch. I noticed a strange car in the driveway and wondered who was here. I was humming a song that I had heard earlier in the day. As I walked up the driveway I heard some noise from the backyard. I snuck up the corner of the house and peaked thru the cracks of the fence. The gate was open, but I didn’t dare open it, cuz it creaks too loud. So I wam watching from a crack. I see 3 guys, but ass naked. 2 of them are stroking their cocks and the other is being sucked off by my mom. My mom is sitting on the diving board with her legs spread wide. She has a dildo in her pussy hole. One of the guys who is stroking his cock is fucking moms hole with that dildo. The other is rubbing moms tits.Mom gets up, turns around and gets doggie style. She tells them whe wants the dildo in her ass as another fucks her pussy. The one rubbing her tits, takes over and shoves his rock hard cock deep in her pussy. A yes comes out loudly. Mom sucked the one guy til he was ready to cum. He asked her where she wants his cum. The one guys tells him to jizz in her asshole.Hot spurts of cum goes into her ass as the dildo is in and out. Guy number 2 pulls the dildo out, guy number 3 pulls out for number 2 shoves his very thick cock in her ass. Number 2 goes to her mouth and she is fucked in 2 holes. Number one goes around and reaches for her clit and fingers her slit. A mixture of her cum and his bayraklı escort cum makes her nice and slippery. Mom is cooing with delight. The guy that’s in her ass pulls out and has mom sits on him. His dick in her ass, guy number 1 slides deep in her pussy while number 2 is about ready to cum in her mouth. She pulls away and tells him to fuck her also in her pussy and to get off inside her. Now mom has all 3 guys fucking her hard. Mom has a smile as she moans with an orgasm.Guy number 1 pumps faster as he gets off, then pulls out for her to suck his cock clean. Number 2 does the same, but pulls out to cum in her mouth. Guy number 3 has mom roll over on all fours, he mounts her like he’s ready to ide his horse. One of the guy’s spreads moms ass cheeks apart as the other slides in. The guys are slapping her ass as she is getting fucked. Mom is begging for his dick to be in her deeper and harder.As he’s ready to cum, he pulls from her ass and fills her mouth full of his HOT cum. One of the other guys has slipped 3 of his fingeers in her ass and is fingering her pussy with a few more fingers. Mom screams as she is having another orgasm. The guys take turns licking her very swollen pussy. Mom has her legs up high as each one puts his tongue in her hole. When I see the guys getting dressed, I sneak off to the front door. I pretty much have wasted my lunch watching moms gangbang, so I only have a few minutes to get a sandwich and bayraklı escort bayan get back out the door. Mom comes in the backdoor, her hair all tressled up and her makeup is smeared. I looked at her, smiled and licked my lips. I had this cocky look on me, when I asked her if she had a good time. She thru me a look, knowing that she had just got caught. She said yes as she went upstairs to clean up. I followed her and watched her take her panties off. I told her to lay back on her bed and let me taste what was left inside her.I bent down on my knees and licked moms pussy. There wasn’t very much cum left, but she sure tasted good. I love how she smelled. The fresh smell of hot sex and the cologne from the guys. What a turn on. I lcked her a few more times, then I got up to go back to work. As I was headed down the steps mom, yelled for me. I turned around, looked in her room to see her putting on a pair of thigh hi hose. She told me not to say a word to daddy. I rolled my eyes and left.I got into my car and one of the guys was waiting for me. He knew me from the sex shop. We chatted for a few minutes, then he left. I remember seeing his cock once before…the first sex party I had at the shop. I do remember how his head was like a big mushroom. It fit tightly in my little pussy, I remembered the feeling. I smirked with the memory and went to work.After I got to work, the phone rang and it was him, he asked if he could escort bayraklı have some of my time to talk about my mom. I told him sure, after I get off work at 6. We were going to meet at the park by the river. He told me quickly that he loves my mom and wants to be with her all the time. I told him I had to go for now and I will see him at 6.I met him at the park, he was sitting on a picnic bench watching boats go down the river. I asked what was going on with him and my mom. He told me, they have been seeing a lot of each other. Everytime her and daddy got into a fight, she would leave and go to his house. She would cry on his shoulder and they would end up making love. He told me how moms skin was so soft and her kisses were oh so soft.He then told me, how he wants mom to move out and to live with him. He’s a friend of daddy’s, but he’s tired of the fighting all the time. He loves my mom and wants her to get divorced. He also told me, that I could live with them. I don’t think I really want to live there. I like the arrangement I’m in. I have daddy and Scotty to fuck whenever I want, plus Brian can come over and fuck me. I told him thankyou, but no thanks. I told him I would talk to mom tomorrow and tell her how he feels and tell her if she’s happy with that situation, then to leave daddy.We talked for a bit more, when I told him I had to leave. He reached over, gave me a kiss, rubbd my tit then slapped my ass as I walked away. I said for him to save that for my mom. Now I just have to wait for tomorrow and tell her to pack her shit and leave. I want to sleep with daddy all the time. I want to have my own gangbang with daddy, Brian and Scotty. OOOOOH I can’t wait, can you???