Volunteering 2

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Volunteering 2Paul and Robin both had long wigs, perfect makeup and worse sexy black dresses, nylons and heels.They walked me back to my dorm and excitedly told me I would have so much fun as a volunteer and would be treated like a princess.We got to the dorm and were met by a stunning mature woman with long auburn hair, stunning legs in black nylon wearing a very short red dress. I had never seen anyone so sexy. She smiled and said “Welcome to your new life” I was stunned to realise it was Mr Brook.He told Paul and Robin to take me to the bathroom to ready me but no monkey business.They laughed and took me off. This was not the dorm showers but a feminine room with a beautiful bath and lots of creams and scented soaps. Robin ran the bath as Paul undressed me. I then slipped into the beautiful smelling bubble bath, The 2 sexy boys washed my hair and soaped me down. I longed for one to wank me off or get in the bath but Mr Brook had said no monkey business.They brought me out of the bath a gently dried me before rubbing cream into me to remove my sparse body hair. They then wrapped me in a silk dressing gown and took me to another room which I can only describe as a boudoir. Mr Brook sat at a dressing table.He smiled and told the boys to leave and then came to me and gently osmaniye escort kissed me.“ In your role as a volunteer you will dress as a female at all times in school and will service the Alpha’s. The Alpha’s are the senior boys who have been selected by the Head .On occasion a Beta boy ( none volunteer/non-Alpha) may earn the right to be with you.”I smiled guessing that he meant I was in some for some sexy fun.Mr Brook laughed as he saw me smile.“You horny slut.”“Tonight, is a special night, It is an old boys’ dinner and you will be guest of honour. There will be an auction and the winner gets to take your virginity.”I was shocked but excited.Mr Brook sat down me and started to expertly apply make up. After 30 minutes I did not recognise myself. I long blonde wig was applied,. He then fetched a small white bra and lacy white panties. I loved how they felt as he put them on and I felt my cock harden. He smiled and kissed it sending a thrill thorough my body. Then came white suspender belt and stockings. Finally, he slipped a white lace dress on my body which skimmed my thighs and made me put on white high heels. I teetered on them and he laughed and said I would get used to them. He took me to a full mirror. I could barely recognise myself as I saw a sexy escort osmaniye innocent girl look back at me.He hugged me and whispered in my ear that I was one of the most beautiful boys he had taken into the group. I was so pleased.Robin and Paul were called and they came in and both stood and said I was gorgeous.Mr Brook told them I was ready and they took me by my hands and lead me off to the school banqueting hall. They told me all volunteers lost their cherry to an Old Boy. They advised most are lovely but one or two like to be rough and to remember its only one night and that after that my life at the school will be lovely. Robin looked at me and then said.“Any way sweetie you may be like me and like it rough. I love being treated hard and dirty.”I was shocked but excited.We came to the large double doors and they knocked. The doors swung open and there was an expectant hush. I walked in and then shouts and wolf whistles erupted. I was taken to the top table as hands groped me when I went past. I kept my eyes lowered until I reached the head and was sat down next to him. He reached over and stoked my leg and kissed me.He then told the gathering to enjoy the meal and that the auction would begin after the Port. The meal passed in a blur. I was now able to osmaniye escort bayan see the members of the Old Boy Association. There were about 60 men. Some on the 30’s the oldest looked about 80. I was shocked at how many I recognised. At least 2 cabinet members and other politicians, actors, TV presenters, some minor Royals and many other famous men.At the end of the meal Paul and Robin went from table to table collecting envelopes. Nothing so crude as a normal auction this was sealed bids. Both boys were groped kissed and fondled and when they got back to the Head I could see their cocks straining their dress fronts.The Head asked for a few minutes and went off with the chaplain. They came back whilst more wine was drunk and announced the winner.I had been purchased for he night by a fat cabinet member. I felt disappointed it was not one of the more attractive men there. He was big man with aloud voice who’s views on equality were vile ( he was homophobic and borderline racist) I could not believe he was such a hypocrite.Robin whispered in my ear that he is rough and can it will hurt but he knows e cannot go too far or he would be removed from the association and the evidence of his sex life amongst other things would be published. I now knew how this was all kept secret.The fat horror walked to me and took my hand and walked me to a door at the back of the room. S we left I heard a cheer as the other school volunteers entered the room for the other guests to enjoy.I was scared and excited about what lay before me.TBC?