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ukcuckwanabe sleeping wifeI had finally decided that since my wife refused to have sex with other men, I would have to d**g her in order to live out my strongest fantasies.I have always wanted to watch other men stick their hard cocks into her mouth and pussy, to watch as some guy would fuck her hairy cunt and then fill her with his hot seed. My second want was to be able to lick and suck that hot sperm out of her pussy, when her stud was finished mating with her.The PlanMy plan was set, I was going to use “ghb” to put her into a deep sleep. I had a few men lined up to fuck her u*********s body, while I watched and jerked myself off. It wasn’t difficult to find someone that wanted to fuck her while she was passed out. I was going to enjoy watching her body being used by other men, to suck and fuck and fill with their hot sperm loads.The StoryMy wife Karen and I have been married for 11 years. She is 5’4, black hair, green eyes, 120lbs, small tits, and a very hairy cunt. Not unusual for an Italian woman. She is very hot in bed and likes to be fucked hard and fast. She also likes it when I cum all over her legs and her belly. I have always tried to talk her into fucking other men, especially while in the act of fucking her, figuring that would get her to consider it.Try as I might, she would always say NO. I have always wanted to watch her get fucked by different men, watching another guy use her for his pleasure, filling her with his semen, or jerking off all over her face. I had been jerking myself off for years while I would fantasize about this happening to her. I knew I would have to make this a reality for me, even though she wouldn’t willingly cooperate.I did a lot of research on different types of d**gs and finally came up with “ghb”. I read that using it would induce her into a unwakeable 4 hour sleep!! Perfect, more than enough time to make her cunt available to another cock! The d**g is not easily available, but I was able to obtain some from a friend of a friend. It came in powder or liquid, I opted for the tasteless liquid that could be easily mixed into her beverage.I picked a Friday night to d**g her, in case more recovery time was needed, she would have it. I told my wife we were going to dump the k**s at grandmas house, so we could be alone together. I told her I was going to make a quiet and romantic dinner for the two of us. I rented a movie that we could watch after dinner, something I knew she wanted to see. During that week, I had contacted a couple of men on the Internet, who were interested in participating in my plan. I had told them to be at my home by 10pm on Friday night. This would give me plenty of time to prepare her dinner, slip her the d**g, and wait for her to fall u*********s.Dinner was ready by 7pm. We sat and ate and made some small talk about trivial things. My cock was as hard as steel thinking all week about this night. I made a pot of coffee, and poured her a cup. This was when I d**gged her. I gave her the proper dose of “ghb” for the 4 hour sleep. It was now about 830pm, we moved into the front room to watch the video I had rented for her. She laid on the couch, as I got her a pillow and blanket. I told her I wanted her to be comfortable for the movie. I popped the tape in, and about 45 minutes or so into the movie, she fell asleep. It was now 930pm, and she was out cold on the couch. I immediately shut off the TV and tried waking her. She was absolutely passed out, I yelled at her, pulled on her, even slapped her a little. She was dead to the world. My cock was throbbing now as I waited for the men to come. I took off her blouse and her jeans so she was only wearing her bra and panties. I uncovered her and opened her legs. I raised one leg up to the back of the couch and lowered the other leg to the floor. This way you could easily see her panty covered thick bush. She looked as sexy as all hell. I had all I could do not to take my cock out and jerk off right then and there. It was now 945pm, almost time for the real show to begin. While I was waiting for my wives studs to arrive, I got down by her and started to lick her legs and thighs. I stopped by her pantied cunt and sniffed her with my nose. I could smell her female scent, but I continued licking her all over with my tongue. If 10pm didn’t get here soon, I was going to loose my load!Finally by 956pm, the doorbell was ringing, my wives guests have arrived. I usher them right into the front room where my lovely wives body is waiting. Both of the men are married, one of them is 23, the other is 50. My 33 year old wife is laying there, spread in her womanly glory for their viewing pleasure. They know to begin whenever they are ready. They each start feeling her up, kissing her mouth, sucking on her neck.I sat across the room and took my cock out of my pants and started to gently stroke it. Each man was licking and sucking on her u*********s body. No one was talking, all that could be heard kütahya escort were the sounds of sucking. As each man opened his pants and let his hard cock out, they removed Karen’s bra and panties. One was now sucking her tits and rubbing his cock all over her face and the other was sucking and fingering her cunt while humping his hard-on all over her legs. I just sat there watching my greatest fantasy become real, while continuing to play with myself.After each man took turns devouring her body, one shoved his cock into her mouth and held her by her head so he could fuck her mouth. The other guy mounted her hairy cunt and started fucking her sleeping body. Each man began grunting as they used their cocks on my wife. I told them each to make sure they got from her the enjoyment they couldn’t get from their women, and to make sure they spermed a big load each for me to eat out of her and off of her. With that the man that was pumping her cunt began to fill her with his seed.I watched his ass tighten with each pulse of cum that he shot into her hairy fuck hole. The other man wanted to cum all over her mouth and face, rather than fuck her sloppy seconds. I kept beating off my own cock as I thrilled while watching all the action, My wives legs spread open and hot, thick, cum oozing out of her slit, fucked into her body by her horny stud. I knew there would be a lot for me to eat out of her.The other guy moaned loudly and started pumping sperm into her mouth, as he pulled her head off of his cock, he continued to spray her pretty, sleeping face with his semen, getting it all over her eyes, her hair and her neck. I was too close to shooting my own load, I wanted to save it for when It was my turn, so I quit jacking myself. Both men thanked me as they put there spent cocks back into their pants, I promised them we would set this up again and try some other things with Karen’s body. I walked them to the door and told them that this was all we could do for now as it was 11pm, I figured there was only about 30 minutes left of safe time with her and I wanted my turn. I didn’t want to press my luck with the d**g wearing off by 1230 or so. No reason to cut it close. They understood and left. I went back to the couch and looked at my wives u*********s body, sperm leaking out of her hairy cunt, sperm running down her face and all over her hair and neck. I started rubbing my hard, throbbing cock all over her sperm covered face and tits. I got down on my knees and began licking the sperm off her eyes and face. It was still hot and sticky with a slight salty taste. I was beginning to love the taste of sperm. I gently opened her mouth and started rolling my tongue all over her teeth and her tongue, feeding on the hot sperm that was waiting for me there.I continued working my mouth over her body, moving to her cunt which was full and waiting for me. I’m glad the younger guy took her there, he had produced a huge load of his baby making sperm into her and I wanted to eat it. I licked and sucked her hairy cunt, eating and swallowing his mating sperm from her. From time to time I would lick her leg and thigh as I could smell his scent on her. I really loved the bitter taste of his sperm and I knew I would want more of it soon.After cleaning out my wife and licking her clean, I picked up her panties and started to jack off my cock into them, right in front of her sleeping body. I shot my hot cum into her panties, blast after blast, until they were drenched with my hot sperm. I fell back and lay there until I could regain my strength.It was now 1135pm, time to dress Karen’s body and put her to bed. The night was a truly successful one. I would only have to wait until the morning to make sure there were no bad effects. I was going to be doing this again, now that I loved the taste of sperm, and had found a way to let other men use Karen’s body. I was truly addicted to my new reality.The possibilities that were now running through my mind were overwhelming me. I could do anything I wanted with her body, with anyone or anything. I could d**g her anywhere and at anytime. I would only have to get rid of Karen’s c***dren anytime I wanted to d**g her, not a problem. I am having a hard time realizing all the possibilities at once. Karen has a 12 year old daughter from another marriage.I have also fantasized about her little bitch getting some black cock up her little blonde pussy. Hmmmmmmm, I also like the idea of Karen and a dog, though that would be difficult. For now, one thing at a time. I need to proceed slowly with all of this. I also need to stock up on that wonder d**g “ghb”. *During the next week, I decided to set-up another hot encounter for my wife. I had lots of different scenarios working in the back of my mind, all of which I knew I would able to make come true! But for now I would work with the easiest ones and then progress as I went along. I had to wait for a good weekend to escort kütahya make my plans. Finally after a couple of weeks, Karen told me that this coming Saturday her oldest daughter was going to be sleeping overnight at a friends house, so she decided to send her other daughter to stay overnight at her mother’s so we have some intimate time together, alone. She wanted to make up for the last time we were alone together and she had fallen asleep on the couch. I told her that would be fantastic and I was horny as hell. She again said she was sorry and she too was really horny.This weekend I was going to give Karen’s body to some black men. I posted an ad on the Internet looking for two black studs to fuck a married white women while I watched. Like before, there were too many replies to read them all. During the week I contacted several willing studs and narrowed it down to the final two that could make it over that Saturday night. One of them was 20 years old, the other was 44 years old. Neither of them had ever fucked white pussy before, as Karen had never had black cock before. As Saturday finally arrived, I notified Karen’s studs that they were to be at our home by 9pm sharp. I would have ample time to d**g my wife and get her body ready for their cocks. This time I was going to have Karen dress a little sexy for me so she would be wearing some hot panties and some slutty pantyhose. I wanted her to be able to get huge loads of sperm from those black cocks, I was really hungry and wanted a lot of their cum to eat and play with. As evening came, I drove Karen’s youngest daughter over to her Mother’s house, while Karen drove her oldest daughter to overnight party. When we returned home it was time to get Karen’s body ready. It was 630pm, she was going to take a shower, I told her I would order a pizza for dinner. She asked me what I wanted to see her in, I asked her to wear a pair of sexy panties and some nylons and to surprise me later with her choice of lingerie. It was 730 pm. The pizza arrived and Karen and I were settled down in the front room watching some television while we ate. My cock was hard and throbbing as I wondered what she had on under her jeans and T-shirt. I watched her hot little ass shake as she walked to the kitchen to get us some soda. I had her dose of the d**g all ready for her and would put it into her pop as soon as she returned. It was now 8pm, time to d**g my horny wife. I moved next to her on the couch and put my arm around her. She leaned into me and noticed my throbbing erection in my pants. She reached down and gently rubbed my swollen cock. I reached around her with my other arm and poured the d**g into her glass, I then pushed her hand off my crouch and told her we should go into the bedroom . She told me she wanted a real good fucking tonight!! Boy little did she know how well she would be fucked tonight!! We finished the pizza and our sodas and eagerly headed into the bedroom. It was now 830pm, I asked her to undress for me and to lay out on the bed for me so I could look at her treasures. God she was hot, she had on a pair of white lacy panties, white lacy bra and a pair of silky white stockings. I wanted to jerk off my cock in the worst way. I was so horny now, and so was she. My horny wife was now ready to be mated and used by her black boyfriends. Her dark thick cunt hair could be easily seen through the white material of her lacy panties as she laid out and spread herself on the bed for me. I laid down on her and began fondling her and making out with her. Her cunt was so hot and wet, I could smell her bitch scent coming from her panty covered crotch. It was now 855pm, Karen was beginning to lose consciousness as I laid on top of her. I tried waking her and gently shaking her but she was in a deep sleep. I then spread her legs open and raised her arms above her head. I wanted her body to be properly displayed for her black studs enjoyment. She looked like the perfect white whore, all ready to receive her black cock and the black seed that would be released in her and on her. Looking like that, she was sure to get big loads of spunk from that big nigger cock and giving me all I could eat.The doorbell rang, it was 905pm. I opened the door to greet Karen’s newest lovers. They had both arrived at the same time and they were a little nervous about coming to the door. I let them in and walked them into the front room. I told them that Karen’s body was on the bed in the bedroom waiting for them. I then showed them to the bedroom and told them they could have her.The two men began grabbing and feeling Karen all over her body. They each took turns rubbing her panty covered cunt, and pinching her nipples through her lacy bra. I just sat back and removed my throbbing cock from my pants as I watched Karen being ****d by her black lovers. The Older stud removed his pants and released his huge black baby-maker as he ripped off Karen’s kütahya escort bayan lacy panties. The young black stud took off Karen’s bra and began biting her tits. I reminded them that she was a whore and to do all the things that they ever wanted to do to a white bitch as I began jacking off my swollen cock. Both men were now naked on the bed, lick and sucking Karen’s body, biting her tits and sucking on her neck. They were grabbing her hair to pull her head from side to side as each man bit and sucked her throat. The young stud began to rub his cock all over her belly as the older stud began rubbing his cock all over her face and her tits. They were enjoying her u*********s body , as they continued biting her and marking her with their cock scent. I continued playing with myself as I watched them leaving bite marks and saliva marks all over her.As the young bull began to thrust his black weapon into her waiting cunt, the older bull began biting her lips and spitting into her mouth. I watched as the young nigger pounded her sleeping body deep into the mattress, driving her with incredible force. He really loved his first white bitch. Now the older stud was forcing his cock into Karen’s mouth as he rested his swollen black balls on her eyelids. Every once in a while he would slap her face with huge cock and then he would drive it back down her throat. I told them to please bruise her and give her horny body all the sperm they could produce. Soon the young stud was filling her horny womb with his black seed as Karen just laid there all spread open for him I looked at her swollen cunt as his baby making sperm oozed out of her hairy womanhood. She looked so beautiful and so ****d. My cock ached for release of its own, but again I held back, knowing there was more to come. The older stud was now moving between her well spread legs and was rubbing his leaking cock all over her thighs and her belly. The young stud was now up by Karen’s head as he began licking her face and biting her now bleeding lips. Her whole body was marked with the scent of nigger cock.Karen’s new black husband was now fucking her well stretched pussy with his swollen cock, I could tell by the size of his balls that he had a wad of semen ready to give my whore wife. I was going to have a lot to eat this night. The young stud was now jacking off his cock all over Karen’s face and mouth as he called her names and began yanking on her hair. Soon the old nigger was pumping his hot thick load deep into Karen’s body. He just laid on her body as he continued to empty his spunk into his hot white sluts u*********s body.Karen was truly a fucked and spermed mess. She had nigger semen oozing out of her ****d pussy, leaking down her thighs to her asshole. There was semen all over her face and tits, some of the spunk was all over the insides of her mouth. Her lips were bleeding from being bitten. She had bite marks and purple suck marks all over her neck. Her nipples were swollen and puffed red from being bitten and chewed on. She had bite marks all around her belly button and around her thighs. I loved it!!!! I thanked both men for studding her and abusing her as they dressed. Looking at the time, it was now 11pm, as I walked Karen’s new lovers to the door, leaving her bruised and dirty naked body laying on the bed in all her whorish glory. As the men were leaving, the older one say a picture on the wall of Karen’s young daughter and asked if she was my daughter. I told him she was. He then asked if we could set him up with her one night, he wanted to pound her little cunt and fill her with his baby making seed. What a thought I told him!!! He left with a promise that I would make all the necessary arrangements in the next few weeks. Right now I needed to eat out my wife’s body and get my cock off!! I went back to the bedroom and began licking and kissing Karen’s mouth and face. That black cum tasted so sweet!! I licked her tits and her stomach as I moved down to her thighs and licked off all that nigger cum. As I closed in on her dirty, smelly cunt, I could see more of her boyfriend’s sperm leaking out and running down to her ass.I quickly stuck my hungry tongue up her pussy and began sucking her for sperm. I licked and kissed and sucked her hairy mating hole clean. I even turned her u*********s body over and lapped up the cum from her ass and her ass cheeks. I now had a love for nigger sperm and was going to see to it that her and her daughter would be mated often!!It was now 1130pm, time for my cum load. I moved up on the bed and straddled Karen’s face as I began pounding my throbbing cock with my fist. As I got ready to ejaculate, I rested my balls on her mouth and grabbed a fist full of her dark, sticky hair and wrapped it around my leaking prick. I then began spurting my own love load all over her hair and her forehead.My cock continued to spasm as I emptied my balls in her hair. I then dressed Karen in her bra and panties and covered her in her blankets.I was satisfied for now and my belly was full of her stud’s sperm loads. As I got into bed next to her, I began to think about her 17 year old daughter being mated by a 44 year old black man. Then I drifted off to sleep.END