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TRUTH OR DARETRUTH OR DAREThe drive back from the station was something of a relief, my wife was now on a train heading to Scotland to see her relatives. That was the first step completed of what I felt could be an eventful night. The next step was to buy some wine, and I had even thought of buying some condoms, but surely it couldn’t go as far as that tonight? Well, I bought some wine but I couldn’t ask the young girl behind the counter for a packet of Durex, ….. well you can’t, can you? Pauline had asked if her friend Kym could stay over tonight. I would have preferred if it was just Pauline and myself (hence the need for condoms), because only two days ago she had seduced me, her own father, into fucking her if I would allow this stop over. Fucking her was actually just the next step in the progression started a few weeks ago when an innocent chat in her bedroom led to a steamy awakening of our mutual sexual desires. Pauline has grown from being my little girl, to be a very desirable 18 year old woman. Her life-long schoolfriend Kym, has grown up at the same rate. Kym is blonde with blue eyes, Pauline has brown hair and green eyes, they’re both about the same height and weight with similar sized breasts that any man would love to be smothered with, both full of life, very alike in many ways. At this very moment they were preparing a meal for the three of us (hence the need for wine). It was a good meal, but you really don’t want me to go into all that, Do You?The wine helped to relax us all, it made the girls chatty, gigglish and they got bolder as the alcohol did its work. I told Kym to stop calling me Mr. xxxx, I said she could call me Jon, or even Daddy. She glanced at Pauline as if looking for her sanction then said, “I know, let me call you Daddyjon.” That seemed fine to everyone and we clinked glasses on it. I asked about boyfriends but they only told me what they wanted me to know. In order for me to progress this conversation and maybe add some sexual content I had the idea that we could play ‘Truth or Dare’. I haven’t played it much, I’m not even sure of the rules but the suggestion was well received by my two companions who were slowly making me excited at the evenings’ prospects, Or was that the wine?The questions were trivial to start with and easy to answer truthfully. I shoved in a couple about boys and sex and was surprised that both of them were willing to tell me some startling truths about their sex life. Handjobs in the car, one night stands on holiday, when was the first time they had sex? …. Then Kym bowled me a googlie, “OK Daddyjon, truth or dare …… When was the last time you had sex?” …. Wham ! The first thing I did was to look straight at Pauline. Wrong thing to do …. it made her blush and casino siteleri turn her head away …. and Kym, being Pauline’s lifelong friend picked up on this. She looked at me, then at Pauline, then put her hand to her mouthed and gasped, “Oh My God …… you ….. you. Oh fuck that is so exciting …. I can’t beleive it!” After the initial embarrassment subsided, the crafty little madam said, “Well if you are not going to answer then you’ll have to do a dare, won’t you?” I didn’t want to embarrass Pauline any more, and as the truth was out, albeit unsaid, I thought it best to agree; “OK young lady, you’ve won that one. What do you want me to do?” She smiled, and I could nearly hear what was going through her mind, “Daddyjon, you have to go into the lounge, take off all your clothes and lie down on the floor. Wait there until Pauline and myself come in, then you must do what we ask. OK?” My mind was racing, but I was beginning to see that this could turn into something very, very, pleasant. I agreed, emptied my glass, and left them at the table giggling and whispering in each others ears presumably hatching an evil plan.I was happy to play along, the room was warm, I undressed as requested, made sure my cock was just nicely firm, put a cushion under my head, closed my eyes and waited …… I could hear them upstairs at one point, then shortly after the lounge door opened I sensed that they were knelt down beside me, one on each side. As I opened my eyes I was greeted with the sight of my two ladies dressed only in bras and panties, and both looking very sexy. Kym seemed to take charge, she was holding a silk scarf and said that I had to be blindfolded for this part of the dare, she wrapped it round my head and as she was tying it she whispered, “Daddyjon, I know you have fucked Pauline, and I want you to fuck me too.”That’s all she said, and I was a allowed a few moments to adjust to the darkness. The next thing I heard was Pauline, “Daddy we are going to place our bras and panties on you, one at a time. You have to say who each one belongs to, there is a prize or smack if you are right or wrong. Ok?” All I could do was nod. I felt something being placed on my chest, I felt for it and knew it was a bra, the cups still warm and soft to my touch. Kym spoke “Who’s is that Daddyjon, Mine or Pauline’s?” I realised then that all I could do was guess, because they were both the same size and not being able to see anything I was snookered, so I said, “Pauline’s.” The answer came from Kym, “Well done Daddyjon, you win a prize.” The next thing I felt was a hand holding my cock, then someone’s lips kissing it and surrounding it with their mouth. Their tongue played against it and I felt it grow as they did that. Again I realised canlı casino that I had no idea which girl was doing it. When it stopped Pauline said, “Who just did that Daddy?” Again I had to chance it, “Kym”, I said. “Correct,” she said, “And she’s going to do it again as your bonus prize. So again, my shaft was taken into a mouth, but I now knew that it was Kym. The effect was dramatic, I immediately became fully erect and my hips pushed up involuntarily. I think it made her gag a bit because she stopped and gave a little cough. “There’s no point giving you the other bra daddy” said Pauline, “cos you know who’s it will be. Let’s try you with some panties.” This time they were placed on my face, again still warm, soft with a definite scent of aroused woman …… “Oh Fuck,” I thought, “How on earth can I tell.” I shook my head slightly and said, “Pauline again.” the answer was sharp and quick, “No, you’re wrong.” followed by a surprising, but not hard, slap against my upright penis, making him sway from side to side. “Sorry Daddyjon, but you were warned.” That was definitely Kym. “Right, one last chance. who is this?” the bra and panties were taken off me and a few seconds later one of them sat astride my waist and then I felt something against my lips ….. ‘thats a nipple’ I said to myself, then the rest of an ample breast was pressed against my face, there was a faint scent of something in my nose and I gambled thinking the odds were with me. I didn’t think it was Pauline so I said “Kym” as the breast was taken away. “You’re right Daddyjon. And here’s your prize.” I felt her lips on mine, yes it was Kym, her tongue just darting into my mouth, then her body became lighter against me, followed by the most wonderful touch of pussy lips surrounding my cock-head as she sank lower, taking all of my cock inside her. The feeling was overwhelming, my head was spinning, I thought “Jeeez, I’m fucking Kym, I can’t believe this, and my own daughter is watching us.” Then, hot breath and a voice next to my ear, it was Pauline, “We are going to take off this blindfold now Daddy. The dare is finished, from now on you are back in charge and we will do whatever you want.” The blindfold was slowly removed and my view was filled with Kym bouncing up and down on my shaft, her blonde hair covering her face and her gorgeous tits bouncing in rythm, she was loving it, exstatic, and I was too.Did she just say ‘I was in charge ?’, … yes she did, …. ‘Right’, I thought and I slapped my hands against Kym’s bouncing bottom. Holding her hips I lifted her off me, and she flopped over on to her back next to me, panting. “OK my lovelies, Daddy’s in charge now … I want both of you on your hands and knees, bums facing me. Mmmm that was quick, good kaçak casino girls. Now listen to me, … I am going to fuck each of you in turn for maybe 30 seconds and when I am not fucking you my fingers will be in your cunt, and you will fuck yourself on my fingers …. Do you both understand?” “Yes Daddy.” was the combined reply. within two seconds I had pushed my rock hard shaft into Pauline’s cunt, and was fucking her hard, making her grunt as each push made her whole body jerk forwards. my fingers found Kym’s pussy and she began moving back and forth with my fingers in her hot, juicy cunt. I couldn’t believe what was happening, never in my life have I fucked two women at once, and one of them was my own daughter! After changing over maybe two times it proved too much for me to keep it up when, as I was pumping into Kym my daughter got up and stood astride Kym, facing me and holding her open lipped pussy to my face, “Come on Daddy, Fuck her good, I’m happy cos I know I can have you anytime …… Fuck her Daddy … Fuck her, she’s a slut.” Oh my God! Kym stopped bucking, all her muscles contracted and she began jerking, orgasming on my cock. Then I became totally overtaken with my own orgasm, with my sperm on it’s final few inches from freedom, I knew I had to come out of that tunnel of pleasure and I left it till the final second before my hot pumping spunk flooded out in a torrent. In that last second the feeling in my cock was overtaken by the electric surge of pleasure to my brain. As my cock reached fresh air I knew that I had already pumped a hot spurt of cum as I was pulling out. The pleasure of pumping my next spurts over Kym’s backside cancelled out any other thoughts in my head. I kissed my daughter’s pussy lips, now pressed against my mouth and poked my toungue in as deep as I could. Pauline stiffened and pushed into my face even more, making me fight for breath, all this as I held Kym’s backside to me with my balls thrutching against her ass and my cock standing up between her cheeks. I remember thinking no man could be so lucky and so happy as I was just at that moment. The three of us collapsed in a pile of sweating, panting bodies. We re-arranged ourselves and spent quite a few minutes with me lying on my back between two hot bodies, each with a hand cradling my tired, spent cock and balls.The final pleasure for me was when we all slept together in the double bed in my room. I kept waking to find I would be spooning Pauline with Kym spooning me, or Pauline facing me held tightly in my arms and Kym’s bottom against mine, so warm. Legs became intertwined, arms stretched over bodies, knees in crotches, hands on breasts and cock. In the light of the morning we all began stirring. As Kym was in the bathroom I had the chance to whisper to Pauline something that had been nagging at me all night. “Pauline,” I said looking her in the eyes, “Last night, I didn’t pull out from Kym soon enough. Oh Pauly, what if I’ve made her pregnant? ……….”