The Tower chapter 4

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The Tower chapter 4Part IVAnd so it was, after two days, that I finally summoned the courage to ask Bart if I could be allowed out of my tower prison.“Bart, how long have I been here now?” I asked gingerly, trying to gauge his reaction.He raised his eyebrows, but only looked at my body as he was bathing me.“A week or so – why?” He answered.“Well, I’m beginning to feel a little claustrophobic. I was wondering if I could be allowed out of my room, only for a little while. Maybe half an hour a day? And maybe go to the library to read, or have a wander in the gardens?” I asked. “Please I would be very grateful. And it would make it easier for me to learn.” I added.For a time – it seemed like hours – Bart said nothing and continued to bathe me. Only after he had finished bathing me properly soaping, rinsing and drying my pussy and arse, probing his fingers into the holes and making sure I was properly cleaned and suitably frustrated, did he speak.“The Master knew that you would ask for this soon.” Said Bart in a matter-of-fact voice.“How?” I asked in amazement.“Sir Imer is very insightful.” Said Bart, in the same tone. “He knew that you would start to be curious about the rest of the castle, edremit escort bayan and the grounds. He knew that you would need mental stimulation such as reading or conversation. Sir Imer has been anticipating you asking me this question.”“How can Sir Imer know this about me?” I wondered aloud.“You forget the circumstances of your capture young lady.” Bart said, “Sir Imer had you followed and studied for a very long time. He did thorough research o your likes, dislikes, joys and sadnesses. He found out what made you tick and what didn’t long before you were brought here. To this end, he has been anticipating you asking to be allowed some freedom.”I was astounded, Bart was right, I had forgotten.”What did he say about it?” I asked.”Well, you must give me something in return for your freedom. And when you are allowed said freedom, you must face a punishment for your audacity in asking and to remind you of your place in this household. ” Replied Bart as he took his semi-erect cock from his smock.”What did our Master have in mind Bart?” I asked with trepidation.”What I want is a blow-job and then to fuck your arse – cumming in both holes. Sir Imer’s punishment will be escort edremit revealed on your first day of freedom. Are you agreed?””Yes, if that’s what it takes.” I said, resigned to my fate.“Come and lay face down on this table.” Were the only words he spoke to me for the rest of the night.He tied me, face down to the table, with my face hanging over one end. He then pulled some levers and turned some pulleys, putting my face level with his cock (which was now oozing pre-cum, and very hard), and my arse high in the air ready for him to use and abuse however he wished.I opened my mouth and took in the head of his cock, teasing his urethra with my tongue and nibbling his foreskin lightly. He moaned in pleasure as I licked, nibbled, sucked and kissed all of him that was within reach. He began moving slowly in and out of my mouth, relishing the warm moisture of my lips, tongue and cheeks. For a while he allowed me to nibble, lick, suck and kiss his proud cock, till he could stand it no longer. He then picked up his speed and wrapped his fingers in my hair. He fucked my mouth and throat hard and fast until he came, causing me to wretch, gasp and choke. I swallowed every drop of edremit escort his enormous load and then licked him clean.He then got out the velvet cat, that he always carried in his belt, and began to whip my back and bottom with it, whilst he got himself hard again. He then poured some milk into my arsehole in order to lubricate it and attached a small bullet vibe to my clit. He then whipped me some more, going down my legs this time, until he started to leak pre-cum once again.Then he plunged his full length twice into my pussy to lubricate himself. After that he slowly entered my arse. Taking his time to enjoy my stretching and to open my muscles fully in order to make it more pleasurable for both of us. For around ten minutes he continued this slow invasion of my anus. By then I was ready to cum, and he sensed it. He began to fuck me hard and fast – grunting and sweating from the effort. I tried to push back to meet him and he fucked me even harder. After some time he and I both had screaming, squirting orgasms.When we had both recovered he untied me and massaged the life back into my extremities. He then brushed my teeth and washed my face, making me gargle with some oddly flavoured mouth was. He then gave me an enema and a douche so that I was all clean again. He then prepared for sleep, in the usual manner, and left for the night.My only thought as the tiredness took over was “I hope I performed well enough for him.”