~The Sir~

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~The Sir~Sitting at the crowded bar, you feel a presence surround youEven in the cramped space you still feel singled outmy gaze pierces you like a cold hard steel knife,your eyes meet mine, then quickly you look away,still feeling my gaze your cheeks begin to burn,you look up at the mirror behind the bottles,seeing me approach you is making the blood pulse in your veins,the closer i get, the harder and faster your heart begins to beat,finally I move up behind you, not breaking your gaze with the mirroryou see me lean down as if to whisper in your ear,unspoken words are said as i look up into the mirror to catch your eyes,sensing your body tremble,i knowingly step to the side and turn away to order a drinkyou begin to question yourself on why you are trembling,stealing glances spikes your curiosity,Then you hear the commanding voice break the inner complex consuming youAsking your name, you willing bahis şirketleri blurt it out without hesitation,I turn to face you, our eyes meet, you see the slightest hint of a smilestaring into my eyes you feel yourself yourself slipping away from realityNever breaking my gaze i lean in “come with me”without hesitation you stand and begin to follow me,We walk to a secluded section, I stop turn around,grabbing your wrist your purse falls to the ground,your eyes never break from mine as I move press forward until you feel a wallstopping your movement.Slowly i bring the wrist to shoulder height, you instinctively move your free handto the same position, I move my hand to lock your free hand in placeas i lean down toward toward your neck only then do you break your gaze,you lean your head back letting your eyes close you let the feeling, the presence,envelop you.caressing the soft skin of youwin your neck with my lips sends shutters though your body, leaning your head to give me better access you snap back to realitywho is this man? How has he done this to me? Why me? I don’t even know his name,At that exact moment, you hear a rough commanding voice, You may call me Sir.You turn to meet my eyes,, the only words you could find is “yes Sir”Moving both of your hands above your head I pin both with one of mine,allowing my free hand to begin to roam your body,slowly sliding the tip of my index finger down your neck, you shutterover the collar bone, down the left side of your now heaving breast,down the side of the ribs, you begin to realize how much you wanted more,you begin to contemplate yourself, I shouldn’t want this, he is a complete stranger, why am I not fighting this, why do I want this, why do I NEED youwin giriş this,Over the hips my finger travels, to the bottom of your short cut dress,feeling the touch of my finger on your thigh sends shivers down your spine,slowly sliding around the front and to the inner thigh,I extend my middle and ring fingers, caressing your skin I slowly work myhand up your dress, feeling the warmth on the back of my hand indicates I amnear. You begin to shake uncontrollably, I turn my hand feeling your silky panties soaked against your pulsing lips, i pause for a minute,I whisper in your ear, You will be mine. I slowly pull my hand back down, movingit to your hands I slowly separate your hands, bringing them back down to your sides, I open your hand, place a small card in, I close your hand around it,I lean in and gently but firmly bite your neck. I turn, glance you over,knees weak, leaning against the wall, you appear to be in shock,body trembling, cheeks are beat red, I crack a half smile, and proceed on my way. Once you realize you are no longer restrained you look to your palm,it is a business card with only an address on it. You begin to shake…