The first time I fucked Lynn Shell

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The first time I fucked Lynn ShellA true story by Dan AllenThe first time I saw Lynn she had walked into our office wearing tight black shorts that revealed her butt cheeks and a white bikini top that barley contained her small but well-rounded tits. She stood 5?1 and had a well formed body. I was in the back room working out on the punching bag when she walked through the door and my cock was bulging through my shorts wanting to salute the cute Latina who had just arrived. “May I help you I asked?” She smiled and said “I want to apply to be a Fifth Street Cum Girl” then seductively licked her lips. “Do you think you have what it takes?” I asked. Within seconds she was naked and stroking my shaft. She wasted no time as she wrapped her tong around the base of my cock and sucking each of my balls as if they were candy. Her lips were like velvet as she glided them up and down my shaft. She wrapped her tong around the manisa escort head and that was more then could stand. I grabbed her by the head and plowed my cock down her throat and pumped away like a madman. If I ever thought that I was in control I was fucking wrong Lynn loved suck to cock and she was going to finish me off when she was ready and wasn’t anywhere close. Needless to say I was bucking like wild stallion moaning and groaning begging her to let me cum but to no avail.She was pumping for oil and she wanted a gusher. A half hour later she was still going at it and just couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed her by her hair and slammed my pelvis into her face with no regard for her. If I didn’t blow my load soon I was going to pass out. The harder I pumped the more she sucked. Fuck I let out a scream and pumped load after creamy load of cum down her velvet throat. Her lips were like vise-grips escort manisa and she held on swallowing my load without missing a drop.Lynn looked up still holding my cock and said “am I Cum Girl material or what?” Before I could answer she was working me over again. Fuck who is this bitch? I grabbed Lynn and through her to the floor, as I leaned over her and dived into her pussy. “You like Latin food do you?” she said then locked my head with her legs and held on tight. “Eat me baby” she said as she heaved back and forth “eat me!”Her body stiffened and she bit her lip and I knew she was close to having an orgasm. Then she let out an ear piercing scream “I’m Cumming don’t stop I’m Cumming oh fuck arrrrrgh!” She flooded my mouth with her juices. As she lies panting I plowed my cock into her cunt and started pounding away. Her pussy was wet and smooth and the motion of my cock thrusting in and out manisa escort bayan made a ball slapping sound.We were fucking each other like a****ls in heat. We were rocking and rolling across the floor fucking like no ones business. Still connected to each other Lynn rolled me over on to my back and sat for a moment with a command presence then she said “now I’m going to give you the fucking of your life!” “Oh fuck,” I said, I didn’t know a girl could fuck like that.She rode me as if riding a bull in the rodeo screaming “down boy down!” I was somewhere between ecstasy and agony. We had been fucking for several hours and I was near total exhaustion and I was ready to blow my fucking load. Lynn eyes rolled into the back of her head, I knew she was ready to blow. Then I cried out “I’m Cumming fuck I’m Cumming!”I shot the first blast of cum and her jaw dropped and her eyes were wide open as if someone had speared her and there was silence. Then she let out a scream that echoed throughout the building as we both blew our wad. We were both drenched and wasted from our fuck session. “Who’s your Cum Girl now?” she asked then I said, “You are baby fuck you are!”Dan Allen