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THE CREATURE WITHIN 8: BE ALL YOU CAN BECHAPTER 8: BE ALL YOU CAN BE“Mary … I …”Mary looked up from her work at the laboratory station next to Steve. She saw a look on his face that was different. She looked around the lab and saw that everyone else seemed to be gone, then realized that they had worked into the lunch hour. “Steve … is something wrong?”He looked and felt uncertain about this course of action, but it was hearing that Annie was returning to the facility that spurred him. He and Mary had talked around this issue between them almost since Annie last left. Her quiet talk with them before leaving had made an impact on both of them.“Wrong … no! That’s what I’m trying to say.”Mary looked at him kindly but with some frustration. She understood the difficulty. It was something they were both guilty of. They were both amazing scientist and easily and excitedly shared scientific thoughts and ideas. These thoughts and feeling, however, were entirely a different matter.Steve took a deep breath and tried, again. “Mary, you are a special woman. No … I mean, yes, but … I mean, I care for you.”“I care for you, too. You know that.”“Yes … I mean, though …” He swallowed hard and took a deeper breath. Mary could see small beads of sweat forming just inside his hair line on his forehead. “I mean, I care for you a lot.” He looked at her expectantly. “You know what I mean …”She was pretty sure she did know what he meant because she was sure she was feeling the same way about him … if the way he was feeling about her was the way she was feeling about him. This was the crazy way their emotional selves were. In that regard, they were awkward and inexperienced. She did not want to take the chance of assuming something that somehow, even in a remote possibility, might not be true.“Steve, I think I do, but …” This time she took the deep breath. She also felt herself getting flushed and warm. “I need to be sure.”“Look at us. We can solve great scientific mysteries, but we can’t do this thing that other people just blurt out like they are saying, ‘hello’.” He turned around and banged his head with his open palm.Mary came up behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders. “How about we take the advice Jenna gave Annie. We get out of our own way.”He turned around and faced her, his face lit up. “Yes! We’ll just be ourselves as if we were talking about our work or a new idea.”“Exactly. Not threatening.”“I think it might work.”“Me, too.”He put his hands on the side of her head and she did the same, looking into each other’s eyes, the openness and excitement showing on their faces.Steve smiled at her, “I love you …”“… and I have for so long.”He gave her a peck on the lips, pulled back and gazed into her eyes. Her fingers went to her lips and her mouth changed to a smile. She threw her arms around his neck, pressing her mouth to his, bumping him backward into the lab table behind him. Just as the door hissed open and Jenna walked in.* * * * *Adrian woke from a sleep feeling something he hadn’t felt for a very long time, if ever. He felt contentment and belonging. But, when he turned over for the warm body that he had held earlier, she wasn’t there. For a moment, he wondered if that earlier sensation of being with Sylvia had been just some form of magnificent dream. But, no … this room was definitely not his and it appeared to late afternoon.He went to the bedroom door and looked into the sitting room. Not finding Sylvia there, he returned for his clothes so he could wander the house in search of her. While putting on his underwear, he saw a note on her makeup table:Adrian, love: After all this time of wanting to be able to put those words together, I finally can and will repeatedly. I do so hope you don’t get tired of hear it, I won’t get tired of saying it. I wanted to let you sleep. I will be downstairs making a snack for us while we consider what we are going to do now. And … don’t put clothes on … I didn’t. I’m not done with you. ; )He reread the note, smiled and felt a stirring in his penis. He stripped off his underwear and rushed downstairs. He found her in the kitchen. As she indicated in her note, she was naked. She was also busy cleaning some vegetables in the sink, the water running as she worked, rinsing carrots, celery, tomatoes, and lettuce, then putting them in a strainer to drain.He walked up behind her, not intending to surprise her, but the running water apparently masked his approach. He took in her mature shape, the roundness of her hips, the slight roundness to her belly. Yes, she was mature, but she was beautiful. There was something stunning about a woman in the latter part of middle-age who was still able to pull off a sexy attitude in private and an attractive grace in public. And naked at the kitchen sink … he could stand where he was for quite a while enjoying that.He encircled her, trapping her arms to her side as he took both breasts, his mouth giving her neck and shoulders kisses. She flinched at being taken so boldly, but settling back into him as the reality of what had happened set in. She pressed back into him, settling her head onto his shoulder. She turned her head and kissed his cheek, not moving otherwise, relaxed in his arms as his hands fondled her breasts and roamed down her stomach. She sighed and let herself go as limp as she dared without falling. As his hands returned up her body to her breasts, she gasped contentedly.“My god, you wonderful man. What your touch does to me …” She wiggled free from his embrace just enough to turn around to press her front into his. She put her head back into his shoulder, sighing again before kissing his neck. “Adrian …” He pulled her more firmly into him. She could feel her breasts spreading on his chest, feel his semi-erect penis on her lower abdomen. She looked up at him, “… do you feel any different now … about me … about us?”He didn’t immediately reply. He hesitated. She tensed. He chuckled. “That was mean, I’m sorry. I didn’t have to think about that like I felt less … I was thinking about how much more I feel for you, about us.” He kissed her and hugged her tight. With her face pressed into his chest, he continued. “When I entered at the doorway, when I saw you standing at the sink … naked, concentrating on what you were doing, I stopped in my tracks. I was overwhelmed. This is the woman who said she wanted me. Me! Why me? How me? How could I be so lucky? With my life, how do I deserve such a woman?” He raised her chin and kissed her. “We’re going to be so happy, aren’t we Sylvia?”She smiled, “More than either of us can imagine.” Still looking up at him, she pulled her hips back just enough to get her hand between them. She grasped his hardening cock and stroked it a couple times holding his gaze.He confessed, “You have that effect on me …”“Don’t apologize, mister. I won’t complain … ever.” She released his cock and took his hand. “The snack can wait. We’ve done the bedroom, where would you suggest next?”He chuckled. “Work our way through the house? Inside or out?”She smiled and pulled him out of the kitchen to the entertainment room and the patio doors. “I do like the way you think …”* * * * *After getting Wolf and Preta to my quarters, Sam accompanied me to the laboratory section, not because I needed to be escorted any longer, but because I was still unfamiliar with where all the floors and corridors led within the massive underground facility. The elevator opened and I knew exactly where I was. I thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and moved down the corridor with my roller bag in tow.The glass door hissed open and Jenna cried out her welcome, bringing Mary and Steve behind her. We exchanged pleasantries and caught up on things personally on the way to the center of the lab where they each had their workstations. The various lab technicians spread out around them. They were surprised when I informed them about the resort being sold and that I had joined Sylvia at her estate in Caracas. They all three seemed genuinely disappointed. I assured them all that if the resort was of interest to them in the future that I was still going to be making some appearances there and Sylvia had negotiated excellent perks for going back, even with friends. There was something different about the way the discussion went and the way Mary and Steve related to each other and the idea of the resort. Maybe it was just going to a tropical resort, but it seemed somehow different.I shook those thought off, however, as I started getting peppered with question about how I was feeling, my body, new and old aches and pains. I responded to the questions with short discussion and notes being taken by all three of them. Then I remembered a comment from the phone call.“Wait. I remember on the phone when I was asked about body aches, my response düzce escort was that they seemed to be gone, and your response was as if that might have been expected. What’s going on?”Jenna, “You related those ‘body’ aches to the feeling of growing pains, remember? Well, we started looking at that. We found some interesting things.”Steve, “I think some visuals would be helpful.” He sat down at his station and punched at his keyboard, bring up multiple scan images and placing them on separate monitors. He looked at them, moved them around and seemed satisfied. He turned around, excited. “Growing pains. That was the clue.”Mary, “It was so simple, really.”Steve, “Can’t imagine why we didn’t think of it before.”My head was going back and forth between them and I was trying to imagine a long conversation like this. Jenna inserted herself. “Okay …” she looked at them and they seemed chastened. “We’ve talked about this …” She turned to me, shaking her head but smiling. “What we’re so excited about, Annie … it was growing pains. The idea was picked up by these two, what you said and the feelings you were having. You were ‘growing’, but not like when we go through our growth spurts growing up. This was different, inside … I guess that’s obvious.”Steve, “Look.” He pointed to the screen on the left. “This was your scan from the first time you came here … when Samuelson was in charge.” I nodded. I remembered all the testing that was done. The screen showed a full body scan showing in different shadings my bones, ligaments and muscles. I noticed it included the outline of my skin, kind of like those scanning machines at airports. I blushed, which was funny for me. I could see that I must have been naked inside the chamber. The imagine presented the appearance of a camel toe.“Okay, but I don’t get what I am supposed to see …”He shook his head, “No. Not this one, this one.” He pointed to the one on the right. “We did this one on your last visit.” I looked closely, not for what I was supposed to see, but … at that spot. No camel toe and I remembered wearing panties that time, being more recent.I regrouped, “Help me out, Steve. What am I supposed to be seeing?”He smiled, “These two images are scaled to the exact same height. Look at the thigh bones …”I leaned over him and stared at the two images. “Is the more recent one thicker?”“YES! Without you saying ‘growing pains’, it would never have occurred to us to look.” He overlaid the two scans. “See? I’ve measured the growth of your bones. On average, factoring in all the bones, you’ve developed roughly 41.2% growth in size and a relative amount in density.”I looked at Jenna, “Roughly?”Jenna laughed and patted Steve on the shoulder. “Yes. For him, roughly. His actual number is to the fourth decimal point. He has the measurements for each bone we can isolate on the images if you are interested.” She was teasing both me and Steve, now. I put up my hands in acceptance.I looked at them all, “What do you think it means?”Steve looked up. He was clearly the one that developed it all. “Means? This is hypothetical still, but … your bones are going to be much more resistant to impact stress fractures.”“Stress fractures …” I shrugged my shoulders.“Okay … your ligaments and tendons are stronger, too. What we think is … this is still conjecture understand … you could probably jump out of a second, maybe third, story window and not do damage to yourself.” I looked at them like they were nuts. “Okay, think of it this way … we had to investigate this actually … you know how people hold cats at chest or head height upside down and think it is amusing how they flip right-side-up when they are released? They land and look at you like ‘what was that all about’, but they are fine. The cat is certainly under a foot tall, right? You hold it at five feet and drop it.”I looked at him. “And …”“And … you’re what? Your height is 5 foot 5 or 6 inches? That would be like 27.5 foot drop for you. Your bones, ligaments, and joint reinforcement are all enlarged and strengthened like that.”“You’re not k**ding. You think this is real.” They all nodded, but assured me that it still needed to be tested slowly at lower heights and slowly increased so I didn’t kill myself if it wasn’t on the same relationship. “We have something to work on, then.”Jenna, “Not only that. You also mentioned your fingers hurting. Do they still?”I put my hands out toward them. “Like crazy. I am popping pain pills like candy. Why, did you find something there, too?”Jenna took the fingers of my right hand into hers and felt the tips, Steve zoomed in on the right hand of the image on the screen. “We’ll want to scan just your hands for a closer look, but look at this magnification.” He pointed at an image in the fingers that seemed out of place. I stared at it, took my hand from Jenna and felt my own fingers. Now that I knew what to concentrate on, I could feel something different.I distractedly asked, “What … is … that?”They were quiet. Mary and Steve didn’t respond with even looks, they avoided making eye contact. Instead, Jenna turned me around to face her.“Annie, all the physical changes we could identify so far have been superficial, not readily apparent as … well, abnormal.”“Non-human, you mean.”“Yes, I guess so. We think these are claws that have formed. Feline claws are retracted and project when needed. If you think about it in those terms, it’s a positive. Canine claws would always be evident.” I was looking at my fingertips. The words made some sense, but I found it difficult to take much consolation in them. If they really were claws, it was the first sign that my outward appearance could be negatively affected by what was happening. She continued, “We think the reason for the pain beyond the developmental stage is that they are trapped inside. Your body was already formed and the claws developing inside your fingers don’t have a way to extended and they probably need to occasionally.” I was looking directly into the ends of my fingers. The word came out without thought, “Claws …”Jenna, “I think we can help, though. I know this sounds strange, but hear me out. The claws are there. We could do surgery to remove them, or …”I looked up. “Or …”“Or, we could do surgery to give them a passageway out.” She went on to describe the discussions they have had with feline experts. They were all very hypothetical about the way feline claws work and no reference to human, just pure scientific understanding. They were curious why the questions were getting so specific, but people only inquire so much into why a quasi-government organization is asking questions.“Passage out?”“Canine claws are totally external. Feline claws are retractable. Felines decide when they want to use their claws. I know, or at least I am trying to, and this has to be a big shock.”“Okay, we need to talk about this more. One more thing, my feet. My shoes don’t fit anymore and when Sylvia took me out shopping for clothes and shoes, they needed to customize heels, especially. I first thought my feet were swollen from not wearing shoes, but that’s not it.”Jenna, “No, it’s not. The soles of your feet are another outward indication of your changes. Your soles are turning thicker, like the pads of a dog or cat. It probably isn’t just that you don’t wear shoes as much as we might, but that you are quite comfortable walking in varied ground surfaces barefoot.” I nodded. “That’s the reason.”“Wow. I was just thinking this wouldn’t be bad if all the changes were things like better eye sight, hearing and smell. These external things are a bit of a downer.”“Don’t think of it that way, Annie. Think of it as special.” I gave her a look, but we all laughed. I could be open and honest with these three and I needed that.“Yeah, special … until I sprout a tail or pointed ears or elongated canines.”* * * * *The days were spent working with me on all the “side effects” of this change. I had the surgery that allowed the claws to come out and I quickly mastered control over them. The pain and aching I had experienced disappeared with the relief of the built-up pressure inside.They used Wolf and Preta for comparative studies against my performance in things like the outward senses: smell, sight, and hearing. The three of us were pitted against each other in agility courses setup both inside and outside. Outside allowed comparisons of both sprint speed and endurance, long-distance speed.I was surprised, but not as much as they were, that I compared very well against them. It appeared that I had the best advantages from each. Feline eyes are better at night, which I have noticed in my own vision. Canine hearing and smell is better and I shared that, too. I have increased power like a big canine, but the agility of a cat.It was the nights, though, that escort düzce added to the experience. I was ready for Jenna. She never said anything about that night we shared, but I had the strong feeling that she wasn’t done. I did not feel she would be inclined to jump into canine mating right away, but I was prepared for an alternative for her if the situation came up, which I was hoping for.As we were all leaving the club after dinner, when I was hoping to again enjoy Jenna, I was instead intercepted by the desperate duo of Mary and Steve. I had suspected that they had taken a big new step together and their whispered appeal to me confirmed that. Jenna had left to go to her quarters, grab a few things and meet me at mine. If Mary and Steve took too long, Jenna might be left waiting in the hall.Mary, “Annie, we … Steve and I … we …”Steve, “Mary, of course ‘we’ is you and me, we’re the only ones here.”“Steve, please. Don’t you think this is hard enough!?”“Of course, sorry.”Mary tried to recover with a deep breath. “Anyway … WE need some advice and WE think you can help us. You are … the most experienced in these sorts of things and …”I looked back and forth between the two in bemusement. These two were amazing.Steve took over. “Annie, we … well, we came to an understanding. The two of us. We talked about it and agreed.”Mary, “We agreed we cared for each other.”Steve, “Care tremendously, actually.”I hugged them both, one in each arm. I think I took them by surprise. I giggled, “The way you describe it … it sounds so romantic.”They looked at each other and Steve responded, “You’re teasing now, aren’t you?” I nodded.I gave them a break and allowed them to express that they wanted to “express your affection in more physical ways”. To simplify it for them, which I decided might be necessary for people that are too smart, I instructed them to stop thinking completely and act on what they were feeling. With my hands on their arms, “It’s going to be awkward, at first. It just is. It always is, especially when you have isolated yourselves behind walls of reason and rationality. Love, peaking emotions, will seem counter to reason and rationality. Just go with it. Enjoy it and determine together what you enjoy and want. My favorite piece of advice I have hung onto is this: focus on giving your partner satisfaction and pleasure. If the two of you do that, it will be wonderful.”At the end, their eyes were focused on each other and they went off with barely a response back to me. That was alright. Good, in fact. That had to have been very hard for them.* * * * *As I rounded the corner to my quarters, I found Jenna waiting. She had a small bag in her hands in front of her and the thought occurred to me that she was planning, or hoping, to spend the night. That was definitely good by me. Because I had a surprise for her.We went into my quarters before coming together, consuming each other in hugs and kisses, expressing the physical attraction we were dying to rekindle with each other. Our time together might not have been frequent, but it had been intense.When we broke the kiss, I put her out to arm’s length to look into her eyes and gage her face. “Want to go the next step? Do you trust me?” She only nodded, took my hand and led us past the divider to the bed. She kissed me, again. I smiled. I enjoyed her taking some of the initiative in this, confirming her intention and desire to enjoy more of what we had earlier shared.She pulled my shirt out of my pants and continued pulled up until I had to raise my arms for her to pull it completely off. I then went to work on the buttons of her blouse, then pushing it off her shoulders, so it could slide down her arms and to the floor.Soon, we had each other naked. I saw a glint in her eyes and my head tilted slightly, curious what she was thinking. She put her hands on my shoulders and turned me part way around, slid her hand over my butt. “Nope, no tail, yet.” I turned sharply around and swatted her arm and we both burst into laughter. She for the successful tease and me for the recognition of my inner conflict.I bent over to pull my roller bag to the bed, lifted it up, then bent over it to unzip it. I felt hands on my back. I turned around. She looked at me solemnly, “I’ve been meaning to ask about all these scars. Some look like it was bad …” She put her finger on each and I gave her an explanation. For the most part they were from the jungle, Sam doing the best he could to close the wounds. She absently commented, “You know, the doctors could do something to make these less prominent.”“I know. Sam said the same thing in the jungle. He actually apologized to me at the time for being so poor at sutures. At the time, all I could do is laugh. The man saved me by doing what he could. I’m going to complain about the cosmetics of his efforts? After, Sylvia suggested the same thing, along with others who knew me well enough to venture a comment. But, by then, with the tattoos, Wolf and Preta, the scars somehow seemed part of me, part of the experience. They seemed like a sign or symbol of what I survived … and accomplished. I have been told there are very few Westerners who could have survived what Sam and I did in the jungle and then getting out on our own. In a perverse way, these have become something of my badges of honor. They remind me what I am capable of when I put my mind and body into something.”She was tracing one on my shoulder, stopped and looked into my eyes. “Nobody here, at Agency, would bet against you, Annie.”I kissed her on the lips, then turned back to my bag. “But, I do have some things for you. I picked these up before coming.” I glanced over my shoulder. “You seem to enjoy your orgasms. Since I will not be around much to assist you in that endeavor …” I pulled a plastic bag out and dumped the contents onto the bed. I then put the case back on the floor.Everything was still in its packaging. I handed her the first one, “Your standard, basic dildo. You do all the work.” The next one was another step beyond, “Not quite standard or basic. You’ll notice the suction cup on the bottom. Be creative with this one. Stick it on a wood or metal chair, the floor, or the wall. Use your imagination.” She actually blushed. The last one, “Looks fairly standard and basic, but you need these.” I handed her a pack of batteries. “Batteries were not included.” Her mouth was gaping.She gaped at me, “You act like I am going to be doing this all the time.”“No, no … if that were the case I would have brought a separate case just for the batteries …” I got her laughing, again. “So, my sexy, young victim … which one would you like me to use on you?” She looked embarrassed, but point quickly at the vibrator. “Awwww … yes, good choice. Onto the bed with you, then. On your back, your legs spread and your knees pulled toward you.” I saw the look on her face. “Yes, it is obscene to be put into that position. So … do it!” She did.While all this was going on, though, the boys were paying attention. They didn’t presume anything with me even though I was naked. Our mating was still on my terms and it was not a common thing that other women were made available to them. So, they waited. Which is not to say that their waiting wasn’t without some tension on their parts. The tips of their cocks were showing as they sat.She obediently did as I commanded. In a way, that surprised me. The entire interaction surprised me. My taking charge, my demanding attitude, my directing her without compromise or alternative. Her acceptance didn’t surprise me quite as much. She was unfamiliar with all of this. My taking charge did somewhat. But, I was comfortable with it. There is a difference between recognizing something new about your attitude and being uncomfortable with it. It was only recognition, not discomfort or awkwardness.As she got into the position I directed her to take, I pulled the packaging apart from both the dildo and the package of batteries, unscrewed the end of the phallus, inserted the batteries, and reassembled it. Once completed, I looked at my victim in front of me as I knelt on the bed, moving bit by bit closer to her. This was a vision of Jenna I might never have believed I would witness. For all her studious reserve and proper attitude, a fire was clearly under the surface, a fire she was anxious to allow consume her. And, I was more than happy to be a party to fanning that fire.I dropped the dildo between us, it rolling in the depression of mattress to her butt. I saw her eyes flutter and she sucked in air and looked along her blatantly exposed body at me. With my hands free, I placed one on each of her thighs. My eyes were locked on hers as I moved my hands along her thighs toward her crotch. Just before reaching her pussy, I moved my hands to düzce escort bayan the back sides of her thighs and back up toward her knees, never reaching that far before returning toward her crotch, again. Her eyes moved from mine to her pussy, her pussy so obscenely displayed in front of me. I told her to pull her knees more to her breasts and she did, again, as I directed her. Her eyes were pure lust as she saw how her upturn pelvis fully displayed her pussy and her splayed legs had opened her excited pussy to me … and even to her.I slid my hands down her inner thighs, this time until my thumbs came together over her wet and open pussy slit. My thumbs slipped barely inside and pulled her lips apart, opening her even more to my eyes. I looked up and her eyes were focused on my thumbs. I bent down, my eyes still watching hers. As my face became close enough to her pussy that she could switch back and forth with a mere flick of her eyes, her mouth opened in a silent gasp as my tongue came out to approach her open hole. I hung just above her, no more than an inch separating her pussy from the tip of my tongue. I waited, teased. I exhaled onto her and her gasp became audible. Her brows furrowed as if the waiting was too much. I lowered my mouth further and her mouth changed into an ‘O’, anticipating, wanting, beseeching me silently.I drove my tongue into her open hole and she cried out, her hips curled up into the air more than before, pressing her pussy against my face. I moved my tongue from her hole to her clit and I closed my mouth over it, sucking the hard, sensitive nub into my mouth, my teeth brushing over it. She gasped and groaned. I looked up along her body, between her breasts to her face. Her head was pressed back, her mouth open and gasping between strained gasps and moans.My hand searched the bed around us as I maintained my attention to her clitoris. With one hand holding the dildo, I switched on the device, rotating the dial until it felt sufficiently vibrating for her first contact.I rotated my mouth about 90 degrees to free access to her hole. I don’t think it even occurred to her that I had twisted slightly. She was enjoying the sensations being produced by my mouth. Not being able to see, I poked the dildo at her crotch, then moved it up near my cheek and it drove cleanly into her hole. At the same time, I nipped her clitoris with my teeth. The combination brought a cry of surprise, shock, and pleasure from her.Satisfied with that response, I wiggled my butt and called for Wolf. I think that probably surprised him. I had never called him onto a bed before, but I had Jenna pinned in place. While I continued with her, I wanted my own satisfaction. I had more planned, but I was keeping everything from her until it happened, lest she decide in the meantime to not want to continue.Surprised or not, Wolf was on the bed and licking my ass from pussy to asshole. My hands were occupied with continuing Jenna’s pleasuring, so I used my ass to wiggle from his tongue, hoping to break his interest there and mount me. He did. He lifted his head as I wiggled from his tongue, then jumped onto my back. The sudden change in my action from the pressure of Wolf landing on my back brought Jenna’s attention to me, her eyes opening wide at seeing what was now happening. Our nice woman-woman activity had instantly changed to woman-woman-dog and she loudly moaned, pressing her hips into the air, pressing into my mouth on her clit and the vibrating dildo in her dripping pussy. With my hands busy with Jenna, I couldn’t assist Wolf’s cock into my pussy. This might have been the first time either Wolf or Preta had mounted me without my assistance. The steady probing and poking of his hard cock against my ass cheeks and crotch was all the reinforcement I would need to continue by ritual of help my a****l lovers.Thankfully, Jenna’s orgasm was moments before mine, which was only moments before Wolf dumped his dog-cum into my pussy. Jenna squirmed out from under my head while Wolf and I remained tied on the bed. She returned quickly with a bottle of water she retrieved from the apartment frig that was standard in the quarters. I awkwardly drank from the bottle, then collapsed back to the bed, my head resting on my forearms. I looked at Jenna who was watching me.“You’re amazing, Annie. I can’t imagine what your life must be like. But, thank you for opening my eyes to parts of it.”I smiled at her. “Hmmmmmm … you are soooooo welcome, my sexy friend.” She was watching our tie and commented that it looked like we would separate soon. “In that case, get up on the bed in the same position as before.” She looked at me nervously. “Something different. You’ll love this, honest.” She shrugged and got into the same spot on the bed, waiting to pull her ass into air until the knot came out of me.I felt the knot spreading my pussy further until I could feel it pulling out. I got my legs positioned under me and told Jenna to get ready. As the knot came out and I could feel his cum begin leaking from me, I scrambled up and stepped over Jenna, my pussy over hers. I lowered myself down until our pussies were in contact. I looked at her and her eyes were open wide, her mouth fluttering. I started laughing, this had to look utterly insane to her, yet, I did have a plan.After a few minutes, I started rubbing my gaping pussy over hers. It was erotic in an unusual way. I had never been in this position with a woman before, but pressing our pussies together was quite exciting, our lips gliding over each other, our clits being rubbed and pressed.I stepped from her, kneeling beside her. I smiled wickedly at her and called Wolf who was on the floor licking his cock clean. He heard his same and looked to me. I patted my hip and he came running. Poor Preta was watching all this as he paced, but his time was coming quickly. Wolf joined us on the bed and I patted Jenna’s mound and she gasped out a cry as she realized what I was intending. I put a hand on her stomach and continued to pat her mound. Wolf looked, sniffed and flicked his tongue to taste the source of the scent. The poor guy, he probably thought Jenna and I had the same scent. Jenna put her hands over her eyes, but her legs splayed out to the sides and her moans increased as Wolf continued his licking.I flipped over onto my hands and knees, again. I patted my ass and called Preta. He was on the bed in an instant. That TV character Flash had nothing on Preta in that moment.With Jenna moaning, sighing, and groaning her appreciation of the attention Wolf was giving her pussy, I was prepared for being penetrated by Preta and his barbed cock. I knew my hole was open from Wolf’s knot and well lubricated with his cum; I was greedy now for a second fucking, enjoying both of my a****ls in the presence of my friend. I felt him slide into me, but it was on the first pull back to fuck into me, again, that I felt the barbs pulled away from his cock as they caught on my tender flesh inside. Yes, I sympathized and understood what female felines experience in mating. But, at the same time, I was somewhat jealous of what I had learned about feline mating, the continuous, repeated mating of a female to guarantee insemination. And … each time … it would feel like this … the penetration of a powerful male … the pulling of the insides of the vaginal walls and the penetration … over and over. Yes, I understood, felt, knew, relished, the feeling of those barbs inside me, pulling on me, scratching at me inside. Yes … yes … YES! Yes, I knew the feeling of those barbs, how they pull at me, sc**** my insides … how that very thing, that irritation, is also an immense orgasmic stimulation.* * * * *Jenna and I were selfish this visit. We consumed our time at night with each other and only each other. Sometime, I thought as I lay in bed, maybe Steve and Mary might be willing and approachable for a larger experience. Maybe sometime Jenna might be willing and approachable to allow more of Wolf to pleasure her than his tongue.She lay next to me in my quarters. Her left leg was d****d over me, her arm across my body just under my breasts. She was completely worn out. While I had experienced Preta, Jenna had cum twice under Wolf’s tongue. She finally had to forcefully push his snout away and clamp a pillow between her legs for protection. We had laughed at that, but then fell into soft, gentle hugs, kisses, and caresses that went further into the night.As I lay in the dark, feeling the presence of a lover against me, I wondered about Sylvia … and Adrian. Had he worked up his nerve and courage to talk, to share with Sylvia? For all his exhibited strength and courage in battle and the command of men, the thought of opening his heart to a woman seemed to be the scariest thing he might have to walk into … and his only weapons would be the conviction of his love, the belief in her love for him. Emotions. I chuckled quietly … no wonder he was so tentative.* * * CHAPTER 9: A NEW DYNAMIC will follow * * * Thanks for reading