The Christmas Eve Adventure

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The Christmas Eve AdventureYes I know it’s summertime but I wrote this story awhile back. I hope you like“Sir, RS1 has cleared Sector Five,” Lieutenant Aaron, code name Ginger, said.I looked at the newly trained communications officer and said, “Roger that. How is Sector Seven looking? Is Snowman in position?” “Yes Sir, Snowman is in position with his men and reports no action,” Ginger answered.“Good, I hope this year is quiet,” I said as I readjusted my eye patch, trying not to let my mind wander on how I got the injury. The time I’d spent in Afghanistan was not something I liked to remember. “What about Winter Storm? How are his men doing?”“They pulled out and encountered no resistance, Sir,” the young officer reported.“Good, once Snowman reports in and is extracted we will call it a night,” I said. “At least this Christmas Eve has been quiet Ginger.”“Yes Sir,” he replied.I chuckled and said, “Only 100 more to go until I retire.”Believe it or not, I’m the Supreme Commander for an elite elves security force that helps secure areas that Santa Claus flies over and makes sure that some nut job with a gun or a missile doesn’t take the big guy out. We are the “Black Ops” guys that very few, if anyone, outside of the North Pole knows about.A few countries, like France, the US and Russia provided training for the team. We disguise our pointy ears and assume fake personas when we go to those places and they keep our training on the down-low. In return, we promise not to interfere with their governments. It is a very little known fact that Santa could own the world in a day if he really wanted to. Santa was never one to play hard ball but he enjoyed knowing his power and exerted it as needed.I stood up and grabbed my North Pole Special forces beret, placed it on my head and made sure that it was properly aligned with the points of my ears, and then pulled on my heavy coat. “Well Ginger, I think you can handle the extractions. I’m going to call it a night.”“Yes Sir,” the young lieutenant replied as he saluted me. “And Merry Christmas to you.”I returned the salute and wished him a Merry Christmas as well. I turned and left the command room.As I walked down the hall, I looked at the pictures of the former commanders that Santa had handpicked over the last thousand years. I came across the picture of my first commander, Colonel Andrea Milkworth, now known only as Mrs. Claus. She was the one who had indoctrinated me into the Special Elven Security forces.I remembered her saying I had the right build, being 5’10” and 175 pounds, since most elves are significantly shorter and lighter, and the right mental mind set to be part of their team. I considered it an honor to be selected by her and tried my hardest to impress her throughout my training.Even after my training, I still tried my best to impress her in every mission that was assigned to me. Hell, I volunteered for missions that the seasoned vets were afraid of. I did that, not because I wanted to be a “Billy Bad Ass” but because I had a thing for the colonel and secretly hoped that maybe my actions in the field would impress her so much that she would throw herself at me.The colonel was the prettiest elf I had ever seen. She was tall at 5’7”, slim and had beautiful female curves with an impressive bust line, which always made me wonder how she could squeeze through the tight obstacle course, and the prettiest set of ice blue eyes I had ever seen. Each time she would wear her dress uniform with the short skirt I would admire her long sexy legs when she wasn’t looking.But no matter what I did I never caught her eye. But Santa did. I will admit I was a little jealous and I wondered if she married him so she could move up but when I realized that when she married him she left the team and became Mrs. Claus, a housewife in charge of the toy makers. That, in my opinion, was no life for a commander of the elite.150 years have passed since then and I became the commander of the team. I was a little scarred up and maybe a little bitter, but I was still the tall elf she recruited all those years ago.Mrs. Claus was still just as beautiful as she was when I met her. She is nothing like the story book woman that the general public knows. She didn’t look a day over 30 in human years but elves live a very long life and I would say she didn’t look a day over 265.She still uses the team gym daily and was stronger, faster and smarter than some of the recruits I have now. I would see her working out in her tight shorts and tank-top, watching her breasts squeezed together as she pushed up on the bench press machine or the crotch of her shorts seductively wrapped around her groin, which I knew was still tight. I would have to head into the locker room and take a cold shower to hide my attraction.I knew she was married to my boss and I would never cross that line, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t fantasize about her. I hoped that one day the big man would die so I could move in but I had taken an oath to protect him with my life if needed. I guess our story is like what could call “Romeo and Juliet.” I guess that is one of the reasons I never got married, that nasty little thing called hope.After I studied her picture on the wall and returned from daydreaming, I turned to head off to my room. Before got out of the building, Ginger came canlı kaçak iddaa running after me. “Sir, Mrs. Claus needs to see you right away. She says it’s important.”I sighed, not because I couldn’t call it a night but because after I saw her I would be too excited to sleep and have to use one of the special toys that one of the toy elves made me, which was on its last legs and somewhat sticky. “Okay Lieutenant, I’ll go see what she wants. Thanks,” I replied then headed to see Mrs. Claus.It only took me five minutes to get to her place and I knocked on the door. “Come in Colonel,” she said through the door.I entered her house, removed my heavy coat and hat, and then stood at the position of attention. “Did you call for me Ma’am?”I saw her sitting in an over-sized cushioned chair wearing a flimsy white silk robe, which didn’t hide the fact she was wearing sexy red stockings, matching garters and bra. Nor did it hide her incredibly tight, firm body or her protruding nipples. I immediately started to think about horrible things, like dead seal pups and the oldest female toy makers that were well past 1000 years old, so my cock wouldn’t grow in my tight pants and announce my reaction to her attire.Mrs. Claus laughed and said, “Commander, would you relax? How long have we known each other? Nearly two hundred years now?”I relaxed a little and replied, “168 now, give or take a month.”She smiled at me and said, “So knock that crap out, with the troops it works but we have known each other too long for it.” Mrs. Claus motioned me to take a seat across from her. I moved to the chair that was directly in front of her and sat down. “So is this a social call or do you have something for me to do?” I asked.She reached over to a small table and picked up a glass of wine, took a sip and said, “Yes, RS1, or the toy lover as I call him, has decided to stop for a couple days in the Bahamas’ to relax before he heads home. I need a security team down there ASAP.”It stuck me odd that she called him “toy lover” instead of her husband or Santa but it wasn’t my place to correct her. So I pulled out my communicator and relayed all of the important information my team would need.Once I confirmed that my team had been mobilized I faced Mrs. Claus and asked if she needed anything else.“Are you in a hurry to leave?” she asked.“Ah… no. I just figure you must be tired and want to be alone.”She scoffed a little and said, “I’m anything but tired, a matter of fact I’m bored to tears!”“Bored?” I asked. “But why? You have free range to do whatever you want, go to any city in the world or even take on any persona you like.”Mrs. Claus took another sip of her whine and said, “Well, that was fun for the first 50 years or so but after a while it becomes mundane.” Then she looked at me and continued, “You know what I really want to do is experience life again, like I used to, but that fat toy lover feels it is my place to stay here and manage those little freaks that are overly obsessed with toys.”I felt a little embarrassed because those little freaks made me a special toy that I use to masturbate, while thinking of her, with on my request, so I wasn’t any better than they were.“What are you asking? Did you want to go on a mission or something?” I asked.She snorted a laugh and said, “Oh no, I’m way too out of shape to keep up, that and I would have to relearn everything and the toy lover wouldn’t let that fly.” Mrs. Claus took another sip of her wine and asked, “Do you really want to know what I want?”I sat there feeling a little uncomfortable with the way she was talking about Santa, granted I had heard rumors that he spent way too much time with the toy makers, behind closed doors, but those were just rumors.“Well I guess I don’t know so please enlighten me.” I said.Mrs. Claus finished her glass of wine, put the glass onto the small table beside her and looked around as if someone could hear her. “I really want a good fucking,” she said then began to giggle.I became instantly conflicted. On one hand she was the boss’ wife, a guy that could send me to the far corners of the planet and leave me for dead, but on the other hand it was the elf I had always wanted.“So… ah… well then…that’s interesting,” I stammered.As I was freaking out, Mrs. Claus opened her robe and revealed the sexy bra and panties she was wearing as well as her extremely tight body. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her and even in the low light I could see her pinky sized nipples poking the silky fabric of her bra. Then she slid off the chair and got on her knees, crawling towards me.“Commander, Mary,” she said. Mary was my name and I hated it. I would rip my troops a new one if they called me Mary, which is why everyone called me commander. But Mrs. Claus could call me whatever she wanted. “Mary, I know that you have always wanted me. I even know that you had one of the toy makers make a toy that looked like my, tight, smooth so easy to fuck pussy,” she said with a wicked smile.“Well I can explain…” I started to say in protest.“Shh… It’s okay, I understand,” Mrs. Claus said. “I know that you have always wanted me and I was stupid to not let you know that I was interested in you, but how would it look if a superior was fucking one of her troops?”By the time she finished her question; Mrs. Claus had placed her güvenilir casino hands on the top of my thighs and was running them up my leg making my cock press against my tights.“Yeah, but how would it look is the commander of Santa’s elite forces is banging his boss’ wife?” I said trying to defuse the situation that I was desperately losing.“Pft… that toy lover would rather spend all of his time in a work shop designing toys than spending five minutes with his wife,” she said as her hand slipped closer to my growing hard-on. “Besides, do you know when that last time I felt a hard elf cock deep inside of me?”“Ah… no,” I said, stammering.Before she answered, her soft, delicate hands reached my groin and she began to massage the pulsating cock that was concealed by my military tights. “It has been more than 100 years and it was during my bachelorette party, when some of the girls snuck in some gigolos from New York and even then they didn’t match up to an elf cock, which is much bigger and thicker.”I tried to move away but her hands on my cock kept me in place. “But… what… if… we get caught Mrs. Claus?” I moaned, enjoying her touch.She lowered her head and kissed my hard piece of meat through my tights. I could feel her hot breath washing over me when she said in a soft voice, “No one will ever know. And call me Andrea.” Then she gentle nibbled my cock.The feeling of her teeth on my 11” cock pushed me over the edge and I didn’t care if we got caught. At that time all I wanted to do is bury myself as deep as I could into her pussy, the real pussy not the fake on I’d been fucking for the last 100 years. I grabbed the sides of Andrea’s head and pushed my hips upward, trying to fuck her mouth through my tights.“Mmm… someone is a little excited,” she said, and then she reached up and grasped the top of my tights and pulled them down to my knees and freed my aching cock from its cotton prison. In one fluid motion, Andrea opened her mouth and engulfed my elf-hood.“Oh my Christmas stars…” I moaned.I watched her lips being stretched wide as my cock spread her mouth open and tighten as I felt her hot wet mouth wrap around me. Within a couple of seconds she had all of me deep in her throat and she looked up at me from the floor with her ice blue eyes with that ‘Mmm … this is so good’ look in her eyes.Once my cock was buried in her mouth, she started to massage my cock with her neck muscles almost like I did with my hand, but it felt a million times better than any toy or lotion.Just when I thought I was going to shoot my special Christmas cheer down her throat, she pulled my cock out and laid it on the side of her head. Seeing my massive cock next to her small, delicate face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, more that all the Christmas trees in the world couldn’t compare to the beauty of the vision before me.“I don’t want you to come now,” she said. Then she released my cock and lay on her back and spread her legs. “Come Commander, come taste what sweet eggnog really tastes like.”Quickly I positioned myself between her legs then pulled the silky panties she wore to the side and admired the beauty of her elven pussy. She was naturally hairless, unlike human females that had to shave, that left little bumps from razor burn.“Oh… yes…” Andrea moaned. “Eat my pussy like a candy cane.”My head was swimming and my cock throbbed as I lowered my face to her sweet pussy, taking time to inhale the peppermint aroma that wafted up from between her legs. When my tongue touched the bottom of her slit, her body tensed up and she grabbed the back of my head, forcing my face into her.Her pussy tasted sweeter than any candy that the elves could ever make and slippery that the oil that I used to use on my gun. I flicked my tongue around her puffy lips and slowly made my way to her hard nub.As soon as my tongue flicked her clit Andrea sucked in a deep breath then let out a human curse, “Oh fuck yeah!”Hearing her talk so naughty made me feel dirty and I knew that if I was caught that I would receive coal for Christmas for the next 100 years, but I didn’t care anymore. While I ate Andrea’s pussy I inserted two fingers into her. She was so wet that my fingers slide easily inside, even though she was tight like a toy vice.“Oh… shit! That’s… it… finger fuck… me…” she said demandingly. Faster and harder I pumped her pussy with my fingers while at the same time I nibbled on her hard long clit. “Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck!”I could taste her candy like juices pour out of her and I greedily lapped every drop of her sweet nectar that I could until her slim but muscular legs wrapped around my head like a vice.“Oh fuck!” she cried out, then her body trashed about wildly as she came, covering my entire face with her cum. For a minute I thought she forgot how strong she was and thought that she was going to break my neck while in the throes of passion.After several exciting, but painful minutes, Andrea finally released my head from her legs and looked down to me. “Oh my stars,” she said gasping for breath. “That was what I needed, thank you.”I looked into her ice blue eyes from between her legs and said, “I would do anything for you.”“Anything?” she asked.I nodded, and then kissed her inner thigh, making her squirm.Andrea smiled at me then pulled me up from her legs and rolled me güvenilir casino onto my back. Before I knew it, she had moved on top of me and slid my tights down to my knees. I almost forgot she was a highly trained soldier at one time and probably knew more about take down techniques than I did.Once she had my tights down, she straddled my hips and began to grind her wet pussy against my burning cock. The wetness of her against my hardness drove me wild and I tried to slip myself inside of her.“No, no, no…” she said playfully.I was raging with desire for Andrea and tried to use my strength to pick her up and impale her pussy, but she hooked her ankles around my legs and used the leverage to keep me from entering her.“Mmm…” she purred. “Does someone want to fuck me?”“Yes!” I hissed. “I want to feel myself inside of you.”“Tell me you want to fuck me!” she demanded. “Talk dirty to me like the humans do!”For hundreds of years I had always seen her being prim and proper, both as the commander of Santa’s elite and when she married the man, I always saw her in a long dress and behaving like a wife of Santa should. But now she was demanding, dirty, totally slutty and I liked it.“I want to fuck your hot pussy with my big fucking cock!” I said.“Mmm… that’s it. Tell me how bad you want to fuck me with you big cock!” she roared at me while still grinding against me.My cock was harder than it has ever been before and I screamed, “I’m going to fucking plow your tight hole until I fucking fill you with my cum!”“I don’t fucking think your elf enough to do it!” she yelled back at me then pinched both of my nipples through my shirt as hard as she could.The pain that she inflected was both agonizing and exciting. “Oh I’ll show you whose fucking elf enough!” I bellowed then I used my hand to hand combat training and rolled her quickly onto her back, parted her legs with mine and rested the tip of my cock against the swollen lips of her pussy.“Oh fucks yeah… show me how elf you are! Fuck me like a filthy human whore!”My head throbbed; my body throbbed and my cock throbbed, telling me what I was about to do was wrong but I didn’t care anymore and I thrust my hips forward, burring my cock deeply into Mrs. Claus tight pussy.As my cock slipped inside of her, I could feel her hot lips of her pussy wrap themselves around me and almost pull me in deeper into her.“Oh shit!” she cried and then bit hard onto my shoulder, almost drawing blood.I looked down our bodies and saw my thick cock split Andrea’s pussy apart. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen and I felt my cock grow even bigger than it was already.As soon as my smooth balls touched her pussy I began to pump her sweet hole with long, hard strokes. “You love my cock, don’t you whore?!” I asked demandingly.“Oh god yes… fuck my pussy you bastard!” she screamed.I shoved my cock in her hard and felt the soft skin of her Elven pussy being stretched by it. “Oh I’m a bastard now?” I bellowed. “I’ll show you a bastard!”I pulled my cock out of her and rolled her over onto her belly. I grabbed onto her hips with my strong hands and guided my cock towards the little bud of her ass.“Oh fuck! You cock sucking asshole!” she said as she struggled against my pressing hips.“Shut the fuck up you whore and take it!” I yelled. As soon as the tip of my cock was against her ass, I shoved it as hard and as deep as I could inside of her.Andrea’s body stiffened hard and she let out a sharp yelp as my cock was immersed by her tight ass. “Oh shit! You mother fucker!” she yelled.She acted like I was being too hard and filthy, but body told me otherwise. As I drilled her asshole, she looked over her shoulder at me, with her ice blue eyes and smiled. She also met each of my thrusts with her hips while cupping my balls with a free hand.“Shut the fuck up! I know that you love it, don’t you!” I retorted. Andrea didn’t say anything but instead lowered her head and pushed back on me faster and harder.As I fucked her tight ass, the sounds of our bodies slapping against each other filled the room and soon she was bucking wildly as another orgasm ripped through her body.When I felt her ass quivering on my cock I couldn’t hold out any longer and the tip of my sensitive cock let me know I was about to cum.“Oh fuck! I’m… going… to… cum…” I said in between gasping breaths.Before I could fill her ass, she moved, my cock to falling out of her ass and turned her body so she was on her hands and knees facing me. She grabbed my cock and said, “Come in my mouth, fucker!” Then she wrapped her full lips around the tip.“Oh fuck,” I cried out as my cock began to twitch and shoot a wave of hot cum down her throat.Andrea made loud slurping sounds as she gobbled up as much of my cum that she could, some of it dribbled out the corners of her mouth and dripped off of her chin. My cock made one more hard pulse, expelling the last of my cum into her mouth, then I fell onto to floor quivering.I heard her make a loud gulping sound as she swallowed the last of my load and then said, “Mmm! Peppermint, my favorite.”Then she laid beside me and said in a whisper, “Thank you… thank you… thank you!”For the next two days, while Santa was on vacation, we would meet up in secret and, as she would say it, fuck like filthy humans. Each time more intense that the time before.After that night I ended up reenlisting in the Santa’s elite force for another 100 years, looking at the calendar counting off the days until Christmas Eve and secretly hoping that my soldiers screwed up in their mission so I could move up and be the new Santa.