Step-Mom China…part one?

1 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Step-Mom China…part one?I was at Jon’s house that night thinking he would be home instead he was at some “party” I was not invited to and I found his “step-mom” home alone. I always found it odd he referred to China, as his step-mom since he was an orphan with no Dad to speak of she seemed only a few years older than he did but I never really asked him why he called her that.I sat with China in the living room for quite a while talking and watching music videos when she asked me if I wanted to go downstairs and play video games on the big screen TV. I of course being a guy said sure, since I loved to play video games but no longer owning a system would have given my left leg to play for an hour or so. We went down edirne escort and I noted she smelled great when we headed down as she led the way. Her body was what I liked to call curvalicious and her hair was a deep auburn with a great cut mixed with feathering and curls in just the right places let’s face it I think I was in lust the moment I saw her the very first time.She gives me a hard-on to this day just thinking about her that night walking in front of me. We sat down on the couch and she kept scooting closer to me as we played till she was practically sitting in my lap. Her free hand was working my right thigh like she was stroking on my hardening cock I was trying desperately to hide from her view being escort edirne the rather shy guy I am. Soon her hand was wandering more and I made the comment to her, “Stop trying to cheat I was planning on letting you win anyway.”“I’m not cheating I sent Jon out tonight so we could be alone I have wanted to fuck you since the first time we met.” She replied with a sheepish grin as I dropped my controller causing her to let out a giggle.“You are just teasing me now you don’t mean that.” I replied picking up the controller off the floor trying to go back to the game. Just then, her hands were now both finding their way to my crotch noting my hard cock I wasn’t able to hide any longer from her. “Well I would say edirne escort bayan part of you wants me young man.” She giggled working my pants off. I stood up and took my clothes off as she pushed a button on the remote control that turned off the video game and suddenly porn was playing. It happened to be a man and a nice Latina shemale with a soft, smooth cock in her hand. I could see out of the corner of my eye she noted this excited me but I still didn’t know China’s little secret she had been hiding from me to this point.I had always assumed that China was a woman and she certainly was in my opinion to this very day she just had something to offer me many women do not have. A small four-inch kitty in between her legs that loved to spit in my mouth as I took it deep inside my warm, moist, wet mouth. Every time I took her in my mouth I moaned so loud I couldn’t hear the video we were watching at the time which seemed to have the volume up full blast.