Stalked and Fucked: The Cumclusion

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Stalked and Fucked: The Cumclusion”Wh-What do you w-want from me?” I stammered, dazing up at the man who’d been stalking me for weeks, the man who had followed me home from school, the man whose roughness had aroused my virgin cunt, the locksmith who had entered my home so easily in the middle of the afternoon.”This,” he said. And without another word, he leapt on top of me and began tearing the clothing from my young, nubile, overheated body.”No! Stop!” I screamed, to no avail. I tried to fend him off, But he was much too strong.Wait. If I’m gonna be truly honest here, I have to say that I didn’t struggle as much as I could have, because my young cunt was aching to see what this tall, blond, Nordic male had in his pants.But hey, a nice Jewish girl has to keep up appearances, so I continued to scream in protest of what he was doing, all the while creaming my pants, waiting bartın escort for him to do it!In a matter of minutes I was totally nude, on my back, my long, wavy black hair spread out over my mom’s mattress where he had slammed me down. My breasts–a tad large for my age–were swollen and taut, nipples fully erect.Speaking of erect, I gasped in awe and wonderment as this lean, hard-bodied Aryan quickly disrobed, revealing a big, fat, stiff cock that would make a woman three times my age want to kneel and worship it.I played my assigned role: “NO! PLEASE! STOP! I’M A VIRGIN!””Not anymore,” he grunted as he grabbed and spread my thighs. Without any teasing, petting or foreplay whatsoever, he bruttally took my innocence from me, ramming his beautiful cock into me, sinking it to the hilt. I could feel the warm blood of my cherry squelch onto my upper thighs as I screamed escort bartın in real pain.But a real woman can take pain! As he began thrusting in and out, in and out, in and out of my freshly-rapped vagina, I instinctively raised my legs, arching my feet and pointing my toes in what I now know to be “cheesecake style.”It’s funny: He couldn’t even SEE my surrendering legs and feet from his perspective, but basic female instinct told me that such a positioning is pleasing to men. And, ultimately, whether we be doctors, astronauts or Secretaries of State, pleasing men is our #1 role.Thus, I swelled with womanly pride as he pulled out of my cunt, stroked himself for a couple seconds, and then snarled like a b**st as he pumped a HUGE fucking load of hot, sticky, woman-affirming cum all over the soft, smooth skin of my nice trim belly. He then collapsed, exhausted, bartın escort bayan on top of me. We stuck together, glued by his jism and my blood as we drifted off to sleep. We probably would’ve still been locked in that position when my parents got home (!). Fortunately, he had a full bladder, and after he softened, he pissed the cum and the blood off me. I thanked him for washing me with his urine, and asked when I could see him again.”Never,” he laughed. “I’ve scored, baby, and now you’re yesterday’s news.”I was still crying, curled up into the fetal position, when my mom got home from work. THANK GOD DAD DIDN’T ARRIVE FIRST! She helped me clean up. More importantly, she explained how a woman–which I now was–should behave, and that my stalker and rappist had done me a favor by showing me my place in the world.I’ve never forgotten that day. I think of it every time my current male owner slaps me around and calls me a slut, every time I take a load of cum on my face as I kneel before the True God of women, every time I invite a virile young delivery guy into my home and beg for his cock.I love being a woman!