Slipped in…

3 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Slipped in…So one night im in bed when my brother comes in. As usual he is hard and wants to play with his sister. I sit up on the bed as he pulls down his shorts, revealing his cock to me. As i stroke it for him, he is moaning in pleasure. “hey s*s, wanna try something new…?””Uh, sure, what is it?””lay on your side batman escort and i will lube up and run my cock between your thighs. I won’t go inside, i PROMISE.””Um, ok sounds harmless enough…”I get undressed and lay on my side. He comes up behind me and slides his cock between my thighs. He begins pumping and escort batman sliding between my legs in a mock sex motion. It feels so good as i feel him touch my excited lips every now and then.Im so caught up in the moment i open my legs a bit nd he ACTUALLY slides fully inside me!”OH!””OH YES, Sissy, that feels batman escort bayan SO good!””Oh my God, you are fully inside me, holy shit what do we do?””well, if it feels good i can continue…””Ok, slowly…”As he is inside me i am so wet from the taboo thought i am sweating. Hes never been inside me before and it feels SO good.He pumps slowly, then in a rythmic motion he begins fucking me at the same speed he thigh fucks me. It felt so good i came 3 times.He eventually pulled out and had me open my mouth so he could come.It was an AMAZING night.