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SARAH’S STORY- HUGE BLACK MANHi, I’m Sarah, married to Ted who has posted several Tales of our exploits, with my permission of course, however with me having lots of time on my hands, due to the current situation, I thought I would start telling a few of my own and compile a “Sarah’s Story” series. Obviously these will be written with Ted’s permission and a little help. Enjoy!!xSo Ted and I got into the whole playing with others thing in our early fifties and the first couple of guys I had fun with were very well endowed, which I just loved and thus decided this was my main criteria for a potential playmate. However there have been a couple of occasions when it felt like I had “bitten off more than I could chew so to speak.”We were on holiday in the Caribbean and I had gone back to our room to shower and chill a little before dinner. Ted had stayed at the bar for a couple more beers. I finished my shower and was busy applying my after sun lotion when there was a knock on the door. I quickly wrapped a towel around me and answered it to see a man mountain of a hotel maintenance guy, about 6ft 4 and very heavily built, standing there telling me he had come to look at the faulty bathroom extractor fan we had reported that morning. I showed him in and he went straight towards the bathroom, noticing my hair was wet, he told me he may need to turn the power off for a short time incase I was planning to use the hairdryer. I told him I was fine for the moment as I was just putting lotion on. He rather jokingly said “Oh well if you need any help with that let me know!” before he disappeared into the bathroom. I heard him tinkering away and carried on with what I had been doing. After a couple of minutes I heard the fan go on and off and he appeared from the bathroom and told me it had just been a blown fuse, which happens a fair bit due to power surges, so it was all sorted. I thanked him and he asked if there was anything else before he went. Just as I was about to say no I paused and said urfa escort “Well you did offer to help me put my lotion on. I use my back doing.” He walked across to me with a big smile on his face and took the bottle of lotion I was holding out.He squirted some lotion into one of his huge hands as I turned around and saw him throw the bottle onto the bed. I loosened my towel and adjusted it so my shoulders and upper back were exposed but my breasts and bottom were still covered. He rubbed his hands together and then placed them on my shoulders and began to rub the lotion in. His hands were strong and he used firm strokes to rub it in. I let out a little sigh of bliss and told him I enjoyed a firm touch from a man which encouraged him to rub a little harder. He was looking at me in the mirror and I could tell he had noticed his actions had started to make my breasts sway a little beneath the loose towel. I lowered one of my hands to my side with the palm facing towards him and turned my head towards him and asked if he was enjoying this as much as I was. As I turned my loose hand bumped against his groin momentarily nudging his cock which was already hard. As he said “Oh yes Mam!” I dropped my towel to the floor and turned to face him.I started to pull his shorts down and told him I wanted to see if his package was as big as the rest of him. He responded by telling me he had never had any complaints. As his shorts dropped to the ground his massive cock sprang up. I cant be precise about the size but he was certainly into double figures and it remains the biggest cock I have ever seen in the flesh.I wrapped a hand around his shaft and tried to cup his huge balls in my hand as I began to stroke him. He raised his hands and grabbed hold of my breasts, giving them a good squeeze before thumbing my nipples making me wince. He asked me if I liked being told what to do and I nodded at him with a smile. He put his hands onto my shoulders and pushed me onto my knees telling me to suck escort urfa his cock.I gripped his shaft harder and wrapped my lips around his huge bell end and began to suck him hard whilst still stroking him. After only a few seconds he pulled my hand off his cock and gripped the sides of my head. He told me to start playing with myself to get myself wet then began to literally fuck my mouth.He wasn’t rough but he was very firm. Every time he pushed his cock into my mouth I gagged and my lips were so stretched they felt like they were going to split but I was enjoying the feeling of being used. My pussy was soaking, I had a finger up my hole and was rubbing my clitoris hard and within a couple of minutes my orgasm hit me.I shuddered that much I could hardly breathe and the guy must have become aware of my stress as he released my head and my gasp forced his cock out of my mouth. As my orgasm ebbed away I sank down onto all fours still breathing hard. I felt his huge hands slide under my arms and lift me like a rag doll before flopping me onto the bed.I lay there looking up at this huge guy with his monster cock pointing skywards. He climbed onto the bed and shuffled between my legs on his knees. His cock bobbing up and down and his balls swaying from side to side. He pushed my legs apart and lowered himself down so the tip of his cock pressed against my pussy. He rubbed his cock up and down my slit a few times then began to push himself into me. As soon as his big helmet popped past my lips I felt stretched to the limit and as he leant forward I felt his shaft stretching the walls of my pussy, which despite the fact I had just had an orgasm just didn’t feel anywhere near lubed up enough to accommodate his monster cockI Pushed against his abdomen and told him to stop “It’s just too big, I can’t take it!” I said.He pulled out of me and lean’t to his side and picked up the bottle of lotion he had thrown onto the bed earlier and squirted some all over his cock. He began to rub it urfa escort bayan all along his shaft whilst pushing the top of the bottle into my pussy and I felt the cold gel squirting onto my pussy lips.He discarded the bottle and looked at me. “You can take it and you will take it all!” he said before once again pushing his huge cock into me. He seemed to slide in easily at first then I felt tip of his cock deep inside me making me gasp loudly. He stopped momentarily as he felt the obvious resistance against his cock. He then began to thrust back and forth, each time trying to push a little deeper into me, gauging the depth of his thrusts by how loud my shrieks were. I pushed against him trying to stop him going deeper but he was just too big and powerful and my hands couldn’t stop each thrust going so deep it felt like his cock was going to burst out of my navel.I wanted to tell him to stop but before I could he grabbed my breasts and pulled on them as he mercilessly pounded me. Then suddenly, the pain seemed to subside and a heady sense of masochistic bliss came over me as a wave of endorphins surged through my body. My hands had fallen from his abdomen and my fingers found my swollen clitoris.I rubbed and screamed my way through the invasion of my pussy by this huge black monster until I was aware of him grunting as his cum pumped into me before his torso flopped down onto me, pinning me to the bed, and my orgasm tremors surged through before I lost all awareness of what was happening.I lay there, my eyes closed, heart beating loudly and my breathing hard. I heard my name being called, then again louder. I opened my eyes and my husband was standing next to me with a mug of tea telling me it was 7.30am before he bent and kissed me then left the room.As my vision cleared I realised I was in our bed at home. The whole thing had been no more than a dream of a fantasy I harboured. I sat up in bed and as I leant to one side to get my tea I felt a dampness against the side of my leg. I slowly lifted the quilt and noticed my nipples were rock hard and on looking lower saw a large damp patch between my legs. I reached my hand down to my pussy. My lips were wet, swollen and surprisingly sore. What on earth? I thought!