Ronnie’s sexual awakening: Hostage

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Ronnie’s sexual awakening: HostageMy bladder forced me to wake up early Saturday morning. If it wasn’t for this urgent need to piss I would have stayed asleep till noon. Stephen was insatiable. That guy shot big load after big load. He unleashed his cum all over me. In my mouth, in my face, in my ass, on my back, all over my cock and balls. I’d swallowed so much cum. I could still taste cum in my mouth. When I got up the bed sheets were stuck to the dried cum on my ass and back. I was a fuckin’ mess. When I got to the bathroom I stared in the mirror and couldn’t beleive what I’d done the night before. I looked like a glazed doughnut. I had dried cum all over me. Stephen’s cum made my cock stick to my inner thigh. I tried to set my cock free but it hurt when I pulled on it. So I pissed on myself a little and the dried cum became moist enough for me to remove my cock from my thigh. As I filled up the toilet with piss my mind started racing. I needed to clean up and get the fuck outta here. I was ashamed of the depraved acts I committed. For a hot second I even convinced myself that I was drunk and he took advantage of me. Yeah that’s right!! He got me drunk and ****d me… but who would I tell? I can’t tell anyone about this! I’d get embarrassed. Everyone would look at me and know I had this guy’s cock in my ass and call me a faggot. A dick swallowing faggot. Suddenly I could hear Stephen’s voice echoing in my head. I started to recall how he repeatedly called me faggot as he thrust his cock in me. I thought about how much I seem to relish in the title of faggot as he had his way with me. Faggot became my name last night. As I slowly came back to the present moment I found myself stroking my blood filled cock over the toilette. It felt so good. Then I realized that I didn’t get to cum once the night before. I stopped abruptly because for the first time in my life I jerked off and I was thinking about cock… Stephen’s cock. I’ve gotta get outta here! I looked over at the bath bahis siteleri tub and there was a towel, wash cloth, a new tooth brush, a new enema kit. I immeadiately opened up the enema kit and filled the red bladder up with warm water. I repeated the process three more times. I then brushed my teeth and tongue and repeated that three times. Then I jumped in the shower and showered for forty-five minutes. When I came out of the bathroom Stephen’s apartment was very still. I thought that I could get dressed and sneak back to campus before he wakes up. With just a towel on I walked over to the couch where all the debauchery started. No shirt, no jeans, no underwear. Just my shoes. Damn! No socks either. I thought maybe my clothes somehow migrated to the bed room. I snuck in the bedroom hoping not to wake Stephen up. I crawled around on all fours feeling frantically all over the bedroom floor but I felt nothing but, cheap carpeting. I stood up on my knees and wondered if my clothes was on the bed. As I looked at Stephen’s I noticed there was no body lump in the bed. I rushed to light switch. The room was empty… the apartment was empty. I was by myself! But I was stranded. I was stuck. Maybe I could wear his clothes but then that would mean I would have to see him again. I was stuck. And the damn towel wouldn’t stay around my waist. I threw the towel down in frustration.A few minutes later Stephen walked in looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. I didn’t understand how he could be so full of energy. I was still exhausted. I grabbed the towel off the floor to cover myself up. Then in his afemenant voice he says,”You want pancakes? You look like you could use some breakfast.” He then walked over to me and gently removed the towel from my waist and threw it on the bed. “You don’t have to cover up. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.” His soft hands started caressing my chest and stomach. His hands were so soft. Softer than most women. My heart started beating fast. bahis siteleri “You have such a hot body and you hardly have any nasty body hair.” His right hand glided from my chest to my ass. I figured he would had enough of my ass the night before. “I’m doing laundry down stairs in my aunt’s house. Your clothes are being washed right now.” He then takes his hands off of me and grabs the sheets off the bed. “I’ll be right back sweetie.” When Stephen walked away I looked down and my cock was erect and throbbing. It was official now. I’m a faggot. Stephen came right back up to his apartment. “It’s pancake time!” He made the pancakes and scrambled us some eggs. I scarfed down the food. Stephen ate too but he mostly just watched me. The food was good. I was still naked but I got used to it.”So do you think you can give me something to cover myself up with?”Stephen continued r****g me with his eyes. “Why? I like you naked. Let’s sit on the couch.” He helped navigate me to the couch by guiding me with his hand on my ass. When we got to the couch I noticed there were random cum stains all over it. Stephen plopped down on the couch. “What’s wrong Ronnie? Don’t let some cum stains keep you from sitting. You had way more stains on you when I left you in bed this morning.” He was right, so I sat. He started caressing his cock through his sweats. “Here’s the deal Ronnie. I’m gonna keep my cock buried in you for the rest of the weekend. If after this weekend you want to deny the fact that you’re a cock loving faggot then that’s fine with me. But until that time comes lube up that sweet lil fuck hole and ride my cock. The vaseline is in the bedroom.” I get up to get the vaseline. “Mmmm you have pre-cum oozing out of you. Do me a favor Ronnie, while you are here don’t insult me by pretending you don’t want my cock or the cum that I’ll shoot out of it. For the next couple of days you don’t have to lie to me and you don’t have to lie to yourself.” My cock throbbed in güvenilir bahis front of him. “You can go and get the vaseline now.” Hearing that kind of honesty was strange. When you’re naked your body tells the truth. I came back to the couch with the vaseline in my left hand and my hard on in my right. I was jerking off in front of him. “Stop jerking off Ronnie. You don’t cum till I tell you you can cum.” So I stopped. I dropped to my knees opened the jar of vaseline scooped some out on my fingers, reached between my legs and massaged into my asshole. While I kneeled in front of Stephen I grabbed his cock and swallowed it. I slurpped on it and got it nice and sloppy wet. I had to treat his cock right especially since it’s been so good to me. “You black boys are so hot. I’ve had a hard on for you from the moment I saw you and now here you are sucking my cock. And you love it… you love sucking my cock. I wonder if all black boys suck cock as good as you do. You are such a hot lil fag! I can’t wait any longer. I want that sweet cunt that you have hiding between your pretty brown cheeks!” I got on the couch and bent over and eagerly waited for him to enter me. “No, no you eager little faggot. You’re gonna work for my cum today. you’re gonna ride my cock! I want to see your face while your face while I’m inside you. I hovered over his cock and decended upon it. once he was all the way inside me we were both in ecstasy. He held on to my ass and I rode his cock like it was my job. I was riding him furiously. I loved the way his cock felt inside of me and I couldn’t wait for him to fill me up with his sticky cum. My cock slapped his stomache with every downward thrust I made on to his cock. “Your fuckin cunt’s so good! Don’t make me cum yet faggot! Stephen sucked on my nipple and I grabbed his curly blonde hair and continued to thrust on to his cock. “You fuckin’ cunt! You’re makin me cum!” He started slapping my ass and then I felt it the warm goodness fill me up. I changed my thrust to a grind and I would squeeze his cock with my asshole. We both moaned with pleasure.”Stephen… I love your cock… I love being your faggot.””I know cocksucker… I know. Now less talking more cocksucking”I’m Ronnie and I’m a lil faggot!