Ready for some football??

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Ready for some football??It was opening weekend of college football season. I had a few friends over to watch the games and drink some beers. My wife loved having the guys over, she would flirt with them all day long and I could tell it turned them all on, but this year was going to be different. I took my wife off to our bedroom and stripped her down. She was confused and asked what I was doing. I proceeded to tie her hands and feet to a chair. I tied her up in a way that her pussy would be easily accessible. I placed a gag in her mouth so she wouldn’t be able to ruin the surprise for all in the house. I returned back to the guys to watch some more games. After about a half hour the guys starting asking about my wife, I guess they missed her flirting, I said she was tied up doing something else right now. When half time came around I took all the guys into our bedroom. you could see the shock on their face when they saw her tied up completely naked and gagged. They were nervous as what to do. I told the guys my wife is a dirty slut and can’t stop thinking of other men’s cocks inside her mouth and pussy. For now I want you to use your hands only on her, but do not let her cum. Later we’ll fuck the whore real good. They slid and rubbed their hands all over her body, squeezing and pulling on her nipples and tits. Their hands were all over her, it was sexy and you could see her enjoyment. Her body trembled a little here and there as they hit certain spots of her body. You could see chill bumps on her skin. After a few minutes, which seemed like eternity, they moved to her pussy. You could see how wet it was as it glistened in the light. Her pink lips were swollen with anticipation as they pulled apart her lips and took turns filling her pussy with their fingers. Their fingers were extremely wet when they removed them from her beautiful bahis siteleri pussy. I sat in the corner and watched as they pleasured her, no one expected football to be this good including my wife. I instructed them to remove the gag and push their fingers into her throat and to pull her head back by her hair so they could gag her good. She took their fingers deep in her mouth( the way she loves to take cock) as she gagged and spit makeup ran from her eyes( she looked like a real cum catching slut now). She could see the bulges in all their pants by now and it turned her on more. She begged for them to choke her and stretch her pussy with their fingers and they did. At one time she had fingers in all her holes, moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Halftime was coming to a end so I asked all of them to leave the slut and we’ll go back to watching the games. They were very reluctant, but they did.As we watched the games they couldn’t believe what had just happened. they were all pulling and tugging at their hard cocks. I went back to my slutty wife in the bedroom to see if she enjoyed what had just happened. She was begging for me to make her cum, but I refused. I could hear the guys talking about it amongst themselves, how they wanted to fuck her and use her like the whore she is. She asked about one of the guys(Dwight) specifically, because of the bulge in his shorts, I ignored her request and went back the games. I told the guys that I wanted them to fuck my wife because she has been craving multiple men at one time. My wife has been involved in mmf and mff before but nothing like she was going to get. I selected all these guys because I had heard they were all hung (8″ and bigger). I believe she knew they were well endowed and I wanted my wife stretched good. They went in one by one to the waiting slut. They took canlı bahis off all their clothes and stood in front of her with their huge hard cocks. Her eyes widened with excitement and pleasure. She had a total of 4 huge cocks to please and service. I let the guys tease her by rubbing their cocks all over her body including pressing up against her tight soaking wet pussy. She wimpered and moaned through her gag. I finally untied her so I could bend her over our wedge and tie her back down. She was face down with her voluptuous ass up in the air. I had the guys stand in front of her close but far enough so she couldn’t touch their cocks. I picked up our flogger and began with light strokes across her ass and thighs, she let out a moan of pleasure. I passed the flogger on to Kevin and went to sit down to watch and admire my sexy wife. Kevin flogged her real good, her ass was turning red and getting warm from the harder licks. Kevin passed it on to Mark. But he wanted to use riding crop we had on her. He used it all over her ass and then asked if we could roll her over so he could spank her pussy. I eagerly said yes, knowing how much she loved that. Lying on her back, legs and arms spread wide, he’d pop her pussy. With every smack she would lift her back off the bed. I believe she had already came from all the stimulation. As Mark whipped her pussy, she stroked Joe and Dwight’s cocks. Joe had a big dick but not like Dwight. It must have been 10″ of thick black cock. I wondered if her pussy would stretch wide enough for those huge cocks. Joe and Dwight started untying her, they were ready to fuck and I was ready to see her fucked. Kevin laid on his back and Jamie climbed on top to ride. It took a little bit before she was able to get that cock in her, with each stroke you could see her wetness further down güvenilir bahis his shaft until he was balls deep. I didn’t think she would be able to take it, you could tell it hurt her but she couldn’t resist. She grabbed Dwight’s bbc and started running her tongue all over the head and stroking him at the same time. She couldn’t get much of his cock in her mouth( by the end of the night she had a lot of it), but with her skills she doesn’t need much to work with. As Dwight was face fucking Jamie, she was stroking Joe and Mark. It was such a turn on watching her take those cocks and seeing her loving it. They tried to fuck her little ass but the cocks were way to big for her to take. The guys would rotate around so they all got a turn with her mouth and pussy. They really liked fucking her on all fours, she had a good ass for that. They would squeeze her ass and grab her hips and thrust their huge cocks deep inside her soaking pussy. You could hear the slapping of their skin as they pounded on Jamie’s pussy. She came multiple times as they used her as a fuck toy. She really came hard on Dwight’s cock, thick white cum from her pussy dripped down his shaft. Jamie begged for their cum, she was sucking Mark as Dwight fucked her from behind. Joe and Kevin stroked their cocks in front of her. Mark blew his nut into Jamie’s mouth, she tried to swallow it all but it was a huge load and ran down her chin. She grabbed Joe and Kevin’s cocks and stroked them together deep throating each one equally. I swear they came at the same time. She tried to catch as much of their cum with her tongue but most was on her face and tits. Just as she got those two cleaned up, Dwight pulled out and came everywhere. She was absolutely covered in hot cum, the way a whore like her should be. Jamie grabbed each of their cocks and sucked them dry, licking them from assholes to the tips of their cocks, making sure she had cleaned them completely. Jamie looked at me and thanked me for fulfilling one of her fantasies and asked “I hope I didn’t disappoint you Brian”. It’s almost time, do you like football????????