Peep Show Performance by Giorgio Canoli

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Peep Show Performance by Giorgio CanoliPEEP SHOW PERFORMANCE by Giorgio CanoliOn their way home from dinner George suggested he and Kim stop at a local adult toy store. “How come were making this pit stop”? she asked. He replied, “I noticed your rabbit isn’t as fast as he used to be”, “the tortoise can actually beat him now”. They chuckled as they exited the vehicle.This wasn’t no ordinary porno shop. It was the home depot of erotica. They wandered through each aisle, Kim’s pussy started getting moist and she could see George’s cock growing through his pants. Kim quipped “Be careful with that loaded gun in your pocket, we don’t want it going off to soon”. He quick witted a reply “No need to worry, the safety’s on”.They meandered towards the dildo and vibrator aisle. Hanging off the hooks was everything a horny and lonely woman would love having inside her. All different colors, sizes, textures, glass, gel and plastic. The store wasn’t giving you a chance to say ‘I don’t like what they have’. Kim playfully hit George in the head with a double dong. “What about this one?” “Umm” he said with a nervous grin. “Depends on what you’re doing with the other side”. She shot back, “I’ll be on one side and you’ll ataşehir escort be……” he waited with nervousness “watching me grind it with another girl at the end”. The red escaped his face as quickly as it arrived. She put the monstrous dildo in the basket and they proceeded to the video section. Now it just turned into a pornographic Blockbuster video. The only difference here is if you see a Mickey Mouse cartoon, it’s because he’s fucking Minnie. They scoured across lanes of different genres. They saw quite a few that peeked their interest. The cute salesgirl with the multiple piercings and tattoos pointed out that you can preview movies in their video booths. They turned their heads towards each other and gave a naughty wink.The booth was exactly that. Bigger than a telephone booth by a few feet, it had a decent sized screen playing 4 different movies at once. Kim fiddled til she found the right selection. 2 guys/1 girl, 2girls/1guy, a cumshot compilation and a full on orgy played in each corner of the screen. All the while Kim was picking porn, George was exploring up her skirt. He was able to feel how wet she really was. “Damn girl, I love when you get wet like this”. She moaned escort ataşehir “You make me this way daddy”.She helped him off with his pants. His rock hard cock trying to break free from his underwear. “Holy shit”! she was amazed. She was thinking about how it was bigger than some dildos she passed a few minutes earlier. She eagerly got on her knees. “Feed me daddy”. She slowly took his cock in her mouth. A little at a time untli it was all the way down. “Oh my God” she thought “I didn’t think I was going to be able to”. With every suck and slurp George’s eyes were rolling around. “It feels so fucking good” me moaned. Kim”s eyes were locked on his. She yanked the cock out her mouth. “I need it in pussy badly”.”Tell me you want to fuck me”. He complied. George sat on the bench and Kim straddled his cock with ease. Her pussy was dripping so much that it slipped right in. For quite a few minutes she grinded with ferocity. Screaming so loud as she rode that long, thick shaft.Her legs started to quiver and she knew she was close. George knew it to. He slid his middle finger between her legs and rubbed her clit while she was grinding his cock.”OH FUCK, THIS IS IT!” she screamed. Seconds ataşehir escort bayan later she exploded her pussy juice all over his cock. “See what you made me do daddy?” she said so innocently. In a stern voice George said, “Now clean it up”. She put the cock back in her mouth and tasted her sweet juices all over it. She didn’t have to do much, he was almost ready as she rode him. After a few minutes of spitting, sucking and jerking, his cock erupted like a cum volcano. She loved every ounce of it. “How’s that daddy”? “MMM you’re a good girl, I’m keeping you forever”.As they were getting dressed she leaned in and whispered in his ear “Your the best sex I’ve ever had”. He was amazed. “I was thinking the same thing my dear”. They opened the door to an embarrassing sight. The occupants of the other booths were giving them a standing ovation. Apparently while they were watching porn on their screen, everyone was watching them on their screens. Always the wise ass Kim raised her arm and George’s do mock a victory celebration. “We’ll be taking reservations for the next show and that one will cost you”. While paying for the double dong, the freaky salesgirl said to them, “Let me know if you need to fill that end”. When they were in the car, Kim pulled it out of the paper bag. She let a loud laugh. George, puzzled said “What the hell’s so funny?” While mocking a home girl from the hood she said ” I gots that bitches digits yo” TO BE CONTINUED…………………