Next Door Neighbor

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Next Door NeighborSeveral years ago, I lived in a house that had been converted to apartments. My landlord lived next door and was in the process of converting that house to apartments as well. I had lived there for a couple of years when he finally got an upstairs apartment going, and a new tenant moved in. She was a college student, blonde hair, and blue eyes, about 5’2” and would pass as a Darryl Hanna stand in. My landlord’s wife told me all about her including that she had a boyfriend. I don’t know why she told me all of this, because at first, she sounded like she was thinking of trying to set me up with her or something. She had my interest peaked until she mentioned the boyfriend part.Oh well, life goes on.I kept my eyes open for her anyway. Always hoping that she might break up with him, leaving an opening for me. Occasionally I would see her coming or going, or occasionally I would see her in the shared laundry facility. I was and still am rather shy, especially around beautiful women, so I never said hi to her on those rare occasions that I would be close enough to talk. A couple of weeks after she moved in, I discovered that her apartment was one floor down and right across from mine. The house that I lived in was three stories, and I lived on the third floor. The house that she lived in was two stories, and she was on the second. The reason that I knew that was her apartment was that when I would come home at night, there were lights on in those windows, and there had never been before. Not that I am a peeping tom or anything, but when I would walk by the window looking down on her apartment, the lights would always catch my attention. And I had to walk by that window often because it was by the bathroom and at the top of the stairwell entering my apartment. I never paid much attention to it because her blinds were always turned the wrong way for me to see anything. Well, one night after she had been there a couple of months, I saw more light than normal out of the corner of my eye as I walked by that window. Looking down, she had turned the blinds the other way and I could see right into her bedroom. The blinds were turned tight, so that the only thing that I could see was part of her bed. Judging that I would never get to see more than that, I went about my business. Over the next couple of weeks, those blinds would be turned at different angles, allowing different views into her apartment. Occasionally, she would have them turned just right so that I could see most of her bedroom, including the TV on the far side of the room. Sometimes I even saw her moving around the room.Because of the way the blinds were turned, most of the time all that I could see were her legs. Sometimes, they would be turned so that I could see more of her as she moved around her bedroom. There was the rare occasion that the blinds would be open more, and I would get to see all of her.As I said, I am not a peeping tom, so I didn’t sit there and watch. Most of the time that I saw into her apartment it was unintentional. But one night, I came home and walked by that window looking down on her. What I saw made me stop in my tracks. She had the blinds turned so that I could see most of her bedroom again, and it looked like she was dusting or something. It wasn’t what she was doing that made me stop, it was the fact that she was wearing a bra and sweats only. Now this girl wasn’t big breasted, probably a B cup, and the bra was rather plain, but she was so beautiful that that bra was probably the sexiest piece of undergarment that I had seen in a long time.I stood there for a couple of moments staring at her with my jaw halfway to the ground. Not wanting to be caught and be accused of being a pervert, I quickly left the window and went about my way. The rest of the time that she stayed there, I hardly ever saw those blinds turned so that I couldn’t see in. I don’t think I ever saw her wear a shirt inside of her apartment again. I saw her moving around her bedroom in a bra quite frequently. Usually she would wear sweats, but on occasion, I would see her in just panties and a bra. Then one night I came home and when I got to the top of the steps, I saw right into her apartment. She had pulled the blinds up giving me an unrestricted view. I was going to turn the lights on and go about my business when she walked into the room. Seeing what she was wearing, I stopped right there and never turned the lights on that night. Instead, I got down on my hands and knees, poking my head above the windowsill and watched to see what I could see. Normally she always wore plain jane underwear, fruit of the looms if I had to guess. But that night was different, she was wearing lacy underwear. As I said earlier, she was so good looking that she made normal underwear look like sexy lingerie. That night, she was absolutely stunning.She was walking around talking on the telephone, so I figured that she was getting ready to go out for the evening. I was expecting her to put on some make up, some nice clothes and then leave. She never did either thing. She just walked around her apartment, occasionally walking into the bedroom, while talking on the phone. Then she hung the phone up, and I figured that was it for my show, and she would finish getting ready and leave. Not so. Instead, with her back to the window, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. She walked over to her closet and hung it up, with her back still to me. Then she turned around. I figured for sure that I was going to get to see her tits, but she had one arm across her chest hiding everything manisa escort from my sight. She walked up to the window like that, looked up towards me, shook her finger no, and dropped the blinds. They were turned pointing down removing her room from my view. Shit, I figured I was busted; the police would be knocking on my door shortly to arrest me for being a peeping tom. I didn’t think that she could see me though, after all my lights were out. If you ever a looked out a glass window from a lighted room, you know how the only thing that you can see is the reflection of the room inside and lighted objects outside. And my apartment was dark, how could she have known that I was there? Was she just guessing? I waited it out and the police never did knock on my door.That night and the next day at work were just nerve racking for me. I figured that since the police never came, my landlord would come over and serve me an eviction notice instead. When I got home that night, there was no eviction notice on my door, and no messages on my answering machine and her lights were out. That was a little relief. Then I walked by that window. I had to; it was by the bathroom. Her lights were on and the blinds were turned up again. Looks like maybe we were back to the usual. I didn’t mean to look, but when I came out of the bathroom, she was laying in bed belly down watching TV. I was afraid to look, but all of that skin caught my attention. Besides her back was to me, so I took a second look and she was wearing panties only. I couldn’t see any signs of her bra. Not wanting to be caught again, I quickly moved on and away from the window. I walked by that window several times over the next hour or so, pretending that I had to go to the bathroom a lot. I never looked while going in, but going out I would be looking that direction, and without turning my head down, I would try to look with only with my eyes. I ran into the wall once or twice walking like that. I would always slow down and if it looked like she still had her back to me, I would turn my head down so that I could get a better view. Once, she was up on her elbows and I could see the side of one of her breasts. I knew it was perverted and that I shouldn’t be looking, but it was at that period of time that I was going to school full time and working full time and I didn’t have a life or a girlfriend and I was lonely as hell. Not to mention it had been quite some time since I had been laid.Eventually, she turned out the lights and went to bed. But before she pulled the sheets up, she got up I would assume to go to the bathroom or turn things off. In this short time frame, she was moving around by the light from the TV and remained topless. Not that the light was great, but my timing was right and I got to see her tits with little obstruction, and they were just as beautiful as the rest of her. Perfectly proportioned to her frame, with areolas that were slightly bigger than her erasure sized nipples. The last thing she did before turning the TV off was to walk up to the blinds and turn them shut. I stepped back into the shadows figuring that she had seen me for sure. This time the lights were on in parts of my apartment and off in hers. I was able to see only because I didn’t have any light directly shining on the window. But she didn’t look up at me and she didn’t wag her finger. I was a little more cautious after that and whenever I saw lights on in her apartment, I would make sure that all of mine were off.That was the only time that I saw her topless for several weeks. I did see her once or twice come out of the shower and get dressed before going out for the evening. I would say that I got to see her naked those times, but she always had her back to me or the blinds would be turned so that my view was limited to her legs and feet.Then one night towards the end of the spring semester, I came up the steps and saw a sight that I thought that I would never see. The first thing I saw was her feet sticking up in the air, bouncing up and down. I took one more step up the stairs and then I saw her boyfriend’s hairy ass pumping up and down between those legs. I dropped everything that was in my hands and crawled up to the window. I watched as they fucked like that for some time. Even at that view, all that I could see was her legs and his back, but I watched anyway hoping that they would change angles or something. Then he went tense and her legs shook as they came together. A few moments later, he got up and went into the other room and she rolled over to her side. From what I could tell, it looked like she had a Kleenex and was cleaning herself up. When she was done, she got up and put on a pair of sweats and left the room. The lights were on so I stayed at my position. Then he came in still naked and started throwing darts. She came back in still topless with a couple beers in hand, handing him one. They played darts like that for a while with him naked and her topless when she suddenly attacked him knocking him to the bed. They wrestled with her on top for a couple of minutes and somehow her sweats disappeared before she mounted his now erect penis.I still wish that I was the one under her that night. To say I was amazed was to understate it. Here was the neighbor girl that I had been fantasizing about for the last two semesters less than 50 feet from me, facing me, bare ass naked bouncing up and down on some guys cock. It is at this point in most of these stories that you hear the writer comment that somehow his dick was in his hand and he was cumming buckets. I escort manisa will admit that I was hard as a rock, but I was afraid that if stopped long enough to pull my pants off, I might miss something, or worse yet, she might notice the motion and pull the blinds shut. But she didn’t and I didn’t. Well, that was it for the shows that she gave me, her blinds were always pointed down, never letting the light up in my direction. Then one night about the time classes were finishing up for the local colleges, I came home and her blinds were pulled up allowing for a complete view into her room. The only problem was that her apartment was almost empty. The TV was gone, the decorations were missing from the walls and there were a couple of boxes lying around. Damned, it looked like the show was over for me. I went about my business, expecting to never see my beautiful neighbor again. Then my telephone rang.“Hello.”“Have you been enjoying the view?” It was a young female voice unfamiliar to me. “What view?” I responded.“Go to your window and take a look,” she told me.“Which window?” I asked. I had a feeling I knew who it was when she said ‘window,’ but I was playing stupid, because I’m not good on confrontations, and I figured that she might be trying to set me up to bust me or something. Every nerve in my body was screaming at me to hang up, but something else was telling me that I was talking to a very beautiful woman and to keep talking as long as I could. “The window overlooking the driveway. The one looking into my bedroom window.” “Why?” There was no doubt in my mind who it was now, but I continued playing stupid because if I stopped now, I might as well be confessing to being a peeping tom.“I thought that I would give you one last show. You better hurry up before I change my mind.”She had me now. I walked towards the bathroom in anticipation of what I was about to see. When I got there, I could see her in a bathrobe holding a phone to her ear. “That’s better, now turn on the lights so that I can see you watching me.”I turned on the light over the stairs, and she continued with her conversation. “I was hoping it was you,” she said as she dropped the robe. She was wearing the lace bra and panty set that I saw her in a few months back. “What do you mean you were hoping it was me?” I asked.“I had no idea who lives up there. But you’re the one that I was hoping for. Have you been watching me?” she asked.“Honestly, I tried not to, but you’re so beautiful that I couldn’t help myself.”“Good, I wasn’t sure if anyone was watching. I was getting ready for bed one night, when I noticed that the blinds were turned so that I could see light from your window. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but then I saw you moving around up there and realized that you could probably see into my bedroom. I was afraid that you had seen more of me than I appreciated. I was a embarrassed and angry at first, but the more I thought about it, the less angry I was, and the more aroused I became.”“So, do you like what you see?”“Yes”“Do you want to see more?”“Yes.”“Then you got to show me some of yourself. Take off your shirt.”I did, and she took off her bra. “Nice,” she commented. “Anyway, I started trying to come up with ways to see if you were watching. I started to walk around in my bra only, or I would go topless sometimes in an attempt to catch your attention long enough to see if you were watching. I even started taking showers at night, getting dressed in the bedroom as an excuse to be naked for a few seconds. So how much have you seen?”I told her what I had seen of her little shows, holding back about the night with her boyfriend. I told her that I think that I had missed most of her shows due mostly to timing. I went on to tell her how I felt like a peeping tom, and didn’t want to be accused of being a pervert, so I tried not to look. It wasn’t because she wasn’t beautiful, it was simply because I was afraid of being caught.“Well, now that you’ve admitted to being a peeping tom and spying on me, what should I do with you?” she said teasingly. “Did you watch me and my boyfriend fuck the other night?”“Couldn’t miss it. Especially the last part when you climbed up on top of him.”“I was hoping you were watching. The thought that someone could have been watching just drove me wild.”“You have seen all of me, now I want to see all of you. Take off you pants.”“What?”“I want to see what you got and if I’m turning you on. Now take off your pants.”“I’m not sure if I can do that.” I told her.“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” she said as she hooked her thumbs in her panties waistband. She pulled them down a little bit and stopped. “Your turn now.” I hadn’t seen her bush yet and was anxious to; I sat down on the stairs so that I could take my shoes and pants off, then stood back up in my underwear. She had taken her panties off while I was sitting down, but put a hand in front of herself when she saw that I had left my underwear on. “The underwear to,” she told me. “If you want to see all of me, I get to see all of you.” I took my underwear off, and she lowered her hand. We stood in our respective windows looking at each other, not saying a word, my dick was standing straight up as if to salute her.“I want more, do you mind if I come over,” she asked me.“Only if you wear those bra and panties that you just took off. ““It’s a deal,” and she hung up the phone. I watched as she put the bra and panties back on, followed by a pair of sweat pants. She disappeared from her bedroom, and I figured that she had a shirt in the other room that she manisa escort bayan was going to put on before she came over. Moments later, I saw her walking out of the back door and down the driveway without a shirt on. I was really surprised at this because we lived on the main road in town and at a busy intersection. There was sure to be at least a half dozen cars sitting at one of the red lights, and she had to come around to the front door to get to my apartment. A few seconds later, she came up the steps to my apartment and my heart went pitter-patter. She had taken off the sweat pants and was carrying them in one hand. I couldn’t find any words to say she was so beautiful, and the sexiest thing that have ever seen in that lace underwear. This couldn’t be happening to me. I just stood there as she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. She reached for my hands next, pulling them up to her shoulders. She placed my fingers on the straps, and gently pulled my hands down. This had the effect of pulling the straps down so that her bra started to fall away from her. My hands followed the straps down until I had her breasts in my hands. I leaned into her and kissed each nipple, kissing the skin in between each breast as I moved from one to the other. I let my hands roam down her body moving towards her panties. When my fingers found the waistband, I started kissing down her belly until I got to the top of the lace that made up her panties. I paused momentarily as I pulled her panties down to admire the beauty of her bush. Although her pubes were darker than the hair on top of her head, she was still a natural blonde. Her pussy lips were swollen and peeking out into view, and I could smell her musk. I pulled her panties all the way down and she stepped out of them. She spread her legs briefly as I went in to kiss her bush.All that I got was a good taste before she pulled me back up, directing me to the couch. She sat me down and bent down taking my dick in her hands. I watched as this beauty started licking me sending waves of pleasure through my body. She tormented me with the pleasure of her fellatio for several minutes before moving back up. She climbed on my lap and slowly lowered herself onto me. She was tight and wet and there was little resistance as she slid onto me. I watched as she bounced up and down on top of me: her beautiful hair, her small perky breasts, and that golden blonde bush. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. I was so infatuated with her that she could have been the worst lay in my life, and I would not have known the difference. She came within a few minutes and leaned into me, hugging me until her body calmed down from her orgasm. She got up from the couch and walked me over to the window. “So this is where you have been watching me from? I always wondered what the view was like. Do me right here,” she said as she bent over in front of the window, holding onto the base for support.We fucked like that for several minutes with her asking me questions about what I saw and if I liked it. I was standing on the steps leading up to my apartment and was having a hard time trying to keep from falling. Because of this I didn’t pay close attention to most of her questions. Most of them I answered yes to regardless if I actually saw her or not. Then she got to the other night when her boyfriend was with her. She asked me if I liked her show and I told her yes. Then she asked me if I wished that I was the one with her that night. When I told her yes, she screamed and started shaking in her second orgasm, almost knocking me down the stairs. When she was done shaking from her orgasm, I took her into my bedroom, laying her across my bed. The first thing that I did was to start licking her pussy. I had just a tease earlier, now I was getting a face full of her. I licked up and down the inside of her thighs, just along the hairline to her pussy, making sure to get a very good look while I was this close. From there, I moved in and kissed along the side of her pussy, grazing her lips with the side of my cheeks. Next I moved into her pussy, licking and nibbling on those lips, moving ever closer to her clit. When I got there, I put a finger in her while I kissed and sucked on her clit. It wasn’t long before I brought her to another orgasm. When I was done, I moved up and started fucking her. After all of the excitement of the evening, it wasn’t long before I came. When I was done, she got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up. She came back out into the main room and started putting her bra on. Reaching behind her back to fasten the clasps, she paused for a second and then took it back off. “These are yours,” she said reaching for her sweat pants instead. She put them on and walked down the steps topless, leaving her bra and panties on my couch. I walked over to the window to watch her walk back to her apartment, hoping for one last look at that body of hers. Instead, I heard a several cars honking out front, so I ran over to the window that overlooked the street out front. She was standing on the sidewalk naked with her arms up in the air waving at the passing cars. She leaned forward like she was bowing, or something then she turned towards me, spread her legs and bent over mooning the passing cars. She stood up and ran around back, making it into her apartment before I could get to the other window. When she got up there, she pulled an oversized sweatshirt out of one of the boxes and put it on. She grabbed the two remaining boxes and left the bedroom. I saw her a couple of moments later putting them in her car and she drove away. I woke up the next morning thinking that I had one hell of a wet dream until I walked into the living room and found her lace underwear on my couch. I later found her sweats on the steps to the front porch.