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Amy Brooke

NCPValerie paused in the stairwell to shift the heavy shopping bag. She had gone out late so had had to park her car right at the top of the multi-storey. And of course today the lifts were out of order!The day had been hot so she was glad she had flung on the light shirt and short skirt. Even so, she caught a whiff of her own sweat as she toiled up the stairs; she looked forward to a nice shower when she got home! The clip of her light sandals echoed in the dim stairwell. She was sure she was alone so she suddenly jumped as a figure pushed past her.’My apologies !’, the voice was reassuring, the concerned man pausing to offer help in carrying her shopping. That flustered Valerie so she just nodded and thanked him. He took the heaviest bag and they continued onwards and upwards. They chatted about the day and the crowds, ‘I managed to find a spot right on top, is that where your car is too?’, laughed the man. They were nearing the top floor now. Valerie slowed, she didn’t know why. The man turned, his body blocking her upward progress. There was something about him. She looked up into his face. In the dimness she could barely make out his eyes. Then as if in slow motion she sensed him depositing her bag on the concrete landing. She followed suit, the two bags side by side. There was a moment’s silence … she knew what was going to happen next. She leant back against the iron railing of the stairs.The man’s hands rose up and held the sides of her body. In the heat she had earlier knotted her shirt under her ribcage for coolness. She liked the pressure of his hands on her bare skin. Then his palms were movng up her front. ‘Ooooh’ ,was all she could gasp as she felt those strong fingers close around the shapes of her breasts. Underneath the white blouse she was wearing the softest of bras. They stood face to face in the gloom as her breasts were massaged, caressed….the man’s thumbs flicking over the stiffening forms of her hidden nipples.The man gave a throaty growl of approval as he felt her nipples through the blouse; his fingers and thumbs gripped and twisted them…Valerie gasped, moaned and put her hands on his forearms. The stair rail dug into her lower back but she didn’t notice the discomfort. Now the hands were popping the few buttons that closed her blouse, the knotted hem was all that kept the white garment around her. The soft bra cups fitted snugly into those pawing hands. Again, thumbs and fingers worked …gentle at first then with firmer, more painful flicks and tugs. Deep inside Valerie’s belly a response was awakening.The man’s head lowered, his mouth searching out the pointed tips of those filmy bra cups. His firm wet tongue rasped audibly over the sexy cones. Then Valerie was groaning as his first deep suckles tantalised her tingling nipples. One whole tit seemed to be sucked into his greedy mouth…the material flooding wet with his hot saliva. He played with both breasts, going one to the other till Valerie güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was virtually screaming with arousal. Then his hard thumbs were working the sodden cups down and off her heaving breasts. Now his teeth and lips and tongue could worship her naked flesh. The texture of her suckle-pads, the rubbery stalks of her teats thrilled him..under his breath his whispered compliments!…such sweet breasts, perfect nipples…He moaned and continued nibbling and suckling. Valerie threw her head back in ecstasy, her senses awhirl under his passionate attack. I had had a frustrating shopping trip that day- I got into town late, the place was heaving so I was lucky to get that parking place right at the top of the multi-storey! It was a bloody hot day as well so I was eager to get my purchases , rush home then have a relaxing swim in my pool. And of course all the shops were crowded; it took ages to pay for anything. In the end I didn’t achieve half what I wanted . I lost patience in one store – a dozy assistant got the wrong item, dithered and wouldn’t get the manager, a pity as she was quite gorgeous, wearing a tight top and short skirt, her nipples all too-evident through the sheer material. Her dead-eye look wouldn’t have put me off shagging her over the shop counter right there and then ! So I was heading back to my car feeling quite frustrated in several ways! I paid the charge and was padding quickly up the dark stairwell when I nearly knocked over a woman carrying her shopping. I was about to offer my apologies and move swiftly on when something about her made me stop. I asked if I could help her, the bags looked heavy. We proceeded to the next landing , making small talk. In the gloom my eyes had accustomed themselves enough to make out her features, body shape and clothes. And underneath her fragrance I caught a whiff of her body smell; it instantly quickened my pulse and I strove to walk closer to her and pick up more of her a****l scent!We were nearing the top of the multi-storey, she walking just ahead of me, her sandals making light click-clacks on the concrete steps. I moved up abreast of her then having passed her I turned, blocking her progress. It was still gloomy in there but there was enough light for me to make out her perplexed expression. It was now or never ! I put down the bag I was carrying and let my hands settle on the woman’s bare waist. Her shirt had been knotted quite high up her midriff, no doubt to help keep her cool ! I felt her flinch and shift backwards, a minor adjustment only as she was right up against the metal railings of the stairs. She let her knees buckle and for a second I thought she was going to faint but then I heard her shopping bag hit the floor and she straightened herself up immediately. Her skin was warm under my hands and I gave a few reassuring caresses. Her lowered face was under mine, I wanted to see her eyes so I moved my palms up over perabet her belly until they were cupping the firm shapes of her breasts. She did look up then..the whites of her eyes glowing in the half-light. I smiled and moaned approval, all the while letting my hands flex and knead . My thumbs then pressed inwards before making searching circling movements so that I could locate her nipples under the sheer layers of her blouse and soft bra.My kneading hands worked over the flimsy blouse, ruching up the material and rasping over her full bra cups underneath. My flicking thumbs teased up her thickening nipples; I bent low to bite onto those rubbery shapes. I heard her whimpering gasps but her hands settled on my shoulders with no effort to push me away. My hungry mouth was sucking her nipple through both layers now.Then I popped the few buttons above the knotted waist and spread her blouse open. Her white bra glowed in the gloom…my mouth eagerly fastened on a tasty cone, her turgid teat that more discernible to my flickering licks and suckles. I slid a finger into the top of the soft bra cup and teased it right off her warm breast. I could smell her flesh now…Freeing both breasts I squeezed them tight together and snuffled my face into that fragrant cleavage. Inside my trousers my penis thickened and throbbed.I worshipped both breasts, those sexy hard nipples became slick with my saliva. Taking one long deep suckle of one I released it with a loud slurping smack. Then my hands were searching under that short skirt. None too gently I sought the string of her thong and yanked it floorwards. She helped, shimmying her hips till the ting garment slid onto the dusty concrete. She flicked it away with a foot then gasped loudly as she felt my hand cupping her spread crotch. My fingers pressed onto her sticky cuntlips, they flowered open to one delving finger and I felt the hot leak of her juices coating and aiding its exploration of her inner folds. She rose to tiptoe then sank back several times, panting as my finger speared up into her cunt.My thumb caressed all over the apex of her sex, feeling the nub of her clit flex beneath its puffy hood.It would have been nice to have sunk to my knees, to use my mouth there but the circumstances were not ideal! All the time I expected to be interrupted by people passing up or down.I pulled my finger out of her cunt and unloosened my belt. My trousers and briefs had barely collapsed around my ankles before I was working my wet knob around her slippery labia. I gripped the bloated shaft of my cock and squirmed its flared glans into her juicy cunt. She was up on tiptoe again, twisting her hips, trying to help. Her crotch pushed outwards and with a deep knee bend I was able to catch it just right. I felt her syrupy hot lips mould to me…I gave a hard thrust and my shaft started to split her beautifully. Her hands gripped around me for support as my urgent thrusts rammed my cock perabet giriş up her wet sheath. I hammered in and out, burying my meat just that litle bit further into heaven. Eventually our pubic bones juddered together and I was fully inside her.She was pressed up against the railing. I leaned onto her, my hands gripping the sides of her head. Our eager panting faces were inches apart then our mouths were locking. The fierceness of that kiss was wonderful. Pure a****l lust expressing itself so powerfully! Our tongues and lips and teeth thrashed and worked and devoured. My cock shuttled in and out tirelessly. I slid one hand up between us to grip a jiggling breast. I pawed and twisted the rigid nipple in time to my hammering fuckstrokes. Her thighs were spread so awkwardly as she sought to aid those manic , cuntsplitting thrusts. Then her body started convulsing, our movements stuttered out of sync as her climax exploded. She clung, sobbing and gasping as her cunt spasmed and clutched around my pistoning cock. With some relief I speeded up my fuckstrokes. Her velvet sheath was rippling so exquisitely around me…I knew I couldn’t last another second…’Oh god!…I’m cumming!’, I snorted and covered her mouth with mine…My swinging balls twitched, I gave a few last violent thrusts and jammed our groins tight together…then my spunk exploded out of those writhing tubes and rocketed up my quivering shaft. The white-hot laces scalded me as they screamed up in head-swimming squirts deep inside her belly. I fucked her… long hard strokes as my balls emptied….Then I heard, far below us, a door slam and voices….quarrelsome k**s and sounds of running on the stairs! Shit!I pulled out of her, my cock still pulsing up spunk. I bent low to pull up my briefs and trousers..As I buckled my belt I gave her a rapid kiss then I was through that door and trotting over to my car. What a gent, I thought….talk about loving and leaving….! I was half-minded to return…to make sure she was alright. Then the stair door burst open and those k**s rushed out. I sat in my car and waited till she too emerged. She stood blinking in the bright light …but before I could get her attention she had turned and disappeared around the corner.Minutes later I was heading north towards Yelverton. Inside my briefs my cock had stopped leaking but I could feel the warm spermy mess in there. Once on the moor I slowed and turned off. A few wild ponies scampered away as I parked. Then I felt in my trouser pocket; I fished out her panties and unfolded them. When I had bent to pull up my trousers my hand had brushed against them so I palmed them ! I pressed the gusset into my face, breathing in her aroma ! Lovely cunty smell to savour , a heady souvenir of something wonderful but …Damn! so fleeting !.. why hadn’t I …?! I drew the panties from my face and spread them across my steering wheel. Good god! There , in small dark letters on the label was a telephone number ! I sat staring at it in disbelief , a stupid grin slowly spreading across my face.As soon as I got home I tapped the number into my phone, pressed Call….then waited , my heartrate suddenly increasing! I heard a couple of rings, then you picked up the phone….!