Naughty Granny Part 2

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Naughty Granny Part 2I jumped up from the bed and tried to compose myself. I thought I had been caught! I just stood there for a min waiting for any movement at all and trying to think of an excuse for being in the room in the first place! Her breathing seemed heavy, but she never moved at all. I totally stopped thinking about how her panties got off in the first place and my mind when straight back to how her pill must have really knocked her out. I thought I would put it to a test and I went back outside the room, knocked on the door, and then opened it and asked her if she was doing ok. I talked in a normal voice and walked over to the bed, touched her shoulder and asked again… Are you alright? She moved just a bit, mumbled something I never understood and was still and silent once again. I sat on the side of the bed and laid my hand on the inside of her stocking covered thigh. “Are you sure your ok?” I asked a bit louder this time. She never moved. She seemed to be totally out! I slid my hand slowly back up her leg to her soft but full bush and pushed her little pussy open. I was surprised her hole was so small and wet for a women of her age. And her clit was hard as ive ever seen one! It stood out as if to say, bahis firmaları taste me! I rubbed her hard wet clit for a min and I knew I couldn’t take anymore. I had to cum! I grabbed her panties from the floor and headed for the door! I was going to sniff her sweet panties and stroke off while I thought about what I just saw and felt! I wish it could be the real thing, but I did all I dare. Right before I oped the door I her her voice. The just said “Wait!” I froze im my tracks and all I could hear was my own breathing. My heart was beating so fast, I just knew she could hear it from across the room! I turned back toward her and asked again.. “Are you ok?” She said…”Will you come sit down for a min so I can talk to you? I need to tell you something ive never shared with anyone.” Sure…you can talk to me about anything. I stuffed her panties in my back pocket trying to hide the fact I was leaving with them. I sat down beside her on the bed in the same place I was before and tried not to look at her still exposed pussy. It was even harder to make eye contact. Then she told me the story of her life. Well..her sex life anyway..She said ” I haven’t been sleeping. Ive had trouble sleeping for years, and even sleeping tipobet güvenilir mi pills doing help me anymore. All they really do is relax me” Her voice was soft and I could tell she wasn’t at all distressed, so I was able to relax a little myself. She continued..”When you first came into the room, it startled me a little at first. But only for a second. You see, I was married to the same man all my life. He was the first boy I ever kissed, and we have been married since I was fifteen. He is the only man I have ever had sex with, and the only man I have ever even seen naked. Things were different back then and I married him because it was expected of me. His job kept him gone most of the time, and when he was home he always had other things to do and rarely spent time with me. We had two daughters and one son, and he and I only had sex about a dozen times for almost thirty years. I knew he was seeing at least one other women, but in my time, a women stood by her husband no matter what. Divorce wasn’t an option, and I certainly didn’t seek out any other men. It was only after i turned fifty that I even felt ok with a little masturbation. Ive never had an orgasm from him and after I canlı bahis found I could give myself one, I quit waiting for him to touch me. I knew I could touch myself and feel so much better anyway, and I was ok with it. Even the few times we did have sex, it was just him getting on top of me and getting off in a couple of minutes while I just lay there. I tell you this because he has been gone for over ten years now, and we didn’t have sex for several years before he died. Im almost 76 years old, and your only the second man ive ever had touch me, and the first man that ever made me feel good while you done it. I just wanted to tank you for making an old lady feel sexy for the first time in her life!” I couldn’t believe what she was saying! She was basically a 75 year old virgin and she had a reason for telling me all this. The fact that she still had her legs spread slightly open so I could see her sweet muff and her nipples had become hard again while she told me all things really said something to me. “So you’ve never had a man lick you here?” I asked as I ran my hand back up to her now dripping slit. “No…Ive never had oral sex in my life!” she said as she spread her legs a bit more and let out a small gasp. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I didn’t want anything more at that very second other than to slowly suck her clit until she had the best orgasm in her life all over my face! I said…”Well, your way past due then” as I lowered my head down to her waiting hard clit…