Naked, hard erection, shooting cum on trip to FL a

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Naked, hard erection, shooting cum on trip to FL aI wanted to go to see Key Largo during Spring Break. Frostburg to FL is a long way and I had little money. I posted an add on Craigs List to split the cost or help out in any other way for a ride there and back. My add included age and picture in several categories, men seeking men, casual, etc. I mentioned I was “open minded”. I got a lot of responses from that, many were perverted. I finally hooked up with this guy who was in his 60s but very open minded. No pervert, just honest, non-judgmental. He drove often to FL to pick up some goods for a store he had in Frederick which shall go nameless. We emailed then spoke on the phone. He said he didn’t want me to have to pay but just wanted to realize a fantasy he had. I was surprised to discover we shared some of the same interests and he was so easy to talk to. We easily güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri slipped into talking about our sexual habits and I was surprised to learn he shared my philosophy about the importance of masturbation for health soul. Some of the items he has to keep stock of in his store are just for that purpose. Now you probably can guess the kind of store he owns. He was so generous and caring to offer to cover for the trip, hotel and even food. His fantasy seemed like it would be fun and was actually little to ask of me. I was actually excited about it.He picked me up in the morning and started on our way. We talked for about an hour and the subject gradually turned to masturbation, my cock, and habits. I took off my shoes, socks. I unbuckled my belt and slipped off my pants and underwear, than shirt. He stoked my cock as I rummaged perabet güvenilir mi through my bag for sweat pants which I would need to slip on at a moment’s notice if we got pulled over and when we hit the rest stops. He easily stroked me into a stiff erection. I was to remain this way the entire trip.He gave me small doses of Viagra to help get real hard and stay hard which is why it looks so stiff in the picture. Not normally like that. It was so engorged and hard and pulsing, it almost hurt. Like I could feel the skin stretching and my head was going to explode. Strange feeling. But as long as he kept stroking and squeezing it, it was fine.We would talk sex while I looked at his magazines and he stoked me while he drove. Every couple hours I would get that sweet feeling of my cum rising. He would pull over and help stroke me and rub the tipobet head so I would ejaculate strong. He was so concerned for me that I fully enjoy my ejaculations. My cock would remain hard in between and the head would turn purple if we stopped stroking and squeezing it, problems that can arise from the Viagra, so we both kept stroking and squeezing and it was fine. I lost count of how many times I ejaculated during the who trip but managed to stay naked and hard the whole way up and then back. In between, at the hotel, we jerked off together which was nice. During the night, while I was sleeping, he slowly pulled off the covers just to enjoy my naked form. He could somehow tell I needed to cum and was concerned about it so he graciously began sucking my cock without any reciprocation- very generous and giving. Somehow I managed to still ejaculate hard even after all that. We were both surprised and it meant I still needed to cum, even after all that.It was fun, felt great, and I was happy to oblige his modest fantasy of staying naked, hard and shooting cum up and back from FL. He provided everything and really asked nothing in return. Very nice guy.