My fantasy. You decide the ending.

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My fantasy. You decide the ending.My fantasyWe have booked another night away in derbyThe look in vickys eyes has been naughty all the time we have been traveling. she is up to something but what ?Suppose I will find out soon. We go to our room I am tired cause of all the work and overtime I have been doing lately. We open the vodka and wine. I have a couple the decided I wanted a smoke so I go outside and find somewhere quiet to get high. When I return to the room the handcuffs are out. Blindfold. She tells me get in the shower and clean properly inside too. She keeps looking at her watch. I have a shower and come out all hot but clean. She then throws me on the bed cuffs my wrists and feet to all four corners of the bed then she blindfolds me. She the takes off her panties and shoves them into my mouth they are still warm from her pussy. Then blindfolds me. She then opens the door and leaves without saying a word. It seems like ages before she returns. She runs her hand over my cock and balls. Then goes for a shower. I can hear bolu escort bayan her singing. What is she upto. What does she have planned. She comes back from the shower.removes her panties from my mouth then She straddles my face and forces her pussy onto my mouth. She rubbed it all over and all over my nose I can smell her juices she is sooo wet. While I am licking her she leans back and grabs my cock. Starts to stroke it it is so hard it hurts. Then I feel her lips sucking me. Hang on her lips it can’t be. I am getting sucked so nice. She talks to me. It’s not her lips cause the sucking continues. She asks do u like it. I mumble yes into her pussy. But she forces it down on my face she is using my face to bring herself off. She continues to rub harder and faster then she screams and shudders. The sucking stops too. As I still can’t see my ears are straining to listen to what is happening. I feel the bed move by my left side. I hear moans and groans. Omg they are licking eachother. Sucking eachothers pussy. This continues escort bolu for ages my cock feels like it is going to bust on its own. I have to concentrate not to come because it is turning me on so much. They both come to a screaming orgasm together. Then each girl kisses me I can taste the juices on there mouths. Slightly different but so tasty. They get off the bed. And start to chat. Err hum what about me. I am still tied up and blindfolded with an aching cock. then it goes quiet. I seance movement a pair of knees either side of my head. My Cock is straining it needs attention. She start to suck me licking the head then suck lick then suck. While sucking me she runs a finger down towards my ass. My blindfolded state makes my other sences so heightened the feeling are so strong. While she is sucking me and rubbing around my ass I moan and groan incoherently I thrust my cock into her mouth this gives her access to my ass and she thrusts a lubed finger deep into my ass. It feels so dam good. While sucking and fingering bolu escort me she starts to lower her pussy to my mouth. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue wanting to lick her juicy pussy. As she lowers down something rubs my tongue then slides into my open mouth. Omg it is a cock. Where did that come from. It starts to slide into my mouth making me gag he is face f**cking me while sucking my cock. Then vicky says do u like it. I nod as my mouth is full of cock He speeds up thrusting into my mouth while sucking me he enters my throat my nose up against his pelvis his balls resting on my chin. I don’t think about my pleasure now I want to make this cock come in my throat to feel him pulse and buck against my mouth. He starts to spasm shooting thick salts ropes of come deep within my throat He pulls his cock out of my mouth so just the head is in I lick and suck him dry saving some of his come within my mouth. Vicky rushes to me kissing me and I force the come into her mouth. She pulls off my blindfold and says u are a naughty little cum slut. Still tied to the bed but I can see now. I look around there is another couple in the roomShe asks me what do I want to happen now. Part two will be written by vicky if u send us ur comments on what u think we should do